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Toyota RAV4 2007



  • groupergrouper Posts: 13
    If you want small SUV unequaled power when you need it--and can afford the V6--go for it. I went from a 4 cylinder Subaru Forester because I wanted more power on regular fuel, combined with near 4 cylinder mileage. I am not looking back!! V6 is smoother, quiter, significantly faster, and almost as fuel efficient
  • Thanks grouper. What kind of gas mileage that you have had with your V6
  • Wish I knew. I've been looking at RAV4 and Outback. I drive about 500 miles a week mostly on the highway and my old ranger only gets 22 with a tailwind...
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    On the highway my V6 AWD has been good for 27-28 mpg.
  • groupergrouper Posts: 13
    20-21mpg--regular fuel--stop and go traffic

    27-28 strait highway at 70 mph.
  • RAV fits my back and knees better, but really tired of increasing oil company profits...
  • If AWD gets you out of trouble and brings you home safely just ONE time - it was worth it. And it's not that much more expensive.
    V4 vs. V6? V6!
    160 vs. 269? 269! Period.
    Do you remember the commercial (a few months ago) when a guy is sitting in a pickup truck and the anouncer says - Have you ever wondered will you have the torque when you need it?
    Well, with 269 hp you will.
  • I've had my '07 RAV4 6Cyl Sport since October, last year. I just turned 5K on it and am taking it to the dealer tomorrow for the mandatory oil and filter change and whatever else they do at the 5k mark which should then shut off that "maint reqd" idiot light.

    Anyway, I can say without any hesitation, that this RAV with its 6 cyl VVT engine really moves when you want it to. I can also tell you that it has such torque that when you throttle it down, say to pass someone, you better be ready for it, cause it'l get away from you. When you push that throttle down, and it downshifts, hang on baby! Your off and, like right now fast!! You gotta be carefull with that 6 cyl. It has all the torque that everying in this forum says it does!
  • Those are the same two cars that we are considering. What have you found out about the Outlander adn the RAV ? Seems like the Outlander is having some sind noise issues among other things. Still need to test drive it though. Test drove the RAV....sweet!
  • ktw39ktw39 Posts: 3
    As far as "real" world situations like a stoplight or taking it to an actual "track". A 2WD Sport will beat a Limited AWD. ;)
  • Does (2007) RAV4-V6 has the same engine as (2007) Lexus RX350 ????? they both V6, 3500cc engine.

    Last year (2006) Lexus RX330, equipped with V-6, 3300cc engine, does that the same as (2007) Cienna V-6 3300cc engine ????

    Thanks You.
  • I've driven the Outback, Outlander and Rav, Outback was my choice until I drove the Rav. Outlander wasn't bad, but I just didn't seem to fit the driver's seat and I wasn't all that excited about the way the back seat folds...
  • We liked the way that you could fold the rear seats from the cargo area on the RAV. I just don't care for the step down from the inside onto the rear bumper. I prefer the opening on the older models like the '05s or the tailgate of the Outlander where you can load and unload easily. If only there was a way to actually design our own cars to what we need....
  • Anyone had any experience with Central Ohio Toyota dealers? I am considering purchasing my first Toyota, a RAV4 Limited V6 4WD.

    Does the "fax attack" method really work? Last year I tried the fax attack method to purchase a 2006 Mazda Miata...didn't get a single response. I did purchase it with a sizeable discount after sending a number of e-mails to various Internet sales reps at Mazda dealers.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Faxes may be history now. I completed my last new car purchase via fax, but that was after meeting the salesperson and test driving the car. That was a long time ago too. :)

    Try the Toyota RAV4: Prices Paid & Buying Experience for recent experiences and blast emails. You may be interested in Why don't dealers want to make money? too.
  • Thanks... You guys convince me to go with a V-6 AWD 2007 RAV4.
    Great group
  • Keep in mind that, along with all this torque and pep and lets get the hell outta here speed that comes with the V6 VVT, there is a cost.

    Mine gets mpg as billed: a non-impressive 22.8 to 23.2 mpg in local traffic but a very impressive 30mpg on the interstate. I drove roughly 365 miles on one tankfull on an interstate trip recently, but, as I said, the local mpg is kinda not so impressive. When it comes to mpg the 4 cyl is the winner, hands down.
  • You mean, everything you want in one car? What an unusual idea...
  • Could someone please explain the fundamentals of Toyota's pricing scheme? For example, if I get the invoice price of a new RAV4 off Edmunds, what are the hidden holdbacks, etc., hidden in that invoice? If an invoice cost is $25K, does that include holdbacks, advertising, etc., that I need to be aware of in negotiating?

    I have never purchased a Toyota and am considering purchasing a RAV4 4WD Limited 6cyl.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Try the Toyota RAV4: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion.

    There's also Dealer Holdback questions, Rebates, Incentives, APRs - Questions & Comments and Toyota Advertising Fees discussions.

    That's just the stuff we sort of know about - info about the swag, spiffs, bonuses and free cruises is tougher to come by. ;)
  • Interesting response about V6 mileage---I would think that 22mpg with local driving is impressive!!
    Highway mileage is fantastic!!! Beats any highway V6 RAV 4
    mileage I've heard of.
  • Yes..your right. But you see I want my cake and eat it too. I want good gas mileage while driving on both local roads and on the interstates....
    And about the Highway mileage I mentioned...when I drove that trip I made I did not go over 80mph. I kept my speed limit between 75 and 80....
  • DANG, 23 city and 30 on highway with a V6?!?! :)

    I would be ecstatic to get that kind of mileage. My '05 RAV(4WD L) only gets 20mpg in city, and 26-27mpg on highways (below 75mph), which is in the same ballpark as my '03 Maxima SE which has a 3.5L engine. :cry:
  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    I can confirm the MPG report. I've had my V6 Ltd. since April and have been closely tracking mileage. I consistantly get 23-24 in mixed driving. On trips I have gotten 29. You have to keep your foot out of it to get these results though.
  • Well, my driving style in the city is grandma-like. I start/stop slowly, and drive at 0-5 above speed limit. On the last tank (90% city)the mileage was calculated to be 19.67. :sick:

    I was thinking maybe there's a difference in the mechanism of the 4WD between the '05 and the '06 that causes the differences in mileage. Tell you the truth I don't even know the ins/outs of the 4WD system on my car. :blush:
  • all it needs to have a lift trunk instead of a conventional door.

    i hope they change that for next year model.
  • Plus a few more. Along with the rear hatch (get that spare tire off), I want to see a 5 speed auto for the 4 cylinder but really want the 4 cylinder hybrid from the Camry with CVT. Now you have the Perfect RAV-4!
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    I want to see a 5 speed auto for the 4 cylinder...

    No 5 speed auto in the 4 banger? The CR-V had that even before it's recent redesign.
  • well that spare tire will be elsewhere just like the CRV.
    If they did changed to a lift door(w/ that spare tire still there) it would be a pretty heavy to lift that back door ;)

    V6 baby, Toyota has done it right on the RAV4.
    Check out the tread on Price Paid, 90% agree on the 6 cylinders
  • Ia anyone out there able to buy a 2007 RAV4 below invoice yet? if so, where and how much. Thanks
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