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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • noeye1noeye1 Posts: 3
    My friend has a 2005 6.0. Has replaced the heads twice and the turbo once.
    Hes says it has less power than the 7.3 he had before. I don't recommend.

    I have a 2001 7.3 with 110000 miles and very happy
  • urborgurborg Posts: 2
    Run don't walk. I have a 2003 Excursion with a 6L diesel. At 100613 miles Ilost one cylinder and the fuel injector to a faulty glow plug. I will cost me $12,000 to fix the problem. It is known that the International 6L engines had troubles between 2003 and 2005. Ford even sued International alleging poor quality control.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Hey Hoff,
    Yes the 6.0 was not a good motor for Ford, but I have heard that the last couple of years of the motor was okay and my Nephew even has a 07 that has been good for him but the first couple years 03 n 04 where really bad. One thing they are not a motor that can have Chips put on them, well you can but a lot of them early ones again cause a lot of problems. Would I stay away from them completely yes and really stay away from the 03 to 05 models.
    To Racer who I replied to the other day having all the problems on his 7.3's. There is a lot of people on here that can help you if you just tell us what all is going on with your trucks in full detail but sometimes in the end we have to take our trucks to the dealer and trust me I hate it when I have to as well but every auto maker does the same thing and make it so that somethings on our trucks only a dealer can figure out. Dodge is the worst and my truck is at the dealer right now because I can't figure out whats wrong with it, not because I don't know how to work on them but because they hide codes on them. I know enough about electrical to chek a lot of things but I don't throw parts at something either just to keep from taking it a dealer as in the end when doing that you can spend more money than if you would have taken it to them in the first place. Anyway Racer just tell us your story and maybe we can help.

  • i own a 2000 f250 7.3 liter powerstroke and i had the oil changed at the dealer last week and they said one of the oil squirters had broken off. it came out of the oil pan. the mechanic said he had never seen this before and had no idea what would have caused this. anyone have any suggestions what would cause this i had a wreck ealier in the year and he said its a possibility.
  • koakleafkoakleaf Posts: 1
    my truck turns over but wont start.i have pressure at the fuel shrader valve and replaced the lift pump/crank/cam postion sensor/fuel hi pressure regulator and hi pressure lines.i can get it to start on starting fluid spray but it will not run after the spray is used up.what else is there that makes the direct injection work?
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    You checked out all those parts and they was bad or did someone or you just start replacing parts on it ? All parts on any vehicle can be checked. Yes most of the time you have to get the Data Sheet from Ford which sometimes the dealer is not willing to let go but there is that a lot of them use and shops use. But unless you know for sure that is a part is bad do not just start replacing them.

    Back to your problem you can have the ICP Sensor checked and the IPR Valve but usaually those have to be done at the Dealer to make sure they are bad. I have the Superchips programmer and it will also check the system and it actually picked up the ICP Sensor but I don't have the Date sheet to tell me the OHM's it's suppose to have so I had to take it to Ford Dealer. They are confirming it is bad but they said if they is Oil coming out of the top that is a good sign it's bad. The ICP is on the Drivers side Head, when looking at the motor from the front on the right side of the Fuel Bowl on the Head next to the Valve Cover the Sensor is set at an Angle. It's about 1 1/2 inch round and sticks up about 2 inches. The IPR Valve is on the Back side of the Fuel Bowl ( where the Filter sets in ) on the bottom and is about the same size as the ICP but a little longer with a Bolt looking end to it and come straight out the back of it pointing towards the back of the motor. Both parts you can see what they look like on Ebay as well.

    Hope that helps your out but usually in the end you have to have the Dealer tell what is not making it run and then you can change out what is needed instead of just replacing things that are not bad.
  • ricker1ricker1 Posts: 9
    what ever you do stop useing either to try and start your truck this will do so much damage to your motor if you keep useing it .
  • levijlevij Posts: 7
  • 97dually97dually Posts: 1
    If I buy a 97 with 325K on the motor, does it have life left in it?
    Assuming the guy changed the oil, ran 65-70 on the interstate, and pulled a 10,000 lb. trailer.
    I can pick up the cosmetically clean dually, just wondering how many miles are left on the motor?
  • I own a 2000 f250 7.3 liter powerstroke and i had the oil changed at the dealer last week and they said one of the oil squirters that squirt the bottom of the pistons had broken off and fell out of the bottom off the oil pan. The mechanic said he had never seen this before and had no idea what would have caused this. Anyone have any ideas on what would have caused this, I had a wreck earlier in the year and he said its a possibility.
  • ricker1ricker1 Posts: 9
    based on the law of averages you got about 10'000 to 50'000 at best
  • I have the same problem, I have changed the fuel pump, the batteries, a couple of the sensors, It is driving me crazy, I read on here that if it has a chip in it this will do something to the motor, Man if anyone on here as any advice on what to do to get this thing to run, or had the same prob. please let me know. I am going to get it running and I am getting rid of it. any advice would help. thanks.
  • Did you figure this out? I am having the same problem. Thanks!!
  • crazydancrazydan Posts: 39
    we are so stupid for having fords my fords won,t run and i,m in trouble too ,my horse and i had to sleep in the park in london ontario, because the ford wouldn,t start or ever run again, garages can,t figure it out 500dollars later i am now riding a bicycle to get around because my truck was sitting warming up and died, for no apparent reason,,,diesel junk you know that you depend on making a living now what ford bastards
  • ricker1ricker1 Posts: 9
    i have not yet i'm hopeing that somebody writes to tell me what to do. I have heard from one person who said that they had a bad fuel sensor replaced and that solved their problem and that just sounds to easy but who knows. I have had so many people tell me that they have the same problem and i haven't heard of to many solutions. It has to be a electrical problem if it is intermittent because a mechanical problem would do it all the time. so far the only thing that iv'e learned is that it takes a lot of MONEY to just find the right problem. I hav't heard from anybody who has worked on these things a lot. I have heard that most dealers just want to change out parts to SEE IF that MIGHT be the problem. But if it is not they bill you anyway and go on to the next part that it might be. I think that what is happening is a very common thing with these engines and ford is sitting on it hoping that they won't have to have a recall. I think that they will do that at any cost. So many people have wrote me with the same problem its allmost scary. How do you expose Ford is the real question. I think that they are waiting it out in the hopes that as time goes on the problem will get smaller and smaller.
  • I too, have had many troubles with my F250 power stroke diesel. I purchased this vehicle new, and since then have had many problems. Most of the problems that I have had centers around the EGR valve plugging. Which come to find out is a symptom to a much larger problem. I took my truck into my ford dealership twice and forced them to look further....come to find out my heads were cracked. They replaced my heads, oil cooler and a number of other things. At that time, they assured me that the basic problems would be cured. Recently, I have had to take my pickup back in for the same problem again and this time they are claiming that the engine oil cooler is getting clogged and is causing excess nitrates to precipitate out in the antifreeze clogging the passages in the heat exchanger. They are checking on Monday to see if, ONCE AGAIN, if my heads are cracked. I am holding my breath and hoping that I caught it soon enough. I contacted the Ford company and have complained but they just kick me to the curb. This problem was identified within the first 10,000 miles but has never been addressed to solve the problem completely. I like you am considering a lawsuit and would be interested in working with other SCREWED customers to wake them up.


  • I was within a hair of buying a 2006 F350 diesel 4X4. After reading these horror stories, I cancelled the buy and will look instead for a late model Duramax.

    Thanks all, for the very inciteful posts.
  • crowdogcrowdog Posts: 1
    im thinking about buying a 1997 short school bus with a powerstroke engine has about 116,000 miles, i was just wondering what to check for as far as problems go and is 1997 powerstroke as good as newer or older ford diesels?
  • I was one that got a wild hair and bought a good used 2003 F-350 4x4(1st year they made the 6.0). I traded it at 91,000 miles for a Dodge 3500 Megacab. Man am I glad I did! The 6.7L Cummins Diesel is awesome. With the new emmisions particulate filter underneath it is as quiet as a Ford. I always hated the loud Dodge but now they are just as quiet. The new Dodge 4 door looks nice. The quad cab was a poor excuse for a four door but Megacab is huge. Good luck with the GM (Government Motors!) I know what you're thinking...Chrysler too. I got to give Ford credit for not taking the stimulus money.
  • I have a 7.3 that I just recently rebuilt. It has 300K miles on it! Before rebuild we had to straight wire the electric fuel pump to the battery. We have it on a toggle switch for turing on & off. Can anyone tell me why I lost power to the fuel pump? I would like to fix this back right. Is it the wiring harness? Fuel pump Relay? Computer? Anyone know? :confuse:
  • You might want to replace the speed sensor found on the rear axel. Someone passed this information to me when I was having the same problem. Replaced the sensor and it took care of the problem.
  • my ford duallywill start and idle fine but wont go.It has new fuel pump and filter but it wont go past 2000 rpms any thoughts
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    What color is the Smoke coming out fo the Exhaust ?
  • It is white
  • coyboy1coyboy1 Posts: 1
    i rolled my 02 powerstroke over and i want to start it up . my question is , is there anything i have to drain or do before i try it. its been sitting for bout 6 months
  • majormcfmajormcf Posts: 20
    I agree, I have a 02 excursion, no problems, was looking to upgrade to an 06 dually but not sure after reading all these horror stories
  • crazydancrazydan Posts: 39
    change the gaspetal unit and it will run fine,what happens is the wires iniside wear and break, it,s a ford thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!crazydan ive bin there,,, thats why i,m broke,, and can,t even sell a ford,,there junk and they don,t drive, they sit and rot to hell..
  • levijlevij Posts: 7
    Thanks But I have already changed the fuel petal. Did not help.
    But now my insurance company is going after FORD. The 7.3 engine caught
    on fire while I was letting it idle, waiting for it to warm up. I no longer have the truck.
    My insurance company hired a profesinal to find out what happened. They said the
    Cruse control module caught fire. The fire department put the fire out in time, that
    the investagater could tell what happened. I am upside down on replaceing the truck
    I still owed on it. I am thinking about going after Ford also. I can not stand the loss
    of 6 Gran. I am now looking for a Chevy.
    thanks for your help.
  • levijlevij Posts: 7
    I had to replace the high presure oil pump. This opens the fuel injectors.
    mine would bearly open. Now it works $975.00
    Hope the best for you
  • I have a problem with my 7.3 liters powerstroke. For a short period of time( few driving hours) the bus is loosing 5 to 7 qts. of oil. There is almost no smoke from the exhaust, no oil in the radiator. Please help. Thank you, Joseph
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