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Toyota RAV4 2007



  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    As best I can find out the 2006 and 2007 are identical except side curtain bags are standard and JBL has bluetooth and Sat radio compatibility.

    I doubt very much that Toyota made any fixes to the 2007 at what is really a half year+ of production.

    I have driven several 2006 v6 Ravs and I thought the torgue steer is something you get used to pretty fast unless you are going to floor it at every traffic light. You do have to pay attention at highway speed if you make a hard accel so you stay in lane but I think that would be a natural thing.

    It is funny that at other sites some people claim there is no torgue steer!
  • People interested in how torque steer can affect Driving safety can refer to the following article:

    Had the opportunity of test-driving the Rav4 V6 model during early Spring this year on snow/slippery road condition and I found it takes more than "getting used to" in properly controlling a vehicle with an out-of-proportion power-weight ratio vehicle. Being a mechanical engineer for 25 years I know how important it is to have balanced design on any machinery without over-emphasis on certain design-element of the machine, and there is no reason for anyone to risk their safety in driving an improperly designed vehicle, not to mention if that particular someone is your beloved family member.

    We can't expect any "other people claimed there is no torque steer at other sites" to be valid statement every time as opinion's validity lies with individual's technical knowledge, keen observation and analytical capacity.

    Severe competition lately in auto industry drives auto-makers to push out new models without detail engineering their products, and sharing valid information prior to vehicle purchase instead of subsequent regret is one of virtue of having this forum.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Well I looked at the Mazda test thing and it occured to me that you have the solution in hand or should I say foot? Use the Happyharry "torgue management system": When you feel torgue steer coming on...ease up on the gas! That is what Mazda is doing.
  • I have the AWD v-6 sport RAV4. Torque steer is noticable when I accelerate close to or at full throttle. It is not unmanageable, and it is worse if you are not going in a straight line. But I wouldn't recommend flooring it while turning anyways. I've accelerated quite heavily while making a turn from a standstill, and it's fine as long as you don't just mash the gas into the floor without some regulation.

    It stems from the FWD being the primary mode of operation and the fact that the rear would get a max of 40% distrubtion of power if needed. Not the best AWD system, but not bad considering it kicks in pretty quick. (I floored it in the dirt and got minimal wheel spin at the front wheels with the 4WD lock turned off) A better AWD system is on the Subaru's b/c it's symetrical (always on) but then people would complain about the reduced gas mileage). Wonder if it would be better if Toyo had rear wheel drive by default instead. The V-6 IS fun in the RAV!
  • To 3rd row owners. I may be buying a Rav4 w/3rd row (dealer xfer) sight unseen. I know the limitations (kids only, kneecaps in your face, etc) and it would be for emergency use only (extra child friend along for ride to games, movies, etc) so no one should feel the need to warn me.

    I have a question on the exact mechanics of getting to the 3rd row. I know the second row slides forward and folds mostly flat. But does it tumble up toward the driver seat also, or do you have to sort of crawl over the back corner of the folded seat? If a seat does tumble forward, is it only the small seat (of the 60/40 split)? (Meaning 3rd row access is only from passenger side?).

  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    You crawl over
  • emc17emc17 Posts: 26
    My 2003 Highlander (perfect car) lease is due in a few months and I am considering the Rav4 V6 2WD Limited. After reading some of the posts of the 2006 I am getting skeptical about the car. Can anyone tell me if the 2007 has less problems? or have been resolved? New in the forum, enjoy very much the discussions. :)
  • I have the black Limited 2006 and aside from it getting dusty quickly, I still like it better than silver because in my city of Las Vegas, silver is everywhere. I bought one of those California Dusters (I think that's the name) and dust it off everyday versus washiing it constantly. It helps. I also avoid parking next to people in order to avoid scratches and dents, at least for a little while. :-)I haven't seen a black '06 yet other than mine. I originally wanted blue, but they don't offer that color in our region. The '06 and '07 is identical except for side curtain standard and bluetooth capabilities.
  • My parents 2007 V6 Limited in the savannah metalic (champagne color) with the tan leather and ALL options except the entertainement center arrived Monday. For some reason they decided they did not want that option.

    Their color choice with interior was really good though.

    The ordered it about 6 weeks ago.

    SWEEEEETTTT!!!! :)

    Oh it is longer than the 2006 as another difference.
  • Howdy emc17!

    The 2007s are just arriving so it will be a while before problem tracking gets going I would think.
  • Do they live in Vegas also? What dealership did they get it from? Hopefully not Desert...they told us a bunch of BS when we ordered ours. How much bigger is it?
  • "Oh it is longer than the 2006 as another difference"

    According to the specs for the 07:

    Length: 181.1 in. Width: 71.5 in.
    Height: 66.3 in. Wheel Base: 104.7 in.
    Ground Clearance: 7.5 in. Curb Weight: 3300 lbs.
    Gross Weight: 4430 lbs.
    Front Head Room: 40.8 in. Front Hip Room: 53.8 in.
    Front Shoulder Room: 57.1 in. Rear Head Room: 39.7 in.
    Rear Shoulder Room: 55.3 in. Rear Hip Room: 52.4 in.
    Front Leg Room: 41.8 in. Rear Leg Room: 38.3 in.
    Luggage Capacity: 37.2 cu. ft. Maximum Cargo Capacity: 73 cu. ft.
    Maximum Seating: 7

    Which is identical to the 06.
  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    emc17 - I wouldn't get too excited about some of the "issues" identified here. I get the feeling that a hang nail could put some of these people into a comma. I've had my V6 LTD, with every option except a DVD, since April and haven't had a single problem of any kind and I'm kind of picky about my cars.
  • There were no exterior changes, so it's not any bigger. The 2006 and 2007 brochures I have give the exact same exterior dimensions.
  • My cousin owns some Toyota dealerships (not in Nevada) so he worked with Toyota USA and a dealership here to just process the order and receive it for my parents. My cousin did all the order work for my parents (with a fleet guy)so that they would not have to.

    My parents only had to go pick it up and drop off a check and pick up the car.

    We did not have the $$ to buy one (even base) so we went and got a Suzuki Aerio SX (last year of model) and love that too!

    Oh, if you do ever get a Suzuki, United was awesome in getting us a sweet deal without having to talk to a bunch of people.

    My uncle worked 30 years with GM so we get family deal on those also.

    Yah, I guess on the length it was the 2006 that got longer. So that makes the only changes: standard with seat-mounted side airbags for both front passenger and driver, as well as two curtain airbags. Bluetooth is available as an option.
  • emc17emc17 Posts: 26
    At least someone has a perfect Rav4.!!I thought that most came with the droning and transmission problem mentioned here. I had a 2001 Rav4 for 2 years and switched it for a Highlander because I couldn't stand the ride and lack of power, not to mention the horrible stereo. Now, Im very excited about the new Rav4 since it is bigger and is offered with a V6 and amenities similar to the Highlander. I love my car but I always liked a smaller size. I guess I will wait till some 07 owner start posting their concerns, since my lease will be over in a few months.
  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    emc17 - BTW shouldn't that be EMC2? Perhaps it's not an Einstein reference :)

    It's a vocal bunch on these websites which can lead one to believe the sky is falling. Go look at any of the other auto brand forums and you'll find a similar "problems" thread. Nobody makes a perfect car. The human element on the assembly line ensures that won't happen. That's why they give you a warranty.
  • I just took delivery of my new Limited V6 and wondering where is the best place to find add-os like weathertech mats, mud guards, bug shield, etc. I found some of these items on what I think is a Toyota web site but I figure that will be dealer prices. Also has anyone seen a cargo mat for the RAV 4 with the 3rd row seat? Thanks
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Nobody makes a perfect car. The human element on the assembly line ensures that won't happen. That's why they give you a warranty."

    Oh, that is so 1970's. They use robots to assemble the cars these days.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Lots of stuff on E-Bay from Deland Toyota.Also mats etc. Just search 2006 RAV4. Mud flaps are $31 on Ebay.

    Also try TRD Toyota parts at Dallas. Reasonable prices for stuff you cannot get on E-Bay. Low price on oil filters etc.
  • jimd4jimd4 Posts: 877
    Don't forget, the robots are built and programmed by humans!

    The car is put together by robots. The parts are put together by people.

    The new cars are much better but not perfect all the time.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Well said. The only thing I can add is that not every part of the car is assembled (put together) by robots. Sometimes it's the robot that brings the part to a person for assembly.
  • I read the comments, it's pretty funny. I too at first was like "dang that's a lot of buttons" but once you get used to it, it's just as easy as any other control. I also like the buttons versus the knobs. I think they look classier, less bulky. I like my buttons! :)
  • Hello everyone! Just picked up my '07 RAV yesterday and I'm happy to report that I ma not feeling any buyer's remorse today. I bought it through the Costco Auto Buyer program for $500 over dealer invoice.

    Bought the Sport with JBL stereo, and the window sticker says "satellite ready", and I was wondering if anyone has had any luck installing satellite w/o using Wireless FM Modulation? I've had a Sirius subscription since their 1st generation receivers came out, and now I'm Siriusly Jonesing for my sat radio.

    Do I need to buy a receiver and use the FM Modulation, or can I use a satellite reciever that sits under the seat?

  • The "satellite ready" part means that you add the Toyota satellite kit and it all works as part of the radio system. You won't use a modulator, it will be integrated into the radio inputs.

  • joeygejoeyge Posts: 4
    I'm considering a new RAV4 and have been checking out the sat radio also. I have a Sirius sportster that I take from my car to the house and connect via a dock and a direct line in. Don't FM modulate, the sound is horrible. That's why you have an input in the bottom of the center storage section, so you can plug in a cable between your radio and the line-out input on the back of your dock.

    You won't be able to run the sat off your radio controls but you will get great sound until you buy the kit, if you do. Same thing with an iPod I imagine, plug it in direct and the sound quality is excellent. No re-tuning stations or static.

    How much is the kit anyway?

    Is there an iPod alternative other than what I just mentioned, one that will allow you to use the radio controls?

    The new CRV has a $399 MusicLink system for iPod, the Honda dealer tells me the drivers are bad and he wouldn't sell it to me. At least the CRV inputs are out in the open, right under the radio, not hidden at the bottom of the center storage unit. Bad choice Toyota!
  • Heres a heads up concerning the Sirius satellite radio:

    I've got a RAV4 Sport due in later this week. I asked my dealer rep about the sat. radio option. Here is his email response (take note of the "complication"):

    The JBL system is satellite ready and the cost is about $400 to install the antenna and receiver. I believe this may also come with a one year paid subscription. There is a complication. Toyota has released a technical service Bulletin or TSB indicating that there are problems with the Sirius radios. They have asked us not to install any more in the RAV4 or the Landcruiser until they rectify the situation. After delivery of your vehicle to you, we need to keep in close contact to make you aware of when this can be installed.

    .... thought you might want to know this....
  • I am looking to buy a 2007 Rav4 and one dealer said recently tha they had been told not to install XM Radio until at least December. They didn't specify what the problem is and I'm wondering if a solution is possible. I really want XM Radio in my new car so this is disappointing. Has anyone else heard about this issue ?
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