Specific Gravity test used by VW to exclude me from warranty claim

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TDI owners beware. I recently experiences a deceptive test from VW when I had my 2013 Passat TDI towed in for a new High Pressure Fuel Pump. (HPFP) My car is under extended warranty but they excluded my case because of diesel fuel contamination using Specific Gravity as their proof. I sent a sample of my fuel to FOI Labs in Vancouver. Their report was clear. No contamination! No moisture, no gasoline and 10% biodiesel. VW would not divulge the standard of their test model. I had to hire a lawyer to finally get restitution.


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    Does the warranty exclude biodiesel additives?
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    You didn't take the buyback in 2016?

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  • 2013PassaTDI2013PassaTDI Member Posts: 3
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    I did not take the buy back. Loved my TDI! Didn't know the High Pressure Fuel Pump was such a problem at the time or I would have sold the car back to VW when I had the chance. Out come still pending litigation. They are masters of Stone Walling. My car broke down last October. My attorney is trying to convince them that Specific Gravity testing is not fair for bio-diesel in the state of Illinois. I have no control over how much bio I'm pumping in to my tank. They excluded my from warranty because of "fuel contamination" but would not divulge their test standards.
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