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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • Thanks for the advice I'll give it a try , this will be the 10th time I've brought it to them in 5 months.what a hassel!!
  • howdy howdy ...i fixed alot of diesel with the injection pressure regulator leaking throw ...late
  • howdy howdy ...look down in your fuel filter housing and the heater eliment is at the bottom of the housing ....the heater eliment brokes,,,,hope it works late
  • Thanks for a great tip.

    Everyone needs to note that in the note section of their owners manual.

    With the super cold snap we just had, I had a vehicle which started and ran perfectly.
    I parked at the site I was working and the wind chill was 41 degrees below zero.
    Got in to start it, cranked over nicely, but NO GO.
    Got ride home, and waited for less deadly weather.
    Tried to start the dead vehicle one more time (now +14 degrees).
    I was sure that when the vehicle failed to start that I was not hearing the fuel pump. I turn on the ignition and listen carefully, especially in cold weather. Real good idea to know the sounds of the system when all is well, that way when things get strange, your ears just might point you in the right direction. Fuse was good, relay seemed good. I could hear the relay click.

    The severe cold caused the wiring harness to shrink and that partially opened the connector in the harness which ran to the fuel pump.
    Repositioned the harness, checked to see that none of the contacts in the connector had pulled back.
    One was, corrected that. Problem seems to be solved.
    Ain't that a pip.

  • As far as my message # 267. Is there anyone out there with this same problem? Help.
  • My 2003 Excursion when cold soaked will engage the starter when you turn the key to the warm up position. This has burnt to starters up in the last twelve months. In my trouble shooting I have found that by going to the start position this aborts the start . I can release the key to the center position and the glow plug indicator will go out after it warms up and a normal start will occur.
    The dealer is unable to fix this problem, can someone help with a solution.
    Thank you all!!
  • It sounds like your in for a new ignition switch.
    Not fun, but doable.
    Are you in the habit of hanging "20 pounds" of keys on your key ring?
    A heavy batch of keys is your ignition switch's worst enemy.
    2 or 3 keys is a much better idea.
  • Thank you for your input, just a follow up question.
    Wouldnt this occur hot or cold if it was the switch?
    I only have the one key on the ring
    Again THANK YOU for your time
  • josijosi Posts: 4
    I have 70.000 miles front wheel bearing failed. Should I worry and change the opposite side ? Is this a commen problem ?
  • Hi All,

    My 1990 International 7.3L Diesel (Ford F-350 box truck, 190K) just started making a noise that seems to be coming from the engine. The truck is running a little rough at idle and the noise seems to come and go. While driving it gets louder during acceleration (not extremely loud and slight power loss) after getting up to speed the truck runs and sounds fine. No overheating. No oil in water or water in oil. Oil pressure fine. The only other thing is there seems to be a stronger exhaust smell. Exhaust pipe and manifold look fine, no signs of leeks. No hard starting.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also can anyone recommend a diesel mechanic in the Fort Pierce, Florida area.

  • goodcrdgoodcrd Posts: 253
    Check the engine oil for a fuel dilution. You may have an injector going bad. If the oil smells like fuel get it repaired quickly. A fuel dilution can wipe out the main bearings very quickly. The Ford dealerships seem very good with these engines. Good luck.
  • You should always replace axle-related items in pairs. Brake Pads, Calipers, bearings, brake cylinders, etc.

    First and foremost, for your's and everyone else's safety on the road: you want the vehicle to steer and stop evenly and straight. If you only replace one side, you could find that the new side now spins freely, but the other old side spins slower by comparison due to wear, etc., and as a result your truck is pulling to one side or the other. Could make driving a challenge......

    Second, if one side failed, the other usually isn't far behind.

    70K miles isn't unheard of. Have the bearings ever been cleaned and repacked with grease? It's usually done when the brakes are serviced. If they weren't, then dust and moisture contamination in the grease could've increased bearing wear leading to a failure.
  • hi i have a 94 f250 diesel non turbo when you drive down the road rpm fluctuates between 30 mph and 50 mph once you get up to speed it no longer does this. Was told was tranny problem had rebult. told injectors and pump had rebult. told tps had reset still nothing. when you let off of accelerator rpm drops to zero on tach engine still running like i said though once reach speed no more problem i am at a loss truck rus great just cant seem to reamidy problem any help would be much apreciated.
  • I have a 2000 F250 7.3 (the real powerstroke, haha). I bought it with 209,000 miles on it and i havent had any problems with it besides an alternator around 225,000...until now. Around about 240,000 It started having a hissing sound come from the passenger floorboard. When i got on the pedal it would continue, however, when it stopped i noticed a slight gain in power without changing pedal pressure. It only happens when its cold outside. Now there are more little things going wrong with it. I have a hum when i accelerate, when i turn, and when i brake. I can "feel" the hum in my foot on either pedal. I was thinking it had something to do with the booster but im not sure. All fluid levels are OK.
    Ive always been a Chevy man and i have since been converted to a Ford man by owning this truck. It now has about 250,000 miles on it and i tow a 12,000lb. mini excavator around 2 to 3 times per week. I drive it pretty hard, but not hard enough to break it, this is a tough truck. I change the oil at least every 5000, air filter every 2 oil changes. If someone could give me an idea on at least where to start it would be appreciated.
  • I have a 1999 that makes the same noise when its cold outside.I think it is the turbo wastegate. I bought mine new and it has always done it when it is cold.
  • Mine is in the shop for it's 3rd one in 30 days-any advice?
  • experiencing total loss of power. replaced air filter and fuel filters and experience no change. could injectors be clogged or worse?
  • :mad: I have a 2004 F-350 diesel. 6.0 Bought it when it had only 18,000 miles on it. Its been in the shop more then its been on the road. When I stop at a light or stop sign or just get out of the truck a few minuets it will sputter and try to quit running then idle fine again. Sometimes it will try to take off by itself at a stop light or stop sign momentaraly. Ford replaced sensors, fuel peddle, and the whole entire wire harness under the hood. Truck still does it. Its still under warrenty but have to pay the deductable every time. With all the records in hand, can this piece of junk be a lemon? thx :sick:
  • I have 03 F250 Diesel 6.0 that leaks coolant out of the reservoir cap.
    DO you have any information about this problem.
  • Just curious if anyone has tried Bio Diesel? If so, Can you give us feedback?
    Thank you Very much
  • bowkillbowkill Posts: 2
    I had an 04 F240 6.0 SRW with same problem, took it to the dealer and they replaced a stuck egr valve each time, third time was the charm, never had problem again.Hope it helps.
  • orchiddjorchiddj Posts: 13
    I took your advice goodcrd and took truck to ford. They found 5 bad injectors. The repairs were done and engine runs great again.
  • As an owner of two Ford F350 diesels - sell or trade them in while they are still running, before you have to spend more than the trucks are worth.

    Truck #1 - 2004 F450 6.0 Diesel - Burned up the engine at 150,000 miles when the EGR system dumped coolant and the engine overheated suddenly. Replaced the engine with a re-built engine - we have now lost the injectors in the re-built engine after less than 5,000 miles. Replaced injectors in the original
    engine three times while it was still under warranty. Total repair bill to date $10,000.00 - looking at $4,000.00 more for injectors.

    Truck #1 - 2005 F450 6.0 Diesel - Starting having problems at 110,000 miles. Three trips to the shop so far, including injector replacement and EGR problems - current mileage is 125,000. $9,000 in repair bills to date - for a truck that the local Ford dealership will give me $15,000 trade in value for.

    When pressed, my local Ford fleet salesperson admitted that "the 6.0 engine is the worst mistake Ford has made since the Edsel".

    Bottom line - sell or trade in your 6.0 diesels before the repair bills start and you have to spend more in repairs than the truck is worth. Good luck -
  • I have a 01 f 350 im not sure whats wrong. I pull a trailer everyday but its only 10ft enclosed trailer and probley ways 4000lbs the most. i was backing out of a drive way and when i put it in drive the rpms just reved up. I checked the fluid it was between cold and hot i put a little more in and run it threw the gears and it was fine. It done it again the fluid wasn't low. So i put it in first gear and it started going and the i wnet to second the drive and it was fine. I noticed to day the overdrive button was flashing off and i had it in overdrive. So if anyone can help it would be great before i mess it up or it decides to go on me. thanks Bobby
  • craig37craig37 Posts: 5
    noticed no difference in my 2000 / 7.3 I was also sceptical but i needed fuel badly one day and thats all citgo had on the road , Its for the newer models, the not so new trucks can run on both, without problems
  • craig37craig37 Posts: 5
    Ive heard of the overdrive lite flashing on and off and the result was a bad trans (he ended up replacing it) Never heard of that particular truck reving up before ,
    good luck and hang on to your wallet that trans ain`t cheap
  • I have a 97 7.3 and on cold mornings (actually now it is whenever the truck cools down) after being plugged in all night, I can't get over 1500 rpm and blowing blacksmoke. There has been a hesitation, with a hiss from under the floor board, in it on cold mornings for a couple of years but this is worse than it has ever been. I would rather not just start throwing parts at it but I am at a loss. Can anyone Help? Thanks, Kelly. ">
  • rcollierrcollier Posts: 3
    My truck(95 F250) does similar to the same thing but maybe not quit as bad. If I give it more fuel it will come out of it until it levels out and the dead spot and hiss comes back.Mine runs fine if it is above 25 or 30 degrees. Let me know if you find out anything. Sorry I'm not no help.
  • coreyocoreyo Posts: 1
    I have had almost the exact same problem with my 6.0. I was driving down the interstate with no load except an empty trailor. The engine overheated unexpectedly; clear evidence of coolant stains are on the inside of the hood, I still have the 4.5 gallons of oil we drained from the engine. The 14,000.00 inconvience of replacing this engine has upset me but not nearly as much as how ford has dealt with this problem. They claimed negligence on my part but have never addressed my question of how I was negligent. When the original engine was removed they would not even drive 2 mi from the dealership to the shop that pulled it to investigate why the engine failed. I have spoke to ford customer relations over 10 times, wrote letters and badgered the dealer but have not gotted any closer to resolving this than "the engineers decision is final". If Ford had taken responsibility for this and tried to resolve this problem I would be a dedicated advocate and loyal customer. I can forgive an engineering glitch far more easily than the ambivilant way ford has turned there back on me.
  • I will let you know if I come up with anything. I can't give mine any more fuel, though. At 1500 rpm that's it, it won't go anymore. I have let it warm up longer the last two mornings and have not had any problems. There has to be something wrong though because this is just getting worse.
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