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How to replace power window regulator on a Buick Rendezvous?



  • I figured they used plastic/nylon because it is light weight and probably to make it glide easy on the track.

    Now for your questions:

    I went to a technical school and have a diploma in automotive technology, so I feel very comfortable doing a lot of things. I also hate dealer service, because they overcharge more then they should (I was once also a service writer). That being said.

    If I was you, I would replace the window clips yourself. There has been a lot written here and it is relatively straight forward if you take the time. Now on the wheel bearing, 5 months after mine started to whine, I received the letter stating according to GM that there might be an issue with premature wear. Considering my wife's Rende had over 70K miles on it, it seemed appropriate for the wear (still not a normal occurance) I essentially let it growl for over 10 months till it got real bad (dont recommend it, as all kinds of warning lights go off). The part cost me about approx $150-$180, it was an aftermarket part from an auto parts store. The unit comes with the ABS sensor ring.

    Once you jack and properly support truck on a flat surface, remove affected wheel. remove brake caliper, and mounting bracket, remove rotor. You will have to get a 24mm socket(? not quite sure of size, as I am not home so cant see what socket size is) and remove hub to axle bolt. I had use of an electric impact gun which made it easy, Otherwise a large breaker bar and a pipe over it (for leverage) should do it. Now look behind the hub, take something and mark the hub (yellow tire pencil or some white out, just mark so you can realign gasket and strut assembly), the metal gasket position (Gasket goes in one way, and if you put back incorrectly it will grind against rotor)
    Now turn your attention to behind the assembly there are 3 bolts, one is really easy to remove, one is somewhat easy (can be a little tight) and one is a royal pain (but not hard) I recommend you go to Sears and invest in good sockets because if they are worn it can make this task a little hard) the bolt in question is at a 12:00 o'clock position, but it is tight against the bottom of strut and axle. You have to put a small extension on it. If it does not turn with reasonable force, you may have to have somebody hold a small propane torch (the plumbing kind) and heat the area from the outside (facing out side) for about 7-10 minutes and then try removing it again (it should come out easy, my bolt was frozen) disconnect the ABS sensor ring (and I believe there is a bracket you have to unscrew as well holding the sensor ring pig tail). The hub is unbolted, now the fun stuff. Take a hammer and tap (a little hard) around the outside of hub assemble ( it is triangular in shape) till you see it starting to separate. Do not try and pry, you do not want to nick the machined surfaces. Keep hammering. Better yet is to use a slide hammer to remove it.

    Once hub is removed inspect where hub goes into strut/spindle, clean it out. Take new assembly feed the sensor ring pig tail through, make sure gasket is aligned properly with marks you made earlier and insert hub in. It should go in tight. and just use a hammer and a block of wood to tap it back in. Get very flush and all aligned. Now bolt in the back. After that is done, bolt the axle bolt back in. Make sure to plug the sensor ring connector in and make sure everything is re attached. Put the rotor back on, and then, the mounting brackets and the brake caliper. Put the wheel back on and tighten lug nuts, lower truck back on to ground, start truck AND PUMP BRAKES ABOUT 6 to 10 TIMES TO MAKE SURE THE BRAKES ARE SEATED PROPERLY. BRAKE PEDAL SHOULD APPEAR FIRM.

    Take for test drive, whining noise should be gone, test brakes to makes sure they are ok. After test drive recheck wheel lug nuts to make sure they are tight.
  • the driver's side window on my 2002 rendezous was working albeit very slowly. then one day i heared something crack and the window stopped in the up position. i pulled off the door jam to find a metal piece with a black rubber thing that looks like the part that the window rests in. i did find a plastic piece that snapped off inside the door. was this one of the plastic clips? its hard for me to tell b/c i don't know what i'm looking at. right now the window is still in the up position, the motor works, and i have a metal arm piece with a black rubber piece sitting on my desk...what needs to be replaced? is it one of the clips that snapped? thanks for the help.
  • yes the white nylon plastic peices are teh clip. You need to replace both (if the other isn't broken, it soon will be from the stress.) I believe the new clips are actually a little stronger. When you get them from the dealership they come as an assembly of the clip with teh attached metal arm peice/rubber. Just follow some of teh suggestions in here on installation, and take your time. It is very straight forward, but do to close confines, requires som patience.
  • teamneonteamneon Posts: 1
    Well guys, I too had the same problem BUT when i fixed mine i took pics!
    I hope this page helps anyone in the future as i had no clue how the clips even attached to the regulator before i took it out and studied it.
    Here ya go....
    Buick Rendezvous Window Regulator Installation Page
    I added the part numbers and links at the bottom of the page.
    Have Fun!
  • GREAT JOB!!!

    I think in the future I may do that, so I can help some one else.

    KUDOS !!
  • thanks for the links and post! my dealer wanted $330 - and that was with me having already taken off the door panel... i declined and they charged me $46 for 1/2 hr of diagnosis. so with me ordering the plastic clips, it will cost a total of $100!!

    heck, i registered just to thank you guys. i also have a jeep wrangler, but i have part #s, and repair books - but for buicks, i cant find them.

    anyone have a copy of a buick rendezvous parts cd?
  • Hey thanks for the how-to help on the Buick window. Dealer wanted $56 for the parts (2). I went to the Gm site to order and will have to wait because of the strike. They said the parts were about 17.00--hope I am ordering exactly what i need ( The white plastic pieces). Two questions. If you had to do this over would you take any short cuts, ie, do you have to take out the regulator motor in order to attach the clips? And, when do you attach the window into the rubber saddle of the metal piece? It looks like the metal piece has to be loosened in order to insert the glass, then retightened, Right?? Thanks, Bill
  • you are getting same thing, but by the time you pay for the shipping, you only save about $5-6 from going to the dealer.
  • Thank you so much for this info, you saved me a bundle. Do you recommend taking the assembly out of the door to install the clips?
  • no, leave the assembly in. but you will have to loosen the bolts on the right side so you can get the clip on.
  • My driver side window is screwed up, gathering from the info on the forum is should be the clips. I would like to ask, do I need both part# - 15286776 & 15286777 for one window or do they come in pairs, please clearify. Thanks for the help
  • usually you will need both. Once one goes the oher is sure to be weakened by doing the job of both. Just replace them both
  • Hey guys,

    Great information for the front windows.

    I have a rear window on a 2003 Buick Rendevous that is not working. I am trying to take the panels off the drivers side door, but they do not remove as easily as the front panels. Is there an easy way to get the panels off without tearing the panels up in the process?

    I have all the bolts removed that I can find and it looks like the clips holding the panels are teh issue. Started using a screwdriver, but wanted to ask for advice before, I potentially damaged something in the process!

    Thaanks in advance!
  • there is a actual panel clip tool, that graps the clip and gives you enough leverage to remove it with ouit tearing up or damaging the panel the way a screwdriver does. Also make sure ALL bolts and screws are removed, sometimes you will have one that you can totally miss. My only other advice is take your time.

    Sorry not much, but I hope it helps.
  • Does anyone know where I can purchase a window regulator, I went to a mechanic yesterday and he told me that i will also have to purchase the motor because it is all one piece. Which sucks b/c mine is still working and he wants to charge me 300.00 to order and labor.Does this sound right????
  • The general assumption is that it is all one peice it is not. The motor, regulator, and clips are seperate. Just take the part #s from this thread and go to your Buick dealer, then find a new mechanic
  • I am so glad I found this forum!!! I must share my story!

    I have a 2002 Rendezvous. The window clips broke on my driver's side door. Of course, I did not know that was the issue, until I took the door apart. Being the girl that I am, I still did not know what was wrong. So, I took the door panel off the front passenger door. Then, I saw that all the plastic parts were supposed to be only 2 plastic parts. I pieced the broken parts together and my husband took them to several auto parts stores, looking for new ones.--- no luck

    Then, he sent me to the dealership and they told me that I needed a new regulator ($175 plus labor). They even showed me a new one. The clips on the new one were not plastic!!! In fact, they did not look like they could be removed from the regulator. So a new regulator comes with better clips.

    So I went home, duct taped my window in the "Up" position--- yes, I said duct tape--- then but the door back together to hide all the tape.

    3 months later---yes the tape held for 3 months--- the window slips down about 4-5" while driving.

    Now, thanks to this forum, I am going to surprise my husband by fixing the window!!!
  • gatcgatc Posts: 1
    On an 03 Rendevous, my driver side rear power-window clip broke. I previously replaced the clips on the driver's door, so I called the dealer for the clips for the rear window and the parts guy said that you can only replace front clips. He said the rear is all one unit with the regulator! I saw someone else on this forum with a similar complaint but I wasn't sure if your answer applied to front windows only.
    I took off the panel and am looking at the broken plastic clip. So why can't I just replace them?
  • Thanks for the pictures. They will help a lot.
  • jereojereo Posts: 8
    Are the clips for the rear windows the same as the front?
  • hydrochiefhydrochief Posts: 15
    Your "how-to" is a great help! :D
    The GM site shows 1 item "Front Door Window Regulator/Motor". You said you got two clips for each door. I just want to make sure that I will get two clips when I order the one item for my right side front door, not just one clip - and I don't need the motor (yet - knock, knock :shades: ). Can you give me a warm fuzzy on this? I really need to fix that window!
  • jereojereo Posts: 8
    Two clips are used on each window---one at the front of the window and one at the rear. My rear one was broken so I only replaced the bad one. Be sure to remove the red reflector on the panel---there is a screw behind it and it must be removed.
    clip part # 15286776 and 14286777.
    I was able to replace the rear one without taking anything out of the door as the clip just snaps over the track and the barrel must be pushed into the clip HARD. You will hear it when it is in properly installed. If it is not all the way in, thenew clip will break good luck
  • vtfan99vtfan99 Posts: 7
    Im getting ready to replace the clips in the rear right passenger window. I noticed the part numbers in this thread are for the front window. Does this make a difference? Can I order the same clips for the rear window as well?

  • jereojereo Posts: 8
    I too am waiting for a answer to find out if the clips are the same for the rear as the front.
    I was told by a Buick tech to keep all the felt around the window opening well lubricated with silicone spray. The felt dries out and will grip the window in the up position, making it harder to move.
  • tal35tal35 Posts: 3
    Does anyone have pics of the regulator assy and the clips that go bad? I have one going bad and wanted to see what I was getting into first. Thanks!
  • jereojereo Posts: 8
    Go to post #36 for pics. Be sure to put window into rubber clamp on clips before trying it out
    good luck
  • racedad21racedad21 Posts: 12
    I'm new here so be easy on I pulled my front pass.door panel off due to a broken clip, and only found one left side clip. Do I need a left and right clip? Why would I have only one on our 2002 Rendezvous?

    Anyway, I'll be ordering new ones from Ebay soon but I'm not understanding how I'm going to fasten the glass to them clips...without breaking the glass.

    Any thoughts or helpful hints? Thanks for reading!
  • jereojereo Posts: 8
    The window should be about 3/4 of the way up when replacing clip. then lower window into the clamp which holds the window. tighten screw to hold window in clamp and that should do it.
    the old clip is probably laying in the bottom of the door. do not raise or lower window too many times using only one clip (front). this will stress out the remaining clip and it will break also and the window will fall down in the door.
    good luck
  • racedad21racedad21 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the fast reply! I'll give it a shot when I get the new clips. Is it me, or does this seem to be a pretty crappy design? I'm sure most vehicles these days are built this way...oh well.
  • Thanks to all you guys and gals, yesterday my wife called and said her 2003 RENDEVOUS dropped the drivers side window so I checked it out and the plastic clips that hold the window had cracked and the window had fallen down, so I went to this forum and found out what I needed to do the clips were just broken into and not distroyed so I got some JB WELD and glued them back togather let them set over night and this morning started to reinstall them but could not figure out just how they went so I did what one women did and removed the door panel on the other side to see how they fit & I did as someone else suggested and loosened the bolt on the side nearest the engine and put them back in. So far they are working like new. I would never have figured out how to do it if not for the help that I got here on this forum so thanks to one and all who have posted here about this problem.
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