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Toyota Tacoma Transmission Problems



  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    about the '07 Toy regular cab 4x4 with the 4 cyl. Is this model not available with the automatic trans.? It seems that I cannot find it. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  • I think that as long as you have tranny fluid you should be good to drive it. Think about it, the only problem you had before was a stripped nut, and all you did was replace a tranny pan, what could you have possibly damaged. Just make sure its got enough tranny fluid and take it to the dealer.
  • there is no dipstick on the 05 and up toyota's, its a sealed tranny.
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    Do you or anyone else know why Toyota decided to only go with a manual? Doesn't the 4cyl. have enough oomph to move it? I think the Nissan has a 4cyl. 4X4 auto., doesn't it?
    Just curious and wanting to know if anyone knew the scoop. :confuse:
  • rear axle seal was found to be the problem was leaking causing swelling so when the shoes stuck it was jumping. now i'm going to battle with the place that told me it was the transmission and i payed for a new one with from 2nd and 3rd opinions come to find out more than likely wasn't needed. It's American Transmission in Fayetteville NC and i wouldn't suggest anyone go there in the same area.
  • Yo, vstrom.... I think my '06 Taco does the same thing. I tell the dealer that the cruise conrtol is "over-agressive", meaning that it'll downshift way too soon when I see a hill. It won't let the speedo drop 1 KM. Sometimes, if it's a steeper grade, It'll drop 2 gears and floor it... I asked the dealer if they can "fine tune" the computer to back it off a tad, but they say "NO".... I find this VERY hard to understand, afterall, it's run by a computer and computers are programmed by people :confuse: ... right???

    Anywhoo.... I'm not pleased with the fuel enonomy of my double cab 4x4 TRD SR5....Only getting 21 MPG Canadian... :mad:

    Hope we can find an answer... ;)

  • thecktheck Posts: 2
    I have a 1997 toyota tacoma (extended cab, automatic, 2.7 4 cyl) who's 4WD stopped working after a six month period of non use. There were never any signs of damage to the 4wd system, it just stopped working. When I shift the 4wd lever everything feels right but the dash light never shows 4wd and only one wheel is getting power. I did try letting it roll a little and shifting in and out of 4wd various times but it never drops in.

    Could this be something electrical?

    I looked in a few books and nothing seems to mention the 4wd system. I don't know where to start my diagnostics. Can anyone out there help?
  • marliemarlie Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if the clutch is going out on a 1998 Tacoma if when you accelerate to change gears the truck vibrates and makes a loud rattling noise? thanks Mike
  • seabeeedseabeeed Posts: 2
    My toyota did the same thing from day 1,They told me it was the trans also, all of them shift like that. not true. I believe it is the slip joint on driveshaft. can tgake apart and clean all old grease out and relube and it works fine for about a month. toypta should come out with a change or something on this
  • fireman73fireman73 Posts: 1
  • I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road automatic and I regularly perform routine maintenance. I was looking and there is no dipstick. I called Toyota Corp. and they said that it is a sealed transmission and has no dipstick, so I am guessing if you make this little "boo boo" you may have to take it to a dealer to perform the task, after you buy your transmission fluid elsewhere, recommending World Standard (WS) Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF).
  • can anyone tell me how to get the trd to lock in 2wd and 4hi, not just 4x4 low range????? that would really be fab.
  • its not possible, its a safety feature to keep people from driving with the rear axle locked. I had the same problem, so I took my truck in to be looked at, they said nothing was wrong with the rear locker and that it would only lock in 4Lo. We even tried it in two other cars on the lot and it was the same for them also. Two wheel drive tacoma's that have a rear locker are different, they will lock anytime since its only a two wheel drive, but if you have the rear axle locked in a two wheel drive, once you turn the wheel left or right(which you aren't supposed to do when using the locker) the rear axle will unlock automatically to prevent damage. So as far as I know, 4 Lo only on 4wd. Thats the only way I can get it to work on my tacoma.
  • I just found this forum and glad I did. A lot of good info here. I seem to have the same problem a few of you are having with tranny shifting on the tacoma. When I come to a stop the transmission will not downshift to first gear until I take my foot off the brake. Also, it stays in 2nd until 30 mph unless the engine is hot. I've read a few old posts about this. Has anyone found a solution for this problem. I took it to the dealer back when it was under warranty, but couldn't "reproduce" the problem. A mechanic told me if I removed the drive shaft, regreased it, it would stop the shifting problem for a while. Thanks for any help.
  • i have a 2001 v6 doublecab, does exactly both of those characteristics. it has a tranny that by design wants to reach the highest gear asap which i feel causes that binding at stop. it will switch to 1st (sometimes with a clunk-disturbing) upon rolling slightly foreward. it's done this from new and for some reason i'm not concearned-ijust think it's a design quirk. as far as the cold start thing i know for sure that toyota trannys like ours won't upshift to 3rd and up until it reaches a set temp value...probably a longevity trait. i find it beneficial to warm up in the driveway until you see the temp needle start to move up-it's better for everything anyway if you don't throw a load on cold moving parts
  • i would like to put slightly larger tires on my stock rims.
    im currently running 265/70-r16 i am wondering what the largest tire i can comfortably put under it is.
    :4d 4wd trd taco
  • tumwetumwe Posts: 7
    265/75 16 is the largest size without any rubbing issues. Anything taller and your looking at lifting the front 2 to 3"
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