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  • I test drove a sport automatic today and drove it down my quarter mile dirt/gravel road. When stopped at the stop sign and starting, the tires seemed to lose traction for a couple of seconds. When I asked the salesman, he said that's b/c the tires are new. I currently drive a toyota corolla wagon and didn't experience this on my road, even with new tires. Is this how a minivan drives? Any comments on the tires that come with this car? Any experience driving it on dirt/gravel ? Thanks.
  • After 2+ years I have realized that the Toyo tires (OEM) are not the best (the ride is a little bit hard and a little bit noisy at high speeds, but keep on mind they are the low profile type). As per the minivan ride, the Mazda5 is based on the Mazda3 so you'll definitely won't feel a soft ride like if you were driving a Chrysler Town and Country or similar. The driving/handling is more of a sporty car (i.e. the road is better felt) IMO.
  • I just realized that I could have posted my message here at the "New Owners" section, so I'm going to copy and paste it here.

    OK, so I have it! I am the proud owner of a new 2008, Sunlight Stellar Silver, Mazda 5 Grand Touring since 12/20/07. I immediately took it on a family road trip to North Carolina and have already put over 2,000 miles on it. So, it's broken in. And, I'm in LOVE with the car!

    Positives: I have to say that the car looks much better in person than in the pictures provided online - though the ones in the brochure are magnificent and do the car justice. The car looks especially striking at night with the lights on. It really is a great looking car and it makes me turn back to look at it every time I get out of it - as did my old 06, but this one even more so.

    I LOVE the leather seats! They really are of high quality, and they're soft and comfortable. I was afraid they were going to feel cheap, but I was, thankfully, wrong. I LOVE the HID headlights. They really do make a huge difference in lighting, and in the looks of the car. LOVE the new taillights! At first, I was iffy about them, but, again, they look so much better in person, and the fact that they're LED just adds to the "pizzaz" factor. The same is true for the new rims. At first, I didn't like them judging from the pictures, but they look much better in person.

    I don't know if I'm crazy, but the car also feels more refined than it used to. It feels more buttoned down, and the ride feels nicer, as does the build quality. It just feels richer, more expensive than it used to. Call me crazy. I LOVE the new 5 speed automatic - it really DOES make a difference in fuel economy. My best tank so far has been 425 miles of pure highway - though I could have gone more if I wasn't so nervous. I filled up with 14 gallons, which equals 30.36 MPG! That's GREAT economy and significantly higher than the 27 highway that is estimated for it. Also, as the car ages more, the economy should get a bit better.

    As you may recall, I had a previous issue with the fact that the center console now doesn't have any covers for the cupholders and other cubbies. I no longer have issues with that. The center console, on a whole, looks and feels better than before. Did I mention that I LOOOVE the new heated seats? So delicious in these butt cold days we've been having in NY. Did I also mention that I LOOOOVE the new automatic headlights and rain-sensing wipers?!?!? SO convenient. Love it!

    The new front styling, the rear taillights and the new improvements to the interior really make a huge difference. And the step up to the Grand Touring is really worthwhile in my opinion, too. I'm glad I made the trade-in, even though I miss my old Max (06 Touring) since it was my first car ever. But, the fact that it's the same car really made the adjustment period a lot easier and quicker

    BTW, I like the rear A/C vents and the true iPod/Aux port, too - very convenient and useful. I love the fact that the charger port is right next to it, too, and that the little covers STAY open when you open them. The ones that keep flipping down, which are prevalent in other cars (like my mom's Honda CRV) are annoying. Just thought I'd add that.

    The negatives will be on another posting and won't be as long as this one.
  • OK, so here are the negatives:

    My cupholder issue still holds true, though it's not a biggie. Being that you lose the two rear cupholders that the center console used to have, in favor of the new a/c vents in the rear, you are forced to use the flip out center tray table almost all of the time in order to provide cupholders for middle row passengers. It's slightly annoying, but no big deal.

    The annoying windshield/seemingly dashboard rattle/tapping sound is STILL there! So, now I am confirmed that it's a Mazda 5 issue, and not solely an issue with my old 06. The colder it gets, the more pronounced the rattle is. It's slightly annoying - especially in a brand spanking new car in which everything else is muted - but it's still liveable. (btw, THE CRUNCH IS GONE!!!!!!!!! I know this is supposed to be about negatives, but I just remembered this HUGE factor. The suspension crunch that plagued my old 06 in the cold is GONE! It's so great to have a quiet suspension. I don't know if this will last and if it just SEEMS gone since it's so new, but so far I have not heard it and we have gone down to 15 degrees here in NYC, so I'm excited about that!. But, this brings me to one other slight negative...)

    There is this barely noticeable, right rear suspension squeak. I didn't notice it while driving it around the city before I left for North Carolina and before the butt-cold weather arrived, and I didn't notice it in N.C., either. So, I am attributing it to the cold weather. I guess that, instead of the crunch, the new noise is a barely noticeable squeak. It actually sounds kind of cute, though! It just goes "beep, squeak" whenever the rear, right suspension goes over a bump. No big deal, but we'll see if it progresses. Again, I think it's because of the cold weather, and most of us now that the 5 really isn't a happy car in the cold weather - although the new 08 seems to be better at that.

    My rear trunk door/tailgate is slightly misaligned. I noticed that it felt slightly weird when opening it - made a slightly strange noise, and felt different than my old 06. At close inspection, I noticed that the left side of the door goes further in when closed than the right side. As a consequence, and, again, at close inspection, the left taillight seems to protrude more than the right one, but it's because of the door going in more than it's supposed to. So, this causes it to feel a little strange when opening it. It's not immediately noticeable or obvious, but I'm anal and I notice things like that. I'm gonna see if I feel up to taking it to the dealer to fix it - but, I'm worried since they might just make it worse.

    So, those are the negatives. I said this post wouldn't be as long as the other one and it probably is. So, I'm sorry. But, rest assured, the car STILL has been nicely improved and the slight negatives really aren't a big deal. Enjoy your 08's!
  • I know this is not the best way, but here is the thread to present it unfortunately.

    Can somebody in check why the Mazda5 Review on the right of the screen does not work? I cannot submit anything, not even through the Contact Us form. I have also sent 2 e-mails to Edmunds with the issue, but the response is just an automated one and there no solution yet.

    Here is the problem (I'm reposting from my e-mail sent to Edmunds help):

    "I was not able to submit a "Contact Us" issue at all via your site. Once the form was completed I was pressing "Submit/Send" and it was sending me illogical errors, that is why I went through this e-mail address

    Please verify:
    1. As a Mazda5 owner I cannot submit a review
    2. Ironically I'm not able to submit a "Contact Us" issue!

    I tried 3 different browsers:
    IE, Firefox and Netscape (all of them recent releases)"

    Feedback for Answer ID 113 (Rated Helpfulness: 0%) [Incident: 071215-000005]
    sent to:

    Thank you
  • That´s nice. I live in Panama and have an 06. Will it be possible for you to send some pics, specially from the interior and tail lights. We don´t have that model here, still.
  • Yes please, post those pics. I have not seen the 2008 US Grand Touring model (in person) either.

    jeobandof, in the meanwhile here are some 2008 Sport ones. Not as fancy as the Grand Touring, but should give you a good start :D:
  • nissmazlover I'm from NY too. I haven't seen the 08 on the street yet, ,so I probably haven't seen you yet :) . I have a 07 touring I got last september. So far so good. I don't think I have noticed the crunch everyone has been complaining about. I did notice my lights on the radio have flickerd a couple of nights I have been using it. It goes away though if I use the dimmer or turn it off and on.

    My real problem right now is where to bring it for it's oil change. I bought it from NJ and don't want to go all the way there for just that, don't want to bring it to a dealer at all. Can't change it myself as I live in a building. Thinking of just bringing it to a reputable quick lube place if they have the filter and all. I have to make a decision soon! :confuse:

    Nice to see some people owning the 5 here at NY. It's always fun to spot them on the road, it feels nice to be part of it. :P
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    There may be a somewhere that the info for that is not uploading as quickly as it should every time. It looks to be okay at this time.

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  • Hi folks! I bought a 2008 Mazda5 Sport (manual transmission) a couple of weeks ago, right before new year's day. Thanks everyone here in the forum for the information. I followed the forum for a couple of months before my wife and I made our purchase.

    I had a lot of vehicles on the consider list: Mazda3, Honda Odyssey, Accord, Civic, Fit, Toyota Sienna, Yaris, Corolla, Matrix, and several others. The Mazda5 is a tweener, slotting between but not with those vehicles.

    One concern I had was whether the engine & transmission would be strong enough: Opinions on forums and blogs seemed mixed. I feel the engine/tranny are strong enough that I feel comfortable starting at green lights and accelerating onto the freeway. I suppose the mixed opinions depend on expectations and perspective. My Mazda5 is replacing a minivan, not a sports car, and it is doing a fine job performance-wise.

    Interior space will be tight in the Mazda5 for those times when I have to transport 5 or 6 people. But those times will be rare. I can rent a van or attach a cargo carrier on top as needed. Interior space will be fine for transporting 2 parents + 2 kids. . . but it is nice to know that we can have 5 or 6 people in the vehicle in a pinch.

    I'd write more, but nissmazlover and others already gave a pretty extensive description of the 2008 Mazda5. . .
  • Hi,

    I am in the market to buy an 2008 Mazda5 sport with MT, which is the same as what you have. May I know your purchasing and out of the door price? So far, the best offer I got is a little over 18K OTD.

  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    You shouldn't use OTD price because sales tax is different for everyone, so at least use OTD minus sales tax.
  • dlillydlilly Posts: 2
    Price before tax and tag $18350. This is south florida and I did not finance through dealer. Only extra option was cargo cover.

    I tried internet pricing and after pinning down, found they often didn't really have the car yet. After lots of games and still last minute calls claiming they would beat the price, (even as I was sitting in the dealer in the process of paying for the car) I gave in and bought for the above. I think I could have done better (by about $600) if I was not looking for a certain color or just went to a dealer and bargained for a specific car on the lot, even with additional options These cars just seem to be arriving here in Florida so I think if I waited a little longer as cars sat on their lots a while, I would have done better.But the process was too tiring and I have ltd time.

    I'm just posting this in the event it helps someone in my area. It seems buying in California costs less?

    Please don't tell me if you think I paid too much. I don't want to think about it!!

  • Right, the tax and fees are different even from county to county. But no matter where you live, it is the OTD price that you will pay eventually.

    When I sjust tarted sending quotes to dealers, they gave out really good selling price (car+destination). Only after I asked them about OTD, they showed taxes and "additional" fees. Therefore, the car price we get may not be realistic or comparable, unless other charges are reasonable. To save the hassle, I now only ask about OTD price (cash price to be clear), which IS the money you pay at the very end.

  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    True, but even if you're comparing the OTD price from 2 dealers, if the sales tax in one county or city is higher/lower, the price before tax is what you should use when calling up dealers to have them give you the best deal. For example if the high tax area is quoting 28,000 on everything minus sales tax but then 8% sales tax it's $30,240 OTD, but then another dealer in a 6% tax area is quoting $28,500 but their OTD is 30,210 because there's only a 6% sales tax. You could just pay the 30,210 becaues the OTD is cheaper but it would be better to negotiate that 28,500 down to the 28,000 by taking the price before tax quote from the first dealer and not the OTD price.
  • Hi bobw3,

    Although the dealers are not in my nearest area, they will use my county's tax rate when calculating the sales tax. I don't know where you live, but this is true at least for San Francisco Bay area. Therefore, OTD price is what I head for.

  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    You're right in that for your comparison shopping that it's good to use the OTD price, I just meant for those reading your posts outside of your area it would be more informative to know the price before taxes; however, since you live in the Bay area you're paying a premium already that most folks outside of the Bay area won't have to deal with either.
  • We picked up our 2008 Mazda5 Grand Toring nine days ago. We waited a few days for the dealer to find what we wanted - 5s are apparently scarce here in northern Virginia right now. The sales agent drove it from Salem, VA to his dealership in Fairfax, VA (about 185 miles) and reported 32.5 MPG on I-81 and across the Blue Ridge. I'm looking forward to our first road trip - about 20-22 around town right now in the cold weather.

    Anyway, it's Crystal White Pearl with a sand interior - looks great! A real pleasure to drive so far - very comfortable and relatively quiet. I also have a Saab, so my wife is especially happy with the heated leather seats up front. If she's happy, I'm happy, right? :)

    I'll report back periodically. It sounds like a lot of improvements have been made for '08. I'm looking forward to the experience, including comparing long distance cruising to the Saab.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    what did you pay?
  • ghrantghrant Posts: 7
    to update my original post. It took a couple tries but I finally got the dealer to replace the control arm bushing under warranty and the noises finally disappeared. If you have the same problem - don't give up.
  • does any one have the link for the recall on this suspension thing. there 2 things that need to be fixed i thought.
  • Good grief! You sound JUST like my wife if she had posted the! It's good to know someone who had the 06 before the 08. We got the 08 too in black with sand leather and nav and my honey adores it. Keep us posted as to how yours turns out and we will do the same.. happy zoom-zoomin!
  • rrhirstrrhirst Posts: 8
    Wow! I haven't checked for replies on this one - sorry. I paid about $22,300 before taxes, trade, etc. I'm not sure if I could have done better for a 5GT with Sirius and Homelink mirror, but so far it's been a very good ride for us. We just returned from a family visit in NJ (210 miles each way. MPG on the way north was 29.8. The southbound trip with cruise set at 70 on I-95 was 34.9. This was its first trip, and we only have 2600 miles on it after the trip. We're taking it to Florida this month, so we'll give it a real trail then with 2 kids and luggage for 4. Oil change (switch to full synthetic) before the trip. I'll report back.
  • rrhirstrrhirst Posts: 8
    We're just back from our 2,200 mile round trip from Northern Virginia to Florida (including local driving in Florida and Savannah, GA) in our new Mazda5 GT. We averaged 26-33 MPG overall for the trip, but I recorded 35.2 MPG from North Carolina to Savannah, GA and 34.7 MPG yesterday from Savannah to Virginia. Both times were with the cruise set at 70 mph and the ACC set at 70 degrees with AC switch on. There were four of us in the vehicle with third row folded down and full of luggage.

    I can't say enough about the way the vehicle cruised - very smooth, quiet, and comfortable. It felt like a large luxury vehicle with the load we were transporting. This is our fifth Mazda, and perhaps it will be the best we have owned. My 1990 MPV is my favorite so far, but this vehicle may surpass that - time will tell.
  • krainfokrainfo Posts: 5
    :cry: We are trying to buy a Copper Red Mazda 5 Grand Touring and can't find one. (We live in Minnesota.) We've checked the dealers at from most major cities and find it very frustrating. There was one in Madison, WI but someone bought it the same day we found it. Right now we're on a waiting list for a white one (not my first choice). Are these really so hard to find?
  • stillageekstillageek Posts: 114
    I feel your pain. I wanted (and bought) a black/black 08 GT. There were lots of Pearl/Tan, Galaxy Grey/Black and Blue/Black...but only one black/black within 800 miles of Texas. I bought it Sunday. It already had 800 miles on it as it was dealer transferred twice. I was leary on it, but I'm leasing not buying. Good luck. Oh and if you want a certain color and nav.....better odds on winning the megabucks.
  • randyl1randyl1 Posts: 2
    We were in the similar situation in Ontario. We wanted a silver GT with leather, and the dealer's record shows that the best thing they can do is to get the one that was still on the production line in Japan (this was a week ago). But we really liked that colour and insisted on leather, so we started the 5 to 6 weeks of waiting....
  • nahag1nahag1 Posts: 10
    I am experiencing some rattling sounds from my left rear (behind the driver) passenger door on my 6 weeks old Mazda5.
    I’ll be taking it in to the dealer shortly. I just wanted to know whether anybody had the same problem with a new 5, if so, what did you find out??
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    I just took delivery on Friday of a 2008 Mazda5 Touring in Golden Sand. I love the color as I wanted the lighter interior. I have been reading your postings here for 2 years so I knew a lot about the car before I purchased it. Unfortunately, I've only been out on 2 short drives to the store because I've been sick all week. I'll get back to you later on with my driving impressions, but so far I like it a lot! Seems like just what I needed. I already received 2 compliments on the color.
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