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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I have a 09 Double Cab TRD 4x4, that makes a clunking noise backing around the driveway or at low speeds, this truck only has less than 600miles on it, never off road. I can feel the trans down shift at low speeds, which I don't like!
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    My truck is doing pretty much the same thing, Let me know what the next step is going to be, I would love to know. I love this truck, but hate the way the trans shifts. Don't like it at all! Everything now is computer run, If there's a flaw in the computer, it needs fixed, by toyota under warranty or recall issue.
    Toyota needs to back up there cars/trucks. or they might end up like GM,FORD & DODGE.
    I'm going to talk with toyota when my scheduled service is due, and let them know what I think of this.
    I'm going to read up on the lemon law, :
  • Don't wait. Report your problem as soon as it happens. Complain to your dealer and to Toyota HQ.
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I'm going to make some calls and see what they say, yes you're right I need to call them asap, and not wait. I just didn't want to waste my time on something they can't do anything about. I'll keep everyone posted on how I make out with my truck. I'm only at 600 miles or so.
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    I can't believe this. What was wrong with the old school set up. When they change things, I think they mess it up. There was nothing wrong with the old throttle cables that went out to a throttle body with a return spring. When you wanted gas you got it. I also do believe when this computer part fails and needs replaced, the owner will need to sell or trade the truck in because it'll be very costly to repair. I do love the way the truck looks and drives other than all that everyone else mentioned.
  • Jeez...I thought it was my imagination. Just bought 09 Doulble Cab V6 4x4. Ive got 1200 miles on it. Auto trans is strange, as everyone has said. I will contact dealer.
  • casteebcasteeb Posts: 13
    I have the same problem with my new 2009 double cab TRD 4x4, when you slow down to go through an intersection and begin to make the turn the automatic transmission jumps down into 1st gear and races the engine, maddening...
    Toyota sent me to the dealer I got it from 45 mins drive to Georgia. They tested it and stated, "normal for the model" on my ticket. They reset the "learn code" and told me off the record that other Toyota cars had this problem in the past - Toyota fixed it with a new software/firmware release, but we just don't have a software fix for the 09 Tacoma".
    I sent another email to Toyota last week but they are not responding to it.
    I should have stayed with Nissan - not one single problem in 24K miles with the Nisan.
    Very disappointed ...
  • jodyg69jodyg69 Posts: 4
    Unbelievable!...just bought a 09 Tacoma TRD 4x4 double cab two weeks ago and am having the exact same problem..slowing down into a turn(usually right hand turn for some reason) and upon accelerating out of the turn, engine revs with truck not wanting to go...almost same sensation of being low on tranny fluid...barely over 1,000 miles on odometer...this model has been out since when? 2005? Are they using new trannys? Can't believe this issue wasn't addressed a long time ago...what sucks is i traded in a 08 Ridgeline for it which i never had any problems with, and had a trunk!!
  • Another good resource to file a complaint or read other's is the National Highway Transportation Safety web site...
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    No, you're right. Its not your imagination, I'm going to test drive another 09 truck the exact same truck as mine just to compare and make sure its a common problem, with other 09 trucks. Then call or write to Toyota HQ.
    Today on my way home my trans took a long time before it went into over-drive,. it stayed in a lower gear. not sure what happened there. it never did that before. I'm now around the 700 mile mark, My truck works just like everyone else 's

    Try this, Put your truck into Neutral at idle, hold the brake, release brake. then put into drive and then give it gas, mine will have a delay before it moves forward then excells fast. I don't think this is right??

    This could be a safety issue for these vehicles?
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    Thanks for the website info. I'll be looking into this site.
    I need to get as much info as i can. I do believe its a problem and an error in the design of this vehicle. Not sure what the fix could be, I haven't found anyone with the right answer. If anyone has that answer I would like to know
  • Can someone provide the email address for Toyota HQ and their mailing address to report this problem? My transmission is still not any better, though I am only at about 2400 miles. Mechanic told me it takes 5000 miles for the computer to learn my driving habits. My biggest mistake was buying this truck without a test drive (they drove it in from another dealer). I bought it based on its excellent reputation and many friends who have slightly older models. I will never make that mistake again.

    I would also like to know if there is anyone reading these messages who does not have an issue with the transmission? Anyone have a 08 or 09 model with over 5000 miles with no issues? We need to all be reporting this problem. As someone said earlier, apparently the Camry's had an issue with the transmission and they had to swap out the computers.
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    If I find an email address I'll pass it along. What you went through to get your truck is pretty much exactly the way I did it. I did my research and my buddy at work at the same truck but a 06 standard trans with no problems, so i ordered mine from another dealer, never test drove it, The truck was in the show room when I picked it up. I bought it based on the excellent reputation Toyota has. I agree with you, never do this again..5000 miles is a bunch of crap! Who ever came up with that number, /driving habits!
    Next thing they'll say, your truck's trans. has a computer virus, and you'll need to do a virus scan on it every month or so.
  • dbysdbys Posts: 6
    I talked to another mechanic outside of toyota (one of my old mechanics) and he told me that the clunking when you put the break on is the drive shaft and it needs to be taken apart and greased again. I asked them how to make them do this and he said just walk in and tell them to do it. Since i reported it while it was under warranty, i should not have to pay for this service. Going to try it.....
  • dbysdbys Posts: 6
    LOL! I agree, they are saying that on telivision sets now....LOL!
  • casteebcasteeb Posts: 13
    Here's an update on my 2009 Tacoma 4x4 SR5 auto shifting problem.
    Toyota called me and listened to the problem again, they said really all they can do is open a ticket with Toyota National .(Wahoo! a new ticket ) and basically said they can't do anything about it until enough people complain....
    Meanwhile you can manually shift the automatic (which is stupid, but makes you feel like you are taking charge of the problem) or you can continue to complain and start searching for what you're going to trade the stupid Tacoma on (probably a Nissan...)
    Which bad, because aside from the transmission shift pattern problems and (lack of) paint / finish , the truck is decent.
  • So again I ask, does ANYONE know where we can send a formal complaint? A contact #, an email with Toyota National? This won't be resolved until enough complaints are received. My truck is slipping and/or getting stuck in gear 2-3 times a day now when slowing down and turning onto another street! I am so sorry I ever bought this Tacoma!
  • fishalotfishalot Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 09 tacoma dbl cab SR5 PU. My nephew also has the same problem, his is new as well. Went to the dealer and had it test driven by the shop manager, he verified the slipping and told me it was normal and there was nothing he could do. He would file a complaint for me. They also gave me an 800 number to file my own complaint. I called yesterday and they took all kinds of information and gave me a case number. I told them I wanted it fixed or they should buy the truck back. Here is the number 1-800-331-4331. If I don't get any action I will be contacting the States district attorneys office and file a complaint, this trucks operation is unsafe.
  • jodyg69jodyg69 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the number...just gave them a call myself and everyone else should. If we all complain in droves, this issue will be taken alot more seriously and resolved much quicker. Does anyone here have an idea why it's the 2009 models?...seems like everyone having a problem owns an '09 model...what the hell did they do different in the '09s?
  • Just made my formal complaint through the 800 #. The Toyota representative told me this was the first he had heard about any problems with the Tacoma transmission..............
  • jodyg69jodyg69 Posts: 4
    No telling how many reps they have at that office...word will get around...i think the issue is going to be dealt with with enough complaints
  • 09taco09taco Posts: 33
    Thanks also for that toyota number, I'll be calling also, with some questions.
    I do have a 09 with only 900 miles or so, and having the same issues as everyone else. I did notice that when I drive in town and doing alot of stop and go, I put the auto.trans in 4th gear and it seems to work better, not shifting as much, When I'm on the highway I put the trans in D which is overdrive. Maybe its just me, but I'm going to give this a try and see how this works out. If anyone else tries this and it works better Please let me know.....maybe we can compare on how this works
  • dbysdbys Posts: 6
    the number. i too will be calling and filing a complaint. maybe if enough of us do this - they'll do something...
  • kevin144kevin144 Posts: 8
    The transmission problems are probably linked to HAC and DAC features. I was planning on purchasing a 09 tacoma but will go with a 08.
  • gjlaxgjlax Posts: 3
    I test drove a brand new 2009 Tacoma at my dealership the other day and experienced the same engine rev while accelerating from a slower speed. The chief mechanic at Balise Toyota in West Springfield Mass told me that it is most likely a design issue. He reset the computer and told me to drive around town for 15 minutes before getting on the highway. After following his advice I am STILL experiencing the same issue. I am going to file a complaint with the 800 number given in one of the e-mails.

    thanks for the correspondences.
  • dbysdbys Posts: 6
    I tried the " putting it in 4th gear in town" and what a difference. It hardly clunks anymore. Still does on highway, not as hard or bad. I'm frequently on the freeway. I also got all email address's and phone numbers - will be calling and emailing for all complaints. Will keep you in touch - by the way, i'm the one with the 2006.
  • Wesley Chapel Toyota here in Tampa area test drove my truck yesterday and said it was normal. However, the mechanic reset the computer and told me to do the same thing, drive around for about 30 minutes with many stop and go's. Guess what, transmission still acting the same and hesitating when stepping on gas after decelerating. He said it will take about 1,000 miles for the computer to learn my habits (a different Toyota dealer mechanic had told me 5,000 miles). To top off my frustrations, now I have a vibrating rattle coming from the passenger side door. Panel over door lock and window controls.
  • I'd like to see where the "1000 mile" benchmark is mentioned in any Toyota publication. And if the truck is normal why would they reset anything. That just doesn't ring true.

  • tacoma1958tacoma1958 Posts: 21
    Does anyone know if shift data (gear # /rpm/ speed) can be retrieved from the truck's computer? If so, I'm hoping that be evidence of a flare. Any help appreciated.

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