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Do I even own this car?

Joshuak_172Joshuak_172 Virginia Posts: 4
edited November 2018 in Tesla
Hey folks, I “bought” a model x during the end of the quarter rush the end of October. When I went to the store for delivery I was told it wasn’t ready but that it could be dropped off at my house the following day. This occurred without a hitch. I received the car and went on with my life.

The first two weeks the car was great, It served our needs quite well. On a random Tuesday afternoon the cars front passenger window was smashed out in an attempt at burglary although there was nothing of value in the car. We filed a police report and tried getting the window replaced through tesla but after many hours spent on the phone and in correspondence we decided to order a new window through Safelite. We have now been waiting 3+ weeks.

Also during this time I started to notice that we hadn’t recieved any correspondence from the loan company organized through tesla. I didn’t think much of it until our temporary tags were about to expire. I called the tesla store we bought the car from and after numerous attempts I finally got through to someone. It seems that the original paperwork was never properly executed or at least they asked me to sign the mvpa again and send it to them. I quickly did so and sent it to the person at the tesla store. Many more days passed and my tags were now expired so in addition to not having a passenger window, the car was now also undrivable due to the tags being expired. I emailed, called and texted to no avail. Finally, I received a call from a different employee who again asked for the signed mvpa. I promptly forwarded it to her. She also asked for a hard copy. This was three days ago and I am very busy with work and didn’t have the time to print it off and drop it in the mail. Either way, I got absolutely no response after I emailed and texted again. The car has now been sitting with expired tags for 15 days with little to no response from tesla.

Meanwhile I figured my first loan payment should be coming up so I call the loan company. Guess what? They have absolutely no record of me and no account in my name. I have no idea why this is other than tesla must not have finalized the loan I guess?

So, I have had the car approximately 45 days and put about 1500 miles on it in the first three weeks. In the latter half of that time the car has been undrivable first to not being able to have the front passenger window replaced and also for 2+ weeks due to not having appropriate license/registration. All this with little to no response or help from tesla and as it seems, no loan was ever executed on my behalf. At this point I am totally appalled at the company and do not want a car that is essentially a lawn ornament and little more. Do I have any recourse? I mean, I can’t even get someone at tesla on the phone let alone for someone to actually follow up and help me out with any of this. I feel like calling someone at tesla corporate and telling them to come pick up their car. Advice?


  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 104,325
    If they didn't complete the sale, they couldn't complete the loan, either. So, it's not surprising that one led to the other.

    But, I don't have any advice for how to deal with them. You aren't supposed to be disappointed. Elon is a genius! ;)

    Seriously, sorry to hear about your issues. It sounds beyond frustrating.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

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