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Volkswagen Rabbit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • uhh, sorry, i meant boardwalk vw in redwood city. got confused!
  • tmeframetmeframe Posts: 80
    Wow! After 15 years with luxury cars, I'm impressed. SOOOOOOOOO much more than a Civic- w/leather (couldn't find one). Got one from Metro VW in Irving, TX for $350 below "invoice", though I do believe that the "invoice" prices that VW publishes are BS. Making only $400 profit on a vehicle at full-boat retail ain't gonna keep a dealerships doors open for long.

    The man we dealt with was their Fleet-guy, Frank Heinz. After buy 15 cars in 10 years, my partner and I have agreed that this was one of the easiest, most pleasant dealers we've dealt with in quite awhile.

  • enxagaenxaga Posts: 30
    please post numbers and options
  • My son drove his new Rabbit home at 5:30 yesterday. I believe that we got a fair deal-although fair is a relative term in car sales. 2008 2 door black Rabbit with auto, floor mats, arm rest with IPOD jack, and a cargo tray. OTD price of $17977. No trade was involved and we took the 1.9% finanancing rate for 48 mos., and this is a good way for my son to build a credit history for himself. He gets the first oil change for free at 5k miles. That may be next year for him. I think he put 7k miles on his last car in 2 years.

    We tested the 2008 Honda Fit and the Toyota Yaris also but the VW just felt more solid--not like an economy car. The Honda dealer offered 17,600 OTD for the Fit Sport but the financing was 5.3% for 48 mos. The extra $377 that the VW cost is offset by the 1.9% finance rate. He disliked the Yaris the most as there was no acceration with 3 of us on the test drive and the a/c on high. It just didn't want to accerate up an on ramp. We were pleased with the ammenities of the Rabbit as well as the performance. It handles great, rides smooth, and accelerates strong. I hope the MPG is close to the advertised 21-29.

    I'm counting on this car to get my son through the next 3 years of college as a commuting student and hopefully carry him for many years after he graduates.
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    Today I purchase a new 2008 Rabbit 4 door with automatic transmission, 16" Magny Cours alloy wheel package, ESP and sunroof for a base price of $20014.

    Adding the $499.50 document fee, tax, title and an insurance package consisting of wheel/tire protection, gap insurance and lost key protection, the out the door total price is $23,531.36.

    I am doing the 36 month 0% financing.
  • hatchbackfreak and a few others made mentioned that they saw new Rabbits going for just over $13,000 new at several dealerships. Has anyone gotten any of these deals, and if so, where?

  • Same question here. Does anybody know if VW is running any special programs like dealer cash etc. I want to know how much room we have to negotiate?
  • Sunroof, Stability Control, mud-flaps, Gorilla package, and IPod adapter.

    Sold at invoice of around 20,700
  • xiaodxiaod Posts: 1
    I am in Boston,
    Just start my home work for the 4 dr rabbit, here a recent quote I got, Thanks
    2009 Volkswagen Rabbit - 4Door
    - Automatic Transmission
    - Reflex Silver Exterior
    - Anthracite Interior
    - Power Sunroof
    - Rabbit Mat Kit
    - MSRP: $20,839 *destination included*
    - December Selling Price: $20,500 *destination included*"
  • I test drove the fit, matrix, vibe, civic, and the rabbit - the rabbit was by far the most fun to drive and I want a manual which noone else seems to keep any inventory of. Hopefully I'll be joining everyone else in this forum talking about my rabbit soon, but first I've got some questions and this seems like by far the best place to ask them.

    I'm looking at three different '09 rabbits right now at two different dealers and would like to buy one sometime this week. All three are manuals - two are white and have the winter package + mats (16,964 msrp) and one is united gray - same package as the other two, but with 16" wheels (17,414 msrp). If I could get one of the white ones for $15-15.5k that would be great. I'm considering the 16" wheels, but it's an extra $500, I'll need to buy more expensive snow tires, and the look is nice, but I don't need it. I know the mark VI model is coming out in fall of '09, but I kind of need a car now and I don't like the idea of being one of the crash test dummies who discovers first year quirks on redesigns.

    I've got some cash in the bank for a downpayment if I need it and a friend of mine said he'll buy my old car outright for ~$2000 cash (so there's no trade in involved when buying the rabbit). I'm hoping for the 1.9% VW first time car buyer rate (i think it's 1.9...), but if anything doesn't work out there I should also qualify for the student financing rate. My credit union also offers new auto loans at 5.2% (60/<60 months), 5.55% (61-72 months), and 5.9% (73-84 months). I'm primarily looking at a 60-84 month loan right now.

    Sorry this is so damn long, but this is the first time I'm buying a new car, I'm really into the rabbit, and I want to do it right.

    Any tips or suggestions as to how to proceed here? To simplify the big questions are:

    1. Financing
    ** VW 1st time buyer rate vs.
    ** VW 60 months @ 5.9% vs.
    ** Credit Union 60 months @ 5.2% vs.
    ** Credit Union 84 months @ 5.9%

    2. Which car
    ** White w/winter package & mats vs.
    ** United grey w/ winter package & mats & 16" alloy wheels
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    I test drove the fit, matrix, vibe, civic, and the rabbit - the rabbit was by far the most fun to drive and I want a manual which noone else seems to keep any inventory of. Hopefully I'll be joining everyone else in this forum talking about my rabbit soon, but first I've got some questions and this seems like by far the best place to ask them.

    I test drove all of the above except the Vibe and the Matrix, and then threw in the Mazda3 as well. The Rabbit was my favorite with the Mazda3 coming in second (not quite as nice in the driving department but better creature comforts), unfortunately due to the model changeover (the Mk V is now fully out of production and we're just getting what VW happens to send us on any given ship), I was unable to locate a 5-Speed Rabbit at any local dealership. After hearing "Can we interest you in an automatic?" for the umpteenth time, I went and bought a new Mazda3 i. Would I have been happier with a Rabbit? Probably a bit, however, the difference wasn't worth the annoyance of trying to locate a car that fit my requirements.

    Best regards,
  • Went into the dealership and got 15.5k including winter package + mats which is what I was looking for - ~$17k otd. Got hung up on the financing, but hopefully I'll be able to finalize things tomorrow and get my new car. I've got a sweat lodge I'm doing with some friends for the new year and I really want to get there in my new VW. Thanks for an awesome forum / thread!
  • I had been looking for a New Rabbit for one of my kids and have found that there are some great deals on the used market rather than buying new. We are out in the Northwest and it seems that 07's are going around $12ish which is much easiesr to stomach considering this is a vehicle for my teen driver. The good thing is that they are still under the factory warranty period. This is the place that we ended up deciding on just for reference:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,943
    I second your comments. I just bought a 2007 Rabbit 6AT 2-door, dark blue, 34k miles with VW warranty (factory + VW Certified) until April 16, 2013 or 74k miles. I paid $11,050 + T&L (MN, 6.5% tax), or $12,090.50 OTD. (My deal included a $200 coupon from the dealership chain.) The dealer's "special Internet price" on the car was $11,995 + T&L.

    Like you, the Rabbit is for one of my kids--my daughter, who is our youngest. So the fact that the Rabbit has excellent safety features plus is a practical car was important. But before she gets it in about 4 years for school, I get to enjoy it. :)

    The car has one small light scratch on the driver's door (which I will take care of with a paint crayon, or use one of the five "touch up" coupons I got from the dealership in their owner benefits package), otherwise I can not tell it from new. Even the mats and tires are new. CarFax was clean. Purchased from Luther Westside Volkswagen in Golden Valley, MN. Had a very good buying experience. Negotiations were straightforward, and although the finance guy was persistent in trying to sell me an extended warranty, he was professional about it. I am not allowed to mention the sales rep's name, but everyone I worked with was professional and easy to do business with. This is my 2nd car from that dealership in the past 3-1/2 months. I bought a 2005 Jetta (also VW Certified) from them on Dec. 31, from a different sales rep (he was out this week). That car was totaled last Monday by a guy running a red light, hence my need to replace it. I am very happy (after two whole hours of ownership!) with the car and my buying experience. I think VW Certified cars are a great option to get a good car with a manufacturer-backed warranty at a good price.
  • shay2shay2 Posts: 9
    Thinking of a 2008 Rabbit 26,000 miles. 4cyl automatic
    they are asking $16K in the SF bay area
    what would be a good price?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    I don't believe that any 2008 Rabbits were sold in the U.S. with 4-Cylinder engines (they were all inline 5-Cylinder 2.5 liter mills). As for the price, I'm thinking that $16,000 sounds more than a bit high given that new 2009 models around here can be had for less money.

    Best regards,
  • I am in IL, looking for a 4dr automatic rabbit. Because OTD prices post here were of Dec 2008. I don't know how is the market temperature now. Is it worse or better? Should I target at 20,000 OTD or more? What's your experiences? Thanks!
  • I have a plan to buy a New 2009 VW Rabbit 2.5L S / Automatic model.
    I got an offer at OTD $13988 from MSRP $18164.
    Since VW will stop Rabbit next year and change Golf lineup, I am expecting a very good deal at the end of this year and at the end of production.

    Do you think OTD $14K is a good deal?

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,943
    Grab it and run before they come to their senses. There's lots of used Rabbits in my region for more than that, before T&L.
  • As expected, the actual price in the dealer shop is much higher than $13988. They asked $16000. I'll wait 2010 Golf.
  • a used 2009 VW Rabbit 2 dr Automatic with 10,240 miles for $13,000. It has the ipod upgrade as well (we really like this). Does this seem like a fair price? I hope we got a good deal, we really like the car, it does seem bigger and more solid than most of the compact cars that we looked at.
  • kackikacki Posts: 18
    Hmmm. I have a chance to buy a 2009 2 dr auto with 6k miles, sunroof and 17" wheels/tires, alas no iPod, for $13600 plus ttl. Does this sound like a good/fair deal? It is in very good condition but is not VW CPO as it was traded in to a non-VW dealership.

    Other cars we compared were Hyundai Elantra Touring, Nissan Versa, and Nissan Altima (yes it's more). The Rabbit drives nice (maybe the Altima is nicer, depends on POV).
  • That sounds like a good price with the sunroof and 17"wheels upgrades. When I took the Rabbit to our local VW dealership they told me that we got a really good deal on our VW and that we were fortunate to find a used 2009 with low milage in the area. They said it is hard to find used Rabbit's. I did have to have the iPod feature replaced as it would not work with our iPhone and iPod Touch. VW had some problems with that already so when I took it to the dealer they were aware of what was going on and readily replaced it free of charge. We have had no problems since. I would not worry too much about it not being VW CPO because it has a 60,000 powertrain warranty anyway. How do you like the triptronic feature? I haven't used it much but, my husband loves it. This car will eventually go to my 15 year old but, we sure are having fun breaking it in for him!!! It is a fun, smooth car to drive with just enough get up and go. I know you will enjoy it!!
  • kackikacki Posts: 18
    hipptyhop, does yours not have sunroof or 17"s? I did find the iPod jack btw, so it has that too. Although that's a lousy place to put it :-). I too use an iPhone and my daughter (this will be her car- she's 19) uses an 80gb iPod so it may not fit (too fat). Did they replace just the little connector, or anything else? The iPhone would work I suppose but I don't think you can close the armrest cover with it in place.

    The triptronic is nice and fun, good short and easy throws. I drive a G35 with a similar feature and never use it as the throws are kinda long, gets irksome. Butnot used to using a stick, I don't think she would use it anyway.

    I did a search for used Rabbits, 2009 only, on the autotrader site and came up with 150 listings nationwide. But pretty much over the $17K mark, some close to $20k.
  • No, ours does not have a sunroof and to be honest I don't know the size of the tires but, I think they are 16 inch. Our iPods/iPhones fit fine in the armrest and the armrest closes all of the way with them in there they just did not work with the connector so VW only replaced the connector and it works great now.

    I doubt my son will use the triptronic either but, my husband thinks it is a fun feature!!

    I think we both got a good deal!!
  • What a great way to go and a great value on a used car.

    I just picked this car up yesterday from Boardwalk Volkswagen in Richardson, TX. This was the most pleasant experience I have ever had in buying a car (and I have bought MANY in my time)

    So its a silver 2007 Rabbit 2 dr 27k miles with 16" alloys, center console, Gorilla Mats all the way around (including trunk mat) and an after market navigation for $10,900! Plus I got 2.9% financing on top of that!

    If you are in the market for a used VW (mine really looks new) then you owe it to yourself to check out Boardwalk Volkswagen. They are top notch people.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,943
    Wow, great deal! I bought a 2007 Rabbit 2-door last April but it had 34k miles on it and steel wheels, and I paid $11k for it and thought I got a great deal. Mine was VW Certified with the 6-year, 74k mile warranty. Is yours VW Certified? That was the main reason I got that particular car, as I wouldn't have to worry about major bills for several years.
  • Hi,
    I am thinking of buying a used '07 or '08 Rabbit - I live in Western New York near Buffalo.

    1. What's a good or fair price range if purchased from a VW Dealer?

    2. Are the maintenence costs higher for VW's than for other cars?
  • I live near Buffalo New York - what's a good or fair price for an '07 or '08 Rabbit?

    I've seen some dealers offering them for 14-15K
  • well lowtide i just bought the 4dr. 2008 rabbit...paid a little too much $16,700. it does have the 17 inch wheels and moon roof and auto/manual shift option..and 28k miles on it...but so far am happy . handles and drives great...will update every now and then..oh also did get warranty upto 60k miles i also live in the buffalo area...i want to see how it handles hoping it does i said will update ...fahrvergnugen!!! :)
  • I recently bought an 08 rabbit with 37000mi, 2 door, stick shift. Seemed to drive well. Looked clean, couple of scratches, but should be touch-up-able. Certified used with 3 more years of warranty.

    "The Deal" was $11300 and I paid $12600 once tax title and their fees were added in. Do you guys think I got ripped off?

    Would appreciate any words of comfort/advice! Thanks!
  • well im not keen on 2drs...i like 4 doors easier for answer your question i think you could have gotten a better price cause of it being 2-doors and standard rather than automatic....but its a good price being that you got the 3yr. warranty...enjoy!!!
  • Thanks for your reply Poddypooper, I'm feeling a little better about it now that I have it in the driveway and can drive it, instead of at the dealer. I was immensely surprised to see that it's only 100lbs lighter than the 4 door model. Thought I was buying a smaller car. But hey, still drives great. Kinda looking forward to winter to try the heated seats!
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