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Volkswagen Rabbit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
edited October 2014 in Volkswagen
Volkswagen Rabbit: Prices Paid and Buying Experiences


  • Just bought a silver 2dr auto rabbit for my wife ,paid $16,800 + administration fee $379 ,taxes about $1049 and tag transfer $80 ,total O.T.D was $18,210 .There was no trade involved . I live in orlando , fl and most dealers here are adding about 2K in markup , which is ridiculous! Ended up going to Aristocrat VW , about 20 miles from orlando in sanford , got it at msrp ,great experience , there was no hassle or negotiating and their inventory was huge compared to the others .Great car for the price feels much more upscale than its competitors, add to that a 6 speed tiptronic and the peppy 5 cyl , can't ask for more than that.
  • morrdbamorrdba Posts: 8
    Just took delivery of my silver 2006 2DR Rabbit! This is my family's 10th VW from the same dealership and I can't believe the 150hp/170ft lbs AND 30MPG! This is more horsepower and more torque than my '88 Porsche 924S....and more fun too! Great job on the independant rear suspension. Who needs a GTI with a throaty 5CYL like this one. VW has done a fabulous job on the larger interior and handling. This is a completely different car and overall feeling compared to my son's 2003 2DR 115hp Golf. All this and only $14,990....AMAZING!
  • morrdbamorrdba Posts: 8
    Question.....Does anyone know why my new Rabbit is a 2006 and not a 2007?
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Because elsewhere the Golf is still wrapping up its 2006 model year. There will be a 2007 Rabbit coming in a few months.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    Question.....Does anyone know why my new Rabbit is a 2006 and not a 2007?

    My calendar still says 2006.
  • What is a $379 administration fee?
    Sounds bogus to me?
    And then $80 to tag transfer?
    Sounds high to me.
  • Well, the Honda Fit is a 2007 model year so I would say it's a legitimate question.
  • bleumangobleumango Posts: 1
    That administration fee sounds like the contract fee this dealer wanted me to pay. $299 to fill out the contract, I don't think so. I know the tag transfer(that's license plates right, if not, then disregard), would of been around $75 to get new ones and $65 to use your existing plate.
  • redbrienredbrien Posts: 8
    Hay guys, I love this car, I am 6'1 250 Football player. I Fit perfectly in this vehicle. I bought it from Gallery Volkswagen in Norwood Mass. MSRP was 14,990 plus Frieght. I paid 14,890 for it. Got them to even throw in some floor mats. This car is going to have strong residuals. Later
  • jmnappjmnapp Posts: 13
    Why did you say it was such a good experience buying from this dealer? Did you check other dealers as well? Did they have the best price? Thanks for the info as I'm looking to purchase in the Raleigh/Durham area.
  • rgarnerrgarner Posts: 37
    jmnapp, yes, I felt like I had a great experience at Frema VW in Goldsboro. I recommend them highly. Family owned business, brother and sister, and they were right there in the store working along everyone else. It's not a fancy dealership by any stretch of the imagination, but who cares. The deal was good, and they were super nice, salt of the earth folks. I worked the whole deal over the phone. It's great buying a car in 20 minutes versus the spend all day at the dealership alternative. They didn't have the car, but found it in Wilmington and had it there the next day.

    I looked at Leith VW and Southern States. These are great dealerships, but they weren't willing to give me the best deal. I think there is also a dealer in Chapel Hill.

    Southern States - Bought my wife's care there. Nice folks. However, my experience is that they didn't want me to drive a car until they almost had a deal worked out on the table. How am I supposed to know if I like the car if I haven't driven it?

    Leith VW - Super nice guys, let me hop in the car and take it for a spin. However, couldn't work a deal.

    Frema gave me the best price, an AWESOME trade in value (which sealed the deal), better financing, and were awesome to work with. Well worth the drive to buy if you're serious.

    By far the easiest and most straight forward car buying experience I've ever had. Shoot me an email and I'll tell you who I worked with.

    Good luck!
  • lexcordlexcord Posts: 5
    How good of a deal? I just went to a dealer who located a car with the options I was looking for.. here's the offer:

    price= $385 over MSRP (for dealer prep)
    Discount= $600 off

    KBB trade in value =2420 conservative
    Their offer for the trade=$2000

    It feels like not such a good deal...
  • rgarnerrgarner Posts: 37

    I didn't get much off the MSRP, but I didn't have a "dealer prep" charge. I also bought the 2 door base model, and at the price it's being sold at, I can't imagine there's a ton of overhead. I have read on here that folks are getting charged over MSRP. Dunno about that. I also didn't get any special VW financing, since they aren't running any specials.

    With that said, I got about $1200 over the KBB for my car in "good" condition. Also, in the next month or so I would have had to put another $600 in my trade-in for new tires, new brake pads, inspection, oil change, etc. All together it's not far from what I could have sold the car for myself, minus the hassle.

    Are you buying in the Triangle area of NC? If so, you might want to try Frema VW in Goldsboro. I felt like a got a good deal from them, but every situation is different, i.e. time of the month, trade-in, etc

    jmnapp is in the process of looking for a Rabbit...maybe he can tell us what luck he's having?
  • jmnappjmnapp Posts: 13
    The only dealer I've tried so far is Southern States in Durham. They can get the car for me, and came off the MSRP a bit, but were way way too low on my trade in. I'm in the process of working with Frema VW and will see what they have to offer. I've found that generally speaking, dealers in the Durham area don't offer good deals...I've had to go as far as Fayetteville and Greensboro when purchasing cars.
  • rgarnerrgarner Posts: 37
    Thought I would change the title, since we're no longer talking about an IPOD adapter (which I have yet to get).

    In general, at least in the this area, looking outside of Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill can get you a better deal. The dealerships outside of the Triangle have to do something to compete with the dealerships in town. As the saleswoman told me, "We can't afford to lose customers."

    So, depending on where you live, I think it's always a good idea to look at all the dealerships within an hour or so, especially if they are in smaller towns.

    For those who are looking to purchase, I wonder what experience folks are having in terms of price and availability? Still only silver and black available?
  • lexcordlexcord Posts: 5
    Title change was appropriate...

    I am waiting to hear back from 2 dealerships yet but the one offer I have so far for a sage green 06 4 door stick with ESP and 16"rims is 19,370 out the door (taxes tags everything). They are offering me $400 less for my trade than KBB says its worth. I too am trying a dealer in a local smaller town... hopefully they have a deal for me.
    I'll keep you posted on my experience!
  • bpeachee1bpeachee1 Posts: 19
    Just an FYI buying experience.
    I live in The SF Bay area, and paid MSRP for a 2 door with floor mats. 15,730.
    I know a lot of dealers in CA try and mark up new models.. but had a great buying experience at Dirritto Bros. in Walnut Creek.
    Love the CAR.
  • operaboyoperaboy Posts: 1
    I live in Atlanta, GA and have ordered a 2007 2dr base Rabbit (with floor mats). I am paying $18,157.08 all inclusive (7% tax here). There is a dealer service charge of $399.99 included, which I am told is charged, in some form, at all dealers. I am paying $133 less than what says others in my area are paying for a 2006, so I feel good about the price. The dealer told me that the pricing remained the same for 2007. The closest 2006 base black was in north Florida, so I decided to just get the 2007 instead. I am looking forward to receiving my new Rabbit in mid-August! :)
  • lexcordlexcord Posts: 5
    I was told that most dealers charge the dealer service charge or dealer prep fee as well. The first dealership that I went to tacked on $385 on top of the msrp. I ended up walking from that deal. I called around and found the deal I wanted... no dealer fees... I paid invoice (according to the sales manager) for the car!... The dealership where my car was located was requesting a swap for a jetta from the dealership that I was at... The made their money on the Jetta and sold me the rabbit... We take delivery tommorrow or Friday... I am super excited! $18,000 for the car. msrp was 18470 (4door 5spd w/ 16"rims and ESP) Moral of the story.. get one dealerships best price... and find someone to beat it!
  • jwodaejwodae Posts: 11
    The dealer I emailed offered me fleet pricing on Rabbits which is 2% over their cost. I was asked to bring the email with me to receive the window tint free with lifetime warranty.

    Is this a good deal? What is their cost level? Is that open book so that consumer may know?

    My selections are:

    Options: Electronic Stabilization Program
    Options: Tires: P205/55R16H AS
    Options: Wheels: 6.5J x 16" Alloy
    Options: 16" Magny Cours Alloy Wheel Package
    MSRP: 18470
  • lexcordlexcord Posts: 5
    Our car (which we are picking up tonight) has the same options as yours. What are they quoting you...2% over MSRP (MSRP is 18470)? Dealer cost is actually not much below the MSRP on these cars so I think if you can come away paying anything under MSRP, getting blue book for the trade, and not paying for crap like dealer prep fees, it's a good deal.... Just my opinion...
    As for my treatment at the dealerships ( I visited 2) I was treated with the utmost respect at both dealerships.
  • morrdbamorrdba Posts: 8
    Sooooooo glad I didn't buy a rice-burner! I REALLY drive this car hard every day 70 miles round-trip to work and LOVE it! I know what I'm talking about after owning 38 cars in 31 years in my immediate family of four('84 GTI included along with 10 other NEW VW's). I hope you Mazda 3 owners don't try to run your A/C and accelerate at the same time! Other than the buyer's remorse I had over my Chesapeake, VA dealer selling '06 GTIs for $199/mo, I am truely 5cyl plus 170ft lbs happier during my commute!
  • jwodaejwodae Posts: 11
    Fully loaded, 4DR, 16Alloy Package, ESP, Satellite radio and sunroof.

    $20718 (2% above their invoice) plus TTL.

    Dealer says no more room for price to go down. Is this true with other dealers?? Thanks guys.

    I loved the test drive.
  • gogogodzillagogogodzilla VirginiaPosts: 707
    Jeez, for nearly $21K, you should get the GTI instead. 200HP, 207 ft. lbs. torque and better fuel efficiency.

  • gogirlgogogirlgo Posts: 47
    I paid $20,920 for this exact rabbit which is MSRP. You can NOT get a GTI for $21,000 in a 4 DOOR with a Sunroof and Satelite radio ( in my area)...believe me I checked that out before I bought my you need to go leather in the GTI to get heated seats...I love this car, I did a lot of test drives of other cars and came out of a VW Passat which I loved, but the Rabbit is a lot of car for the money. It does not feel like driving a tin can.
  • jwodaejwodae Posts: 11
    Has anyone else made a purchased yet? What is a good/bad deal? It seems that there is not much room for price negotiation for this foreign made car?
  • jpmccormacjpmccormac Posts: 98
    Re: "16 Alloy Package, ESP, Satellite radio and sunroof."

    Do you REALLY need all this gadgetry? The Rabbit is supposed to be an economical car (though MPG is not great). No wonder they're asking over $20K.

    When VW puts a better engine in the Rabbit or brings over the Polo maybe more people will take notice. The 1.6 FSI engine is a better option. It powerful in most situations and is very fuel efficient. North America continues to get short shrift from VW.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    I think the price really depends on your area (how many dealers, how well the vehicle is selling, how much inventory). MSRP on the car you described (assuming this is an automatic) is $20,920 including destination. Invoice is $19,945 (including destination). Are you sure the dealer pricing is accurate (2% above invoice would be 20,344 including destination). Unless there are some other options this price seems a little high.

    VW Rabbits in my neck of the woods (Northern VA) can be had for about $100 over invoice . If you live in the Northeast checkout:
  • lilly0lilly0 Posts: 2
    i'm sorry for posting to this late, but i live in cincinnati and was able to get the dealer down to $20156 for the exact same car (in black)...$21756 out the door total.
  • lexcordlexcord Posts: 5
    My experience from Pa:

    2006 5 spd manual 4 dr Rabbit ESP and 16"rims Sage green.

    1 dealer wouldn't budge off of a price of $18,865 (+ about $1000 in taxes, tags, notary) (offered $2000 for my trade)

    called 2nd dealer and he got the same car down to 18,000 (plus about $950 taxes tags and notary) (offered $2100 for my trade)

    first tank of gas = 27 MPG
    Only problem:
    Lumber adjusting knob was broken upon delivery and is being taken care of by the dealership (for free obviously).

    Absolutly love the way this car drives. I had put this car against a Honda FIT when deciding what new car I wanted. I am so glad I went with the Rabbit! Hope this helps anyone else on the fence about which car to buy....
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