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Kia Sedona Starting/Stalling/Idling Problems



  • Hello,

    I own 2006 Kia Sedona EX and like the people who posted here earlier, I'm having the same starting problem. The car won't start, no crank sound, power seems okay, etc. It's already been to the shop for the three times. For the first visit, they replaced the starter. For the second visit, (after reading the posts here) I suggested them to replace the junction box and they replaced it. And I had the problem again(!). This time the dealership people said that the car started okay when they tried there and couldn't duplicate the issue.

    I'm currently talking to the Kia consumer assistance center now so that they can repurchase this crap. If this doesn't work, I'll invoke the lemon law procedure.

    I am wondering if the people who had the same problem before and fixed it in one way or another haven't had any bad experience afterward. Would you let me know?

    Also, if any of you have had Kia to buy back your lemon before, please share any tips, experience, etc.

    Thank you in advance!
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    I am sorry to hear you are having so many problems. One of the major complaints and it seems where Kia dropped the ball, to a certain extent, is electrical gremlins. For the most part they did build a very good vehicle but obviously if your van sometimes will start sometimes will not it is incredible frustrating. Something you might want to check is this recall. Note on the bottom the inability to start the vehicle.

    Kia Sedona Recall # 06V349000- ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:WIRING


  • tdonahuetdonahue Posts: 10

    Our Kia Sedona 2006 was towed to the dealer this morning for the third time for not starting. The first time they said it was a loose push pin in the fuse box by the drivers
    left knee. The second time a dead battery, which I don't believe, because we had lights, and power everywhere and the van wouldn't turn over even when I tried to jump start it.
    My concern is they didn't want to have the same problem listed two times. The third time it broke down was the exact same symptom and the first two, the vans working fine, you shut it off and when you try to restart everything is working except the starter,
    it doesn't even make a sound. I am having problems with the communication between the dealer & Kia's consumer hot line, it seems they are not linked in their computer system. I argee with you, if they can't fix this and SHOW ME WHAT HAPPENED, I will try to use the Lemon Law to get it replaced. If anyone has found the solution to this problem I would love to hear from you, it's getting old seeing my wife and two young kids waiting in a broken down new van.

  • I share your concern. The car failed to start a few more times after I wrote the last post. The dealership people still don't seem to know what they are doing. This morning the car was towed for the fifth time and they said it seems to be a starter problem again, which they replaced a month ago. I don't believe them, though. I also asked them if it is subject for the wiring recall as pointed by the above poster, but they said no.

    I've also been talking to someone at the Kia Consumer Assistance Center in California, but she's not helpful at all, either. I already requested for the repurchase of this car and they declined. I'm gonna contact her again this afternoon, but I don't expect anything useful will happen.

    I haven't decided whether I should go through the BBB Autoline arbitration or hire a Lemon law attorney yet. tdonahue, if you happen to be in California, we probably can share some information, as the lemon law differs state by state. If any of you could recommend a good lemon law attorney in northern California region, I'd appreciate it.

    This is indeed ruining my everyday life.
  • tdonahuetdonahue Posts: 10
    Hi unhappy owner.

    The message below is my e-mail to the the Northeast consumer head.

    Hi Ken

    I thought you would want the notes I made of our conservation on 7/16/07.

    1. My questions were below.
    a. What is wrong with the van.
    b. What is being done to fix the van.
    c. How can I be sure this will work.
    2. Your responses were.
    a. Kia is replacing an "IPM" in the circuit box in the dash.
    b. This IPM controls the charging circuits and the starter.
    3. I said that if this doesn't work I would be filing a "Lemon Law" claim.
    a. I have checked with the Attorney Generals office and found that I do
    qualify under the statute.
    b. Your response is it would not reach this point that if the van has another
    problem you would be proactive and get us into a new van.
    c. We will determine a sum to compensate us for monies we have spent
    getting the van back to the island the three times we have had it in the shop.

    I appreciated your efforts to resolve this issue.

    The van was at the dealers for the last ten days being driven every day without a problem after the IPM module was replaced. The explanation I received is this module is the part of the computer that tells the van to when charge the and the problem we were having was the can would run until the battery was depleted. This module also has some control over the starting circuit. We brought the van home yesterday and have our fingers crossed. If it fails to start again I will enforce the Massachusetts Lemon Law. The previous failures have happened within four days of the van being worked on.

    Wishing you luck

  • My dad borrowed my van and so after I picked it up I ran in to Walmart, came out; double clicked to unlock - loaded the baby, loaded the groceries got in and went to start it and NOTHING. Not a click, not a sound. The battery was far from dead, the first thing that came to mind was a security thing. AND, I WAS USING THE SPARE KEY THAT I HAD GIVEN MY DAD TO USE THAT DAY. After talking to the guys at the towing company they instructed me to put my foot on the brake, put it in neutral and then try starting it. After my 2nd attempt it worked. I called the dealer, they haven't ran in to any cases of the sort. It has now been 4 days and I haven't had a problem. I am also using my regular key.

    Thoughts? Anyone care to jump in here?
  • Add me to the list. It's happened to me 3x now. And it's no fun sitting in Walmart parking lot endlessly trying to start it while your 1 year old is getting impatient in the back seat. The van's been there since this am, and it's started for them every time. Should I mention this junction box to them?
  • krwpkrwp Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2006 Kia Sedona August 2006. It has been in the shop at least 12 times. The dealer doesn't have all or our records on file. It has stalled twice on my husband while driving. The engine light will come on. First time, they changed the spark plugs & the second time they said a ground wire was loose. It has attempted to stall while am driving. It will start feeling as if it's losing power. I do not even want to drive this van with my children in it. That's only the beginning of all this vans problems.

    Has trouble starting. Knocking under glove compartment-needs a part. Door handles were damaged when we bought it-repainted 3 times, replaced once & new handles are on order again. Sliding door handle fell off in child's hand when trying to get out-on order. Sliding doors would not stay opened-looked at three times, replaced tracking once & it's acting up again. Keyless Entry doesn't always work on sliding doors & hatch back. Back tire keeps losing air. Paint dings terribly. Steering wheel squeaks & feels hard to turn-needs part. Steering wheel shakes badly & sometimes the entire van does. Seats are hard to lock into position when they are being lowered back or raised forward. CD Player stops working sometimes & also causes CDs to jump. Engine smells hot. Jumped from park to reverse the other day & I nearly hit the car behind me.

    Of course, none of these things can be duplicated or we are given some of the many excuses we have read on this forum & others.

    We have talked to the owner of the dealership & have asked for our money back. They won't give us our money back. They want $6,000 to trade it in. We have told them that we think this van is a safety hazard & that we aren't the only ones having these problems. The owner says he has contacted Kia & they stand behind their vehicles. Spoke with Kia today & they say that reimbursement is between our dealer & what our state requires.

    Does anyone have any advice as where to go from here?

    Does anyone know if there is a Class Action Suit against Kia?

    Thank you
  • 11b33t11b33t Posts: 51
    Are these the original keys that came with a new vehicle? While at home, try both keys to duplicte the symptom. If it happens again a new FOB may be needed. Sidenote: Electromagnetic fields may cause a programmed keyless FOB to act up. Case in point, friend usually put keys (w/FOB) on a tray by their microwave oven in the kitchen. It up and died on them, they got a new FOB and continued to put the keys in that tray and it went FUBAR on them as well w/in 90 days.
  • tdonahuetdonahue Posts: 10
    Hi Everyone

    The third time at the dealer for the not starting issue the factory tech advised changing the IPM module in the fuse box behind the dash board by the drivers left knee. This was done on 7/17/07 and the van has been problem free since. We were having four days between the van being returned and it's not starting before this part was changed.
    The discription I received from the New England Serivce Manager is as follows.
    1. The IPM is more than a fuse it's a computer chip.
  • So disregard the post about the spare key thing. It hasn't started for me twice since and that was using my regular key.

    thank you so much for that info tdonahue
  • How's the van? Any problems?
  • tdonahuetdonahue Posts: 10
    It's been running great since 7/17. We took a short trip with the family today and are going on vacation next Friday and have enough faith to use the van.
  • I have had the same problem with the idling and jerking. My van went so far as to just cut off on me. It started happening while I was at a red light or parked for just a few seconds. It then escalated to shutting off while I was driving it. I went to the dealership where I purchased the van and was told they couldn't do anything because it was a Kia. I took it to the Kia dealership where the car was originally purchased and was told that my belts were loose and shredded. I had to pay almost three hundred dollars to replace the belts and I'm still having the same problems. I purchased my 04 Sedona EX in Dec of 06 with only 46000 miles on it. I just reached 50856 and now other things are going on the car. My lights turn on and off when they want. My radio somehow turned all the way up and then wouldn't come on for a couple of days. It sounds like my Trans is slipping every time I step on the gas. After being told that no one could help me or that they couldn't duplicate the problem, I got fed up. I went to a lawyer and filed a lemon law suite against Kia, the dealership I purchased the car from and the financing company. I have two small babies and I find this car to be very unsafe for anyone to be driving. I can't drive the thing no more then maybe 20 mins before it starts to act up. My problems started the day I drove the car off the lot. I hadn't even received the finance offer from the bank yet and I couldn't get service. My lawyer called me the other day and said that Kia wanted to settle, for $1000 with the stipulation that I couldn't sue them again. I AM FURIOUS, How dare they put a limited price tag on my families’ life. Kia better do better then this because if not, they'll have more then angry customers on their hands, GOD forbid someone really gets hurt or worse. Then what will Kia say, "Oh we're not responsible."

    Give me a break.
    :lemon: :sick:
  • Well my brilliant news is that I have managed to get rid of that pile of rubbish my Kia Sedona. It has been a pariah for me and it was at the point where I didn't dare drive it because I was frightened it would break down. It has cost me a fortune in the six years that I have had it. Drove it to the garage for to part ex it and just prayed that it wouldn't give up before I got there. Got a Volvo of the same age now and you would not believe the difference.
    Good luck everybody!!!!!
  • rbyrd1rbyrd1 Posts: 4
    I join the ranks of those with mysterious random starting failures with dealership not able to duplicate once car is towed to said dealer. It has happened to my 2007 Kia Sedona twice now with the exact same phenomena tdonahue and soccermomma describe. I explained to the service tech your solution regarding the IPM module and I received the "if we can't duplicate the problem, we can't just go throwing parts at it" response. Have you had any issues to date since the IPM was replaced? Would you please advise how I might contact this Ken in Northeast Consumer Affairs you mention in your #68 posting? Any help/advise very much appreciated.
  • Hi Guys

    Our Sedona has run perfectly since the IPM module was replaced. I'm attaching the e-mail address and phone number to contact the North East service manager. The womans name is Sam, she can get your the answer these people found.

    1-856-608-1305 SAM EXT 123
  • rbyrd1rbyrd1 Posts: 4
    Thank you tdonahue, I initiated a case with Kia consumer affairs, contacted Sam and got Sam in contact with the dealer. The IPM replacement has been authorized. Wouldn't of happened without your help because the dealer was taking no apparent initiative in exploring the problem with Kia USA on their own. I hope this is the first and last of my Kia woes. Thanks again.
  • Hi Everyone

    The place I've seen a breakdown in Kia seems to be their data base. When one dealer finds & solves a problem the answer should be available to all the other dealers in the States. I've sent this concern to Kia and maybe if we all do it will help someone else down the line. The way I located the IPM module issue was calling another dealer 25 miles from our dealer who had solved the problem months ago, sent the info into the company via their computer system but the info wasn't available to my dealer.

  • Thanks to all for your posts regarding the IPM / No Start issue. We are experiencing the same thing. I contacted Sam and she called me back immediately, however, she informed me that all she could do was forward my email to another region (Southern). I have an appointment with the dealership tomorrow and would appreciate any advice to get the IPM solution "jump started" in order to avoid the typical hassles. We have already been to the same dealership and they did nothing because they could not replicate the problem. Does anyone know who I can contact at Kia in the Southern region? Thanks!
  • rbyrd1rbyrd1 Posts: 4
    Log onto, go to "contact kia", then "consumer affairs", then register and create a case with your VIN number on hand and a complete description of your problem. This action will notify Momma Kia and get your car issue officially documented. Then call customer assistance at 1-800-333-4KIA with your case number and the dealer your car is with. I found Kia direct to be very attentive and helpful. Had our IPM module replaced under warranty without the dealer being able to duplicate the problem. We are trouble free now for two weeks. Best of luck.
  • Thanks to both of you for the information, if I learn anymore about this issue, I will be sure to post it.
  • Kia has a "technical bulletin" about the issue. I went to the dealership today and the IPM will be replaced under warranty. Thanks again for the help.
  • Hi Guys

    It's great to hear Kia has a tech notice out about this problem, it should save other people from having to go through the problems we all did.

  • hi everyone
    i have a sedona 2004 model i have a starting problem,all i get is a clicking noise when trying to start.has anybody had the same problem and did you find out what the problem was in the end. it will start after a few attempts but it is getting right up my back.please help
  • i also have the same identical problem as your van van has 66,000 miles on it andthe first time i had it towed was at 55,000 miles.i had it towed 3 times and each time they say the same thing,it started right up for us.after the third time the dealer mechanic told me that if it does it again he doesnt no what to tell me.since that third time at the dealer and no help.i have learned how to just deal with the problem and showed my wife who drives the van what to do if it happens again .what i have learned is that if she drives the van and stops somewhere for a short few miniutes with the van turned off it will not start when returing to it.if the van doesnt start right away(say 5 or 6 seconds of the motor turning over)just wait a few minutes and hold the accelerator to the floor and try strarting it our case it will start every beltches out a big puff of black smoke and i rev it up a few times and we are good till the next time(and their will be a next time).it seems to me that the fuel system is flooding some how.i discovered this one day after my wife got home from work and we jumped back in the van to leave again(she had only beed home about 5 minutes)and it wouldnt start and i noticed a real strong gas smell.i told her to wait a few minutes and push the ecelerator to the floor and try it again after it had time to run the extra fuel out.she did that and it times pass we would just keep kranking the engine till the battery died and thus needed a tow from kia.also just to add more problems,the alternator went out and the wind shield wipers stop working on my wife this morning she called and said they started to work again,but with the flooding problem the van realy isnt reliable for trips.i will not buy a kia again.
  • Kia has a "technical bulletin" about the issue. After a few trips to the dealership (in order to replicate the problem) the IPM (fuse box) was replaced under warranty.

    Here is a link to the bulletin:

    You should also register the problem at Kia Consumer Affairs (800 - 333 - 4KIA (4542)). They were pretty helpful with our case.
  • thanks for the info jmkovach however my van is a 02 and it WILL turn over it will not start while turning over.the bulletin explains about vans not tuning over at all .mine also doesnt have the burglar alarm it refers to nor the fancy programable keys.well anyways thanks again though i apperciate the help.if any one else has had the problem i have .what is your findings and what have you done.until i find out i guess i will have to just live with it till its paid off.
  • My recommendation is to make Kia Consumer Affairs(KCA) aware of the problem, if you haven't already, and inform them of everything you've dealt with to date with your Kia. My experience is the dealers are useless but Kia direct has been very helpful. Tell KCA who the dealer you're working with and detail their non-responsiveness. Confirm this thought but I think you may qualify under Lemon Law if you've had the car only a short time and gone to a dealer three times with the same problem without it being solved. Good luck.
  • stushstush Posts: 62
    To all my VAN NOT STARTING BUDDIES. I have a 07 Entourage bought in 6 / 06. I also had the same problem. Only I happened to be 120 miles away from home, on a Sunday afternoon. Luckily, we got a ride back from friends who were with us. Called the dealer Monday morning, he agreed to go up and bring back the van. Replaced the bad part. No charge,even for the tow. So what I'm getting at, if there have been alot of these parts going bad. Why wasn't there a recall? Both Kia and Entourage having the same problem. Also, anyone having a squeaking problem coming from the back. Let me know of any easy fixes or why isn't there a recall on this problem. Other than that, I really enjoy this van. I have an 02 Santa Fe. Only replaced a front power window motor (done under warranty). 62,000 miles and still have original tires on it.
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