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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • my ticking sound, sound a lot like a knock., make sure it is not a exhaust leak.
  • my truck started jerking as it goes down the road several months ago. it happened occasionally and with no regularity. finally it happened enough that the check engine light came on (has to jerk 3 times for this to happen). they hooked it up and read the codes. there was some sort of exhaust code and voltage code. that all got fixed. drove it to work and then on the way home it happened again. it jerked 3 times, the light came on and then it happened several more times. i got the mechanic in the truck with me and drove down the road. of COURSE it didn't happen again, but he plugged it in and a code for my cam sensor came on. we replaced it. it continued to happen. my tires were quite mismatched on the rear, so i bought 4 new tires for the back yesterday. today...... it jerked again and even died at the stop light.
    this jerk- sometimes it's hard, sometimes not. it happens at all speeds. i've spent over $300 at the mechanic and then over $500 on new tires. any ideas???
  • I'm sorry to read about your truck. My husband and I are looking for a fire answer too. Tonight our truck had the block warmer catch fire after only 20-30 mintues of being plugged in. The wires going into it burnt in two, thank goodness the lights in the house responded to the shorting or we would have been too late. And it was only about 7 feet from my daughter's bedroom window with two full tanks! Does anyone know if electrical fires are common for this truck? Ours is a 1995 I don't know if that matters, but any info will help before it's too late.
  • I have been reading other oil leak post and none seem to have the same problem as I do. Maybe someone knows somewhere to try and track mine down to. It is on the top of the engine, it puddles on top of the block. It seems to be coming from the front and flowing back. the turbo has be completely taken apart and checked, no leaks. where else could it be coming from? Anyone that has any suggestions, thank you!
  • I have a 2001 f250 with 60,000 miles and today it lost all of its oil, it appears that it is coming from the back of the oil pan but it is also pooling in the valley between the heads. Any one have any ideas?
  • the ford of these years have a history of oil pans rusting to the point of leaking. not an easy job to replace. cannot speak for oil in valley. my dealer quoted 1400 to replace the oil pan. ia m having other work done also. if they pull the engine, check for exhaust leaks and other preventative work that be worth considering at this time.
  • the other thing that might be is the O rings under the turbo charger,there is a pressure & a return to the turbo that when they leak will run oil down each side of the block behind the heads & in the valley between the heads on diesal models.
  • I have a 97 F350 4x4 with 7.3 auto E4OD. have had problems with trans for a year now so i wanted to swap the e4od for a zf 5speed. I got a 95 f350 with 7.3 zf 5speed for the swap. I pulled the EEC & PCM also the wire harnes under the hood.
    I started the 97 up but the check engin light is on,i have no tach or throdle control.
    could this be that i didnt change the wire harnes to the motor itself? has anyone done this swop and can tell me what i maybe missing?
    Thanks .
  • you may want to look at your high presser oil pump at front of motor or your fuel pump that is in the valley between the heads. oil pump may have leak at pump or any of the lines to the heads. fuel pump has a o-ring at the mount that may leak.
    other then turbo mount o-rings or crack in heads at the oil passedges.
  • secjr1secjr1 Posts: 1
    i have a 7.3 f250 4x4 shifts into over drive and is rough up to 55 60 and above runs pretty smooth can anybody help im sry the year is 2000
  • After driving on freeway for a couple of miles and come to a stop and step on accelarater nothing happens the engine races then after a few seconds it takes hold?????????
  • Just bought a Ford F-350 used. Ran like a champ, but when we pulled our 24ft. trailer and went up some hills it coughed and blew out black smoke. At the same time the turbo booster moved.. Otherwise the truck so far runs ok. Can anyone suggest anything. Or should I just trade it in now for something else? 2003 F-350 6.0 Diesel 4X4 Dually.
  • Would love to help but i have the same truck 2003 350 6-0 and it does the same thing but mine does it when i'm rolling down the highway or pullin something would love to know what it is. when the truck is cold it runs ok then after it warms up every once in a while it will blow black smoke real bad and when you stomp on it it clears out after you get the rpms up then runs ok for a while and starts all over agian. love the truck but if it don't run its bull. first time with a ford and might be the last if i can't find someone who can fix it without wanting to keep changing parts untill they find it or my money runs out
  • I purchased an '03 6.0L. I have been left stranded on the side of the road 4 times in 280,000 miles. All problems were injector related. I understand that Ford's current twin turbo 6.4L diesels get poor mileage 10-12 mpg which is hard for me to swallow. But otherwise I hear they are strong. I use the truck to tow a bobcat and trailer which weighs around 10,000 lbs and when I can find some spare time a boat of around 7,000 lbs. I drive between 50-70,000 miles per year mainly highway but find myself needing 4 WD when i get on job sites. Can anyone give advice on which diesel 4 WD pick up to buy? My criteria is dependability, tow ability and comfort for me and my family. Has anyone heard if Toyota is coming out with a diesel truck for US consumers?
  • abouchabouch Posts: 6
    While the chassis on a Ford Super Duty is probably superior to a GM or a Dodge the 6.4L not only gets poor fuel mileage, it has the same number of cyl-head bolts as the 6.0L which I believe to be the weakest link. Until Ford replaces the engine family consider the 6.4L junk.

    I will probably replace my 6.0L engine with a Cummins, since I don't believe any of the other frames are comparable and I am always hauling a load.
  • 2002 f350,powerstroke7.3 superdutyseries,won,t run,the ,c2170 relay wont stop buzzing, clicking? no,s like a bad ground or something? both of my fords don,t run...
  • 2002 f350,powerstroke7.3 super duty series,won,t run,the ,c2170 relay wont stop buzzing, clicking? no,s like a bad ground or something? both of my fords don,t run...please help me get it running, even one of them?
  • As soon as I find something from the dealer regarding the coughing and black smoke I will post it. But honestly I think its going to be an on going thing. I have read many posts and it just seems to be like a chronic illness my truck is going to have.
  • 03 F-250 bought new, now has 160000 miles. I was towing a car on trailer today when I noticed what I first thought was a vibration or torque convertor chatter, let off accerator, re applied and no problem, did this twice, then realized that it was a skip. Later on same trip I noticed huge smoke from exhaust at all speeds, worse under load. Later I hear slight pinging under light load. Also the normal diesel engine noise/rattle is louder than before. Oil level & pressure normal, coolant & temp normal however is overdue for oil change. All symptons appeared within 50 miles. Appears to be extremely rich of fuel, and exhaust smells of diesel fuel. I have had no other problems that re-flash of computer did not cure and one ICP sensor replacement.
    Any advice?
    Thanks, Eddie
  • Hello maria, if you wish, look back into my previous post (#539 original & #561 fixed). I was having similar problems as you and Eddie (post #725).

    Basically, my problem began with a little sputtering and black smoke - mostly when towing. It became progressively worse. As it got worse, even when not towing, I could set my cruise control and when going up an incline it would sputter and belch black smoke (locomotive). The only way to stop it was to accelerate into passing gear and it would run like nothing was wrong. If it is the same problem, it won't get any better. It got to where it wouldn't have to be in cruise control or going up an incline and this would occur.

    The owner at the local Meineke shop had me run a transmission flush. I thought he was crazy but did it anyway. He said some people were having trouble with fluids and torque converters. I had hope because the first trip seemed like things were back to normal. But, on the way back home - same old crap.

    I was becoming really agravated because there are two local ford dealerships and probably 3 (at best) diesel mechanics between them. Of course there was the perpetual 3 week waiting list to get in (and they wonder why I won't deal with them anymore). In years past, I had purchased other vehicles from both of these, but this vehicle was purchased somewhere else. Therefore, no willingness to help.

    The dealer I purchased this one from is approximately 1 1/2 hours from home - not real convenient. After only two trips to original dealer, problem was fixed. First time they changed some sensors, etc that were on a recall and they thought was the problem - nope. The second time, with more investigating - they changed my EGR valve/sensor (whatever the hell it is). And of course the extended warranty plan I chose did not cover this. Oh well, I spent a few hundred bucks where if I didn't, I don't think the truck would have been driveable much longer.

    They also warned me that some fuel and exhaust temp sensors were giving bad readings and may be going bad. If they did go out, you could dump your coolant through your exhaust and burn things up. This job is more like $1100 bucks. I thought the bad readings could have been from the truck running bad because of the other problems. Must be, I haven't had ANY problems since.

    I have the 2004 6-liter and it only has about 77k miles on it. Other than this problem, I have been very pleased with the truck. Except of course the "sucky" fuel mileage. But, you should know enough to expect that from ford. I try not to visit here too often because of everybody else's horror stories - makes me want to keep the truck parked. I hate knowing so many people are constantly having trouble - maybe I just got lucky.

    Anyways, hope this helps and wish you luck with your problem...
  • eddie, see my reply above to maria - hope it helps...
  • she,s going to fly apart,the pistons are going to melt,its ford wonderful,none of my fords run either,dead is a ford letter word too!
  • I bought this truck 2 years ago and was my dream truck, it is a F-450 diesel. Before this I had a 2002 and never had one problem with it. So far with the 08 it has gone to the shop 3 times now. First time it was for the radiator second time was an oil leak and the third time is same thing, oil leak. The first oil leak was a gasket on the dip stick so I figured no big deal. About two months later I noticed oil in my driveway again. So I brought it back and this time they found four oil leaks. One from the crank case, one from the glow plugs, one from the glow plug harness and one from the dip stick again! I don't really push the truck hard, I'm a contractor and pull a trailer almost every day but the truck should have no problem doing this. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this kind of thing or heard of oil leaks in other trucks as well. At this point I am loosing work from this truck and wondering if I should just trade the damn thing in for a new one.
  • has anyone mentioned to you to use Injector Cleaner and Fuel Cleaner additives??
    No one told us that - of course because they want to replace all the choked up parts - we have 214,000 k on ours and have never used any cleaner additives and it started this choking and sputtering and spewing black smoke - seemed to clog up when we slowed down (driving through town) and then you could feel it clogging up and then spew it's smoke. As soon as we added some injector cleaner it stopped within 3 days!
    Hope it helps - sure made us happy !! $10 instead of $2000
  • I'd been having trouble with coughing (I called it choking, sputtering and spewing) and the black smoke. Also - I was searching all over the web trying to find answers - seems like its against the law for somebody to come right out with an answer !!
    We have an 04 6.0L with 214,000 km on it and no one had ever mentioned using injector cleaner or fuel cleaner additives - because of course they only want to replace the choked up parts ! So we used injector cleaner and fuel cleaner and after 3 days it had stopped - the next tank of fuel we did it again - it sputtered going through town like it had just found a new deposit of gunk - spit it out and has been perfect since. Don't know if it's the same issue you're having but that's what we did and I'm trying to post it everywhere so people can see because it seems to be such a huge issue everywhere!
    Good luck !
  • we have an 04 6.0L with 214,000 km on it and no one had ever mentioned that injector cleaner and fuel cleaner should be used on these motors - because of course they only want to do the repairs for thousands of dollars !! (My husband drives semi and they never use any of these cleaners on their big motors - so we never thought anything of it)
    I searched everywhere on the web trying to find an answer and there are a million issues logged with this problem.
    We used Injector Cleaner and Fuel Cleaner and after 3 days the choking and spewing stopped. Next tank of fuel we did it again and it sputtered and choked out black smoke through town like it had found new gunk deposits and spewed it out and haven't had an occurence since.
    Hope this helps somebody out there - cause you just can't seem to find answers only issues !!
    Good Luck cause we love our truck !
  • I started to work this morning and all of a sudden my power stroke started missing like a V-8 gas engine with only six plugs firing. What and how should I start tracing this problem
  • im not sure, no one has helped me fix my two broke down trucks,1,1999,,,1,2002 f350 diesel are killing my living and life, they don,t run very long unless you are rich and stupid enough to drive a ford , my ford was given to me and it still has caused me to go broke, dead is a ford letter word,,,mine are all dead,and they self disstrucked, you don,t have to do anything wronge,i hate the ford motor co.kepp building junk you stupid bastards!
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