Will not start

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I drove to the store came back out and wouldn't start put gas in it so I put new fuel pump in it I still won't start I just spray ether down intake and I'll start up but can it be please help


  • Adamhelms4343Adamhelms4343 Member Posts: 4
    It's a 1997 Honda passport 
  • Adamhelms4343Adamhelms4343 Member Posts: 4
    Someone told me it could be ignition module
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    If it starts up when you spray a combustible fluid into the intake, then you have a fuel delivery issue. If your fuel pump isn't "priming" (you can hear it when you turn the key to "ON"), then you have to test the entire fuel pump circuit. One good place to start is the fuel pump relay, and one easy test is to substitute the suspect relay for an IDENTICAL one that might also be in the relay box--identical in part number. You can also go to YouTube to see how to test BOTH SIDES of a relay--control side and output side. You have to determine why your fuel pump isn't sending fuel to the fuel rail.

    One other possibility, which you could verify with a fuel pressure gauge or by briefly activating the schraded value in the fuel rail, is that the fuel pump IS working and is sending fuel, but your injectors are not opening--that is, you have no injector signal--called "injector pulse". To test this you'll need a NOID light, which is a plug-in that lights up when the injector gets the pulse from the ECM.
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