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ford250ford250 Posts: 25
edited March 2014 in Dodge
The Dakota Quad has to be the best designed truck
at a great price in the 4 door segment.


  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Frank, my experience leans toward the 5 speed and only test drove a Quad with automatic transmission. If you get the 5 speed and the 4.7, you will have sufficient power to pass considering the high level of torque output. However, it is really a matter of choice and preference. I personally like a manual, because i feel that I am in control in certain situations. Like for instance, snow and icy conditions. I can gear down to help with stopping, and the constant engagement and pull that automatic transmissions generate are not there. Again, go with what you prefer, as both transmissions are fine.

  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    Now if they would give it a cargo box we'd be all set.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Rooster, the Dakota Quad Cab truck meets certain needs (including mine). I had a '95 Dakota Club Cab, and the cargo box was more than I needed, but
    the back seat was a killer to access and/or ride in for anything but short distances. If someone needs a larger cargo box, then obviously this is not the truck for them. On the rare occasions that I have to haul more than the short bed can accommodate, I use my 5X8 utility trailer. Certain
    strokes for certain folks.

  • thesandmanthesandman Posts: 40
    The Quads my wifes new "car" and see loves it. I'm driving my 66 F-100 4X4 stepside for daily use and we use the 96 F-350 4X4 Crew for hauling the big stuff.The 59 F-600 14' flatbed moves the snow in the winter and the 66 F-250/with factory buckets is for the show.83 4X4 Toy gets me to the surf on time in El Salvador C.A. and the 79 4X2 Toy is on deck to El Salvador. Yes Bookitty, certain trucks for certain folks is our way of thinking too. We are family,the truck family.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    I agree with your statement. My partner took delivery of his Ford Explosion (errr Excursion) today. My Quad was parked next to it and it is within an inch of so of being the same length. I do believe you could literally drive through a hollow Excursion in a Dakota Quad - whether it's a 4X4 or not! They ride very similarly however, and the Ford has, well - PRESENCE. Every man, dog and bookitty's cat freezes in :-O as this thing rolls past. And (his is a diesel) the little overhead trip thingy says it's getting 14.7 mpg (better than my Quad). Plus, you can tow a small house AND put most of the furniture in the cab. He calls it the Ford Valdez. THAT'S a truck (well, without the SD 250's bed)! But I'll still take my Quad and spend the 20k difference on, well, something else... the Ford is one VERY impressive vehicle. I just can't imagine needing that much truck. And he's just 5'5" tall! But one very happy camper.
  • thesandmanthesandman Posts: 40
    The Sierra Club Coined that phrase "The Ford Valdez".The extremeist (Sierra Club) want us driving some kind of death trap (tiny car).I'll put my family in a safe vehicle (big) cause no one is running my life for me.The Excursion's not selling as good as Ford expected.Ford was not looking for big sales just another niche in the market.The Yukon and Surburban are king in the big S.U.V. market and its a fine product.Give the people what they want,thats the American way.
  • bjb2bjb2 Posts: 3
    Thank you to all the responders to my post
    regarding the new Dakota Quad 4x4 that suffered a
    transmission malfunction the day after I bought it.
    By and large, the responses were very
    understanding, despite the frustrated tone of my

    Since so many people responded, I thought I'd
    update y'all.

    First, to clarify some points. Yes I did notify
    the original dealership, contact Dodge, and have
    the work done at a Dodge service center. Just in
    case someone else has been through this, let me
    clarify the specific problem. I live on a hill. I
    park the truck in front of my house, facing up the
    hill. I start the truck, place the transmission in
    'drive' and... the truck rolls backward. I use
    first gear to get off the hill, then the 'check
    engine' light comes on. At the Dodge service bay,
    the code indicates a "Transmission malfunction".

    Anyway, got the truck back two weeks ago. They had
    replaced the solenoid that handles the electronic
    shifting of the tranny, and reset the thing back to
    factory specs. I drove it the whole time without
    incident, then yesterday the whole thing happens
    again exactly as above and it's back in the shop
    again. This thing has spent more weekends at the
    Dodge dealer than in my garage.

    On a final note, as a last word to those who
    latched onto my apparent enthusiasm for the quality
    of Toyotas and Hondas - I clarify: I've owned two
    Toyota 4x4 trucks and two Honda passenger cars and
    had zero problems with the lot of 'em. But you're
    right - I chose the Dodge Quad because it is damn
    near the perfect truck for a family man who needs
    to haul stuff. The Toyota didn't even come close.

    So, please God, let them fix my truck this time!!!
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    From your discription, I wonder if the torque converter check valve is working right. I am just going buy my experience after my F150 transmission was rebuild by a $%&* national chain shop, but it sounds similar. Except for permanently sealed units, a torque converter will drain down after a time. There is a check valve on these models that prevents that, but they can fail or become clogged. An easy way to check this is to park overnte on a flat surface. The next day, as soon as the vehicle is started, put it in gear. If it starts moving normally without giving it throttle, If it doesn't start moving until you give it throttle and is sluggish at first, ask the dealer about the check valve.
  • I have a Quadcab with the 5.9. My mpg is 10-12 in town and 14.8 hwy. I read a posting where one of you put dual exhaust and a special air filter system on and improved the mileage. What are the particulars for me to try. Help!
  • mizunomanmizunoman Posts: 1
    If any of you have the 4.7L V8 in you Quad cab, could you please let me know what kind of mileage (city/hwy) you are getting with it? I am considering a Quad Cab Dakota, but am uncertain of which engine option is my best bet. I am familiar with the thirsty habit of the 5.9L, but would like to know about the 4.7L.

  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    You'll get lots of responses, so here's the first: mine is a 4.7 / 4-auto / 3.55 non-lsd / 2WD model. I've run 3 different factory tire / wheel combos: 17" RT's w/255/55R17's (VR's), and both of the 15's (7's & 8's). My BEST mpg was achieved with the lower rolling resistance (narrower) 15X7 std. (stock) set w/235X15 tires. That was 18.2 at 45 psi inflation on a LONG trip - mixed 10% @ 45 mph city & 90% @ 70 mph hwy driving. TYPICAL overall mileage for my usual (albeit very quick) driving is almost exactly 14.5 mpg on just about every fillup with quality fuel. When I'm broke for a whole tank's worth of driving and putter around a lot, I get about 16.2 in 50%-50% mixed driving. Towing 4,500 lbs. (Porsche on a 16' double axle trailer) w/ O/D OFF is about 11.5 mpg on the hwy (NO city whatsoever). Towing 1,500 lbs. on my little 5X9 Sears trailer I get about 14 mpg in mostly hwy (75%) driving. I can tell you, as others no doubt will, that 65 mph driving has a profound upward effect on mpg in an unloaded Quad.

    I've got 15,000 miles on mine and have also looked into, purchased and installed (for $1400+) the 3.21 rear for the regular Dakotas. Spank, spank: Bad Dog. Added about 1 mpg and turned the 4.7 into a 'strange beast.' It appears that the tranny ratios are optimized for the Quad, and are NOT worth messing with. In hindsight I wish I'd opted for the 3.92 rear. I might just change mine out at some point down the road, or buy the future HEMI.
  • snowedinsnowedin Posts: 58
    4.7L,5-speed,3.55lsd,4x4,t&h package,ac,3,300 on the odometer,no additions or modifications: highway mileage @70mph is a touch over 17mpg, city is about 14mpg. My driving style is definitely not sedate. ;->
  • ahasherahasher Posts: 236
    I posted this on the other Quadders topics but it's worth repeating. My latest MPG update: 4400 miles on my QC SLT+ 4.7, 3.92, T&H package, K&N air filter, tonneau, about 75% highway, 25% moderate city, A/C on most of the time (New Orleans area..and it's been HOT!!) and the occasional lead foot to keep my ego happy with that 4.7. MPG after yesterdays fillup: 18.1 MPG no complaints here...
  • stvdmanstvdman Posts: 62
    4.7, auto, 15x8 rim and tire pkg. Highs/ City-15 mpg, highway 19mpg at steady 70mph. Turn the A/C on and you can knock about 1.5-2.0 mpg off, add a little bit more of a heavy foot and take another 1-2mpg off. Generally my driving is with the A/C on (west central florida) and a heavy foot. Driving like that nets me about 12.5mpg city and 16.5 mpg highway.
  • yank2yank2 Posts: 49
    I get about the same mpg with the 355 rear in west central florida 4.7 auto, 15x8 tire pkg tonneau,running boards,bug shield,ventshades
  • sfonseca1sfonseca1 Posts: 4
    I finally got my 2000 Dakota Quad Cab. Man, what
    a great truck! I've had Fords most of my life (I
    traded my 97 F-150 for it), but the
    price/value/useabilty of the Dodge Quad Cab is

    Bed Liners: I've read ALL the comments posted on the bedliner topic pages about them, and I've just about decided on a drop in, mainly because of response #20 of 34 above: He says "...The thing about the spray-in liners that I couldn't handle was that they sand the bed down to bare metal and acid etch so that (the product) adheres properly.."

    He's right, I'm freaking out about a little
    scratch I put on one rail over the weekend, I doubt that I could take someone pouring acid on my bed so their stuff "sticks better".

    Only comment is: Most of the writers talk about
    GM, some Ford, but NO DODGE owners with bedliner
    stories. Anyone out there has any experience with
    a Dodge-brand liner? They're about $250 for the
    over the rail, same price for under rail. Is an
    under rail better if I add rail protection after?
    or should I get an over the rail and be done with
    it. They also have some good looking mats, but for 60 bucks more, I'd get the whole liner. I had an over the rail in my Ford and it looked good and fit good.

    I'd appreciate any help/comments.

  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    to this post in the bedliner topic
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    mine is a 4.7 / 5-speed / 3.55 lsd / 2WD model/ T&H package / K&N air filter. I have almost 1100 miles on it. Mileage is as follows;
    tank 1 - 17.21
    tank 2 - 17.99
    tank 3 - 17.6

    Tanks 1 & 2 while babying truck/breaking it in.
    Tank 3 normal driving with some aggressive acceleration (rubber between 1-2 and 2-3).
  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    After reading some of yours I feel a little better.
    31' tires
    3.55 LSD
    "Not a real heavy foot"
    2300 miles to date.All of my driving is under 55mph,30-45mph mostly.I have gotten as low as 14.45mpg and as good as 15.25mpg. It seems to be going up every tank full(MPG) all be it "slightly"

    With 15mpg mostly city.I am thinking I could get 17-18mpg on the highway.I'll take it.Not bad for an automatic with big meats on it.
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    I thought you owned a Chevy Silverado?
  • colbatescolbates Posts: 37
    I'm at 1,200 miles and I've gone from 15.45 mpg up to 21.5mpg. Mostly hwy and secondary hwy driving. My vehicle is a 4.7 auto with the HD group and towing package.
  • thesandmanthesandman Posts: 40
    4.7/4X4/auto/3.92/31.5 tires/75%freeway/10%city/15% mountain,dirt=15-16.5 around one mile high.
  • Nope, a Quadcab, 4wd, 5.9, 3:55, must be another quadrunner. I inquired about the K&N Filter and in checking with my local parts house, K&N has not made a conversion for the 2000 5.9. But I did have dual exhaust installed and will wait for the K&N.
  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    Was wondering which type of exaust you went with.Also are you planning on going with a drop in K&N or with a new intake(Cone free flow)
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    Totally happy with my Quad 4X4 with 5.9, auto, all toys... But unhappy that I haven't been able to unload the '95 Ram yet.

    Spoke with the fellow at Ziebart who's going to be praying the Rhino Liner in it over the next week or so... Much of his business is direct with dealers, spraying liners in full-size pickups BEFORE they're delivered to buyers. He indicated that portion of his business has fallen 50% over the past month - A knee-jerk fall in sales due to continually rising fuel prices.

    On the other hand, he's spraying LOT'S more compact pickups!
  • Well, not sure which is the QC forum now so I posted in both....

    For the record..QC SLT 4.7 Auto 4x4 T&H and a
    bunch o' other wonderful 'stuff'...
    Almost 1000 miles and I like this truck more and
    more. The ride is still great, and even better when fully loaded with firewood and camping gear.

    Gas mileage has been averaging mostly in the 13 -
    14 mpg range with 75% highway driving, although I
    did hit 15.5 once.

    Complaint 1, (minor). The trip odometer. I like to
    use it to gauge distance to travel to a particular
    point and I like to have it constantly visible, not a toggle between T.O. and regular odometer. Also, because of where I position the steering wheel, iti s hidden from view. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I wish it was a dual odometer positioned within the speedometer.

    Complaint 2, (minor but less so). Placement of the cupholders. I believe that with a little more thought on placement of the power outlets/cigar lighter, Dodge could have had the cup holder come out of the dash. The way it is now, it is unusable if a 3rd person is sitting in the front, (not very common here), but more importantly, it is right next to the seat so that if your coffe cup has been overfilled, there's a good chance that it will splash back onto the seat. I keep a facecloth draped over the middle part of the seat to prevent that from happening.

    Whine: I went over a small curb, (rounded asphalt)and the front end went out of alignment, Its going in Wed to the dealer to be fixed. I wonder if something wasn't tightened properly at the factory
    Other than that no other problems.

    Last night my wife took the truck to the
    supermarket at about 10. I asked her
    to park away from everyone else which she did, the
    only car near her was one directly in front of her, but separated from the QC by a big travel lane that runs between the parking rows.
    As she returns to the Quad after shopping she sees
    that the white car that had been parked across from her is gone. While she is putting the groceries in, an older gentleman who was doing
    the shopping cart retrieval comes up to her and
    tells her that he saw the car that had been in front, hit the truck.
    So now, she is looking all over the truck to see
    where the damage is and the guy says to her
    'is ok, you got biiiig truck, was little car, no hurt truck'
    She keeps looking and he must think she's getting
    upset, (she was nervous!), so he keeps repeating
    'no problem, biiiig truck, little car' then he
    shows her pieces of the car's taillight that
    were on the ground in front of the Quad, all the
    while saying 'biiiig truck,little car, you ok, car
    not'. Now, while all this is happening, a couple comes walking to their car, located a few parking spaces away from the quad. They are both carrying bags of groceries and, although the wife stopped at their car, her husband just kept walking past it, over to my wife with his bags
    still in his hand. He comes over and starts saying
    'Wow! Now this is a truck! This is a big truck!'
    His wife is standing at theircar, groceries in her hands waiting fo him to unlock the doors and he's looking into the back of the Quad, ('cause my wife had the door open from loading the groceries).
    He yells to his wife 'Wow! Now this is a truck !'
    and then starts talking to my wife, 'This is a truck ! this must have set you back a lot, what didthis cost 35 grand, 40 grand' The guy's wife
    tarts yelling at him about why is he asking her the price of the truck, its none of his business, and he keeps saying 'Wow! This is a truck, this is a big truck', and
    at the same time, the shopping cart guy is still
    saying to my wife, 'is ok, biiiig truck, little

    So, when the show was all over, it turns out that
    the shopping cart guy was able to write down the license plate of the car,(apparently he sees those things pretty regularly in his job there).

    Of course when my wife got home I HAD to go
    outside with the flashlight and check it out.
    All the lights were fine and I only found a
    barely visible, < 5 inches long, rub mark on the
    lower passenger side of the bumper,(which is where the car's taillight pieces were).
  • jkinsleyjkinsley Posts: 20
    Took delivery this week of my new QC 4x4 Sport, Black, 4.7L, automatic, T&H, all the toys. Only have 200 miles on it so far, but love the truck!

    I ordered the agate interior. However, the headliner and overhead console is light beige. Back in April, when I looked at several dealers' stock vehicles with agate interiors before ordering mine, I seem to remember the headliner/console being a matching gray.

    Just for giggles, .... do any of you with the agate interior have a beige headliner and console?

    When the truck first came in, I was happier than a puppy with two peters and didn't really notice it. It doesn't look bad and I can live with it. Guess I'm just wondering if it's a normal combination or if I was a victim of the 'end-of-the-production-year-we're-out-of-those-let's-use -this-instead'.

  • tecknoteckno Posts: 30
    My SLT w/ Driftwood exterior/agate interior has a beige headliner, overhead console and sun visors.
  • snowedinsnowedin Posts: 58
    I too have the beige headliner, ect. with the agate interior.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    I also have a Neon R/T beside my Quad. The third brake light gives about 8 quick flashes when the brakes are first applied and then he light stays on solid until you take your foot off the brake. I thought it was unique to the R/T and never thought much about it until I got behind another R/T at a light and it didn't flash. I looked in the trunk today and a module (about 1" cube) has been spliced into the third brake light wiring. I checked with the dealership since I bought it new and was told a recently departed sales manager had them installed but they could provide no other information. The cube itself says Red-Alert and patent pending, no other identification. I've done a search on the net using the most of the common search engines and keep getting refered to a computer game with the same name. Can anyone identify a source for this device. I almost got rear ended in my Quad yesterday and thought when I get my topper installed I'd like to have the Quads third light do the same as the R/T. Thanks, Rick
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