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Volkswagen Rabbit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Purchased a New 2006 Rabbit 2 Dr from dealer stock at $90 BELOW dealer invoice...I like the car but I can't imagine someone paying MSRP (much less ABOVE MSRP) for a Golf/Rabbit...It helps that we have 3 VW dealers in a 20 mile radius but all it takes is some negotiating skill, having the details/costs at your disposal and not being a always buy the last week of the month for added effect...
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hello,i was just wondering if anyone in this forum has purchased a rabbit from gunther vw in fortlauderdale fla.
    iam considering purchasing a rabbit from this dealership and i wanted to know how
    the buying experience was from this dealership.also,
    given the fact that there are many horror stories about vw custumer service as well as the service debt i was wondering also how the custumer service and service debt is at this dealership.any feedback here would be greatley appreciated.thank you.........
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    We almost bought a 2006 Jetta from thse guys. Gave us a very fair internet quote right off the bat. We were scared off by the VW reliaqbility factor, eventhough the dealership is less than 2 miles to the house. Bought a Mazda 3s from Bachrodt right up the street, but I think the wife's ready for the Vdub now. We'll see though. Check them out.

    The Sandman :)
  • I am a few weeks from finalizing a purchase of a Rabbit. I’ve already decided not to go for their extended warranty and to go with a private company (assuming that they are going to be cheaper than the dealer). What other things are they likely to throw at me? I know that the VIN etching (if they offer it) is basically a scam. The salesperson alluded to some sort of paint protection plan? Anything else that people have encountered when closing the deal that I should be aware of – so I can research first?

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I'd rethink that "private company" warranty and seriously consider a VW factory warranty. Will be much less hassle in the long run, as you'll probaly need it at some time during your ownership period. On any model, why would one think about a "private company"? This is one thing I wouldn't "cheap out on" actually!

    The Sandman :)
  • When I purchased my 2 door manual Rabbit a few days ago, I wasn't able to talk them down much, and they weren't going to give me dirt on my trade. Once I pointed out that other dealerships were offering 500 dollars off for a new graduate, I was able to get the car at 300 over invoice, but I'm selling my other car private party to get more for it. I did have to act quickly, since the two other Rabbits on the lot were sold within 24 hours of my test drive.
  • Well, I promised myself that when everything was done, I would post a detailed report of my experience buying a Rabbit in the hopes that it helps someone else. I’m betting that it will get pretty lengthy so I’ll start with the quick and dirty then move on to a detailed account of my buying experience. If you don’t care…don’t read it. Just trying to give someone what I would have found helpful starting out.

    The quick and dirty…

    2007 Rabbit

    4 door
    16” Alloys
    Rubber mats

    MSRP: $19,655
    Sale Price: $18,953 (+TTL and all that)
    Dealer in a major metropolitan area

    Interest rate 7.25 with a credit score of 677 (offered 9.6-something from e-loan, and 9% through another lender)

    I can’t give an easy OTD price since I still have to pay the tax on it, and I bought an extended warranty which further complicates matters.

    The longer story…

    Still with me? Great…

    Let’s start with two meaty subjects: Trade-in and Extended Warranty

    Trade-in – A 1999 Saturn SW2 99k miles. Was originally offered $1350 at a dealer in small mid-western town (where I live). The dealer in The Big City looked at it and (probably since I had told them what I had already been offered, came back and offered $1450. When I later told them that I planned to sell it to a private party…they told me they wanted to check to see if their “buyer already had a buyer lined up for it”. Yes they did – so hearing that I planned to sell it for $2350 offered me $2200. Now I couldn’t have bluffed that deal had I tried – but it is worth keeping in mind. Turns out that they had thought my 99 was a 2000 so that changed everything once that got cleared up and I went with the private party…but the lesson remains the same – try not to get low-balled on the trade-in.

    The Extended Warranty – no doubt the thing that I am least proud of. I’m preparing for people telling me how I got screwed on it – but here’s the story: I bought a VW factory warranty (Platinum – 100k/5 year $0 deductible) for $1840. When they initially hit me with it, I thought about it and looked at my payment with ($376) and without ($349), and said ‘No.’ She asked me why and I explained that, although I didn’t want to go with a third-party I would risk it given that they could give me the same warranty PLUS emissions coverage (EGR valve, etc) for $1518 ( Her response: “Well, if you take this coverage I’ll be able to negotiate the loan terms with the bank and get you a lower rate. Instead of 7.62 we’ll do 7.25. Total savings: $240 over the length of the loan (60 mos). So I’m getting a $1840 warranty for $1600 (sort of – of course that .3-whatever percent off of my interest rate is worth more because I am now borrowing more). Also weighing in on my decision – I did a quick read of the warranty exclusions and could not find anything explicitly excluding coverage on emissions stuff (the closest I found was that they do not cover “Contaminated items” whatever-the-hell that means – probably emissions stuff). But I’ve got the peace of mind that VW is somehow, sort of behind this warranty… and I felt that an extended warranty was a necessary evil since I’m doing about 20k miles a year.

    Want more? It definitely helped that I knew something about options on warranties. She told me that no one ever asked if you could cancel the warranty within 30 days (you can) and furthermore no one had ever asked about emissions coverage (high-cost stuff that most warranties don’t touch). I had priced out other options and knew what they said that they covered and what they didn’t. I know that I could have easily walked out of there and called another dealer and started a bidding war (I had one on speed dial with this intention) – in my understanding you do not need to buy the warranty from the dealer that is selling you the car. Downside of this is that you cannot then roll it into your loan, and in my case I’d be getting a higher rate (though I’m sure if I tried that could have been negotiated – but I wasn’t sure by how much so I didn’t even try).

    Anyone still reading? If so…here’s a quick rundown of the deals that I found posted here in the forums, all in one tidy spot for your convenience...first I’ll post the exact deal that they got, then the deal relative to mine (basing the additions and subtractions of features on MSRP). See above for the deal that I got.

    Deal 1 - Virginia
    (the only deal that I found better than mine)
    16” Alloys

    MSRP: $18,470
    Sale Price: $17,764
    +Sunroof ($1,000)
    +Mats ($185)
    Relative sale price: $18,949 ($4 less than mine)

    Deal 2 - Location unknown
    16” Alloys

    MSRP: $19,845
    Sale price: $20,343
    -Satellite ($375)
    Relative sale price: $20,343 ($1,390 more than mine)

    Deal 3 – Cincinnati
    16” Alloys

    MSRP: $19,845
    Sale price: $20,156
    -Satellite ($375)
    Relative sale price: $19,781 ($828 more than mine)

    Looking at these numbers (that I figured out awhile ago) I see that on some I missed compensating for the rubber mats, but we’re just talking $185 on those so I’ll let you do the math if you want.

    Even more…Why I went to The Big City to buy (and why it was worth my $27 bus ticket)

    Let’s just say that I wasn’t getting much offered from the dealer in my small Midwestern town in the way of discounts. He did say “Make sure we talk before you do anything else because we haven’t begun to negotiate…” But I hate negotiating and so was overjoyed when my big city dealer originally quoted me online at $702 under MSRP (and $100 under invoice – they said) for a car that is flying off of the lots (average time on the lot for one of these is 17 days nationally though I suspect less in my neighborhood).

    Furthermore…I ended up very close to just ordering up a Rabbit and waiting the 3-4 months of it to be built because my small town dealer said that he had done a search of an 8 state radius and could not find any car that met my specs – either in the showroom or on order. Somehow the Big City dealer was able to find my car…not only that but it was only 2-4 weeks out. So – not sure why the small town guy couldn’t see this car (maybe they don’t play nice with the dealer that had it) but frankly, if they couldn’t even tell me that the car that I wanted to buy existed, then we were done talking.

    Moral of the story – The Big City dealer was pushing more product so could easily, confidently offer me a better deal. They either had better relationships with other dealers than the small town folks or a better search engine, but in the end they were able to offer me options that they small town dude just didn’t have.

    Please understand that I am not knocking all, or even my small town dealer…but be aware of what you might be up against so that you can talk them down off of their MSRP (or above MSRP). I would have been happy to negotiate with
  • negotiate with him using the Internet quoted price from the big city had they been able to actually see all of the cars out there. It would have been infinitely more convenient for me to buy here (rather than 150 miles from here)…but that convenience ain’t worth $700+.

    Miscellaneous things to consider if you’ve read this far…

    The guitar that you get now with the car is fetching $500+ on eBay…Don’t believe me? Search for yourself So you may want to factor that into your deal…ESPECIALLY if you are buying around X-Mas.

    Also, if the dealer lets you put money down on a credit card (as mine did), and you go with a VW Credit Card (0% for 12 mos), you will also get $50 gift certificate…

    Anyway, good luck with your own VW deal. Feel free to provide feedback on any part of the deal that I got (especially the extended warranty – if you can talk me out of it in my 30-day cancellation window I’ll send you a Lobstergram).

    Oh and I kept the town and city names out of this because I didn’t want people to pin it down to an exact dealer out of respect for those that make their livelihood selling cars, use this to negotiate a good deal – not to track down my specific dealer and demand the same, or better deal. Had they tried to sell me VIN etching, I may have not been so considerate.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i have a 07 4dr rabbit and the volume on the stereo seems to go up and down by itself while iam driveing.the sound also becomes muffled and distorted when this happens.anyone else experience this with their 4dr rabbit's stereo?
  • Our local VW dealer, serving valley of 200,000 or so, looked like a used car lot with only a handful of new VW's mixed in with the trades. On a Saturday afternoon, there was No literature, no sales people about, and no Rabbits; just a handful of black interior GTI's.

    And yes, sounds like the tired old story of new model shortage. No doubt Rabbits will be more plentiful later in the year.
  • The radio has a speed/noise sensitive adjustment that adjusts volume automatically according to "conditions." You can turn that feature off. Check the manual. The distortion may be a separate issue that needs attention by the dealer.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i recently purchased about a week ago in ft.lauderdale,fla a 07 4dr's silver,auto,sunroof,and rear side airbags.msrp was $20,400.00...i got the car for 19,500.00. plus ttt..considering the fact that most people on this forum have paid at or near msrp for the rabbit i feel that i got a pretty good deal.
  • Furthermore…I ended up very close to just ordering up a Rabbit and waiting the 3-4 months of it to be built because my small town dealer said that he had done a search of an 8 state radius and could not find any car that met my specs – either in the showroom or on order.

    That sounds really familar But I think it's a line of BS. Here my story I intially went to a dealer where I got my 04 golf. small dealer but nice guys. I wanted a 2 door manual rabbit with ESP and tire pressure option. ESP was a must the tire presure indicator was a nice option but not a deal breaker. I was told the 8 state radius line of BS. I was very close to doing a deal with them for a car in their inventory until I checked a dealer that was right around the corner from me. First Rabbit I looked at 2 door manual with ESP and 16 in alloy wheels. Needless to say I did the deal for the car I wanted. MSRP was 16,480 I paid 16,400 + tax and got a set of VW Rubber mats thrown in as well. THE TMV price is 16,470 mine is a 2007 model United Gray I feel I got a good deal. Had my financing pre approved through my CU and took delivery of the car the next day after doing the deal. :)

    I would just say if a dealer tell you we looked in an 8 state radius .... Just get up and walk away. Do some more searches on the internet. work the phones and you'll find the car with the options you want.
    BTW I love my Rabbit.
  • shirotorishirotori Posts: 51
    I'm in the process of getting some quotes from some vw dealerships on a 4-door manual transmission with alloy wheels. Anyone out there who has recently purchased nearly the same car? What should I expect for price? Did you have any wiggle room for negotiations? Thanks
  • I think with the more expensive model, and all those options, there's a bit more wiggle room. Someone who is buying a base 2-door model should expect to pay close to sticker price.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    we payed sticker for ours, which was fine, it was barely 100 bucks over 17k.
  • trooperkaltrooperkal Posts: 4
    It all depends on if you feel sorry for the dealer or not and whether you have multiple VW dealers in your area.

    I just closed a deal last night on my new 4-door auto... the sticker prices was 18,829 and the "agreed on" price on the lease document was 17,500. Which was actually below their invoice.

    The business manager said "you got a great deal, can you help negotiate for me when I get my next car?" LOL She said guys usually get better deals because they don't feel bad for the sales people.

    It also helped that I have three dealers in my area and was able to get them to compete with each other.
  • shirotorishirotori Posts: 51
    I was offered $17,720 for a 4 door manual with 16" alloy wheels. What do you think, good deal or a bit high yet?
  • I bought my 07 Black Rabbit 2 door manual with 16" alloys last week, I brought in the Edmunds TMV and the Kelly Blue Book price. Before I showed them these two items I was quoted list price. So, saved me $200, a fair price for me and them.
  • trooperkaltrooperkal Posts: 4
    That doesn't sound bad.... although I'm not sure what the invoice would be...
  • alikeithalikeith Posts: 2
    I currently am looking for a rabbit. The dealer shows a list price, msrp of $16,695, invoice of $16,648 and is offering me $400.00 below invoice so $16,048

    Not bad, i guess
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    no not it all! good deal. is it a two door?
  • exzur2071exzur2071 Posts: 43
    If the mileage is less than 30, this is an excellent deal.
    If it's a demo, check how much abused the car has taken from guys who drove it.

    Just remember, Dealer can sell the car brand new regardless of the mileage.

    Good luck.
  • jwankejwanke Posts: 2
    I just bought a two-door, manual with Alloys, $15,900 OTD (or about $15,100 for the car excluding TTL but including delivery). Thought it was a fair deal; the dealerships in Raleigh and Durham NC, though owned by the same company, compete fiercely against each other. Let's hope the reliability matches the assembly quality.
  • imgdocimgdoc Posts: 30
    It is the grey one. 2Door, auto, 16" alloy, MSRP $17,105. There was one green also but I kind of fell for the grey. The saleswoman was professional. Filled the paperwork with the numbers exactly as we agreed via the emails. Did not try to push any additional products like warranties etc... I asked her boldly if she will agree to through in the floor mats in the deal. She went to ask the manager and then said she cannot do it because she already gave me the best she can offer. She showed me the paper with the Invoice which was something like $16,880. Sale price is $16,300 - over $500 bellow invoice!!! With the $500 dealer cash they are getting I guess it is worth for them. So my payments are 263/mo with $400 drive off, 36/12K. She said she waived the acquisition and document fee as well. It is amazing. Imagine how much room they have for making a profit. Just a week ago I was getting offers like $299/mo and $500 drive off. It is definitely worth shopping around.
    I will write again to share my driving impression.

    Great forum BTW. Thanks to Car-man and all of you guys.
  • olddog7olddog7 Posts: 23
    Hi, has anyone bought a VW Rabbit lately? And what has been their prices/experiences? My son (new college grad) has expressed interest in this car. We live in the LA area. TIA!
  • goody39goody39 Posts: 4
    Hi I'm looking to lease a 2007 Rabbit, can you please provide the residuals and the money factors for the following, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'll be trading in a 1998 Audi A6 Quattro with 134k on it in good shape...just wondering what a ballpark monthly payment should look like with this trade.

    2007 Rabbit
    3/36k miles

  • siba219siba219 Posts: 1
    Not sure of the exact date. I went to the dealership on June 16 and wanted an 07 but it didn't have the options I wanted. He told me that I could order an 08 with the exact options I wanted but that it would take 90 to 120 days to get to the dealership. I said "I'll take it". He also said I would be getting one of the first 08's at their dealership. That puts it arriving at the earliest in the middle of September.
    So you have a little price comparison:
    reflex silver
    4 door
    automatic transmission
    electronic stability program
    ground effects kit w/rear spoiler
    no wheel upgrade (I'm going to get aftermarket 18" rims for summertime and use the stock 15's in the winter)

    Price: $20,875
  • Car-Man or anyone,
    I'm looking to lease a 4 dr with auto and sunroof, for 36 months/10K miles per year. Do you have, or can pls tell me where I can get the MF, residual, acquisition fee and security dep. fee for a 2007 or 2008 Rabbit? Thanks in advance.
  • I put $3k down, of which $2300 actually went against the car.
    I am paying $159 am month ( incl. taxes ) for 4 years with a 12k miles per year limit. That is cheap motoring!

    I bought at Gunther VW in Coconut Creek ( Broward County, FL ) from a guy called Kelly Clemson who was very responsive. I did it over the net and only actually spoke to him when the deal was done. I didn't get any bull from them when I went in to sign the contract and pick the car up - unlike the Volvo I bought from Maroone last year where they tried to add umpteen things to the lease based on scaring me about gap insurance, costs when returning the vehicle etc.

    I know somebody else who bought a Passat from Gunther and got the best deal there ( a real hard nosed lady who always drives a hard bargain ).

    The only downside was that they kept me waiting too long but overall I would give them an A- .
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Almost bought a Jetta there back in mid '05 but ended up at the Mazda dealer up the street. Saw 2 white Jettas earlier this morning, one was the base and the other had the nice alloys. Nice looking car actually and will probably look at them again when the wife's ready to trade in a few years. She liked the Jetta, not the Value Edition she test drove...too spartan for her. Also like that Gunther is within 4 miles of the house.

    The Sandman :)
  • grexpgrexp Posts: 2
    It is a new 2006 VB Rabbit. According to Edmunds, if it was a 2007 with the same features the MSRP would be 19,055 and the dealer invoice cost would be 18,089. If it was a 2007 and I made an offer at 3% over invoice the offer would be 18,632.

    However, this is a 2006 and the 2008s are pretty much out, if not out already. There is no point in me making that offer on a 2006 when I could get a 2007 or 08 for the same price. But I'm a sucker for a good deal. I would rather get a great deal on a 2006 than a good deal on an 07 or 08.

    So how low should I go. How low do you think the dealer would be willing to go. Any ideas?
  • grexpgrexp Posts: 2
    Oh, I forgot to add. The current MSRP on the the sticker of the 2006 is 19,545, but they have it listed in the paper with a price of 18,995.
  • new 2007 rabbit, 2drs, auto-trans, mats
    after 7.775% tax/ new tag, 16750 OTD
    and 0 APR for 3 yrs, paid nothing, and drove it home.
  • ce5288ce5288 Posts: 17
    Hi imgdoc, from which dealer did you bought your rabbit?
    Thanks for the information..
  • good2ugood2u Posts: 1
    I got 08 Rabbit 2D with ESP, 16" alloy and floor mats.
    The dealer price was 17210 and OTD price was 18900 (CA 8.25% tax).
    Dealer got about one hundred something above than invoice.
    I just let them get. :)
    I think I got good deal and I used Costco and got $50 service coupon. Also I downpaid with my Credit Card. (will get some rewards).
    The interest rate is a bit high like 5.75% with 60 months.

    I am in SF bay area and I went to Stevens Creek VW.

    6 speed auto transmission is very nice, however, on the road there are a lot of noise sometimes. I may be sensitive.
    If the surface of road is flat and good, I don't hear much.
  • I picked up a 2008 4-Door Rabbit S with manual transmission, ESP and Sirius Delete options. MSRP was $18,650. Paid $18,100 before tax, tags, GAP insurance, doc fee and transport fee (they had to go get it out of state) and $500 down payment. APR 5.9% on 60 months made my monthly payment around $397. While I was waiting for my paperwork to be completed, the new car sales manager redid my numbers because he found a way to save me $10 more a month (the finance manager was on vacation). Honestly I don't know how he did it, but now it's $386. I think they could have done better on the APR according to VW's website, so if the finance manager says the new car salesman screwed up I will mention that they need to lower my APR for all of the hassles they put me through. Hassles meaning that I've spent so much time there trying to get this deal done that I should have my own office!
  • Purchased the above car (only option was the allow wheels) on November 24, 2007 in Southeast. MSRP $17,655 Invoice $ 17,174 Paid $16,868

    You can definitely get a decent deal on this car (used multiple dealer quotes to pressure the price down to what I wanted to pay). Wish it had a center armrest though.
  • I got my Rabbit one week before Christmas.

    2008 4-door auto
    White exterior, Grey interior
    basic options, no sunroof, 15" wheels, no iPod adaptor
    But I got ESP and floor matt
    $18800 +++ and $19830 OTD

    is this a fair price?
  • diaz1diaz1 Posts: 2
    Paid 18.080.00 OTD (Includes title + 6.25% Sales Tax (TX))
    Only option iPod connection.
  • I bought a 2 dr. manual black rabbit, no options- $15,850 after destination. TT&L- $1212 (Texas) $2K down. 4 years thru VW credit. Got 3.9% with Gap ins. and disability ins. (ripoffs I know, but for a little up front cash, got 1% lower APR, $10 lower payment) $346/month.
    Had a really nice experience with Demontrond VW here in Houston. Salesman picked up car previous night from other dealer, still had tape on it, right off the truck. Overall very pleased, Edmunds helped me get the right price in the beginning. Love the car! :D
  • Just leased a '08 4Dr Automatic for $18515 36/mo @ 322/mo and VW is paying the first payment. I had a great buying experience at Carter VW in Seattle. John Lamm is the man. He also got me Monster Mats at dealer cost.

  • tdibobtdibob Posts: 12
    The price quoted for a rabbit 2 dr, auto, central armrest, IPOD connector, ESP and 16" alloy wheels is $16999 plus TT&L. Is this a good price? Thanks
  • tdibobtdibob Posts: 12
    I got the 08 Black, Rabbit, 2Dr HB, Auto, ESP, 16:" alloys, Ipod dock. Central armrest and Gorilla Mat for the trunk from a Houston area dealer for $18300 drive out. I like the performance.
  • I've known I wanted a Rabbit for a while, and I finally went with my dad to McKenna VW in Norwalk, CA to talk prices and check out the inventory. They had a huge selection and they had the options I wanted in EVERY color (2 door, MT, armrest) so I'm getting the United Gray which just happens to have gorilla mats!

    I was quoted $15,895 plus TT&L. I told him I need to sleep on it, but it's the price I was hoping for. I just need to call him and let him know that I want the Goal Anthracite wheels and it will be exactly what I want. :shades:

    I'm so excited! I won't be able to sleep tonight!
  • Just bought a black 2008 4dr rabbit with tiptronic, floor mats, and ipod adapter in the bay area. 18800 + ~1750 for TTL in California. Invoice 19k, TMV 19.2k. Also paid $0 down and got 1.9% financing through the college grad financing program (actually had no need for it, but at 1.9%, why not...). Hope I got a decent deal...
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,328
    A VW dealer in Florida offers what you got for $20515 out the door, all taxes included, but not the title, in the price. This was $888 less than another Florida dealer. So your out the door total of $20,550 is in line with what I got. This seems to be a very good deal.
  • aireckenairecken Posts: 5
    simscitizen, which dealership in the bay area did you go with? did you get ESP?
  • broadway vw. i wanted esp but no models with it on the lot. only options were monster mats and ipod adapter.
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