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Kia Sedona Starting/Stalling/Idling Problems



  • brandih,
    My 2006 Kia Sedona did it again. The starter will not turn over. I had it towed to the dealer. Of course it started right up at there. The dealer is is not willing to change the instrument control panel module unless the part is not working when they check it. I wanted to know if by changing that part in your van it did solve the starting problem? Thanks.
  • Towed to the dealer for the second time in 3 weeks today. Last time they said it was a faulty fuse block and replaced it. This morning it wouldn't start again. 3 strikes and they are buying this thing back.. Traded in an 01 Silhouette on this thing that never once left us stranded.. Should have known better!
  • vannervanner Posts: 47
    Just curious ohiodad - what part of Ohio are you in?
  • I have been through all of this on my Sedona. Presume yours is the diesel? Going through main dealers they wanted to change main board etc. and was out of warranty and would have cost a fortune. Car wouldn't start but just turn over on the starter. Go back half an hour later and it would start. Long story short, it was the immobiliser at the diesel pump shutting off the fuel. Small back street electrical shop found it and removed the offending part and replaced the main valve at the pump all for £100 compared to the dealers guess which was to be £500 and wouldn't have fixed it.
  • ohiodad,
    After some more research the starting problem on my Kia Sedona was discovered. I called the service manager at Kia of Cheyenne(thanks Marty) and found out the part they replaced on brandih's Sedona was the Junction Box (the small fuse box located by the drivers left knee). So far that vehicle is not causing any more problems. I passed this info on to our local dealer here in Burlington, WA. After two days of persistent trouble shooting the service manager (thanks Robbie) was able to duplicate the starting problem. By Jiggling the Junction Box she was able to get it to start again. They are now replacing that part. Good luck.
  • I'm in Hilliard, West side of Columbus..
  • Hey james61,
    Thanks for the info.. Last time in they told me ours started right up when it got there but they fixed a sliced wire on the fuse block. Then they tried to pass me paperwork that said unable to duplicate problem. I of course made them fix this. Last night my wife made a quick stop after work only to get stranded again. So it was towed to the dealer again for the 3rd time in less than a month now... I asked the tow truck driver to try to start it when he got there and he did and it wouldn't start. Today they tell me again that it started right up this morning.. They can't duplicate the problem in the shop.. Meanwhile I continue to be frustrated...
  • brandihbrandih Posts: 7
    Yes, it solved the problem. Weeks have passed and it's started every time.
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    Well after calling the service area the next day after reading james61's reply and suggesting they check the junction box.. The service area told me they were able to duplicate the problem after 20 restarts.. They replaced the junction box that james61 described in his post above.. and knock on wood so far so good...
  • ramblinmoramblinmo Posts: 38
    Update 3/19/07. Problem is back. Dealer able to recreate the problem briefly and then it ran fine. Reset some electrical connections.

    The common denominator is that it has been either very humid or it has rained recently when the stalling happens.

    I'm about ready to trade it off and let someone else and the dealer worry about it.
  • THIS IS LENGTHY BUT PLEASE STICK WITH ME HERE! My 2004 Kia Sedona has 24,000 miles on it and is still in the 3 year 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper part of the warranty (the car has an additional warranty of 10 years, 100,000 miles).

    In early December of 2006, the check engine light came on and the car immediately lost power. My daughter limped it back home from about a mile away. AAA towed it the next day to Albert Kia in Rehoboth. MA. We had purchased the car there in 2004 but it was a Herb Chambers dealership at that time. In any case, about 3 days later, the service manager from Albert Kia called and said the car had a blown engine and that it would be replaced under warranty. However, we needed to bring in all the oil change records because we had never had the car serviced there and they had no record that the car was properly maintained.

    We went to our mechanic and he ran all the oil change and service records for the car. Within 2 days, these were brought to Albert Kia and we were told that the engine would be ordered and the car ready in about a week. Once the week passed, we called the dealership to see how things were going. Mr. Albert informed my daughter that the entire service department was let go and he was closing his business. I called Kia USA and informed them as to what had happened. Later that day, the rep from Kia USA told me that they were going to tow my car to Balise Kia in Warwick, RI. By days' end, the car was at Balise.

    Two days later, Scott, the service manager at Balise, called to tell me that he and the district manager had looked at the car and it was determined that it had 5 liters too much oil in it. I mentioned to Scott that a blown head gasket would make it look like there was too much oil because in those instances the oil mixes with the radiator fluid. Scott said the oil looked too thick for that to be the case.

    I called Mr. Albert from The now defunct Albert Kia to see if he could locate his former service manager as the diagnosis he made was never entered into the computer system so there was no proof of his original diagnosis. Mr. Albert said he would try and about 5 hours later he called me back to report he had had no success in reaching the old service manager.

    I told Scott that the service manager at Albert Kia had already diagnosed the car and reported a blown engine, never once mentioning anything about too much oil or any other abuse to the car. We were told the engine would be ordered and the job performed under warranty. Scott said the district manager had made the determination and that there was nothing he could do for me. I called Kia USA again and spoke with the rep. She said that she would bump the case up to a higher authority. I asked her if I could speak with the DM directly before she did that. She basically said that the DM's don't typically speak directly with the customers. That, she said, was the purpose of her job. I demanded to speak to the DM before the case was bumped up. She called the DM (with me on the line) and it went to voice mail. She left my name and number (I could hear the entire conversation). So, I waited 5 days for this DM to call back before calling Kia USA again. The rep now said my case was bumped upstairs. I explained that I clearly had wanted to speak with the DM before this happened but it happened anyway. I was told that I would be contacted within 72 hours for my side of the story. Within the 72 hours, Jeff from Kia USA called and informed me that he had my case. After a brief review of the entire story, Jeff asked me to fax over the service records to him.

    He said once he had those, he'd see what he could do. I had the service records re-printed once again from the mechanic and faxed them over to Jeff the next morning. That was on January 9th, 2007. I called January 16th to make sure the papers were there and to see what progress had been made. When I called the number and extension Jeff had given me, it went to voice mail for a gentleman named Andrew. I pressed "O" for the operator, as I thought I had been connected to the wrong extension. It was the right extension. Turns out that Jeff was no longer with the company. The operator said to leave the message with Andrew. She said that if Andrew was the new case worker he'd call. If not, he'd call anyway to let me know who's working on the case now.

    Russell Stuart from KIA USA called back to say he was the new case worker. He had reviewed the case but was trying to find out where Jeff had placed the copies of the service records. I re-faxed those over to him to save the time and effort it would take to locate these for the third time. Russell Stuart called back later in the week to tell me the decision was final and that Kia would not cover any part of the repair. The repair would rest on me. The DM, he said, has refused to reverse his decision. I questioned Russell about the previous diagnosis from Albert Kia of a blown engine and he said "maybe the service department was let go because they were incompetent". To my understanding, the whole dealership folded up due to money problems. So now Russell and Kia were dismissing the original diagnosis as one of incompetence. Russell said, "Mr. Brosco, I'm not saying that you under-maintained your vehicle - I'm saying that you OVER-MAINTAINED your vehicle. I asked if I could take this to an unbiased mechanic, one who would have nothing to gain by the decision (like a AAA certified mechanic).

    I was told that if anyone other than a Kia dealer looked into the engine, the warranty would be void. I was offered the opportunity to take this vehicle to another Kia dealer, but with the same DM, what would be the point. I went to Balise Kia to have the car towed by AAA from that dealership to a family mechanic. The first thing I did, upon seeing the car for the first time in over a month, was ask Scott, the Balise service manager, for a garage rag. I immediately went out to the parking lot and checked the oil. Much to my amazement, the oil was BARELY over the fill line. Where were these 5 extra quarts/liters? I went back inside and told Scott that the oil was barely over the fill line.

    He told me that I needed to start the car before checking the oil. I immediately knew that I was speaking with someone who clearly knew nothing about cars. As the car was being placed on the flatbed of the tow truck, the Kia DM miraculously showed up and came out to the parking lot. This was the first time I had met him face-to-face or spoken directly to him. I asked where this extra 5 liters of oil was. He said that he never said that. I told him that Russell at Kia USA said that the extra oil was the problem with the car.

    The DM checked the oil, noted that it was barely over the fill line and again said that he never said that the car had 5 liters of extra oil in it and that he'd call Russell to set the record straight. The DM removed the oil cap, looked at the underside and said, "Here
  • ramblinmoramblinmo Posts: 38
    Looking forward to the rest of the story. You story is not indicative of all Kia products or experiences with service. It sounds like a string of bad circumstances.

    The KIA DM(s) behavior so far, is pretty out of line and should be shouted far and wide.

    There was another forum somewhere that I had seem some major suit VP of ???? from Kia participating in the discussion.

    It would be good to pass this story on to them. Don't give up.
  • Here's the rest of the story....enjoy!

    Here's the problem - See all this sludge on the back of this cap? This car has never had an oil change.

    So now we go from over-maintained to under-maintained. I asked if the sludge on the back of the cap was the result of a blown head gasket and what we were looking at was the result of oil mixing with radiator fluid. The DM said he thought not. I said, "If that's the case, where's all the fluid in the radiator overflow container? It was almost empty. The DM got mad and said to one of the mechanics, "Take the car into the shop. We're going to remove the front valve cover". The DM told me that if the underside of the valve cover had the same sludge on it as the oil filler cap did, he wasn't going to cover anything. The car was taken into the shop and the valve cover was removed. Once removed, I was called into the service bay and shown the results.

    The underside of the valve cover had a thick, almost pudding-like buildup on the underside - but it was only on the left half of the cover. The other half looked pretty normal. I questioned why the sludge was on just one half. The DM said it was possibly the result of the engine being mounted in the car one inch lower on the left and favoring that corner. Sounded like total bull to me. I then repeated that the sludge, to me, looked like the result of oil mixing with radiator fluid.

    At this time, my son (an ASE Certified Master Technician) was also on the phone speaking with the DM at the same time and hearing the conversation that all 3 of us were having. My son made the point that if the car had never had an oil change in the 24,000 miles of ownership, it would not look like this. In fact the DM even said to the both of us that If he knew nothing about this vehicle and saw this valve cover, he would have told me that the car had been driven 80,000 to 100,000 miles without ever having an oil change. He also seemed to be hinting that we may have turned back the odometer. This angered me greatly. I asked the DM to view the oil filter, which he did.

    I asked if that was the original oil filter. He said it was not. So, I said to the DM, ok let's use your reasoning and say we under-maintained the car. Kia expects the oil to be changed every 5,000 miles. So let's say that we drove the car 5,000 miles and had the oil changed, as validated by the fact that the car does not have the original oil filter in it. The new oil would have been good to 10,000 miles. The car currently has 24,000 miles on it. Are you saying that the sludge I'm witnessing on this valve cover gasket is the result of driving with old oil for a mere 14,000 miles? The DM said no. That he had NEVER witnessed that much sludge on a car with 24,000 miles on it - still hinting that we may have turned back the odometer. I asked him if the tires on the care were the originals. He said they were. Which proved the car's mileage was, indeed, correct. So - with all that, the DM took digital photos of the valve cover and samples of the sludge to send to a lab for analysis. He said if the tests come back and there is something other than oil in this sludge, I will stand corrected and repair the car. Indeed a few days later, I was called and told the decision stood. The lab showed that nothing was mixed in the sludge. It was merely oil. A week later, the car was towed to my son's service garage.

    It should be noted that Balise Kia went out of business, as well, a week after my car left their dealership. When my son looked at the car, a few days later, the first thing he did was run the car and let it warm up for about 20 minutes. Previous to this, the car had not been left to run for more than a minute since the check engine light first appeared. Upon warming up and taking the car into the service bay, my son removed the oil filler cap and surer than hell, the underside of the cap was the same color as the radiator fluid - a strong indication of a blown head gasket (my original diagnosis that was dismissed by the DM). In addition, the computer showed that the 2nd and 4th cylinders were skipping. In addition, these two cylinders are on the front of the motor - all the way on the left which is EXACTLY where we saw all the sludge build-up on the underside of the valve cover AND directly underneath the oil filler cap (explaining why there was this pudding-like sludge on the filler cap).

    My son also found a Kia issued technical service bulletin stating that some 2004 Sedona models with the 3.5 liter engine had a defect that left a score mark at the #6 cylinder on the head, resulting in head gasket failure. My vehicle was built 4 weeks after Kia said they corrected the problem so Kia (who never even mentioned this service bulletin)will not lend any credence to this theory either. If my son takes apart the engine and finds the exact scoring at the #6 cylinder as described in the technical service bulletin, he will have voided the warranty. If a Kia dealer does the work, the same DM will be involved and he'll likely still refuse to cover the warranty work because we will have made a mockery of his original decision or he'll claim that the ar was made outside the service bulletin dates. In either case, I'm not going to be covered.

    This is a vehicle that was well maintained. It only has 24,000 miles on it and has been very reliable up to this point. The 3 year/36,000 mile warranty is still in effect, as well as the 10 year/100,000 mile and we're just getting a run around. Let's also not forget that the original dealership diagnosed the car and said it had a blown engine. It should also be noted that in all of this I have never been handed one piece of paperwork from either dealership. NOTHING. We haven't been asked to sign anything.

    There is NO PAPERWORK trail on any of this. Sure seems strange based on my experience with other manufacturers/dealers.
  • ramblinmoramblinmo Posts: 38
    (Will this post get pulled?)

    If you do a g o o g l e search for Kia forums, the first link you will find has a forum that has a person that says they work for Kia. Second post under the Kia Carens & Rondo forum titled "Just bought a Rondo EX V6"

    You might want to share your story over there also. Sounds like this district manager needs a new line of work that doesn't involve dealing with customers.

    Kia can't afford bad publicity and Edmunds has a ton of viewers.

    If you haven't done a review of your Sedona, you might do so with an abbreviated version of your story. Just make sure you come back and give us updates and update your review if Kia makes good.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Very disappointing story. We are 2nd-time Sedona owners and obviously never had anything close to the experience you reported. Very sorry to hear about this.

    The worrying thing for me is, why would the Kia District Manager act like this? It seems to me his job performance must be driven by how many 'incidents' he is able to deny/refuse company responsibility? It makes no sense why he would treat a customer so poorly, unless it really matters to him personally that he NOT agree for Kia to repair the engine.

    The negative publicity of this story for Kia surely outweighs the cost -- what would this have been, a $1,000 repair? -- to just fix the vehicle in the first place?!

    You probably should have demanded some paperwork at several points during this process. This leaves you in a much weaker position, since all parties involved can deny or claim pretty much anything they want.
  • Thanks for the additional information. I do have an abbreviated version of this incident but I always go "full boat" if given the space because the whole scenario is almost unbelievable when told in its entirety. It seems the only way I can can make my point is to post this on all reputable sites. Thanks again for reading and for your guidance on where to take this from here.
  • The car served us well so don't be down on a Sedona. I really took a chance with the brand in 2004 because it was the only 5 star crash-rated mini van at the time. I wanted safety for my daughter and granddaughter. I can't imagine what the motivation is for this DM to be acting this way. My lease is up in June and I was planning on getting another Sedona. Needless to say....I've canceled that thought.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    We took an even bigger plunge...bought a 2002 Sedona EX about halfway through that first model year. It was extremely reliable, very few warranty repairs, no non-warranty repairs. We traded it in @ 73k miles on a new 2006 EX. So far, we are pleased with the '06 after just 4k miles. This one has not been back to the dealer for any problems yet.

    It just worries me that Kia's district/regional manager issue resolution process MIGHT really be terrible and very unlikely to do the right thing for the customer. I won't be selling my Sedona out of fear, but it sticks in the back of my mind as a down point.
  • Bought my 06 LX back in Oct. I have 5,000 on it and only a slow lead in one of the tires. I'm glad to here the good reports on the van. Reading all the bad one's gets me a little worried. I love it but the gas mileage could be better but then its not my daily driver so I can live with the mileage.
  • My Entourage (4200 miles bought on Nov 25th build date of June 14,2006)would not start, I put the key in the ignition as always, dash lit up but the starter did not turn over, did not hear any click from the solenoid either. Hyundai towed it to the dealership on Saturday afternoon, and put the keys in the drop box, as service closed at 2:00pm
    I read the manual but the Imobiliser (IC chip in ignition key) symbol (supposed to look like a mini van with a key on its side) did not appear on the instrument panel, so that was not it.
    I read Edmonds town talk on the Entourage and Sedona sites, something was said about
    (On Feb 16th James61 called the service manager at Kia of Cheyenne and found out) the part they replaced on brandih's Sedona was the Junction Box (the small fuse box located by the drivers left knee).

    So, this morning I drove over to the Dealers lot, found my car in the back, I have an extra set of keys and remote. I removed the Fuse box cover (at the drivers left knee) and jiggled a bunch of wires behind the panel, one has a yellow connecter and clip which I undid, unplugged and replugged, but that did not fix it. Then I grabbed the bigger bunch of wires behind the fuse panel and next to the yellow connecter. It has some sort of gray plastic clip holding the wires close to the back of the fuse panel. I loosened the clip but could not unplug anything, I could not see well enough to know whether that was just a wire harness holder or a connector. Any way I wiggled the heck out of that bunch of wires but still it would not start. Then I wiggled the fuse panel itself (it feels a bit flimsy), and at the same time (for no particular reason), I set and undid the Parking brake. It caused a little vibration when the pedal returned to the off position. THE VAN STARTED RIGHT UP, AND HAS DONE SO WITHOUT FAULT ALL DAY TODAY (approx 12 times, lot of errands today).
    I’m not sure how to report this to the dealer, but they have my keys and a towing bill, hopefully I can get this documented somehow in case this happens again (hope its not a lemon).
    Thanks for listening… anymore updates?
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    Have them replace that junction box... Mine was towed 3 times.. Since that was changed... no problems...
  • Thanks for your reply. They want to replace what they are calling "instrument cluster assembly" part number 940014J540. Is this the part you're calling a Junction box? Would you mind looking up your sevice receipt and give me the part numbers your dealer replaced. Thanks Bill
  • My Sedona has a snapped timing belt. Two thousand miles before the belt was due for renewal. The belt alone is £95. To buy that and all of the idlers atc to be certain everything is OK comes to about £300. If it has bent any valves, the head gasket alone is over £70. These prices are ridiculous and so are all of the costs for the other parts on the Sedona. For to replace the rusted through heater pipes to the back heater on mine it was over £300. That is just for to buy the two pipes!
    Have to say that I will never buy another Kia. If anyone is thinking of buying one, just ring the parts department and get a few prices on parts.
    Shame really. I love the van but if the valves are bent on mine then I am afraid I will be scrapping it. That is at five years old. Never had one that has cost me so much in repairs.
  • ohiodadohiodad Posts: 25
    Mine just said replaced junction box... I'll double check the part number though.. Trust me prior to that they replaced the fuse block and something else and neither worked... So I wouldn't be surprised if they replace a few other things first...
  • I will really appreciate it if you can find that part number, nothing strikes more fear into me than to have someone putting their hands behind my dashboard, on an exploratory hunt. Thanks Bill
  • This is a follow up to my previous post. Today April 11, 2007, My Florida Hyundai replaced the "Junction Box Assembly" pn 91954-4d090.
    I was in contact with a Cheyenne WY Kia dealership, and they replaced the junction box,pn is either 91950 4d020 or 91950 4d040 depending on your vin # filter., on a different van.
    Sounds like a similar part. I hope this fixes my NO start condition. Thanks for listening....
  • jmlinvbjmlinvb Posts: 2
    I know you posted this last year, which incidentily was when I started having the same problem with my 2002 Sedona EX.

    Multiple trips to the dealer. They said it was because I needed a transmission service. So I paid for that and it did not help. Thought that the transmission was bad because it only did this in Drive, not in Neutral or Park. Then they replaced the transmission and called me to pick it up. I get out of the parking lot and it is jerking (hiccuping) again. Never stalls but acts like it is going to. Next trip in I am told that I need a new fuel filter, a fuel injector cleaning. I called my father (ASE Certified Master Mech) and he said it couldn't be fuel filter or injectors if I could do 80 without a problem which I have no problem doing. So I declined and gave up. I did get my fuel injectors cleaned at another place and it did not help (except for my mpg). After 4 months & weeks without a car & fighting with Kia I gave up. Figured it wasn't going to leave me stranded. Drove it for a year like that. Jerking, jumping, acting like it was going to stall (rpm dropped to 0).

    I took my van in today for the timing belt, brakes (at 64,000!!!) and complained again. Ironically, the service advisor says they have encountered it since then and have figured out it is the plentium. It was getting to much air into the engine. They called and said I should replace spark plugs since the engine was apart, I agreed. So I picked it up tonight and so far no jerking, lunging, hiccuping. I hold my breath at every stop light waiting for it to return. Hopefully, this is the cure.

    I did tell them it would have been nice if they would have called me when they figured it out, since I was on first name basis with the whole garage and basically spent months there.

    So I am not crazy afterall.
  • ramblinmoramblinmo Posts: 38

    Never heard of it. What is it?
  • 11b33t11b33t Posts: 51
    I think the word they're referring to might be "plenum' quote "An intake air plenum is generally known in the field of automotive engine design as a chamber located between the throttle body and the lower manifold of an intake manifold that is used to distribute the intake charge evenly to the combustion chamber. Conventional and factory-installed intake air plenums generally include a sharp ninety (90) degree turn between the inlet air flange and the outlet air flange, so that air through the plenum is forced into a sharp turn that decreases air flow." end quote Found this tidbit on the following website: Patent Storm
  • lishielishie Posts: 1
    A couple weeks ago, our '04 Sedona started chirping and flashing its lights while sitting parked (off) in the garage. My husband thought one of the kids was playing with the car's keyless entry remote, but they were in the bath, no one near the keys. We haven't tried to drive it since until a few days ago. It's got nothing. The key won't turn, no lights, keyless entry doesn't work, we can't get it out of park to push it out of the garage. My husband has a battery charger and charged it thinking an interior light was left on, still nothing. Has anyone encountered this or have any ideas? To even have it towed, it will need to be drug out of the garage and I'm worried this will cause further damage. The main fuse seems to be fine.
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