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Chevrolet Equinox Real World MPG



  • teddy21teddy21 Posts: 11
    To tell you how I drive I say it in my wifes words. My husband drives me nuts because he drives to slow in the city or hwy. He can squize mpg out of rock. Trip in ohio at 65 mph 26.5 60mph 28.2. I am driving the four cylinder. Also my wife Avolon a full size car with a 270 H P V6

    driving at 70mph gets over 30 mpg.
    Thanks Ted :mad:
  • auntiep22auntiep22 Posts: 29
    Just put about 200 miles on the Nox yesterday and got 32mpg! This is the best I've gotten ever out of a NOX 4cyl. My other NOX averaged about 24 at best but this car is doing so much better. Yes, I'm on my second Nox in 3 months. My other one - Chevy just bought back as it was a bonified :lemon: !!! I really had thoughts about getting another LTZ 4cyl but it is working and I'm a very happy LTZ driver! :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Sounds like GM is treating you right.

    How many miles do you have on your new 'Nox?
  • teddy21teddy21 Posts: 11
    What other problems did you have. So you recieved a new nox,what did you have to do get that kind of action.
  • b_and_bb_and_b Posts: 2
    We purchased our 2010 Equinox LT1 w/ 4-cyl. engine July 2009. We now have 15000 miles with no complaints.

    On a recent 796 mile highway trip from Houston to Denton, Tx and back, we averaged 28+ mpg driving 70-73mph with air conditioning, and with 2 people and luggage weighing approx. 420lbs. We averaged as much as 34mpg on a level highway with no wind.

    It is important to make sure that tires are inflated to 35psi (cold) and ECO engaged. Under-inflated tires have made as much as 2mpg decrease in mileage. Headwinds and hills also dramatically affect mileage. We use tier-1 gas (such as Shell) exclusively. We also change oil and rotate tires every 5000 miles.

    The transmission was reprogrammed with updated software and calibration after 3 months and 2200 miles. This improved highway mileage approximately 4mpg at 70mph.

    A factory recall concerning heat and windshield defrosting and evaporate emissions jumper hoses was also performed after 8200 miles June 2010.

    Dealer support has been excellent!

    We don't have any doubts about to many people on this forum who are experiencing bad mileage. But how many Equinox owners who have no problems actually visit this forum? This forum is basically for owners to discuss their problems.

    Some additional thoughts:

    Was more attention paid during the assembly of our 4-cyl. engine at the introduction of a new model?

    We didn't experience our great mileage until after 1-yr. and 8000 miles.

    Engine parts have manufacturing tolerances and piston/cylinder clearances. This could have some influence on mileage until engine break-in is complete.

    We hope all of you who continue to have mileage problems will soon find relief from Chevrolet and your dealer.
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Posts: 34
    I have with interest the posts on this thread and it seems that a lot of drivers are under the impression that the EPA estimates are what the cars should get without any limiting factors.
    Reality is that how you drive, road conditions, tire inflation pressure, use of a/c etc will all have a bearing on the mileage you receive per gallon by however you estimate it.

    In the driver information center I would like to not havw an estimated MPG reading but an actual reading based on the miles driven and gallonage used for that drive like my old GMC had in 2007. This would seem to me to be a more reliable indicator for actual mileage snapshots in any given period.

    Comments are invited. :shades:
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Posts: 34
    I have read with interest the posts on this thread and it seems that a lot of drivers are under the impression that the EPA estimates are what the cars should get without any limiting factors.
    Reality is that how you drive, road conditions, tire inflation pressure, use of a/c etc will all have a bearing on the mileage you receive per gallon by however you estimate it.

    In the driver information center I would like to not have an estimated MPG reading but an actual reading, based on the miles driven and gallonage used for that drive, like my old GMC had in 2007. This would seem to me to be a more reliable indicator for actual mileage snapshots in any given period.

    Comments are invited. :shades:
  • rocketentrocketent Posts: 60
    Here's the Real Reason:
    EPA gas mileage ratings don't add up in real world,0,1214150.story
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Pretty good article, but just the other day I was nosing around various sites and the EPA looking for testing information, and the city test does include what I would consider jack-rabbit starts and other techniques that I try to avoid in my own car. The test drivers have to work to keep up with the acceleration and braking instructions as they follow the computer. Sorry, didn't bookmark the pages.

    Maybe that's why I get the EPA mileage (usually exceed it in fact).
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Posts: 34
    Great article and I thank you for bringing it to my attention as well as other posters. In both :D my Nox and Terrain, I am happy with low 20's mixed driving mileage; I will be going on a road trip in a couple of weeks and will drive about 2000 miles round trip; I intend to chart the dic average mileage against real world fill ups for comparison.

    Thanks again for the heads up.
  • pjgrimmpjgrimm Posts: 1
    New 'Nox purchased this week. First tank of gas - 26 mpg, mixed driving. Not bad. We'll see how it goes after a few thousand miles.
  • teddy21teddy21 Posts: 11
    Thanks for your post. I recently talk a reporter from post in california. He was interested in the information that we are given on the sticker about est. gas millage . As we all know it is done in labortory, with no air running. He said that this often mislead a lot of people. It should be chang in the near future. Still I drive with all good tips about how to getting best mpg out my nox. Many say after 5000 miles I should be getting better mpg. {7500 miles on O D} Recent trip I put 1600 miles on my nox. Average gas millage was 23.8, 26 higway. I know that we should not expect to get whats on the sticker, but to be five off the avg est. is rediculas. I drive the four cylinder. :sick:
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Posts: 34
    Drove my 2011 4 cyl Terrain on first leg of trip today about 360 miles in mountains with a/c on and eco engaged all the time. On dic av mileage, I got between 27.5/29 @ 68/70 mph. Currently turned 3900 miles on the odo and look forward to getting better mileage during the balance of this trip. :)
  • kelsan1kelsan1 Posts: 34
    As a follow up on my previous post, I ran a total of 1945 miles round trip to Michigan, driving interstate 85% & 2/4 lane roads 15%. Speeds ran from 55 to 80 mph with a/c on and off. Used 78.3 gals for an average of 24.8 mpg by fill up calculations.

    Given the return trip south was heavy traffic and driving @ 75mph I am not dissapointed with results.

    I hope this helps out.
  • Which Houston dealer has given you the excellent support. Possibly in market for a Nox and would appreciate some input.

  • b_and_bb_and_b Posts: 2
    Excellent dealer support was received from Lone Star Chevrolet on 290. Also, Knapp Chevrolet in downtown Houston has given us excellent service.
  • teddy21teddy21 Posts: 11
    I have 7700 miles on my nox. Drive with all the good tips recieve from driving for many years and keeping in mind the high cost gas. Yes AC does take away mpg, jack rabbit starts also kills mpg. but at the same time getting 26 mpg at 65 mph. When advertised 32 is misleading the public to think they can get some what near that. So you this guy does not know how to get good gas millage. My wife has a full s :confuse: ize car with 270 hp v-6.It advertised at 28 mpg highway.I always get 30mpg or more out it. Thank you for your post
  • I would like to know what vehicle gets over thirty mpg. My '05 impala with a 3.8 is getting 22-24mpg in city driving, stop and go and 65-74mph. and jumps to almost 26 on highway at 62-64mph. We were getting 28mpg but have seen a drop since it hit 75000 miles, I would love to get thirty out of this one but considering buying something different. Any ideas or cars that won't keep my wallet empty?
  • teddy21teddy21 Posts: 11
    We had this car sence new. At time of purchase the sticker indecated the car should get 30 mpg hwy. avg. 24 to 26 city/county driving. The newer avolons say they avg 28 mpg.hwy 24 to 26 city country driving on the sticker. Usually we drive at 70mph hwy WE travel by car a lot it has been the best riding, handling, and thats without any visits to the repair shop. If you want gas millage do not buy equinox. :)
  • benrey23benrey23 Posts: 42
    I dont want to accuse you of bad efficiency driving. However we have had some complaints from Equinox owners about MPG (I will note majority I follow up on are very happy with MPG). SO I asked one of the customers to come in one day. SHe had 5500 miles on it by then. When she came in her tire pressure were within good PSI. SHe did have two bags of salt for softener in her rear area 50lbs each. Most of her driving is city with a stop sign or traffic light everyonce in awhile. I had her drive 20 miles on a mixed city/highway. I made mental notes of her driving style. SHe had the A/C on at all times about 70. This is where I determined people's idea of easy stops and easy starts are different. Her stops were on a scale of 1-10 10 be hard she was at a 6. Her starts were easy at first but she always felt like she needed to gas it so I give her a 5. When she was driving in town at speeds of 20-30 which she does about 60% of her draiving she would leave the a/c on. She averaged 24MPG. I then took her on a drive and drove the exact same route. When we were in the town I rolled the wondows down and turned the a/c off (HW windows up ac on). Took the 2 50 lbs bags out, e asy stops easy starts drove no more than 70 MPH on HW and in town I let the car coast when possible. In the end in the same vehicle when we got back I got an average 29 MPG and that was without using the ECO on HW.
  • teddy21teddy21 Posts: 11
    Glad to here from you. If you go to all my previous forums. I drive extremely coservatived. Any other suggestivion would be appreciated. :confuse:
  • Idling will cause you to get less MPG. That is part of the reason city driving is always less than HW in MPG. If you are at a stop light it is better to put your car in neutral since the cars RPM is lower generally.
  • ohc6sprintohc6sprint Posts: 23
    edited September 2011
    In neutral at a stop, I would expect that the idle increases since the transmission is not acting as a drag on the motor.

    Another consideration regarding mileage is what percentage of each trip is the transmission in 6th gear. If you are driving 40 mph, you may be in 5th gear much of the time. Then there are hills and headwinds/tailwinds to consider.

    I also would think that to get the maximum mpg you would have to drive at 50 or 55 mph max. I would bet that the 32 mph claimed is at a speed we would consider uncomfortably slow.

    My best mileage in my 3.6 Saturn Aura (EPA 26 Hwy) was 36 mpg for a 55 mile strech heading East on the Ohio Turnpike. It was flat, had a 10 mph tailwind, did not exceed 60 mph, cool enough to have A/C off and gassed up on the turnpike which minimized any idling, slow driving in lower gears etc. I reset computer every tankful; when I saw 30+ and climbing after pulling out onto the pike, it was game on. 30 miles later, I stopped at a rest area and lost .5 mpg as a result of that one stop. You never get wasted gas back, every braking action wastes gas. Reaccelerating up to 60 mph from 0 also took its toll.

    The 36 mpg started dropping after getting near the eastern part of the state and the hills there. My previous best was 32 mpg in Virginia, it's usually at or under 30 mpg (Hwy); around town is 16 to 18 mpg when my average speed is 23 mph to 27 mph. Same car, mpg all over the place, all because of the speed, traffic, terrain, etc.

    When you find yourself on a flat, light traffic highway, reset you computer and drive a steady 60 mph for 5 miles or more. If your under 30 mpg with the 4 cyl, you might have reason to be disappointed.
  • Yes, idling speed at a stop light while in neutral will be higher/ But that's because there's no added load of the clutch bands on the engine. If the engine has to work (even only slightly) more to turn *just* the torque converter, then it's less work, and therefore less fuel needed. But not much less. IMHO.
  • Bought my 2011 4 cylinder Equinox AWD mostly for the gas mileage (we are a large family and other car is an Escalade, which I think gets about 9 mpg, so I decided to get a runabout for when I don't have the whole family with me).

    The Nox is averaging 18.2 so obviously it's much better, but really I am disappointed! Mostly city driving, but I am being as light as I can on the starts and I coast when possible.

    Even when I did almost entirely highway for 4 days straight, it barely scraped its way up to 20.1.

    I read in one post here that mpg will get better after about a year or 8000 miles. Is that a general view / experience?
  • I drive my 2011 Equinox around town mostly and do not use ECO setting and get low 20's on average. It has 15000 miles on it now and has not had any problems to date other than a recall item done in late 2010. We also have a 2011 Terrain, both of which are 4 cyl, and it had the actuator recall done and computer reprogramed under warranty and I have checked the mileage in both city/highway driving and it is averaging 25/28 mpg. It has 6200 miles.

    This being said, I would suggest you fill your tank to the shut off point of the pump, note your gallons purchased and drive as you normally do until you reach the same point you needed to fill up and note the miles travelled during this period. Reset the average mileage on the driver info system to 0 at the first fill up and divide your miles driven by gallons purchased on the second fill up and compare this mpg to your driver info center mpg. Not scientific but it will give you a pretty good picture of your mpg.

    Sorry for the long post. :)
  • I have 5500 miles on my Equinox. I drive 32 miles to work each way, mixed city and fairly heavy traffic highway. I average 27-28 mpg. I try to drive smoothly, though I do accelerate up to speed reasonably quickly - not jackrabbit start, but not dogging it.

    My best highway trip has been 29 MPG over 250 miles of ~65mph driving.

    So - it won't get 32, but high twenties is doable.

    By comparison, I used to average 24-25mpg (28 highway) with my 2006 Taurus on the same driving cycle. The Taurus had 32 fewer horsepower than the 4 cyl. 'Nox., and weighed just a tad less.
  • jshowjshow Posts: 2
    I have drove this car for more than 26000 miles, 50/50 mixed non aggressive, highway and city. Have never got this suv to get more than 22 mpg overall, total over rated mpg. No way in heck this should be listed as 32 hwy?, lie. No way it get close to what Chevy lists. I think most American makers flat out lie about the MPG. They have the EPA in their pockets.

    My car before was a 2008 Saturn Vue Hybrid listed at 26-32, got 22.5 mpg overall, total lie. Turned my Saturn lease in for this Chevy Equinox 2011 4cyl LTZ. Great luxury inside but do not, I repeat do not expect more than 22 mpg overall. If someone says they get more they are lying.

    Also it should be listed as mid sized not compact. Much bigger than the previous model. Hope this helps.
  • Our 2011 Equinox, 4 cyl. LT:
    City - 20-21 mpg.
    Hwy. - 25-27 mpg
    I do find that figuring out the mpg the old fashion way does come up with a slightly higher number sometimes than the computer. I think the Hwy. EPA figures are based on driving at 55-60 mph, but no one drives that anymore. The higher the speeds, the lower the mpg. Highways are at 65-75 now days. The way I look at it is that all other 4 cyl. Crossovers were rated at 20/28 anyway and thats about what we are getting with our Equinox. We're happy with ours; no problems so far.
  • I have to differ with you on the Equinox mileage ranges you quoted in your email; I have driven my Nox on a 800 mile road trip to SC and back and averaged 26+ mpg for the trip. The highest mpg on the DIC was 31 mpg and this was driving 55+ on 2 lane highways with eco on.

    I also have a Terrain, which is a 4 cyl, and has had the recall done for cam phase actuators/module reflash and now averages 25+ in mixed driving and I have gotten 30 mpg on divided highways driving 60/65mph.

    If you think people lie about this issue, I feel sorry for your preceptions but I don't lie and I am not one of those who have had lots of issues with the 4 cyl engines in both of my 2011 cars.

    Please don't think I am flaming you but I think you are wrong in making a blanket statement like you did. :shades:
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