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Volkswagen Rabbit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I know this can be a sensitive subject but I was wondering how many of you leased or bought the new Rabbit and how much the upfront cost/monthly payments were.
  • stitchmaxstitchmax Posts: 3
    I purchased a Rabbbit with same options and MSRP of $18,470 last week in Durham, NC.

    I paid $17,048 for the car, $511 tax, $367 doc fee, and $74 license and title. Grand total of $18,000 out the door.
  • jwodaejwodae Posts: 11
    OMG, that's a huge discount. How did you get the deal?
  • stitchmaxstitchmax Posts: 3
    I went to them and offered $18,000 out-the-door; not negotiable. The sales manager gave me a song and dance about losing money at that price and they can't do it. So I left and continued shopping other dealers. I realized that my offer was probably was unrealistic, however, I was patient. 3 days later they called me back and accepted my offer. I didn't ask why, I just jumped on it before they changed their minds.
  • imejasanimejasan Posts: 1
    Just bought a 4-door Rabbit for my daughter.




    Upgraded wheels/tires

    Auto tranny

    Rear side airbags

    $21,100.00 plus California sales tax (7.25%) and license.

    Love the car. I own several Benzes and this is one hell of a fun car to drive.

    Build quality is excellent and performance is more than adequate.
  • jwodaejwodae Posts: 11
    4DR, ESP, 16"Alloy, rear airbag, 19308 plus TTL in TX.
    Dealer Daniel very nice and professional. Very patient. I love you Daniel! :) :blush:
  • grdrgrdr Posts: 3
    Would you let us know which TX dealer? thanks!
  • jaded2jaded2 Posts: 2
    I have been dealing with VW dealers in FL state for the last two months. I can tell you my experience has been disheartening as the salespeople continue to change pricing once it is "fixed". My boyfriend even got involved b/c he believed i was getting jerked around due to being female. Oh contrare'. I like the VW, have owned Honda's for years and thought I would make a change to this vehicle. The lack of integrity that I encountered where prices were fixed via signed and faxed purchase Orders with money down only to change the price again, has tainted my view of this car manufacturer. I will not buy a VW based on principle at this point :mad:
  • jaded2jaded2 Posts: 2
    My experience with VW is all of the hidden fees on top of the TMV in my area. It is amazing how the dealerships claim (yes - dealerships ! I have been in contact with over seven in the state !) that they are 'giving this car away with a mark up of only $300' yet tack on all these miscellaneous fees. Buyer beware. The ad campaign is hypnotic ....'starting at $14,990 ' .......yeah....right !
  • cvtcvt Posts: 4
    Since I plan to purchase a Rabbit next month, please provide more detail about the extra fees. Thanks in advance.
  • sagegsageg Posts: 5
    Picked up my 2007(not a 2006) Sage Green 2 door 5 speed 2 weeks ago in CT. No options. Paid MSRP of 15,620. No extra fees were charged. No problems so far, getting between 26 & 27 mpg in mixed driving.
  • Just put a deposit for 2007 rabbit 4 door ,


    16 alloys


    msrp was $18470 + TTF

    right away they took it down to $18055 + TTF

    waited for couple days he called me back

    I just went back today and got another discount

    so final $ 17.764

    with TTL and processing fee out the door....

    I paid $ 18 .611
  • I'm going to be a first time car buyer in the ner future, well a new car anyway. I've been looking into buying a new rabbit, but I'm just not sure about what price to tell them I'm willing to pay or anything of that sort. Any advice would be helpful! :-)

    I'm looking at purchasing a:
    Auto (I'm sick of driving manual haha)
    17" Wheels
    Power sunroof
    iPod adapter

    When I add this all up on VW's website the MSRP is $21,244.00. What can I expect to pay?

  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    At this time, it looks like the demand for the new Rabbit exceeds the supply. I just visited 5 dealers in Oregon. Only 1 had a single 4-door model in stock. If that's true in your area, don't expect to buy for much less than MSRP. Of course, if the lot is full of Rabbits, $500 over invoice, or less, would be about right, imo.

    It also looks like the spread between Rabbit invoice and MSRP is less than for most cars. I read somewhere that when VW decided to assemble the Rabbit in Germany the $ and Euro were at parity. Now that the $ has slipped 20-25%, pricing is tight. Good luck.
  • I've got a few emails out to dealerships in my area because what it shows on their websites is a poor selection. I'm afraid I may have some trouble finding what I want. :(
  • I bought my 2 door with hubcaps back on the first of July and paid MSRP. I chose it over a 4 door, the only other Rabbit they had, because of the price difference and I didn't want the manual in the 4 door, the 2 door I bought was an auto. If you can live with the 2 door, it's a much better deal (price class of car) than the 4 door even though I still regret it at times. The dealer had a +$800 sticker on the window since these were the first two Rabbits they had. All I had to do was point at it and the sales person said not to worry, she'd get rid of it. Wouldn't haggle at all past that, even on my trade.

    Anyways, only 4000 2006.5 Rabbits were sent to the US, so selection is limited until 2007's really start to pick up. Also, like others noted, the dealer showed me the markup over invoice on the Rabbits and it was something like $700, compared to $1500 for a Jetta or $3000 for a Passat.

    So right now, you should be happy to pay MSRP. The best point would be to try to haggle over your trade if you have one.
  • In my area it seems like the Rabbits are being marked up way past MSRP, when do you think the prices will start to drop on the Rabbits? I wont be able to buy one for at least 6-8 months, so I hope they cost less by then!
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    What is your area? In the Midwest the Rabbits have been discounted since their arrival for anyone with any negotiating skill. Have not even heard of one being marked up over MSRP.
  • I am in Ohio. I was just looking at the Midwestern Auto Group site and it says that there may be things the dealer installed that are not listed on the site, so maybe that explains the high price.

    i have never bought a car before (my dad always handles that) and i was curious if you can just like "order" a car to how you want it?
  • Purchased a New 2006 Rabbit 2 Dr from dealer stock at $90 BELOW dealer invoice...I like the car but I can't imagine someone paying MSRP (much less ABOVE MSRP) for a Golf/Rabbit...It helps that we have 3 VW dealers in a 20 mile radius but all it takes is some negotiating skill, having the details/costs at your disposal and not being a always buy the last week of the month for added effect...
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hello,i was just wondering if anyone in this forum has purchased a rabbit from gunther vw in fortlauderdale fla.
    iam considering purchasing a rabbit from this dealership and i wanted to know how
    the buying experience was from this dealership.also,
    given the fact that there are many horror stories about vw custumer service as well as the service debt i was wondering also how the custumer service and service debt is at this dealership.any feedback here would be greatley appreciated.thank you.........
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    We almost bought a 2006 Jetta from thse guys. Gave us a very fair internet quote right off the bat. We were scared off by the VW reliaqbility factor, eventhough the dealership is less than 2 miles to the house. Bought a Mazda 3s from Bachrodt right up the street, but I think the wife's ready for the Vdub now. We'll see though. Check them out.

    The Sandman :)
  • I am a few weeks from finalizing a purchase of a Rabbit. I’ve already decided not to go for their extended warranty and to go with a private company (assuming that they are going to be cheaper than the dealer). What other things are they likely to throw at me? I know that the VIN etching (if they offer it) is basically a scam. The salesperson alluded to some sort of paint protection plan? Anything else that people have encountered when closing the deal that I should be aware of – so I can research first?

  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I'd rethink that "private company" warranty and seriously consider a VW factory warranty. Will be much less hassle in the long run, as you'll probaly need it at some time during your ownership period. On any model, why would one think about a "private company"? This is one thing I wouldn't "cheap out on" actually!

    The Sandman :)
  • When I purchased my 2 door manual Rabbit a few days ago, I wasn't able to talk them down much, and they weren't going to give me dirt on my trade. Once I pointed out that other dealerships were offering 500 dollars off for a new graduate, I was able to get the car at 300 over invoice, but I'm selling my other car private party to get more for it. I did have to act quickly, since the two other Rabbits on the lot were sold within 24 hours of my test drive.
  • Well, I promised myself that when everything was done, I would post a detailed report of my experience buying a Rabbit in the hopes that it helps someone else. I’m betting that it will get pretty lengthy so I’ll start with the quick and dirty then move on to a detailed account of my buying experience. If you don’t care…don’t read it. Just trying to give someone what I would have found helpful starting out.

    The quick and dirty…

    2007 Rabbit

    4 door
    16” Alloys
    Rubber mats

    MSRP: $19,655
    Sale Price: $18,953 (+TTL and all that)
    Dealer in a major metropolitan area

    Interest rate 7.25 with a credit score of 677 (offered 9.6-something from e-loan, and 9% through another lender)

    I can’t give an easy OTD price since I still have to pay the tax on it, and I bought an extended warranty which further complicates matters.

    The longer story…

    Still with me? Great…

    Let’s start with two meaty subjects: Trade-in and Extended Warranty

    Trade-in – A 1999 Saturn SW2 99k miles. Was originally offered $1350 at a dealer in small mid-western town (where I live). The dealer in The Big City looked at it and (probably since I had told them what I had already been offered, came back and offered $1450. When I later told them that I planned to sell it to a private party…they told me they wanted to check to see if their “buyer already had a buyer lined up for it”. Yes they did – so hearing that I planned to sell it for $2350 offered me $2200. Now I couldn’t have bluffed that deal had I tried – but it is worth keeping in mind. Turns out that they had thought my 99 was a 2000 so that changed everything once that got cleared up and I went with the private party…but the lesson remains the same – try not to get low-balled on the trade-in.

    The Extended Warranty – no doubt the thing that I am least proud of. I’m preparing for people telling me how I got screwed on it – but here’s the story: I bought a VW factory warranty (Platinum – 100k/5 year $0 deductible) for $1840. When they initially hit me with it, I thought about it and looked at my payment with ($376) and without ($349), and said ‘No.’ She asked me why and I explained that, although I didn’t want to go with a third-party I would risk it given that they could give me the same warranty PLUS emissions coverage (EGR valve, etc) for $1518 ( Her response: “Well, if you take this coverage I’ll be able to negotiate the loan terms with the bank and get you a lower rate. Instead of 7.62 we’ll do 7.25. Total savings: $240 over the length of the loan (60 mos). So I’m getting a $1840 warranty for $1600 (sort of – of course that .3-whatever percent off of my interest rate is worth more because I am now borrowing more). Also weighing in on my decision – I did a quick read of the warranty exclusions and could not find anything explicitly excluding coverage on emissions stuff (the closest I found was that they do not cover “Contaminated items” whatever-the-hell that means – probably emissions stuff). But I’ve got the peace of mind that VW is somehow, sort of behind this warranty… and I felt that an extended warranty was a necessary evil since I’m doing about 20k miles a year.

    Want more? It definitely helped that I knew something about options on warranties. She told me that no one ever asked if you could cancel the warranty within 30 days (you can) and furthermore no one had ever asked about emissions coverage (high-cost stuff that most warranties don’t touch). I had priced out other options and knew what they said that they covered and what they didn’t. I know that I could have easily walked out of there and called another dealer and started a bidding war (I had one on speed dial with this intention) – in my understanding you do not need to buy the warranty from the dealer that is selling you the car. Downside of this is that you cannot then roll it into your loan, and in my case I’d be getting a higher rate (though I’m sure if I tried that could have been negotiated – but I wasn’t sure by how much so I didn’t even try).

    Anyone still reading? If so…here’s a quick rundown of the deals that I found posted here in the forums, all in one tidy spot for your convenience...first I’ll post the exact deal that they got, then the deal relative to mine (basing the additions and subtractions of features on MSRP). See above for the deal that I got.

    Deal 1 - Virginia
    (the only deal that I found better than mine)
    16” Alloys

    MSRP: $18,470
    Sale Price: $17,764
    +Sunroof ($1,000)
    +Mats ($185)
    Relative sale price: $18,949 ($4 less than mine)

    Deal 2 - Location unknown
    16” Alloys

    MSRP: $19,845
    Sale price: $20,343
    -Satellite ($375)
    Relative sale price: $20,343 ($1,390 more than mine)

    Deal 3 – Cincinnati
    16” Alloys

    MSRP: $19,845
    Sale price: $20,156
    -Satellite ($375)
    Relative sale price: $19,781 ($828 more than mine)

    Looking at these numbers (that I figured out awhile ago) I see that on some I missed compensating for the rubber mats, but we’re just talking $185 on those so I’ll let you do the math if you want.

    Even more…Why I went to The Big City to buy (and why it was worth my $27 bus ticket)

    Let’s just say that I wasn’t getting much offered from the dealer in my small Midwestern town in the way of discounts. He did say “Make sure we talk before you do anything else because we haven’t begun to negotiate…” But I hate negotiating and so was overjoyed when my big city dealer originally quoted me online at $702 under MSRP (and $100 under invoice – they said) for a car that is flying off of the lots (average time on the lot for one of these is 17 days nationally though I suspect less in my neighborhood).

    Furthermore…I ended up very close to just ordering up a Rabbit and waiting the 3-4 months of it to be built because my small town dealer said that he had done a search of an 8 state radius and could not find any car that met my specs – either in the showroom or on order. Somehow the Big City dealer was able to find my car…not only that but it was only 2-4 weeks out. So – not sure why the small town guy couldn’t see this car (maybe they don’t play nice with the dealer that had it) but frankly, if they couldn’t even tell me that the car that I wanted to buy existed, then we were done talking.

    Moral of the story – The Big City dealer was pushing more product so could easily, confidently offer me a better deal. They either had better relationships with other dealers than the small town folks or a better search engine, but in the end they were able to offer me options that they small town dude just didn’t have.

    Please understand that I am not knocking all, or even my small town dealer…but be aware of what you might be up against so that you can talk them down off of their MSRP (or above MSRP). I would have been happy to negotiate with
  • negotiate with him using the Internet quoted price from the big city had they been able to actually see all of the cars out there. It would have been infinitely more convenient for me to buy here (rather than 150 miles from here)…but that convenience ain’t worth $700+.

    Miscellaneous things to consider if you’ve read this far…

    The guitar that you get now with the car is fetching $500+ on eBay…Don’t believe me? Search for yourself So you may want to factor that into your deal…ESPECIALLY if you are buying around X-Mas.

    Also, if the dealer lets you put money down on a credit card (as mine did), and you go with a VW Credit Card (0% for 12 mos), you will also get $50 gift certificate…

    Anyway, good luck with your own VW deal. Feel free to provide feedback on any part of the deal that I got (especially the extended warranty – if you can talk me out of it in my 30-day cancellation window I’ll send you a Lobstergram).

    Oh and I kept the town and city names out of this because I didn’t want people to pin it down to an exact dealer out of respect for those that make their livelihood selling cars, use this to negotiate a good deal – not to track down my specific dealer and demand the same, or better deal. Had they tried to sell me VIN etching, I may have not been so considerate.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i have a 07 4dr rabbit and the volume on the stereo seems to go up and down by itself while iam driveing.the sound also becomes muffled and distorted when this happens.anyone else experience this with their 4dr rabbit's stereo?
  • Our local VW dealer, serving valley of 200,000 or so, looked like a used car lot with only a handful of new VW's mixed in with the trades. On a Saturday afternoon, there was No literature, no sales people about, and no Rabbits; just a handful of black interior GTI's.

    And yes, sounds like the tired old story of new model shortage. No doubt Rabbits will be more plentiful later in the year.
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