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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    Kinda scary. Happy you got it fixed.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    After an inspection by a Honda engineer last fall, the right strut was replaced on my 2006 EX. This was after two new motor mounts failed to take care of the noise. I didn't hear the noise until recently when the temperature went over 50 (I live in Michigan). I had mentioned to the engineer that I thought it might be temperature sensitive as it wasn't as prevalent in cold weather.

    I haven't seen any posts about this for awhile. Did everyone get this taken care with the new motor mount specified in the TSB?
  • scareyscarey Posts: 2
    I have had similar problems. Mine got stuck in park and it was the sensor between the transmission and the brake. The dealership repaired with no problem.

    That was five months ago. Today, at 18K miles, it is a right front strut that blew a seal and lost its oil, and the right rear tire tread is separating from the body of the tire. I was told that all four tires would be replaced but I am liable for the approx 1/3 of the tire life I used when it comes time to pay for the new tires.

    Other than that, it has been a great car.
  • mck76mck76 Posts: 3
    I just had my 06 civic looked at for the same "cluncking" noise, and they replaced the engine mounts and claim that the noise is fixed I am about to go pick it up but I hope that I will not have to replace the strut as well. Was all the work you did under warenty? my engine mount was.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    Yes, it was all under warranty.
  • scareyscarey Posts: 2
    The tires that came on the Civic are Bridgestones. I went to the dealer today to double check on if the new tires had been ordered, and they had. The maint. supervisor told me that the dealership had ordered Goodyears as replacements. He said that the Goodyears were OEM also, but only came on higher level models.

    Also, the clunking noise that was a bad strut did not occur until the temperature got above 40-50 degrees. This is similar to a previous post about the same problem.

    So far I have had nothing but a very positive experiences with the dealer I bought the car from. Everything had been covered under warranty, and I am still very happy that I bought the car particularly as the price of gas is rising.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I have goodyear RS-A's on my LX sedan. Thus far, 10,000 miles later, the tires have worn well, handled well in rain, snow and 6" of hail.

    I normally hate goodyear tires but these RS-A are pretty good and have worn very evenly for the mileage thus far.

    I do rotate every 7000 miles by the way!
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Actually while Goodyear tires may have come as standard on some models based on my experience ( an 2006 EX sedan) the high line model (the EX) comes with Bridgestones. I am not counting the new Si performance model sedan in this statement.
  • brw115brw115 Posts: 13
    I'm noticing that on my new 07 Civic, the Moonroof rattles when the cover is opened- actually I think it's the cover that rattles. I've noticed the same thing on a friends 06 Civic and he says the dealer can't locate any loose parts to fix. Has anyone else noticed a rattling sun/moonroof in the Civics?
  • dshesqdshesq Posts: 7
    Does anyone have any more information on the broken motor mounts on the 06 Civic? I have an 06 Civic LX AT Coupe with 22,000 miles on it. I went from a gas-guzzling Suburban to my little red "baby" and I love it.

    But, the right side motor mount broke yesterday without warning--I parked the car, went into a store, and came out only to start the car and experience the most wretched vibration (and noise, too!) I have ever experienced in a car. :sick:

    Now the Honda service department is giving me a load of you-know-what about how they'll have to "evaluate" the car to see if it's a warranty issue. The clown I was talking to says he hasn't heard a thing about the second- and possibly third- generation motor mounts.

    So, can someone please point me in the right direction for back-up information so that I'll be fully equipped to prove my case to these folks? I'm a retired attorney, so I like to go into a situation knowing what I'm talking about and this is new to me!

  • xmontxxmontx Posts: 18
    yeah i have the same issue when my sunroof is closed. and when i push my hand up on the roof the rattling stops. when i slide panel (not the sunroof it doesn't rattle) I think it's the sliding panel. I haven't said anything yet. Maybe my next check up.
  • brw115brw115 Posts: 13
    I'm thinking this is a widespread problem that Honda has not addressed yet. Talking to a few others, I've heard the same problem existed on some 02-04 Accords and perhaps some other Honda's. I can't find any recall info though and maybe since there are no leaks involved Honda is hoping people won't complain.
  • tjs01tjs01 Posts: 34
    The Service Bulletin is Number 06-060, dated December 16, 2006. The title - "Rattle from Right-Front of Vehicle When Driving Over Bumps"
  • mcrown3mcrown3 Posts: 1

    I had the same problem with my 2007 civic lx coupe. I toke it to the dealership. The service department ran some test on it. They checked for codes in the whole code. Then they checked the crank position status. The crank position status= was not learned.

    I guess Honda Company forgot to program the status on the crank. The service department warmed the vehicle to operating temperature, and performed crank learning procedure. It's been almost a week and I had no problem with the vehicle starting up.

    Take your vehicle to your local honda service department and tell them to check the crank position status on your vehicle. :D
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    The service bulletin issued for motor mounts was mainly for the noise produced on the right front when going over certain types of bumps. The mount was functional but produced "cavitation" under certain situations. Yours is the first case I have heard where the mount actually broke. Since it clearly broke,and this should be easily documented,the mount should be replaced under questions asked. Although I do not know the TSB number off hand for the mount you can search around the site a little. I know it (the number) has been listed here before but you should be aware that the reason for that TSB was noise generated by the mount and I don't know if it would apply in your case. Frankly I do not think it would be necessary if the thing broke. You need to calmly talk,more or less,to the service manager and point out that with 22K miles on the car it is clearly under warranty and if he/she does not agree work up the mangement ladder up to and including the general manager then the owner.
  • dshesqdshesq Posts: 7
    Thanks for the info on the mounts!

    Just to update on where I stand with it . . . the dealership where I bought the car treated me like I was a total idiot. First, the tech told me that he had been "doing this for over seven years and had never heard of any problem with the motor mounts", so I told him that he needed to check about them being replaced because of the noise. later he told me that a broken motor mount did not affect the driveability of the car, so the warranty would not cover towing! I "politely" told him that if he sat his rear end (not the word I used, because by then I had had it with this clown) in the seat of that car and started it, he would not have even attempted to drive it because he would have known that it was not safe and that it was likely to cause further damage if it was driven in that condition. I was not a happy camper :mad: when we finished that conversation.

    Mercifully, that dealership divested itself of the problem by determining that it was not the closest dealership to the car when it broke down. So the car is now at another dealership which: a) acknowledged that there was a problem with the motor mounts (the noise problem); and b) that a broken motor mount on a 2006 with 22,000 miles is, in all likelihood, a warranty issue. They hope to have the car back to me today. :)

    Honda USA will definitely get feedback on the way I was treated by the two dealerships. Ironically, they have the same ownership!

    For the sake of others on this forum, though, I hope that my post about the broken motor mount will be useful if, heaven forbid, anyone else has this problem in the future. I hope that Honda gets this problem worked out, because I'm otherwise in love with my car. I'm presently renting a Toyota SR5 as an experiment in driving an intermediate SUV & I can say unequivocally that the quality (it's an 06 with the same mileage as my Civic & it has a lot of rattles) and interior styling are well behind my less expensive Civic.

    Thanks again for the help!
  • ggg5ggg5 Posts: 20
    I like the Honda Civic 2007 EX 4 dr with all the toys. I liked it better than the Nissan Versa, Sentra or Altima, and better than the Corolla.
    After reading the many posts here with all the problems, some of them the type I would consider serious, I am questioning my decision to purchase this car.
    This re-designed model has been around since Sept 05, and yet, so many significant issues are reported here.
    I checked out the Corolla, which is an inferiors car in style and performance, but no reported problems as seen in this forum.
    I am looking for peace of mind. Owned Toyota before and they were essentially trouble free. Owned a used early 80's Honda and it fell apart after 100,000 miles. Own a used 93 Sentra XE with 170K miles and it is still a champ, running strong.
    So, I wonder about the following:
    -hundreds of thousands of these Civics have been sold. So, the people reporting problems here, are they a small minority or what? Are all the sunroof's making noise? Are all the motor mounts failing? Are al the cars having problems with windshield scratching easily? And so on and so on.
    This concerns me immensely. Should I purchase an extended warrantee? If so, why pay more for reliability and quality that is not there to begin with?
    I am looking to spend almost $22K with taxes, etc. Perhaps I should go with a Corolla, boring and loud road noises but none of the problems reported here.
    All you owners out there, any advice? Especially owner that now have higher mileage, more than 20K miles on their cars.
    Thanks in advance.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    If so, why pay more for reliability and quality that is not there to begin with?

    That is an excellent question. Keep in mind however that many of the problems reported on the current Civic are on the 2006 models. The latest 2007 cars should have fixes already applied to them. Should problems appear in the early years of ownership, you do have the 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty to take care of them.

    My advice is, if you really like the Civic more than any other car in its class, and don't mind paying $22k for one, go buy one. But if I were you, I'd look at other options first. For example, there are some mid-sized cars out there that you can get for less than $22k nicely equipped, including the Accord, Aura, Camry, Mazda6, Optima, and Sonata (base Altima too, but you said you didn't like it much). If you'd rather have a small car, be sure to check out the new Elantra and Lancer also. For example, an Elantra equipped like the Civic EX (w/o nav) can be had for around $16k with the MT. Both should be reliable. The Mazda3 is another option--about the same money as a Civic, but sportier. The Jetta is very nice also, but the reliability record is not as good. $22k is a lot of money (for me, anyway), so check out all the options before you plunk it down, so later you won't say, "I should have driven the XXXX before I bought my car!"
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You should look at the Accord. It's last model year, and dealers have 750 incentives to move them. Check out the prices paid for Accord forum. There are some GREAT deals being had now, as dealers are trying to drive volume to get 2008 ship priority. Deals can be had for way below invoice, for a very solid vehicle.
  • dshesqdshesq Posts: 7
    Let me say that, to my knowledge, only a few of the motor mounts failed. It was a noise/vibration problem that prompted the TSB. I was unfortunate enough to have the car that have one of the few mounts that failed.

    Until the motor mount failed, my Civic was trouble-free. I've had it slightly less than a year and driven it 22,000 miles--that's what happens when you're the soccer mom to two serious soccer players!

    When we purchased this car, my husband and I broke our rule of not purchasing a car during its first year of production. We normally don't purchase during the first year to give the manufacturer time to work the bugs out. But we were taken in by the overall appeal of the Civic.

    If I had it to do over again, the only thing I'd change is to find this forum first so that I would know in advance what, if anything, to look for. Since you have that, ggg5, I think you'll do fine purchasing the Civic.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    As one of those who bought the "experimental" 2006 Civic in the fall of 2005 I experienced many of the problems (e.g.leaked rear shocks replaced with less than 4K miles,TSB's to fix various mysterious noises, motor mount replacement,cheap easily scarred interior plastics, seat fabrics that are prematurely wearing plus problems that I thankfully have not yet experienced including engine oil leaks, PS leaks, engine immobilizer problems) that previous Honda owners equate with a decline in traditional Honda quality. Since this is our first Honda product of any kind we are, needless to say, disappointed to the max.
    It may be that 2007 Civics have had the bugs worked out by now but who knows? I'm not about to find out.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I have a 06 Civic LX sedan. 10300 miles thus far. Only problems were motor mount and the lug bug. Both were corrected by dealer once I printed out the TSB's and showed them the vin on my car fell in the range of affected cars for both.

    The only other issues I have is very easily scratching glass and some odd front end noise (steering or axle or sticking caliper) that no one can fix or explain. It does not affect the mechanics of the car, yet. The interior scratches easy but I can live with that and be carefull. Only when it was super cold I had some type of odd spring/suspension noise of humps and such. Has gone away since it has gotten warmer.

    Despite the problems, the car has ran well and got through winter in some bad conditions pretty good.

    My wife has a 05 corolla LE with 16,000 miles. The only problem thus far (which was a known problem) was the belt tensior which failed at about 10,000 miles. Dealer fixed it with no questions. Her car is smooth, quiet and pretty comfortable but BLAND AND BORING TO ME. On the highway it's silky smooth.

    I did hear however that 06 and 07 corollas had computer problems, some at 1000 miles where cars completely died and had to be towed.

    Pick what you like and go from their. TSB's and problems can't be the only factor as you have to like what you drive or you will always find something to pick about.

    Good luck!!!!
  • ggg5ggg5 Posts: 20
    Thank you all for your responses so far, hopefully I will get some more. I certainly appreciate the assistance folks.
    My last new car was in 1980 (Nissan 200 SX) which I truly enjoyed. Kids, marriage, college expenses, cars for the kids and my better half: and here I am 27 years later buying my next new car. I am driving a Buick Park Ave. with 125K and it is worn out plus uses gas like a thirsty elephant!
    Not complaining, mind you, just sharing.
    I really like the Honda EX with all the toys, although I know there are so many options out there. Guess worse case scenario is I sell it if it turns out to be lemonade! However, I like the advice and will consider test driving other vehicles which I did not even consider (Hyundai, Accord, Camry, etc.).
    My key requirements are: 30-40 mpg, reliable, high quality, fun to drive and that I like on an emotion / gut level.
    Form a purely quality/reliability standpoint: Corolla is it.
    For purely economical reasons: Hyundai & Kia come to the top of the list.
    Not even going to tackle the emotion/gut level, cause that takes me to Corvettes & many others I can not afford.

    I am also interested in mpg from people that drive as I do: never in a hurry, never rushing from or to a traffic light, staying close to speed limits in highways and fastest highway speed in last 3 years was maybe 85 to pass a truck. In other words, if this Civic is driven gently, what is the mpg range? Again, thanks to all and have a great day!
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Very pleased with my 1st Honda product. Would definitely recommend it. The new Lancer looks like a great buy also...has a very edgy look...think they have a winner there. If you want a Corolla, wait for the new model. Saw a pic and it looks very Camryeske...a nice design.
    An Accord or Sonata would be a great choice if you want to move up in class. Good luck and let us know.

    The Sandman :)
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I have to disagree on some points.

    Don't touch a new lancer and or soon to be released corolla. First year gen redesigns will put you in the position alot of us are in with our first year newly released 06 civics.

    Don't be a guinee pig for the manfaucturer. If a corolla is what you want, either wait for the new design to be out a full year before buying or buy a 07 which most kinks are worked out. Same goes for a lancer.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Well, given the requirement for 30-40 mpg, the Lancer is out, as is most every other ICE car except the Civic, Corolla, and small cars like the Fit and Yaris. The Elantra is borderline on the mpg, but it too is a new model. The Corolla and Fit are old designs and thus are most likely to be reliable. The Fit has great handling and is more versatile than the Civic. The Yaris should be reliable also. A base Prius is a possibility, as they can be had for around $22k and have excellent fuel economy and reliability. As for driving fun... that is something the buyer has to determine for himself/herself.
  • ggg5ggg5 Posts: 20
    First, thank one more time for the responses.
    Here is a different type of question: anyone thinks a Honda dealer would agree to upgrade the tires from Bridgestone, which has been reported here to be noisy and also failing in terms of steel belts separating? In fact, one of the first repairs I did to my 1980 Nissan was to replace the Toyo tires, because the traction was extremely poor in the rain.

    Never heard of the Lancer, but will look into it. Although the advice not to be the guinea pig for a new product makes a lot of sense.

    My wife drives a 2000 Toyota 4 Runner, which was the next generation that year, and we did OK.

    A general comment, being involved in the Automotive industry, is that as all car manufacturers spread their supplier base across the world, the quality of the parts is decreasing and so is the car reliability & quality. So, in my opinion, if I could get a Civic made in Japan, I would be better off. But that is no longer possible. But, since I can not, here I am asking questions. Perhaps I can contribute with information in the future instead.
    Good day to all.
  • Okay, I don't really browse a lot of these forums, but my dad's new '07 Civic LX A/T (40 miles) hesitates a bit when accelerating from a stop. If we're reeeeally gentle it's okay, but upon normal acceleration from a stand-still, the car "skips" a bit before the acceleration kicks in. Is this because the car is so new, or do any of you think there might be some sort of problem with the transmission?
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    It most likely is the drive by wire. Your 07 does not have a cable that connects the gas peddle to the throttle body.

    It's all done electronically with a sensor on the gas peddle.

    If one is not used to it you might notice it but most likely it's normal.

    If in doubt, you can always have the dealer check it. Always better safe than sorry!


    I have the goodyear RS-A's on my LX sedan. Eventhough I am not a big fan of goodyear tires, they are much better than the bridgies and after 10,000 miles I have yet to have a problem or complaint with them. I have heard many stories of bad and replaced bridgies on cars equipped with them.

    Also, avoid the fit for now, they are also suffering many problems, fit and finish mostly, inside and out. I have an aquantaince with one and the paint is a problem, inside parts are causing problems as well, especially the shifting paddles.
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