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How to replace power window regulator on a Buick Rendezvous?

breit67breit67 Posts: 1
Both front windows on my wife's SUV failed within the same week. The windows go down but do not go back up. I can here the motor working but the windows don't move. The dealer said it is the regulator on the power window motor and wanted to charge me $800 to repair both of them. We are out of warranty by 8000 mis. I would like to try and replace them by myself. Is it difficult to remove the door panels to get access to the window motor? Thx


  • Door panels come off easy – two screws and pop fasteners. Remove one screw near door handle. Other screw is inside the red plastic lens at the end of the arm rest. Carefully pop plastic lens out to access screw. With a large, wide, flat screwdriver or pry bar carefully work you way around the door panel prying to pop it loose. Electrical connectors have locking tabs that need to be pressed in before pulling apart.

    Did you buy replacement parts? If so do you know the part numbers and what was included?

    I am currently working on the passenger window of my 2003.

  • A bit of an aside, but does the door panel also need to be removed to replace the driver's window switch? It looks like the small surface panel within the armrest that surrounds the window buttons pops off, but when I jiggle it and start to pry it off, the buttons seem to move with it. I don't want to pull it off at the risk of breaking something unless I'm sure that's what I need to do.
  • I don't recall how the armrest is attached to the door panel but I am pretty sure you will have to remove the whole panel.

    The trick is to pop the red lense off to get to the second screw.

    Once both screws are removed then get a wide flat pry bar or large screw driver (wrap some making tape around it so as not to scratch the door) and work your way around the the panel prying it off.

    Start from the lower outermost corner and work you way up towards the window then across the bottom of the door and up the other side.

    Don't worry - it will snap back in.

    In order to disconnect the cables for the window and speakers you need to use a screw driver to press in a latching tab on the connector BEFORE you try to pull it apart.

    Good luck!
  • uhrickuhrick Posts: 1
    My drivers side window went down and won't come back up. I popped the switch panel out of the armrest and fooled around with the L.H.front switch. By pushing the two wires up into the switch, the window will go up. I guess it's the switch that's faulty. Can these be repaired? If not, can it be bought at an auto supply store or do you have to get one from the dealer? How do the wires release from the switch if replacing? Also, my A.C. stopped working at about 60K miles. Tried recharging with refrigerant cans, but didn't work. Doesn't sound like compressor is engaging due to low refrigerant level. Any ideas? Can't take to dealer for repair because of cost. Are there any things I can check or repair?
  • Could be the switch or an intermittent connection of the wire(s) to the pins in the connector.

    Pins are crimped onto the wire ends. These pins are inserted into the connector that the switch plugs into.

    By wiggling the wires are you might have gotten them to make contact with the pins.

    I am not sure if you can get that switch from an auto parts store. To remove the switch from the wires you will have to pry up on a little tab while pulling the switch from the connector. This little tab is used to latch the wire connector to the switch. Once you have the switch in hand try your local auto parts store 1st then a GM dealer.

    As for the AC. Try to look for oily dirt around AC system fitting in the engine compartment. The Freon has oil in it. When the Freon leaks so does some of the oil. The oil will attract dirt and dust. Fixing it yourself is a long shot but maybe you can at least pinpoint the problem. Hopefully it's not the evaporator (inside the car) or the condenser (in front of the radiator).

    Good luck.
  • azdougazdoug Posts: 9
    i have tried 4 different dealers to purchase the plastic clips for drivers door regulator,all of them tell me you have to buy the entire regulator assy,in forum i saw that a tsb was issued but dealers tell me it doesnt have anything to do with clips, where can i get them ?

    Try these part numbers - not sure which is left or right. If one is cracked the other might be as well.

    Clip - 15286776
    Clip - 15286777
    (Regulator - 10376803)

    Good luck!
  • Man you saved my but :)

    My regulator broke yesterday. as far as left and right i went to the dealership today and they show those two clips go on one window. and they work on either driver or passenger side. i havent taken the regulator out to verify but he said the computer says both are required. i need the 15256777 one. they charge 27 but ive seen them online for 15. thanks for the number they couldnt find one
  • Intrepid, where have yous een the clips online for $15.
    Could you post site please.

    I just had the same happen to me.

    Thank you
  • azdougazdoug Posts: 9
  • azdougazdoug Posts: 9
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Hey, Doug! It's best not to type in ALL CAPS.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • intrepidcubintrepidcub Posts: 60
    Im sorry never saw these responses the 15 dollars clips were from but it turns out they charge enough shipping to get the the same price at the dealership sneaky i think LOL
  • tracy9tracy9 Posts: 6
    Ordering and replacing the clips was the easy part...somewhat, with your help. My learning curve (which sounds stupid now)was that the cog on the wire that makes the window go up and down needed to be placed in the center of the plastic clip between the two "fingers" that the cable runs through. When I closed the window all the way the clip broke again. I guess I didn't have the window clamp tightened in the correct position. The clip still works well enough to make the window go up and down and I'm just going to order yet a third clip. My question DO I properly align the window in the clamp to keep the window from binding? We tried many differnt positions and thought we had it correct that last time...but apparently not. Any suggestions?
  • astrospaceastrospace Posts: 5
    I am very sorry but it was last summer that I replaced the clips and I just don't remember the exact technique.

    I remember the passenger door was tough (double jointed fingers, wrists and elbows would have helped).

    I might have run the window all the way up or down and noted where on the cable the clip went. The I might have set the widow in a mid-way position to get everything together.

    I am very sorry - I'd have to do it again to answer your question.
  • I called my dealer just before finding this forum and was told what some of you have already stated about having to buy the regulator and that the clips are not sold seperately. Has anyone been able to purchase these from a dealer using the part numbers listed and if so, how much did they run?
  • they are lying to you. I called three dealers and they all said they had to order them. I found one that had them in stock. it cost me $57.xx (with tax).

    The lie to you so you have to buy the regulator. Just give them the part #s.

    BTW: they are real easy to replace.
  • tracy9tracy9 Posts: 6
    I agree they were easy to replace...but after I put the new ones in the left had side (on the drivers door) broke immediately and I had to reorder again. Damn cheap plastic crap. How did you figure out exactly where to tighten them on the window so they don't break?
  • I dont understand. pull on the steel cable to seet it in the clip, then holding that you angle the clip to clip it on to the regulator. Check to make sure it is seated properly. on the other side you have to loosen the bolts that hold the regulator in place. I actually removed the bottom bolt and just loosened the top. Just loosen it enough so you can place the clip on. Once again make sure it is seated properly. just make sure not to overtighten the regulator bolts. As a matter of fact they need to be torqued. I think its like 8.5 ft/lbs. If you overtighten those I think it puts to much pressure on the regulator and it could cause the clips to break as the regulator will not flex enough. And you have to be extremely careful tightening the clip to window. overtighten and you can cause the window to break.
  • tracy9tracy9 Posts: 6
    The clips and I had a round again last night and I won! My window is fixed. What would have helped: There is a cog on the cable that has to be seated in the side of the clip. The side opposite of the two "C" type fingers. (so my post #16 was wrong and that's why the clips broke again...sorry) Take a look and you'll see the indentation where the cog goes. Don't know the proper way to attach the clip to the black slide that the window rides on but my son (who's 12) figured out something that worked very simply. Hold the Clip perpendicular or at a right angle to the black slide bar. Make sure the two fingers seat onto the side of the slide. Carefully turn the slide 180degrees and it's attached. I snapped the cog into place after the slide was attached. Works like charm now and if a single working mom can do can you! Good luck.
  • thats it, I am sorry I wish I culd have sent you my cell #, I could have talked you through it. I spent so much time studying the regulator, that by the time I had the actual clips I kne whow it went already.


    Now if you ever need help changing the wheel bearing in teh front (they wear very quickly and make a loud roaring noise as you pick up speed) let me know, that is a little harder, but also much more simple.

  • ladybug35ladybug35 Posts: 2
    I saw some discussion regarding the window clips on a Buick Rendezvous, I need some help. My driver's side window went all the way down and will not go up, the motor is still working, someone had mentioned that the clips need to be replaced and after reading some discussion on this I believe that is what I need to do, however, I do not know what part I need to order. The dealership said the cost is $200 for the Regulator. Someone help me please, I do not need the entire kit. I THINK I only need the clip. Anyone have any suggestions???? :confuse:
  • ladybug35ladybug35 Posts: 2
    I am having trouble locating this part, I too am looking for the clips, where did you order them from?
  • tracy9tracy9 Posts: 6
    I went thru left part is #15286776 and right is #15286777.
  • As per below, the part #s are 15286776 and right is #15286777

    Most dealers will not stock them, and have to order them. They will run about $53 for the pair. Don't let them tell you otherwise. As I have advised before, take soem time to study the clip once you go to install. there s a litle cube shaped chamber and a matching stop on the cable that goes in there. That is the key, make sure the cable side is sitting in that litle cube chamber before you clip the clip on the regulator
  • betttyboobetttyboo Posts: 1
    I paid 354 to get the drivers window fixed when the regualator died on me. 28 days later the window would not go down or up. That was a year ago. Suddenly the window goes down and the dork at the shop i go to rolls it down even more. But thanks to you guys i can FINALLY get this door off and fix this window. I have know it was a loose wire all this time but i just could not figure out for the life of me how to get the door off. Other than that, i have had no problems as of yet with the car! ;) Wish me luck!
  • I have seen that I can order the clips to fix my window that is now stuck on the Driver's side. Do I need to purchase the left and the right clips for 1 window? Or is it just get either 1 set of the left or the right depending on which side the window is on? I am thinking that I need both sets for 1 window no matter what side the car is on.

    Please help.
  • you need both clips per window. Usually when the window falls it means both clips broke. Left and right is just the sides per window, both passenger and driver side have both a left and right clip
  • Thanks for the quick response!

    I am going to order the 15286776 & 15286777 for my fiancee's 2003 Rendezvous. I hope this does the trick. They wanted to charge us $500. I may have to do it also on the driver's side passenger window too.

    Thanks again.
  • thomas001thomas001 Posts: 2
    Tony Gravato, I saw your statement about the wheel bearing in the front of the Buick Rendezvous. The dealer is going to charge me $350.00 plus labor. Is this something that I can repair? I have a 2002 Buick Rendezvous. Also I saw your reply about the my clips on the window regulator. My left front is broken. My motor works fine but the plastic part is broken off. Why would GMC used plastic? I email the Only Factory Part and I have ask them for the part# 15286776 1528777. I am waiting for their return email. I hope I can fix my window like the lady did. The dealer is going to charge me $168.02 plus labor. Please help. It seems that I have brought a lemon.
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