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Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel Problems



  • crazydancrazydan Posts: 39
    it could be that your solinoid that runs,well it turns the glow plugs on and off.also the glow plugs ,you could have a couple of them burned out,making it pernickety to start,if you own a ford in alaska,i feel sorry for you thirdly.
  • im having the same problem with my powerstroke
  • noeye1noeye1 Posts: 3
    Engine starts easy but runs rough on acceleration after about 1 minute, like misfire. Once at operating temp runs fine. Changed fuel filter and put in different brand of diesel and added injector cleaner. Did not help. Code reader shows no codes.
  • At 73000 miles, my husband's f250 powerstroke 6.0 diesel blew two pistons and lost compression. We were on our way home from SC to FL. We ended up stranded in SC for 3 days, we were lucky and made it to the ford dealership before ending up stranded in the middle of no where. The truck just went over the warranty, under the 100,000 but over the 5 years. This truck has been nothing but a problem since we bought it. First it was an oil leak, took to the dealer while under warranty twice. My husband said there was something wrong with the truck and wanted to get rid of it, but I knew he liked having the diesel for his landscaping business. Boy, I will listen to my husband's intuition in the future. The dealer infored us it would cost any where from 8-10,000 to fix this piece of s***. We contacted ford after reading about the many problems with the 6.0 engine. I am an active duty military member and have served my country for over 15 years. You would think that companies like ford who say they are there for their customers would do something to rectify this KNOWN problem. How can you knowingly allow this to happen and do absolutely nothing? I think it is time to find a lawyer and let ford know exactly how it feels to be stranded, and thank goodness my 3 children left with their grandmother. I just want compensated, so my husband can get a functioning truck to continue his landscaping business when I transfer to Camp Lejeune to take care of our Marines. Please post your feelings or problems and maybe ford needs a class action lawsuit to make them wake up and take care of their mistakes.
  • greentkgreentk Posts: 1
    I had the problem of when it rained the truck would buck or like a gas engine with a miss. After serching I found a broke vacuum line to my pulse vacuum hublock cylinder and fixed it and the problem seems to be gone. This vacuum line is on the passenger side connected to the cylinoid between the battery and the starter cylinoid on the wheel well wall.
  • crazydancrazydan Posts: 39
    wow and holly [non-permissible content removed] when you drive some ford time bomb, i was offered a 6 liter and i declinedlast week the guy was really trying to sell it to me.i,m really loosing my shirt on these fords, i have a 7.3 powerstroke nobody has been able to fix in 5 months, i,ve taken it to many places,m,m,m,m, fords suck!fuel hogs tooo.
  • tabathatabatha Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Ford F350 with a 7.3 diesel in it and we absolutely love the truck!!!!! It is not a fuel hog, it gets great fuel mileage and that is pulling a 20 foot box trailer to different states and up and down mountains">!!!! The trucks are all on how they are taken care of on upkeep and such!!!! Sometimes people get bad ones, but I have alot of friends that have the 7.3 diesel ford trucks and they have no problems other than routine maintenance with their trucks! These trucks are great, I think you just need to find the right one that is all! There are good ones out there!
  • crazydancrazydan Posts: 39
    how many miles is on this before i tell you the problem,whats it used for?
  • skip21skip21 Posts: 16
    will will pick my f250 super duty tomorrow.It has the streached head bolt problem.I fought with ford to no success.I made contac with a local ford diesel mech who has a shop and works on fords at home.In order to fix this he had to lift cab off frame.I left truck on wed 3pm and he finished it tonight.I went to summit auto race. and orded arp studs which he put in.He told me that I should never have this problem again.He also put in a new updated oil cooler also which I had heard that ford has a problem with the origional one.This cost me $2,500.Ford wanted 0ver $4,000.International has not changed the head bolts.The studes are toqured to 250 lbs and will hold 192,000 psi.You can get efery thing you need from summitt.I hope this helps some of you with this problem.
  • skip21skip21 Posts: 16
    If any of you with a 6.0 have a problem finding a mech to work on one close to NJ I have one in west creak NJ that just fixed mine.I just posted a message a while ago about this.My problem was the head bolts,which I had them replaced with studs and he said I should not have any more problems.There is also a problem with the factory oil cooler which has been redesigned which he replaced on mine also.skip21
  • skip21skip21 Posts: 16
    I am sorry for your problems, but i have been going through some what the same problem with ford.Look up my postings of tonight on this.If it is the same problem I had with mine my message might help you .skip21
  • skip21skip21 Posts: 16
    replace head bolts with studs.That is the problem with 6.0 6.4 engine.Bolts streach.Studs dont streach.Just had mine dine.Check my posting I posted tonight.Good luck
  • dave240dave240 Posts: 1
    fuel line collapse forward tank sucks air going up hill when low
  • urborgurborg Posts: 2
    First of all thank you for your service to our country. It is funny that I read your story. On Saturday May 13th we were driving our 2003 Excursion with a 6L diesel from Pittsburgh to Charlotte with 3 dogs and our 4 year old daughter. We have 100360 miles on the truck however the 5 years are up for the warranty. All of a sudden there was so much smoke behind the truck that you could not see the cars behind us. We were loosing power and we pulled in to a gas station in the middle of b-f nowhere WV and called a tow truck. Our truck was towed to a Ford place in Roanoke VA where a mechanic looked at the Excursion first thing Monday morning. We were told that we needed a new engine since there was diesel fuel in the oil pan. The problem was that the glow plug had broken off and punched a hole in the cylinder plus the engine must ave backfired and blown the fuel injector for that cylinder. We did a lot of research regarding the 6L engine and found a lot of problems with the 2003. My wife called Ford and was told "to bad for you, we can't help you" even though all the known problems and the fact that Ford sued International for the poor quality of the engine. I guess Ford does not care to keep our business.
  • onlyford1onlyford1 Posts: 1
    I'm having the very same problem with my 2000 Ford 250 7.3 liter truck. I let it warm up at least fifteen minutes before I take off. It still runs a little funny. Its currently my only transportation right now. If I find out the problem I will post it.
  • noeye1noeye1 Posts: 3
    I took it to the dealer. My problem was the injector wiring harness.
    It seems that some dumb-[non-permissible content removed] engineer placed the harness under the valve cover where it is hotter than 50 hells and the harness connector melts.
    This happens after about 100K miles (just after the warranty runs out). Apparently this is a common problem as there is a repair bulletin on it.

    Cost to fix it was $620 including Tennessee tax. If you let go for to long it will damage the injector(s) at $400 each and maybe the control unit, cost unknown.
  • You should do more research. If I'm not mistaken, on some models not only was there a repair bulletin but also a recall notice. Mine was changed by the dealer at no cost...
  • ricker1ricker1 Posts: 9
    My name is Rick and i have the exact same problem as you You have discribed it perfectly I would love to talk with you to compare notes. I am wondering if this is a recall problem that they are not talking about. They call them silent recalles You may call me at 484-794-7776 anytime
  • ricker1ricker1 Posts: 9
    I have a 2003 6.0 350 that has started to run strange. when i first start it up it runs fine and then all of a sudden it jumps up in rpms and starts running slightly rough and then settels down agian and continues to do this for a while. I found that by turning it off and resarting it it will run ok for a few mins and then start running rough agian. It won't do this all the time but it is becoming worse. All so if you have it in gear it will shoot forward very quickly scaring the ________ out of you and causing you to stand on the brake to keep from luching forward into something or someone. Also it has started to buck while going down the rd. and blowing large amounts of black smoke untill you stomp on the gas and kick it down a gear then it cleans out and runs ok for a while before it starts to do this agian. It seems to do this intermitent and not steadly which makes me wonder if it is a electrical problem. Can anybody help me or give me a soluition to these proplems as i bought the truck used and it now has 125000 miles on it. Also the water in the fuel light comes on and off and the check engine light comes on and off once in a while but when you fuel up the truck they seem to go out for a while ??????????? You may call me if you wish at 484-794-7776
  • fastferryfastferry Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 f-350 the oil pan has a leak the dealer wants $3,000 dollars to replace pan. I live in New Jersey anyone have a shop that's reasonable...
  • fastferryfastferry Posts: 3
    i have the same problem with my 2000 f-350 the dealer told me $3,000 to repair.
    any luck with your repair...
  • crazydancrazydan Posts: 39
    i know a garage that changes those oil pans for 1,100 dollars,which seems like to much.oh well..
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    You have to remember when changing the Oil Pan on the 7.3 you just about have to pull the motor and / or tranny just to change it out. Anyway you look at it the Oil runs around 350 to 500 and labor to change it out can take someone up too 10 hours if they don't know what they are doing. So if someone can change it out to include the labor & Oil pan thats actually a good price.
  • fastferryfastferry Posts: 3
    Please send me the shop name and number after getting a quote for $3000 from the ford dealer i will take $1,100... THANK YOU...
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Hey Dan,
    Not sure where you are at but in Colorado call Olde Town Auto at 720-242-9622 they are located off 38th & Harlin in Denver, Co.

  • mushpupmushpup Posts: 2
    hi tommy check the heater element in the bottom of fuel filter bowl could be shorting out mushpup
  • racer12racer12 Posts: 1
    i was driving down the road about 60 mph and my f350 just died no power

    it wont even turn over

    the dealer has replaced the computer twice and the turbo 3 times
  • crazydancrazydan Posts: 39
    i wish ford made a good truck,i have 2 diesel suching buggers 1 1s7.3 1999 won,t run i,ve been trying to get running for 7months it ruened me financially and a 2002 7,3 that has never ran without trouble it wo.n,t start, so i,d like to get ford back for playing such a dirty trick by building this junk i,m waiting and waiting to devise a plan to try and set the ford motor co. back like they have planned our demise and future with there junk....6liter junk and 7.3 fuel hogs they are killers and thieves, keep building junk you dirty ford fags
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Okay Racer let see what we can do. What all have you checked and what all is installed on your trucks ( Power chips mainly ) ?

  • I am looking at buying one with 111000 miles on it. Should I look at this or walk away, not sure, have heard things about the 6.0, but have also heard good about them tell me something
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