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Suburban Tahoe Seat Questions



  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    I have a 2004 Tahoe with tan leather seats. What is your seat color? Or is the beige you mention? Is it the same as tan? I would call mine beige but I think they are called tan.

    Wonder if seat mounting would work between '04 and '07?

    My bench seat is also in very good condition, almost like new.

    I'm in Louisiana and would not mind meeting somewhere half way to swap them out.

  • To my knowledge any yukon xl/suburban seats from 2000-2006 will fit each other. Where are you located and are you willing to trade for captain's chairs? My seats are in good condiction and are grey leather 2003.
  • I'm in S. California. yes, I am willing to trade for Captain's Chairs. I have the bench seat, but need more easy access to the 3rd row. Where are you?
  • ps139momps139mom Posts: 4
    We are also in So. Cal. and need to trade our 2nd row gray leather captain's chairs for 2nd row 60/40 bench. Do you still need to trade? What shade of gray do you have? Our Suburban is a 2001 and the shade is a lighter gray, I'm not sure if it's the lightest gray they made or not.
  • I am in central florida. Are your seats light grey? If your are still interested I can get shipping cost. I saw the other post for s. california and thought that you might go that route. let me know thanks
  • ps139momps139mom Posts: 4
    We would rather trade locally as it saves time and $ over shipping. Thanks anyway, hope you can find a local or neaby trade as well.
  • cmiller11cmiller11 Posts: 1
    We have a 2007 with titanium buckets in 2nd row but are thinking about switching out to bench. Are they interchangable? We have 2nd row heated seats which probably would be tough to get in a bench. Is your bench still for sale?
  • buckshotbbuckshotb Posts: 11
    We still have the titanium bench seat for sale. We switched it out ourselves w/ no problem to the bucket seats. Let me know if you are interested in buying the bench seat & where you are located so that I can quote you shipping. Thanks!
  • cajohn3cajohn3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 White Yukon with 2 grey leather captain chairs in the second row. I would like to trade for a grey leather 60/40 bench seat for the second row. The chairs are in mint condition and would like similar in trade. I am located in Minneapolis, MN.
  • hedgeburthedgeburt Posts: 1
    Do you still have the chairs? I have an '01 suburban with a second row bench. They are in great shape if you would like to trade. I am in Nashville.
  • gerfguygerfguy Posts: 1
    Was this an option on the older models? I have access to a third row seat With hardware from a 1997 suburban & would like to know if there factory mounting holes already in my tahoe.
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    i know they recline but do they have fore/aft adjustment for legroom?
  • irvins427irvins427 Posts: 1
    Did you find a trade for your captain's chairs? I have a 2001 Yukon (not XL=suburban) that has a 60/40 charcoal grey cloth bench in excellent condition. I would like to trade/buy a set of captain's chairs to replace the bench. I know all captain's come in leather, and am fine with that. The most important thing at first is the swap.

    If anyone has a set of grey captain's chairs to fit a 2001 Yukon, please let me know. I am in Central Florida on the Eastern coast (Melbourne).


  • tintigabtintigab Posts: 2
    I may soon be in the opposite situation. I'm looking at a 2008 Z71 Suburban with the two-tone black/light grey seats. The only thing holding me back is that is has a 2nd row bench, and I need the buckets. If you're still active on this site and still interested, let me know. We might be able to work something out. I'm in Saginaw, MI, which makes shipping costs a factor, but I doubt we'll find too many people in our exact situation.
  • canuck21canuck21 Posts: 4
    looking to swap out my tan leather 60\40 bench in favour of captain chairs and looking for 3rd row bench to replace the 3rd row two seater.
  • canuck21canuck21 Posts: 4
    I have a 2007 with bench beige leather. Have you acquired your bench. If not are your chairs leather ?
  • cmiller11, this fall (October), I will most likely take delivery of a 2008 Z71 Suburban with 2nd row bench, heated and power release. The interior is the ebony with titanium inserts, so the color wouldn't match without new covers. Still, the cost of the covers is a fraction of the cost of new seats (about $2300). I've looked at the mounting brackets in the floor,and I believe the switch would be relatively easy. I don't suppose you'd be interested? Do your buckets have power release? I don't suppose you're anywhere near mid-Michigan...
  • lou22lou22 Posts: 1
    I don't know if you have already found what you needed, but we have a 2005 Suburban with captain's chairs light tan leather and we are looking for a 60/40 light tan leather bench. I don't know if 2007 and 2005 are interchangeable but we would be interested in a swap

  • saw your post. is the bench still available?
  • Yes - it is still available.
  • I have an 07 tahoe with ebony and morocco brown buckets. Not sure of the shipping costs, but would entertain a trade. Do the brackets match?
  • hoopyg3hoopyg3 Posts: 2
    Hi. If you still have your captains chairs available for the 2005 Suburban I would really like to talk to you. I also have an 05 Suburban but with the 60/40 bench seat in the middle row and am looking to trade it for the captains chairs. My interior color is also the light tan leather and the bench seat is in excellent condition. What condition are your seats in? Where are you located, I'm in IL? Thanks!
  • I have a 04 Yukon with middle row captains chairs. The color is tan, I wouldn't say it is light tan. They are leather, in great condition. I'm looking for a 60/40 bench seat. hoopyq3 would you consider a drive and meeting me half way, I live in Oklahoma?
  • arriearrie Posts: 312

    If you have a Yukon your seat will not work with Suburban. You need to have Yukon XL for it to work out. I went thru this exercise already.

    However, I have an '04 Tahoe with middle row Tan leather 60/40 bench that I would like to swap out for Captain chairs. It is in very good condition.

    I am in Louisiana and would not mind meeting half way for the swap.

    I believe Tahoe and Yukon are exactly the same for seat mounting.

    I'm in Baton Rouge. Where in OK are you?

  • I would like to get captains chairs in my 2005 Sub.

    I have a 60/40 bench in tan that I can trade or I will buy outright.

    Let me know,
    Los Angeles, CA
  • Hi, I am still looking for second row captains chairs for my 2005 suburban. I currently have the light tan leather 60/40 split bench. I am interested in either a trade or just buying these seats if someone has them to sell. I live in IL and would be willing to meet someone to purchase these chairs. Thanks!
  • I have a 2000 suburban with 2nd row tan leather buckets. I want a bench. I found someone in Phoenix that has a 2001 Tahoe 2nd row bench. Will the Tahoe seat work in my SB? If not can I order a modification kit or something? If so, where do I get it?
  • Do you still have the 2nd row bench seat? If what color? Thanks.
  • Were are you located. I Have a 2000 SB, with a nice tan 60/40 bench. Are you willing to trade.?
  • I have 2 bucket seats from 2007 Z71 willing to trade. 2-tone Titanium and ebony.
    Let me know if ur interested
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