aunt has 87 cabriolet in hollywood -- won't pass smog: how to fix? possible to sell?

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Hi... I'm trying to help my elderly aunt who lives in hollywood, ca, w her 87 cabriolet. she has a longtime repair shop that has been having an ever-harder time getting it to pass the smog. it is costing more each time and taking longer to achieve. her impression is that it's now kaput and won't pass any longer. ...does this really happen?

i don't live in a smog-testing area so am unfamiliar w this process.

she would also like to sell it when it becomes too bothersome to repair, and replace it w a simple small car for a modest sum to use until she can no longer drive. she drives about a mile a few times a week. but she says if it won't pass the smog that she can't sell it. this really the case?

i haven't talked to her mechanic yet. i would like to travel out to help her w this situation.


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    I bet we can get @Mr_Shiftright in here to give some advice. He lives in CA.

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    @Mr_Shiftright -- help?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Auntie *might* be eligible for financial help from the State of California to get her car through smog:

    There are also Smog Referees who can sometimes waive repair costs in order to allow the person to re-register the car.

    Referee centers are centrally located within certain community colleges throughout California. To find a referee center near you or to schedule an appointment, visit ask or call (800) 622-7733.

    However, I don't think they would waive repair so that she could sell the car.

    By the way, she can SELL the car, but the new owner would have to be told about the problem and then he/she can deal with it. Naturally, such cars are often sold for less money than normal.

    It might be that she needs a more skilled repair shop. A good shop should be able to at least identify the problem. Sometimes repairs are just too expensive---such as a faulty catalytic converter or worse yet, low compression in one or more cylinders, or excessive oil burning.

    I'd need more data on the car (smog read-out/print out) to say much more about it.

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