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Mazda5 Owners - Give Us Your Report



  • msalmsal Posts: 3
    Purchased a Touring Strato Blue with Zoom Zoom stickers and I have to say ... NICE!!!! (Had it brought up from Houston to Fort Worth as that was the only place in Texas they had the color I wanted.)

    Here's my input:
    Size - perfect. I've got three young kids, 8, 2 and 1, so I get three rows at $10K less than other mini's. That works for me! The two car seats fit fine in the second row and the older kid has room in the back. Want to buy the roof rack, but we were fine going to San Antonio from Fort Worth for a weekend trip. Just folded half the seat down in the third row and all of our stuff fit fine.

    Mileage - good. Considering we've been zoom, zooming around town a lot lately my mileage is right on for the city estimates. Once I get some highway numbers I'll post those.

    A/C - my one gripe, but after getting it tinted, no problem. Even in the 100+ degree heat wave we're having here in Texas! It's not ice cold right away, but it's bearable for all in the car when we get in and just fine a few minutes later.

    Rear sliding doors - they told the truth on this one! My two year old can open and close no problem. Doors are VERY light and the child locks work great.

    Handling - WOW!!! I love the turning radius on this baby! My wife drives a Mazda6 and I have to say, considering this is a mini-van, it definitely lives up to the zoom-zoom name.

    Power - I don't know what some of these people expect a mini van to do?! I hopped in this sucker and jumped on the freeway - WHOOPS! I was doing 80 in no time and didn't realize it. On long hills, yes, it does get a bit sluggish, but I'm in Texas ... flat land everywhere!

    All in all, just consider this - I had a crotch rocket two years ago. And here I am driving a MINIVAN! It's deep blue, tinted, handles like a dream and has good zoom for a mini. Can't complain - at least I know I'm a lot safer with the standard air bags in the front and side!

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  • mazdalvrmazdalvr Posts: 16
    I have had my van for a few weeks now I already have 1,642 miles on it. I have no problem with it so far I have fun keeping up with the sports cars out there even when I weave through traffic. I drove through a tight curvy section of road near me and I was able to maintain a good speed and the 5 didn't budge. I have been down this same road in my last car and was never able to go as fast. Mazda sent me a zoom-zoom sticker so I put it in back right under the 3rd brake light it looks good. I have to say this, the Mazda 5 is not a formula one racer so get over it. I find it has enough power to get the job done and you can bolt on a few things to boost the horse power. There are already cold air intake kits out and I am sure mufflers are not far behind. I have the auto and I have no problem I use the manual shift mode other than some minor torque steer I seem to be able to jump out into traffic and pass people with no problem. I am going to be looking into upgrading the factory speakers I am not worried about Navigation I know how to read a map. At the end of the day I look at my 5 before I go into the house and smile knowing I have a cool little wagon that has everything I wanted in my last car all wrapped into one with the same amount of usefulness as a regular mini van just without the embarrassing finger pointing from people because I am driving a soccer mom mobile like a caravan.
  • I read a post earlier about the A/C. We live in Texas and had our windows tinted as dark as legally possible. However it still doesn't cool down fast enough for us. All the other vehicles we've owned it felt like we were getting blasted with cool air, this one if feels like a tiny fan in a big room. Any one have any advice. We also lost our powersteering within the first 3 weeks of ownership. The dealership was quick to respond and took our car in and fixed it right away. Other than that I love this car sooooo much. I traded in a fully loaded Mercury mountaineer that had massive repairs yearly. I'm saving on gas and we've already taken it on a road trip to NC. That was an enjoyable ride!!
  • Thanks for the input about the hitch. I will definately take it up with my dealer. with a brand new vehicle on a 4 year lease, can't afford to have mazda void any warranty work I may have. Do you have any idea as to why Mazda says no to a hitch on this vehicle? Does Mazda O.K. installs of hitches on Mazda3s??
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  • msalmsal Posts: 3
    Besides rolling the windows down and driving for a few seconds to force out the hot air I can't think of much more to do. I live in the DFW area and am fine with the A/C performance after I got the windows tinted. Compared to the wife's Mazda6 the velocity of air coming out of the vents seems comparable - it's just the amount of square footage that has to be cooled.
  • Any ideas or suggestions about getting a shorter antenna for my new Mazda 5 Touring? I saw a couple of 3-inch and 5-inch long antennas but also read that the reception using them is compromised. Any ideas? Thanks
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76
    See sharkfin antenna. I don't have one, but other people say that the reception is better than the stubbies. See rpm for cheaper price (includes shipping). Anyone for a group buy?
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    The shorter antenna from the CX-7 will fit. But it's on backorder right now... :cry:
  • Actually ordering it directly from Visual Garage is $10 cheaper than RPM. I have it installed on my 5 and it makes the car more distinctive. No more RC car antenna for me. Reception is almost equal to the stock antenna. The colour match was perfect
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 76

    Was it hard to install? Actually RPM is $10 more, but free shipping, Visual Garage costs $12 shipping so RPM is cheaper by $2.

    However, Visual Garage offers group discounts for 5+ orders. Anyone interested in putting a group buy together? The way I've seen it work on other forums is that you get some code, the more people use the code, the more discount you get - usually time limited.

  • I can not believe that others are having the same issue, I thought I was all alone!!
    Not knowing about other antenna options i got a piece of picture hanging wire and wrapped it around the tip of the antenna and attached the other end to the base of the antenna, I adjusted the tension a little bit and now have an antenna that clears the door, total cost less than $1.00 and 5 min of my time. I know this may not be a long term solution but it has worked just fine for the last 3 months.
    zoom 500.
  • Nope, Really simple. Just unscrew the stock antenna and screw the lead from the shark fin into the base. Then (once you've cleaned the area with alcohol) just stick down the antenna. It has some automotive double sided tape already applied. Just press down and hold for a few seconds. presto you're done.

    Tip. read the instructions. They go through a dry fit process with masking tape to make your alignment marks. It helps alot.

    Shipping from RPM is not free (for me at least, I'm in Canada) so it maked no sense to order a part that was made in canada from a US supplier!
  • very Gehto!! Not sure I could do that to a brand new car!!

    The Sharkfin is a very nice and distinctive alternative!
  • :) I agree however removing the antenna every time we pulled the car in to the garage was not going to work and leaving it on by mistake would have cost us. Since I was not aware of the web sites that sell aftermarket antenna's I was stuck with my own solution. Now all I need to do is come up with the $60.00 bucks to make the switch.
  • Mine hits the door too but only slightly. It's flexible. So I taped wax paper along the door where the antenna touches. Antenna can now slide and bend back a little without any problem.
  • I bought my new Mazda 5 this week! All in all, this is just the type of vehicle that I have been wanting to find for the last 3 yrs or so, and this 5 is just the one I wanted! I have been wanting a vehicle with cargo space at least 5 feet long to hold my craft show supplies, yet something that isn't as big and bulky as a minivan and with better mileage.

    After driving the 5 home and parking in my garage, with plenty of room in there around all 4 sides (--and the top: no antenna problems), I cheered at making such a good choice. I think I’m going to enjoy this car for a quite a long time!

    The details: the 5 I decided on is a 2006 Cardinal Red Touring Automatic (just about the last new red automatic left in California). I got it with carpets as well as the all-weather floor mats, bumper guard, cargo cover, cargo net, and wheel locks.

    Just a couple of days later I bought the windshield shade and ordered the door guards; and I think I will also get the seat covers and am strongly considering the bra.

    Hopefully I will be successful here in adding one of the first photos taken just minutes after driving this beauty home from the LA area.

    I appreciate all the information I have gotten on the Mazda 5 forums and look forward more information sharing. Thanks!

    ">Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  • We have a new 2007 White Mazda5 Touring. I originally hesitated to make the jump because my wife can only drive automatic and I was concerned about having only the 4 speed in automatic. But its seems to do fine despite the high revs.

    We were pretty disappointed in the navigation system though. We got it because of concerns about our small portable unit getting stolen because of it's visibility on the windshield, which was an illegal placement anyways in CA. The larger screen is much easier to see as well. But, unlike our old Garmin, the Mazda system, is really a pain to program. I have to go through multiple different windows to put in the desired destination, look for points of interest or put in memory points. It took forever to figure out how to put in the home location. It is much less intuitive and harder to find what you want than the garmin. And it doesn't have close to the number of points of interest you get with the Garmin. For Shopping, for example, you can only look for grocery stores, or shopping malls, not specific stores. Overall, even with the larger screen and integrated look, I would not recommend the expense and I wish we had stuck with the $280 garmin, instead of the $1800 to $2000 Navigation through Mazda.

    Other than that issue, we are very happy with the car itself, which is very responsive and fun to drive. And we both love the way it looks. We can find our car very easily in any parking lot, it really stands out.
  • edf4edf4 Posts: 65
    Congratulations on your fine choice and purchase! We have a Phantom Blue '06 Touring manual and couldn't be more pleased with it. As for options, one more that you should consider, both for appearance and practicality, is to have the rear passenger and cargo windows tinted. We had ours done at Tint-King (national aftermarket), and not only does it look really sharp, but also keeps the sun off the rear passengers and dog, and helps keep out prying eyes.
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    Been looking for the past two months at getting a larger car. Keep coming back to the Mazda brand. Have a dealer offering me a new 2006 MPV LX-SV with a MSRP of 23,710 out the door for 17,500. The MPV has a few options like rear air, Cargo net and roof rack and floor mates but i would have to add privacy tint to the rear glass. Also have another Mazda Dealer offering me a 2007 Mazda 5 touring with a sticker of 20,695 on the road for 20,880. The 5 has a sunroof and automatic air, rear bumper guard and floor mates also. I cant decided which car will be the best one over the long haul. Should I save the money and go with the MPV and hope its a good van, but fear taking a loss on the resale value due to it being an older model, or should I pay more and get a newer style Mazda 5. Each car has its pros and cons just trying to figure out which one will be best for the next 5 or so years. I'm worry the MPV may not be as reliable due to having a ford engine but not sure if the 5 is any better with it being a new model. Any words of wisdom would greatly be apprecaited. Also please tell me your thought on the prices I have been offered. Thanks everyone for your help!
  • tlongtlong CaliforniaPosts: 5,159
    You should know that the MPV has been discontinued as of 2007. So the MPV would be an orphan vehicle, which may or may not be important to you. Plus the MPV has a Ford engine (may not be the same raspy one we test drove a couple of years ago.

    We bought a 5 ourselves.
  • d5ad5a Posts: 63
    :confuse: Thanks for you response. I'm worried about it being the last year for the MPV. Will resale be horrible? Also very worried about the ford engine. We need a reliable car it will be our only one. Dealer offering the MPV for $17,500 on the road which is a great price for our budget and a Mazda 5 for $20,880 on the road which is also a good price. Looking at car payment the MPV wins but want to make sure it fits our needs and is worth it in the first place. Also found a new 06 Toyota Sennia for $22,000 plus taxes and tags but it has nothing on it but know the resales value down the road will be much better. Cant figure out what is best. Save money up front or be strapped each month to have some money in the end.
  • I've owned our 2006 Mazda5 GT for a few months and it was a great buy. It's fun to drive, has great space flexibility for 2 young kids, and is nice and quiet. I highly recommend the car, but
    I have a few issues that I'm not sure others are experiencing. Any help would be great:
    1 - the rain sensor adjustment doesn't seem to do much. I usually keep it cranked at supposedly the most responsive setting, but it still doesn't wipe often enough. Cleaning the windshield over the sensor frequently helps a little. I drove an Opel last summer and the rain sensor adjustment had a much wider range.
    2 - can't lock the doors using the key fob unless I close the door first. Also, can I disable the "feature" that locks my doors if I don't sprint to my car (with baby in arms) and open the door after I unlock it?
    3 - how the heck do I remove my roof antenna now that it's broken off (actually, the FM reception in the city is still fine, so I'm kinda glad it is gone as it was a very dorky placement anyways).

    Cheers, y'all!
  • I bought my Mazda5's nice and I think it's a great buy although the gap between the body and both backlights are not even when you compare the left from right.I'm also concern with the engine temperature gauge it's always on half (is it normal?).Rain sensor is also frustrating it does'nt seem to do too much.
  • hmiwbhmiwb Posts: 7
    I'm very pleased with my Mazda5 Sport. I now have 25,000 miles on it as I have a fairly long commute every day. I have had no problems at all to this point and don't expect any. I have the automatic transmission, 6 disk changer and sunroof. I average about 27 mpg in mostly highway driving. Love the maneuverability, comfort, and smooth-free revving engine. I keep hearing magazind reviews complaining about lack of "reserve" power in the 5, but I've never noticed a lack of necessary power under any circumstances. If anything it is very quick in the stoplight grand prix and plenty adequate on the highway. I do have some weird rear tire wear but that is probably my fault for not rotating them. Great car for space and utility, very flexible load carrying options. :)
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    The engine temperature gauge should pretty much always be on half once the car's warmed up...that means the engine's at its normal operating temperature. On warm days, it might get up to that "half" position pretty quickly after you start the car, but on cold days it should stay on "Cold" for a while and then rise up to the halfway position. If your gauge is always on half even when you first start the car on cold days, it may be broken.
  • I bought my mazda5 last week and it only has 300 miles on I don't think the guage is broken.However, it stays on cold for a while and then rise up to the halfway position.It was only a surprised for me that it's on half position because my previous cars were not...most if not all of my previous cars temperature gauge were on a quarter position.Anyways,thanks for the reply!
  • so far soooooo good... picked up my M5 sport about a week ago... very happy with the purchase... i like the fact that it has all the comforts of a van (for my fam of 3 kids and 2 adults) without the big van look or feel(almost like a beefy hatchback)...

    here are the specs:
    M5 brilliant black sport model, auto, air, tints, door guards, wheel locks, and lifetime rust proofing

    want to make it a little more agressive looking by adding aftermarket fogs, front lip, maybe eyelids...

    if there are any fellow canucks in the toronto area that know where i can get these mods done please please please let me know ...

  • I too recently purchased an 06 Sport. I opted for the 5speed tranny. I have the 6 disc changer and rear spoiler, but no sunroof or auto temperature. I have had the car for a week and 2 days and I think this was one of the best purchases I ever made. I have always found minivans interesting: Liked the space and flexible seating but never wanted one for a daily driver. I sat in the 5 at a autoshow on Saturday and purchased the following Monday. It's an 06 demo that had 4,000 miles so I was able to get a great deal on it. Power is adequate but you can't beat the seating. I have two 11 year old children and they think it's the best thing since sliced bread. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. :)
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