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2007 Acura TL Type S

patpat Posts: 10,421
edited August 2014 in Acura


  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    As the saying goes, where there is smoke, there is fire.

    (Just ask Floyd Landis!) :P
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Motor Trend now reports a "Type-S" option to arrive for 2007, with the 3.5 Liter engine (approx. 290 hp) from the Acura RL. That makes two news sources saying the same thing.
  • pg48477pg48477 Posts: 309
    For 39K I'll get striped 335i. What Acura thinking, they can barely sell 1200 RLs for around 45K??? 39K TL Type S with least HP in it's class and only FWD :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:

    They say TL build for 40 year old man with around 100K income, did you see those rims :confuse: :confuse:
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    From Autoblog:

    The Boston Globe spilled the beans! For MY 2007, Acura has added a Type S model to the TL range. Those who opt for the package are rewarded with a 3.5L V6 churning out 286 horses and 256 lb.-ft. of torque, 28 hp and 23 lb.-ft. better than the base TL's 3.2L mill.

    Subtle detail changes differentiate the Type -S from the standard car. A mesh grille, wheel/tire upgrade, rear spoiler, quad exhaust outlets and, of course, Type S badging identify it as such. Inside, the Type S gets sportier seating, carbon fiber trim, and racy steel pedals. A sport-tuned suspension is in place to give the car improved handling to go with its added punch. Expect a retail price of around $39,000.

    We're guessing that an official announcement will likely come this week, now that a major media outlet has broken the story. We'll have photos and complete specs as soon as Honda makes them available to us.

    Thanks to reader Raghu fir the tip!

    link title

    Holy smoke, TL-S at $39,000!!!

    I'd understand if TL-S comes with SH-AWD. However, a $40K FWD car is just ridiculous, and this is coming from an Acura loyalist.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Is that $39k figure published somewhere?
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    They say TL build for 40 year old man with around 100K income, did you see those rims

    I can see the regular TL is build for 40 year old man with 100k income but definitely not the TL-S. Just look at the things Acura added to it:

    Carbon Fiber interior (I don't understand why they use CF instead of aluminum)
    "Fast and Furious" rims

    Looks to me the intended target for the TL-S are 20-30 year-old man with around $90K income. I know there are some of those out there but the problem is how many of them are going to buy a FWD car at around $40K. Just like pg48477 said, I'll take a base 335i for that price. What is Acura thinking.

    Maybe the loaded Type-S is at $39K and the base version (w/o navi) is at $37K. I think even with that it's way too much.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    However, a $40K FWD car is just ridiculous,

    Cadillac has sold tons of front drivers for years, and still do. STS, Deville/DTS, all have been front drive, and can run well into the $50,000+ range. I'm not saying it's a good thing, just stating an interesting fact.

    Motor Trend states the Maximum price range topping out at $38k.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    car at around $40K. Just like pg48477 said, I'll take a base 335i for that price.

    Haha, good luck finding a 335i (it's actually a 330i in sedan form) with no options added on. It is an EXTREMELY rare occurace to find a 335i on a lot for $40k or less. Shoot, even paint (if you dont want black or red) is optional over there.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    Well, the worst comes worst, at least one can special order a base 335i. The only down side of that is you'll need to wait a long time for it to arrive. However, it is do-able.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    Yeah, Caddy was just mad back at the 90's but I think they learned their lessons and now it's all RWD for them (except that pre-hostorical DTS).

    Who is going to buy a $38K Maximum is totally beyound me.

    BTW, thegraduate, these are indeed some interesting facts.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Somebody better tell all that to the 70K buyers who have been buying the current TL each year.
  • achonkoachonko Posts: 51
    I think you will find a base 335i for less than $40K.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    Yeah but it'll be difficult to find a base 335i sitting on the lot. Probably the only way to get a base 335i is through special order.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    Here it is...


    Those are definitely "Fast and Furious" rims...

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Ok, let's hope the wheels are optional, like the Factory Performance Package Honda's and "A-Spec" Acuras. I had not seen pictures of the wheel y'all were talking about until now, so I had reserved judgement. It's still better than a Saab, Caddy CTS, or Volvo S60R, in my opinion, which all pose less of a value to me, too.

    People have been paying $36k for TLs all along, not sure why $38-39k is such a huge ordeal, especially considering the value quotient that was built into the TL from the beginning.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    What's wrong w/ fast and furious rims on a Type-S TL????

    Acura is trying to attract buyers that want that type of package.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    People have been paying $36k for TLs all along

    Good god, who does that? :surprise:
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    Lexus also offers a 40k FWD vehicle- it's called the ES 350.
  • ajesajes Posts: 8
    I can't see people paying $39K for it, look at the actual prices paid for the TL $30-33K is what people are paying (without taxes, etc.). Then look at the RL forum people are getting them for the $40-42K without the tech package, so seems like $35K-36K seems like a more realistic number.
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    I see your point. However, the ES350 and TL-S are totally different animals.

    Lexus' approach toward the ES350 is to stuff as many gadgets as possible into a Camry, offer as much luxury as possible, and tune the suspension as Buickish as possible to attract buyers whom want nothing but a soft, luxurious cruiser with as many toys that rivals a F-16. Sadly, there are a lot of those people out there lining up to buy this kind of car and that's why the ES350 is selling well.

    IMO, I think Acura used the same strategy for the regular TL in some degree (Accord on steroid, gadgets...) but not as extreme as the ES350. At least Acura struck a perfect balance between performance and comfort and that's why TL is the best selling luxury car in the US. However, the TL-S is a different story. Acura buffs up the suspension, puts carbon fiber in the interior, gives it fast and furious rims and finally jack up the price to near 40K. Looks to me that the TL-S will attract more 18ish kids with part-time job at MacDonald's than 40 some executives in a glass corner office. It'll be interesting to see how well the TL-S is going to sell and see how Acura's strategy plays out.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "Looks to me that the TL-S will attract more 18ish kids with part-time job at MacDonald's..."

    Hmm...MacDonald's must be paying better than I thought! :surprise:
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    This car confirms that the Acura TL is 98% Lexus ES and 2% Sport Sedan!

    Let's give it a little more power, but keep it behind the league leaders, let's keep the humbling FWD, forget a manual transmission, because of the humbling FWD, and let's dress it up like a Poser! And overprice it by $3k!

    Let's see: More power, carbon fiber, perfromance rubber, sport suspension, even racing pedals......and don't forget the Super SlushBox (SSB)! Where do I sign!

    Posers, your chariot awaits! :shades:

  • ctlctl Posts: 129
    ES350 wasn't aiming for the "sport" market, I don't think FWD bother the potential owners there. TL-S though, like A-spec, is like trying to catch a sucker or two somewhere. Less than 30K you can easily get a 2006 now.
  • pg48477pg48477 Posts: 309
    It is 335i in the sedan form, 330 and 325 has been discontinued for both coupe and sedan and replaced with 328 and 335. Leather and sport package should bring the price of 335 just to about 40K and with lease programs BMW usually offers you should be able to get one for less then TL-S. I think there will be a number of striped 335s on the lot and if not I can wait about 2 month for special order. You can also get ED and get loaded 335 for about 40K.

    I was hoping for 300HP, AWD, 6MT TL or TL-S (the name makes no difference to me). I officially crossed the TL of my shopping list. I know it’s just a refresh and not full redesign, but I think Acura need to look at the market and make changes accordingly, just like BMW did with 335, which was not supposed to come out this year in the sedan form.

    P.S. Did you see the rims on that thing, ugly, I am afraid I will have nightmares about those?
  • pg48477pg48477 Posts: 309
    I bet non of those buyers were getting their TLs for close to 40K. As far as I know you can get loaded TL with Navy for around 31K, and that has been the case for a while. Acura should keep actual prices close to MSRP at least for 6-9month after introduction of redesign otherwise I don’t see a point. Now, if they’ll be going for around 33K form the lot, many will be interested.

    I understand that actual prices may differ, but main point of my post was that TL-S MSRP is hitting 335 territory and that is just insane.
  • pg48477pg48477 Posts: 309
    On the second thought, there is no way Acura will have those rims on the production version. I bet those are just test rims, the same size and with the same rubber as the production . I guess they did not want to show everything. In any case 40K people will be lining up at BMW dealerships
  • louisweilouiswei Posts: 3,717
    Oh, I think you'll be surprised...
  • jimmy81jimmy81 Posts: 170
    People have been paying $36k for TLs all along

    Not people who know how to price a car. Shoot - the sticker on an 06 TL is less than that.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Well, probably the same person who thinks they'll pay $39k for a TL-S. I'm just making an apples-apples comparison. If the standard TL goes for, say $2k under sticker, then it's likely that shortly after release, a TL-S will do the same.
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