Honda Odyssey DIY Tips

hypercorehypercore Member Posts: 16
Here's an opportunity for all you know it alls to help others with doing the simple things on the Odyssey. Give detailed instructions (step 1, step 2). Provide links to where you bought the parts.

For instance, oil changes and air filter inside the van are examples.

If you have done something unique, share it with the Ody community. If you have found some technical tid-bit that is of help, share it.



  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyMember Posts: 6,064
    I believe you meant the title to be, "Odyssey: How to DIY" in Do It Yourself.
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  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaMember Posts: 1,222
    Hypercore, good topic. You might also want to check out our Honda Odyssey: Care & Maintenance for tips from folks who do their own work on their vans.

    Jipster, always good to have an editor around :-)

    The title's been changed.


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  • hypercorehypercore Member Posts: 16
    I have indeed checked out the 'Honda Odyssey: Care & Maintenance' thread. There's a lot of good stuff in there... but I felt it was burried in there. I am hoping this thread 'DIY' will build up to contain very specific instructions.

  • panmaxpanmax Member Posts: 24
    Diy instructions good idea.
    DIY instructions would be even better if we could post pictures in addition to text.
  • hypercorehypercore Member Posts: 16
    One option may be to use a site to link to for pictures.

    Another option, which I may opt to do, when the occasion arises, is to put together the document in Acrobat format and have it available for download from a repository.
  • earlevelearlevel Member Posts: 1
    Our son put a coin(s) into the CD player and now it skips and scratches CDs. I understand that the dashboard has to be removed in order to remove the CD player to get the coins out.
    How would I find info. on how to remove the dashboard or just the CD player?
  • panmaxpanmax Member Posts: 24
    Good ideas if you have a picture posting service or site of your own off your personal computer. You would not want to keep your computer on 24/7. Increases hacking issues. There are other car sites where you can post pictures and documents, of limited size. Just search the model you are interested in. Include forum or club or some other common group name. Remember, many forums with car names have been threatened with lawsuits unless they changed from the car model name to something else. Yes, lawyers at work.
  • kominskykominsky Member Posts: 850
    I'm looking in the Chilton repair manual (previous generation Odyssey) and it says to:

    * remove steering column covers
    * CAREFULLY pry off center panel (trim around the stereo)
    * remove two bolts holding radio bracket
    * pull out bracket (disconnect electrical connectors as you go)
    * remove 4 bolts holding cd player to bracket
    * ta-da

    If you have a newer Ody or would like to see the pics, I'd recommend picking up a Chilton or Haynes manual. I've used mine often, fixing various things in my wife's Ody. There may be others available too... maybe better ones. I have a Bentley for my car but they don't make them for Hondas.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaMember Posts: 1,222
    Hypercore, why not open a CarSpace? You can upload images or multiple albums and link to them here. As for .pdf documents, it would be just as good for the instructions to be posted right here so that people who are leery of downloading can still get the information.

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  • hypercorehypercore Member Posts: 16
    "You would not want to keep your computer on 24/7"

    Actually, I have several computers that are on 24/7/365... even when I go on vacation for weeks at a time. I can access everything on my PC(s) from remote locations... My brother helped setup all of this. I don't know all the ins-n-outs of it, but I know it works.

    As for being prone to hacking, I have multiple firewalls setup.
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    In addition to your CarSpace page we can work with you on posting PDF's in here.
  • jasonjyujasonjyu Member Posts: 6
    Has anyone here installed cross bars on Ody EX? Is it easy to do? Want to save some money from dealer installation. Thanks.
  • ny_odyny_ody Member Posts: 1
    I have read that vehicles can either drain/fill or completely flush their transmission fluid. I am getting ripped off royally by my local shops saying it costs $200 to change the automatic transmission fluid. here says about $35!!

    Could someone please post how this is properly performed for a 2001 Odyssey EX?

    Thank you :confuse:
  • dsrtrat2dsrtrat2 Member Posts: 223
    Do a search in these ODY threads and you will find what you need. Be sure to use Honda's ATF.
  • sanjugvsanjugv Member Posts: 1
    Guys! This is one website )and there are several others with the same pdf files) showing you how to install a lot of the accessories ont he odyssey. I am planning to order the roof rail cross bars and install them myslef. The only difficult one is the things that require removing the dash. I have messed with my old maxima several times to install an in dash receiver and an mp3 cd changer but am heistant to work on the dash of our brand new 06 Odyssey EX-L with NAv and DVD. I wanted to install the wood trims myself alond with the fog lights. Here is the site with most of the install guides. Check it out.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaMember Posts: 1,222
    For those of you who want to protect your A/C condenser from rocks and other debris by installing a grille insert, one of our members has uploaded a series of 'how-to' photos to his CarSpace. You can see the photos here:

    Chimrichalds Photo Album: Installing a Grille Insert


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  • deliciousbassdeliciousbass Member Posts: 18
    I recently changed the ATF in my 2003 Accord myself. I change my own oil, but was a little apprehensive about messing with the transmission...Until I saw how simple it is - even easier than changing the oil (there is no filter to deal with). You simply remove the drain plug and refill. An easy way to make sure that you add the correct amount is to measure the amount that you drain. Of course draining the fluid does not empty the fluid that is in the torque converter. After the first drain and refill, drive the car a short distance allowing it to shift through the gears, then repeat the drain/fill process. The simple drain/fill service was around $60 at my local Honda dealership. If I wanted to flush out the T.C. it would be another $60. I purchased six quarts of ATF (3 for each D/F) for about $30 from Honda. I just purchase an '06 Oddysee for my wife, and it appears that the process is exactly the same. Hope this helps and wasn't too drawn out.
  • atool77atool77 Member Posts: 2
    The battery in our 2002 Odyssey drained completely and when I jump start it, the panic alarm goes off and won't stop. Is there something I can do to reset it or am I stuck taking it somewhere???? Please help!
  • bimmerangbimmerang Member Posts: 9
    Can you elaborate on how you add the new fluid back to the transmission? Do you need to shift through all gears in the process? Thanks.
  • fred222fred222 Member Posts: 200
    I cannot speak directly to the Hondas, but for other ATF vehicles you add the trans fluid through the tube where the transmission dipstick goes. There are special funnels for this which are long, thin and flexible.
    I have performed quite a few automatic transmission fluid changes and in all the vehicles I have done you had to physically remove the transmission pan by un-bolting it and then change out a filter. I would guess that Hondas also have a transmission filter.
    When I perform trans fluid changes I measure exactly the amount of fluid that was removed. You can do this using a 12 oz disposable plastic cup and count how many times it is filled. Then I add the same amount of fluid back. You do not want to over fill the transmission, and as long as it was not over filled to start, this will work. You should drive the vehicle and check the fluid according to the manual, usually warm in Park. Add fluid as needed.

    Manual transmissions are much simpler. There usually is no filter and you just drain, measure and refill.
  • skyhawkskyhawk Member Posts: 126
    Can someone tell me the procedure for resetting the oil life message?

  • gman22gman22 Member Posts: 1
    Were you able to install cross bars for your 06 Odyssey? I am having problems as holders don't fit into the rails.
  • hangaralf1hangaralf1 Member Posts: 107
    I had a '99 ody, when it was wrecked, the service manual went to the people who bought it. I now have an 07 ody).

    200 bucks is a major ripoff! it is sooo simple and only about 20 minutes (once everything is figured out).

    First of all -what you need to get - use only HONDA Transmission Fluid - they have a special additives that no one else uses - warranties are null and void if you don't use Honda tran fluid. (Special additive packages are available to add to regular tran fluid, but, in the end, costwise, its not worth it - dish out for genuine honda fluid) and get a replacement "gasket" for the drain bolt.

    Ask your dealer how much to replace (if it isn't actually in the owners manual) (there are fluid capacities and refill quantities) - ask for refill quantity.

    drive the car first so that the tran fluid is at least warm -i think hot is preferred- (i suspect to get whatever particulates in there suspended and thus removed w/ the fluid)

    The fill bolt is on top of the transmission (roughly below and to the left of the brake cylinder in the back right side (drivers side) of the engine compartment). Loosen it, i believe its a 19 mm bolt - you'll need a long ratchet extension to get to it-
    remove the fluid via the drain bolt under the transmission (its sideways facing, if i remember correctly) and also about 19mm) - drain. Replace the drain bolt using the new drain bolt gasket.

    you'll need a long narrow funnel to get to the fill hole. there are a lot of tubes and cables and wires to get around/through to get the oil to fill hole - i actually used two smaller narrow funnels stacked to get in there. I believe you use around 3.5 qts of fluid to refill - but again, check with the dealer for refill quantity. make sure all bolts are in their place.

    if you want to flush the system - drive the first oil change around until the oil is hot and repeat the procedure.

    if you can get the oil change for $35 bucks, it is probably worth it since the tran oil is going to be around $16 alone - if not more. just make sure they use Honda tran fluid. (this is why i do myself in the first place - i don't trust repair shops that much and i don't like my local honda dealer)

    once you figure the logistics out, it is actually easier than an engine oil change - no filters, no transmission oil pans and/or gaskets.

    its been a while, so i'm not a 100% on quantities and bolt sizes - i'll let you check that out - but the procedure is simple enough.

    have fun
  • bimmerangbimmerang Member Posts: 9
    For those who had 2nd Gear transmission recall done, an oil jet is installed on top of the transmission and you won't see the fill bolt. It's pain to open the oil jet bracket and wiggle it out, there is some wire harness on top to prevent it from be pulled out unless you bend the harness pretty bad which is what I did. Next time I am thinking about filling through the dipstick hole instead. Is that acceptable?
  • bkmehtabkmehta Member Posts: 10
    For 2001 Honda Odyssey , I need step by step guide on removal of factory installed cassette player and install CD player (I bought compatible to fit into 2001 odyssey).
  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,863
    Go here:

    Pick CD player and select the one you have. You can then download the instructions.
  • john_harleyjohn_harley Member Posts: 2
    Dealers and maint shops have ATF units that hook up on the radiator cooling line and work on the rule that the hot fluid rises in the unit and they swap all of the fluid while the car is running, complete change of trans fluid. Cost approx $ 75.00 .
  • john_harleyjohn_harley Member Posts: 2
    complete change should run about $ 7500 plus fluid if shop has the unit that hooks up using the cooling line to the radiator.
  • ddywzddywz Member Posts: 1
    I tried to remove the rear bumper this weeked but was not successful in doing so. After removed all the plastic plugs, and six screws the bumper came loose but could not detach completely. Looks like there's something just below the tail lights that won't let it go. Do I need to remove the tail lights? Can someone please let me know how to remove this bumper?

  • murphermurpher Member Posts: 3
    If you haven't found an answer to this yet, with the ignition off, press and hold the mileage reset button on the odometer. Then turn the ignition on and continue to hold the button until the light goes off (about 10 seconds).
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYMember Posts: 3,786
    Late reply, but yes, there is a screw on each side hidden beneath the taillight assemblies. Getting the lights out is a trick and a half, as there is a hidden pop-in fastener behind them. Pull the assemblies straight out with some force, but be careful that you don't also yank out the wiring harness (as I nearly did....).

  • rwall10597rwall10597 Member Posts: 13
    Just wanted to pass this along. My wife knocked the mirror off of our 06 Odyssey last week. As she backed out, she just whacked it and pushed it forward, she didn't manage to break it off till she got scared and pulled right back in.

    The new mirror was $188 + tax, in a box. It went on with three nuts, from inside the car. You just need to pull off a little pannel on the inside of the door, its about a 5 minute job.

    What I thought was great was that when you buy them from Honda, they are already painted. You just give them your paint code when you order it. It sure makes it less costly to deal with. Thanks Honda for that one!
  • dantheman5dantheman5 Member Posts: 2
    Anybody know where the turn signal flasher is on a 2000 honda odyssey??
  • cableguy06cableguy06 Member Posts: 299
    Turn it on and then poke your head up under the steering wheel column and listen for where the clicking noise is. Shouldn't be that hard to figure out.
  • dantheman5dantheman5 Member Posts: 2
    Great idea if the reason you're trying to find it is not to replace a broken part! Incidentially, it is attached to the main fuse box under the dash to the left of the driver. However, it is attached to the back top of the fuse panel. The only way to get to it is to remove the fuse box (one bolt and two clips); detach the 4 or 5 wiring harnesses; shimmy the thing out a bit; and hope you can stick your hand back in there to plug the new relay in. Not something I hope I have to do again anytime soon!
  • nvscotiannvscotian Member Posts: 3
    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum.
    My 2004 Odyssey starts to show up a problem with its washer fluid level warning. It stayed ON no matter how much I top up the washer fluid.

    1) I tried to disconnect the battery for about 1/2 hr to see if it is reset. It doesn't work.

    2) The pume seems OK because it sprays well.

    3) Is it a bad level sensor? OR does it need to be cleaned?
    If I want to disconnect, what are the steps that I have to follow. Please kindly describe in detail for a rookie.

    Thank you,
  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    I have a 2005 Odyssey, although the body styles are completely different from 2004, I don't quite think things like the washer fluid level sensor/switch has changed much... Anyhow, from my 2005 service manual, the steps to check the switch is as follow:
    1.Disconnect the 2P connector (at the bottom of the tank) from the Washer Fluid Level Switch
    2. Remove the Washer Fluid Level Switch from the bottom of the tank (washer reservoir)
    3. Check for continuity between the 2-termianls of the Switch;
    Note:There Should be Continuity when the float is down.
    There should be No Continuity when the float is up.
    4. If continuity is not as specified, replace the switch.

    Sorry, I am not sure if the float/contact can be cleaned or not... Or, if the float is just all soaked and sink to the bottom of the tank all the time. I suppose if the the float floats and if you can clean the contacts, it will most likely be corroded again soon. Some time those Blue/Green washer fluids can really cause some major build-up in a tank. Good Luck!
  • nvscotiannvscotian Member Posts: 3
    Thank you, Rick.
    The weather forecast next a few days is "Raining" and hopefully this coming weekend, I could explore into it. I will update once it is done.

  • nvscotiannvscotian Member Posts: 3
    As suggested by Rick, I am trying to get down to the washer fluid tank. But I am stuck at removing of front bumper. 2 bolts and 2 self-tapping screws are easy to remove but not the clips. I don't know how to remove 4 plugs. I tried several way to get them out i.e prying out using flat tip screw driver etc. but it didn't work.

    Do I have to get a special tool for this or any tips? If possible, photos would be helpful.

    Thank you,
  • mcunniffmcunniff Member Posts: 1
    I have a question--I had a little run-in with a pole last night and broke the right tail light out of my van. Of course we have never replaced a tail light before and were wondering how hard it is. If it is pretty easy can anyone point me to directions on doing it? Forgive me if this info has already been posted--I have 2 little ones running around and didn't look long. Thanks!
  • quicksilver1quicksilver1 Member Posts: 21
    Top of the morning to you chaps.

    My Wife went in to do an oil change at the dealer and was told that she needed a service (this will be the first one adn ti is around 10k miles).

    What is the service and where can I get a list of services and what is involved in case I chose to do some of them myself.

  • robr2robr2 BostonMember Posts: 8,863
    Your owner's manual is a good place to start. It'll list all the service intervals/requirements.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Check out the Maintenance Guide also.
  • calisteelcalisteel Member Posts: 22
    If you can get in remotely away from home so can anyone else. There have been holes opened up for you to get in on the firewalls.

    Just think of it like leaveing a window open on your house. If you need to use a password then think of it like leaving a key under the mat.
  • angelchicagoangelchicago Member Posts: 38
    I bought the crossbars on web site for $150 and installed myself. The first step is to remove the rear cover of the roof rail. I struggled a bit with this step because I could not identify what was preventing the cover from coming off. I found by trial the trick is to slide a credit card under the rear cover before you pullthe rear cover back. This way your pull is not hindered by the tiny ruber lip molding the cover sits on. I had my wife hold the screw driver in the little hole to release the retaining tab as I pulled. It came out with a jump so you want to make sure have a towel on top of the roof so you do not scratch anything. Once you get the rear covers off you are home free. The whole process took about 45 minutes. You do want to make sure you have a 30 bit T star bit with you, which I purchased from Menards for $2.
  • bourdonbourdon Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 2004 Odyssey- drained battery and alarm won't go off after the battery is recharged/replaced. Any ideas yet from anybody?

  • oldarmyoldarmy Member Posts: 27
    I hit the automatic door opener before noticing that one of my grandchildren was trying to put the sunshade have a mangled door sunshade. Anyone replaced one of these...expensive? DYI possible?
  • oldarmyoldarmy Member Posts: 27
    Just got the answer from the dealer...$260 to replace a sunshade.
  • psychobobpsychobob Member Posts: 1
    I just installed the crossbars by myself. Getting the rear covers off was tricky and I searched online for good tips, but found it to be very easy to do if you insert one small flat-tip screwdriver into the hole on the inside of the roof rail (as per instructions) and carefully wedge another flat-tip between the cover and the roof rail. Gently twist the 2nd screw driver and the cover releases, then you just have to pull it the rest of the way off. As for the T-30 Torx screwdriver needed - I used the same small flat-tip screwdriver to tighten the bolts - it fit perfectly between 2 of the star points on the bolt. Once I got it all figured out, I was amazed by how easy it was.
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