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Honda Accord Security System Questions



  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I don't know of a good way to test it.

    Just lock the doors with the window down and then reach in to unlock the door by pulling on the lock stem. Speaking from (ahem) experience.

    You can also press the panic button on the key fob.
  • jamesongjamesong Posts: 6
    At the gas station this morning I rolled down the driver side window, set the alarm (clicking "lock" twice on the fob and the horn sounded) and then pulled up on the lock stem and opened the door, the alarm didn't sound.

    I pushed the panic button when I got to work and it does go off when I press that.I just didn't know if the panic button was tied into the security system, or if it was on it's own.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Well, I guess that answers your question about the alarm working or not. Something must not be connecting correctly in the doors. Sounds like the panic button is separate.
  • jamesongjamesong Posts: 6
    Well, now that I've read some articles on it... I'm not 100% sure my car has the security system. I would think if the panic button sounded the alarm it would, but I'm not sure.
    I'm going to take a look this weekend to see if it does. I assume I would be looking for these parts to verify that it indeed does have the security system?

    Thanks for all the responses!
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I just went back and looked at your original post. You say that you have an SE but not the engine size. The 07 SE V6 has a security system but the 4 does not. Perhaps you have the I-4.
  • jamesongjamesong Posts: 6
    Yep. I have the 4cyl. Called the dealer to verify that today. Looks like I'll be purchasing the security kit as well (not from the dealer)

    Thanks for all the help!
  • carols2carols2 Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2006 Honda. Initially when I would use the key fob to lock and unlock the car there was no sound. The panic button did work. Recently I used the Home LInk to program my garage door opener. Now if I click the open button two times to open all the doors, the panic alarm goes off. I have to press the button once wait until it beeps and then press it again to open the other doors. I don't like the beeps and would like to turn them off. Today as I was driving the alarm system went off and I could only stop it by pressing a button on the fob. I tried turning the car off, but the alarm was still going. Really strange. Is there any link between the alarm system and the Home Link? What could I have done while training and programming the Home Link to have caused the alarm to become audible?
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Very odd. Not sure what you did but the car normally doesn't honk when unlocking. It will only honk when you lock it if you press the key fob lock button twice.
  • jandorjandor Posts: 2
    I am buying a new 2009 Honda Accord coupe EX-L. Correct me if I am wrong, but this comes standard with an immobilizer anti-theft key system. My dealer presented me with three further "improved" options to add to deter theft. The lowest price option was called "Secret". I did not understand all the details, but it is something that is attached directly to the car's computer, and disables the car from starting even more than the standard immobilizer. I believe they said it would immobilize even if a window were broken. It does not set off an audible alarm, and that is why it is called "Secret", I believe.

    Anyone know more about this? I cannot find anything on the web. Wondering if it is worth the extra cost ($421).

  • Not sure of the 'Secret', most likely the real secret is how much they make if you buy it.

    I am sure you have seen in this forum where some are having trouble with aftermarket security and remote start systems not integrating well with the factory system, so please choose wisely.

    Also, the factory anti-theft should qualify for the insurance discount (tiny). No alarm will get anyone to pay it much attention, or stop a determined thief who has a temporary ignition system or a tow truck / flatbed.
  • :confuse: Ran my battery out and now, recharged, the navigation has gone back to origall factory settings and is looking for a four digit password. not sure if i saved one or if it is just a general factory one. Need a password for my '08 accord navigation system.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Your password is on a small card they gave you when you bought the car. The radio has one too. If you can't find it you'll have to contact a Honda dealer.
  • Have a 2003 Honda Accord. Has the standard Honda remote entry and security system. At times both FOBS will not work to open the doors or disarm the security ssytem. Replaced battery in FOB so know no issues with FOB. Usually only happens when it's raining over ngiht. Car is parked outside. Manually openning doors will set off the alarm and putting key in ignition and turning to on position will not disable the alarm. Anyone have any idea what is happening and what needs to be done to get it fixed. Dealer had car for two weeks and didn't happen for them. Dealer stating they can't do anything until it fails for them
  • you might have already seen my other posting about my car locks cycling after the after-factory installed anti-theft security system triggers the locks. after reading some of these postings though, it got me to thinking...I don't even know if they ever unhooked my alarm system that came installed originally on my car (94 honda accord ex)! i don't know why, but I still have the keyring button remote in my glove it possible that it could have turned itself on again and perhaps my problems are the two systems conflicting with one another? just a thought... :confuse:
  • I have a 1993 Accord that was stolen a few days ago. I found it a couple of days later none the worse for wear. It seems kids like to steal this model often. They tried to remove the cd player and door speakers but weren't bright enough to figure out how to get the door panels off and they didn't realize the CD player would not work without the face plate. They left the CD player and the harness adapter laying on the floor. While I was making repairs to the harness I remembered that Honda had a security plug installed at the bottom of the dash board. I recall the salesman saying that for a sum of money you could get a thumb plug that would allow you to remove the mini-PC card and thus disable the starting system when you are not using the car. Anyone know what the Honda offcial name for this option was?

    thanks in advance
  • auburn6auburn6 Posts: 17
    That I can remember Honda didnt offer a factory option for this but dealers used aftermarket companies for that. The only factory option that I remember set off a horn alarm but did not disable the ignition. I have seen what you are talking about and that does take away the signal to the starter but do not know who makes it..
  • auburn6auburn6 Posts: 17
    I have read several post about alarms going off and just wanted to add that if they are going off for 2 min then it is a tripped sensor, if it is for 30 secounds then it is the panic being activated. Some systems allow you to pull history from them and find out which, other dealer installed system you can tell by the flashes of lights and horn beeps afterwards before setting it again and some is a guessing game.
    The panic 30 secound problem is usally always something to do with the key fob or the owner accidently initiating it.
    The 2 minuite alarm most of the time is a bad hood switch, normal position for most models is a open switch at closed position which allows for a voltage referance signal to the computer and closed( grounded) when open. If your model has one you should be able to find the micro switch on the bottom of the latch. You may have to remove it to check it unless you know how to do mode 1 and 2 multiplex test on like 98 and above..
  • we disconnected the battery on a 1991 honda accord, now that we have reconnected it we cant turn the key because of an antitheft device on the car how do we fix that and override it
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    This may be a dumb question, but have you wiggled the steering wheel? The steering wheel is made to lock to prevent theft without a key. Turning the wheel left or right while attempting to turn the key may solve your problem.
  • jbannerjbanner Posts: 1
    I have a 99 honda accord ex. today the car alarm is going off when I open the door and when I manually unlock any door. It goes off for three minutes. I finally had to disconnect the car horn. Any suggestions on how to deactivate the alarm system manually?
  • 1997 honda accord alarm issuesjust purchased this honda drove it for a few days, got home and tried to drive again the car wont start at all. No lights in the dash, but hoorn blows. Can someone tell me whats going on? By the way battery is fully charged and starter has power going through it.
  • lrhhhhlrhhhh Posts: 1
    My 99 Honda Accord EX did the same thing today when coming out of church at all times!!!! My husband opened the passenger side door. I need to add my power locks do not work nor does my remote. To further complicate things my drivers side lock does not work. So I must unlock the passenger side door and unlock the drivers side door by crawling over the seat. The passenger side door was left unlocked today, he simply opened the door and the alarm went off. My remote is a piece and of course would not stop the alarm. I thought by starting the car the alarm should stop it did not. It finally timed out after about 3 minutes. When we got home when I opened my door to get out it went off again. We had to disconnect the battery to get it to shut up. I thought I would just find the fuse for the horn, not realizing that the headlights and the flashers still go off when the alarm is going off. We found the relay for the horn under the hood and pulled it. When hooking the battery back up the alarm was still going minus the horn. It would time out but when opening the door again it would go off again. Finally took the key and locked and unlocked the passenger door from outside the car. The alarm finally stopped. Not sure what that was all about it has never happened before hope like hell it does not happen again. Frustrating!!!! :blush:
  • odigoodigo Posts: 1
    My car didn't start in the morning - i was able to open it with the remote but the car wont start.

    I just came back from work and couldn't open it with the remote. i hooked it up to my other car for a jump start. When i attached the cables the alarm started and i couldn't stop it with the key so I inserted the key into the ignition and turned it - not to full way - and the alarm stopped. But i also saw a spark from the cables. i tried to jump start the car after this but nothing is happening - not even when i turn the key all the way - no cranking nothing... is this because the battery is totally dead or i did something to the anti-theft? thanks
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    edited May 2010
    You said you saw spark from the cables. Cables shouldn't spark. Signs of sparking is most likely a dirty connection. If it's at the battery, a simple (and cheap) battery post brush will do the trick. You'll need to remove the battery clamps, clean the clamp and post, and replace the clamp. Do one at a time. The brush is available at any auto supply store.

  • jkelley02jkelley02 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2007 Accord EX-L and it has a security system. The system is very sensitee and goes off when the second garage door opens, the dog barks etc...does any one know of a way to "deactivate" the alarm when it is in my garage.

    Any help would be apprecited.

  • I have a 93 accord and I use an Autolock-x brake or clutch lock....long story short I no longer have the key to remove the lock... short of having to call a welder to torch it off does any one else have any ideas? I've contacted the manufacturer and was told SOL they don't send out replacement keys. I've been thinking of removing the clutch peddal itself, however I'm not sure if that's the easiest way. Thanks!!!
  • I have a 93 accord and I use an Autolock-x brake or clutch lock....long story short I no longer have the key to remove the lock... short of having to call a welder to torch it off does any one else have any ideas? I've contacted the manufacturer and was told SOL they don't send out replacement keys. I've been thinking of removing the clutch peddal itself, however I'm not sure if that's the easiest way. Thanks!!! :cry:
  • I don't have experience with this item, but after looking at various reviews of it there appears to be two good options:

    1) Several people feel that a locksmith with any experience on this type of lock should be able to pick it open. So check with a couple of locksmiths that do road service.

    2) If its the earlier model (not the PRO), you may be able to use a long prybar between the two legs of the device and bend the shorter one enough to wiggle it off the pedals. Between the nice long handle on the lock and a long prybar, you should get some decent leverage.
  • I recenty had my battery changed. All was well until I just got in my car to go some place. The car started but couldn't put it in reverse. I noticed yesterday when I locked it the horn didn't blow on the second click. Now my cruise control stays on as it show TCS on the dash. Don't know if that has anything to do with it. HELP. I can't go anywhere and today is Sunday and all service at Honda is closed. I spoke with sales but no one knows anything about these systems. I need to go to work tomorrow at 6:30am and service doesn't open until 7am. Any help out there?
  • My Remote key activates the system and opens the trunk, but the doors will not lock or unlock.When I press the lock button you can hear a faint click and the drivers door latch knob tries to move, then quits. I have changed the remote battery twice (just to be sure the first one was ok). I have checked the #8 fuse. The door latches operate fine using the in-door switch. I have pulled the door panel off and remove and reinstalled all electrical connectors (just in case there was a bad connection). The problem remains unchanged. Any ideas???
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