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How to replace power window regulator on a Buick Rendezvous?



  • Hi,

    Great help on this issue. I wish I would have found this about a week ago, but I still have a problem. I got the new clips installed, but the cable going to the bottom chanell is too loose. I checked to make sure it was in the track and looped around correctly, but could not find any errors. Does this mean the regulater is bad?
    Also, can I take out the entire assembly with regualator?
    Thanks for the help.
  • I want to order the clips from GMpartsdirect like some of you have, but have a question. Does the clip come complete with the thing that holds the window also? I emailed them asking for a pic, but they don't email me back.

    I not only need the plastic clip itself, but the metal "clamp" that bolts onto the clip also.

    Can anyone tell me what they got when they ordered the clips from them?

    Sorry for the long post.

  • I got my from the dealer and the plastic part and the clamp(to the glass) came together. The new part is a lot heavier made than the original.

  • I ended up buying the 2 clips off Ebay for $69 bucks and all is well! I pulled out the whole regulator for more comfort and installed the babies with ease.

    A big thank you to all of you that helped me. Ain't nothing like an internet forum to help us do-it-yourselfers out.

    Now anyone know why our air cond. compressor just quit?

  • tal35tal35 Posts: 3
    On the rendezvous it is usually the condenser in front of the radiator that leaks
  • I'm sure the Freon has not leaked out. The air cond worked perfect and blew ice cold air when my wife shut it off. A little while later the compressor won't even go on...? I'm thinking if it were a slow leak, we would have noticed the air getting warmer and warmer as we drove the car.
    Who knows.

    Thanks alot for the fast reply!

  • Ok, got the clips and installed them. Running it up and down the slide looks good prior placing it back in the door. Everything seemed fine and in working order, but when I got the door panel back on and ran the window up and down to test it several times, the cable kept coming out of the nylon clip. I know for certain that I had the ferrule on the cable properly placed in the nylon slot. Why does it keep coming out?

    :mad: Is the window is binding somehow when being rolled down?

    Any answers on this?

    Thanks for your answer in advance!

  • jereojereo Posts: 8
    Push the little barrel in the clip HARD---you will hear it pop when it is on properly.
  • Ahhh...that must be the secret! No wonder because I just sat that mug in there. :blush: Didn't know that it had use of force was involved.

  • YUP.....but don't break that cheap cheeszy clip by pushing too hard LOL.

    jereo is correct, it will snap into place.

    Good luck.

  • I see the title was 2004 Rendezvous but all I saw mentioned in conversations was 2002 and 2003. Do the part number listed for the clips fit the 2004 also? When you go to GM direct to order, they do not come up under 04.
    Part #15286776 and 15286777.
  • Well, I have a broken clip too :sick:

    I finally figured out how to get the inside door panel off, and found the broken clip laying at the bottom of the door.

    How do I get the whole assembly out of the door to replace the clips? Does it lift straight up and come out the top?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Hey there. Pretty simple to pull out the whole regulator from the door. Once the panel is off, just remove the 4 or 5 bolts that keep it attatched to the door and pull it out through the big opening in the middle of the door. Don't try to pull it through the top, I don't think it would fit.
    Hey, I hope this helps ya! When you have more questions just ask.

    Good luck,

  • Thanks for the advice.

    I went to the dealership and they only had one clip in stock, and of course it's the wrong one. So I went ahead and bought it and ordered the other one, because I'm sure the good one will break soon.

    Also, this whole device is the weirdest contraption I've ever seen. Who on earth designed this mess of a window opener?

    I may be begging for more info once I get my hands on the parts and dig into it.

    Thanks again!
  • Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I pulled the door apart. What has GM become? My pickup is a '97 and it seems to be built alot better.

    Crappy design thats meant to fail. Oh well, thats life I guess.

    Take care.

  • My clip is suppossed to come in today.

    After the clips are installed, should I place the assembly back in the door, then drop the window into the clamps from the window slot above?

    Will I be able to get to the clamps with the unit in the door?

  • Yeah. Just take your time installing the clips and make sure the little "pellet" (we will call it that) is properly seated in the clip. This is important.
    It's pretty simple after that. Just throw it back in the door and bolt er back up. As for the glass, turn the key on and power the guides till they are half way up the door then tighten the bolts CAREFULLY. Make sure they are snug but don't overtighten and break the glass.

    I hope this all works out for ya. Good luck man!

  • You wont have any problem. The clamp is part of the clip assy. Just lower the window into the clamp and tighten it up. I'm 69 yrs old, so if I can do it, anyone can.
    Good luck, jereo96 :)
  • :)
    Mission Accomplished!

    Thanks for all the good advice and hints here! Changing the clips out was not really hard at all. I'm glad I bought both clips, because the one I could not see was also broken and hanging on by a thread of plastic. The new clips are a little beefier, so hopefully they will last the life of the car.

    I don't believe I will ever roll windows down again for no reason...

    Thanks again for the advice and piece of mind!
  • I'm glad it all worked out for ya. Just wondering, what did each clip cost you at the dealer? My dealer couldn't help me at all. I had to order mine from Ebay.

  • The dealer list price was $40.14 each, but they sold them to me for $33.45 each. It was higher than the gmparts website, but when you figure shipping, it's an even wash.

    These are a little sturdier than the factory originals, so if they last a long time, I'll be happy.

    Thanks again for your advice.
  • The advice here was spot on but just some additions to those who have minimal experience doing this type of thing or just overly obsessive. When you are taking off the panel depending what you use, you may scratch the paint so wrap any sharp object with duct tape before prying it off.
    Be careful taking the window, locks and speaker connections. Make sure you have someone to hold the panel while you disconnect. (Mine actually pulled out of the connection but I was able to save it.)
    I was able to take the switch out of the door panel and test it before putting it together.
    Before you take the regulator out, make sure the barrels the the clips attach to are in the lowered position before removing. Mine were wedged to the top and I had to put it together again to bring it down.
    I put duct tape on the paint over the small speaker as when you put it on the paint can get scratched by the small clip by the speaker.
    If you hook up the window switch with the panel off, you can raise and lower the clips to make it easier to tighten them to the window.
    One of my clips were put together wrong. The black plastic piece was put on wrong (backwards) I had to really work totake it apart and turn it around. Make sure the pieces are correct. You will not be able to put it on if it's incorrect.
    Sorry no pics but it's my wife's and I wanted my car back and she her's so no fooling around taking pics. Any questions let me know.
  • Does anyone have the correct Part # for the Front drivers side window regulator. I got a Part # for one from here but sent me a rear Pass. side regulator So i guess the part # that was listed here was wrong thanks for any help
  • tal35tal35 Posts: 3
    What are the part number for the 2 clips on the driver side front? Also the passenger side front.
  • mel42mel42 Posts: 1
    I had a friend replace the window guides on my 2004 Rendevouz, after he installed them the window would come up, yhe problem now is that the vehicle won't even start, it will not turn at all and nothing else is working to include a new satelite radio that I had just purchased and had install by Car toys.
    Any advice will be geatly appreciated, I checked all the fuses and they seem to be fine. Please advise. I hate to go to the dealer because they will charge an arm and a leg and besides I cannot even get the car started not even when I put as jumper to it.
  • I have read through this discussion and I am having an issue that hasn't been window is stuck up thank god...and wont go down...but the motor is running when I press the that the clips or more than likely the regulator?? :sick:
  • aikideshiaikideshi Posts: 1
    Hey Mel, same thing happened to me when I replaced our little clips. worked like a champ through mounting/testing, then put the door back in place and...whammy. Dead electrical system. Did you ever get an answer on this?
  • flyingcolflyingcol Posts: 1
    Thanks all you guys and gals, I read with interest and bought the 2 parts from dealer ( $100 approx )( incl the dreaded tax! )

    Only needed the back one it went on like a dream, then I broke the front one, it became more nightmare than dream. If I was an orangutan with 4 foot arms and a babies fingers it would be easy. but I found it was easier if I undid reguator and moved it to the rear, it gave more room to fit the clip on the small wire piece and then swivel the whole thing back to clip on the arm before replacing.

    Next problem I have no roof rack just the gutters, can I fit any old bars and towers if so wherefrom or do I have to pay the price of GM and help out their bankruptcy! ;)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    You have aftermarket options for roof racks - Yakima, Thule, Barrecrafters and Malone are rack companies that I can think of off-hand. Not all of them may make clips to fit your Rondy.

    GM may be cheaper than some of these brands though. :cry:
  • I need help before I smash this bleeping thing!
    Drivers side window will not come back up, and now I'm starting to have trouble with the window on the same side extended cab - but @ least I got it back up.
    This morning I was trying to remove the drivers door inner panel, took out the two bottom 6 mm bolts, & then removed the two 8 mm door handle bolts. Started to remove in panel but stopped because it seemed like I was going to break some thing. Is there more to it to remove this panel?
    I just wanna look inside & see if I can find the trouble.
    Please does any one have any advice other than burn the truck? lol
    Thankx people...
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