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Chevy SILVERADO (2001)

chevy4mechevy4me Member Posts: 203
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I recall last year it was late June or early July
? Hate to say but my 99 has just given me too
many problems!


  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    to be ordered for a month now about..

    Usually end of may..start of june. There are no brochures, but they are in the system.

    - Tim
  • chevy4mechevy4me Member Posts: 203
    Is there a website of any sort to get a full set of options, colors etc. I'm not real close to a dealer?
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157

    or many others....but the best info for what is actually ready to order is in the dealer computer.

    Not much changes.

    2-3 new colors..maybe some more HP..and that's about it. You can get the order in now..and get your "place in line"..and change things later...once you get a build have to cancel or stick with what you picked.

    Good Luck

    - Tim
  • arkie6arkie6 Member Posts: 198
    Are you a Chevy salesman?
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    ...check the Silverado topic for a recent post about new stuff for 2001.

    - Tim
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    are you a Chevy salesman!

    Is the 3/4 ton going to have 325 H.P. or 300? Just curious...
  • rcoosrcoos Member Posts: 167
    Wasn't it ryanbab who said that the '01 Silverado X-cabs were to have those ugly rear door handles like that junk from toyota? Is this all just bs or have staff at GM gone mad?
  • markbuckmarkbuck Member Posts: 1,021
    What's the fastest you have spun your Silverado's motor?

    I haven't seen 5200 rpm for more than a fraction of a second so what good is a HP peak that high. I have routinely run ato 4500 rpm at WOT for extended periods though on my 4.8L.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    I never said that dont put words in my mouth. Someone in the silverado topic brought it up. I have seen all the new stuff (colors interior color, and a Z71 electronic thingy that controls smooth ride vs hauling ride) no mention of rear door handles. My salesman ordered a 2001 and in a few wks itll be in ill let u all know if it has those infamous door handles

  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    been at 6000 rpm's a few times. Hypetech allows you to adjust for it. I don't get there that often, but I'm not afraid to hammer it. I was just curious about the horsepower. If the 2500 has 325HP it's not too far off the Corvette's 345? They should put a twin cam, 4 valve per cylinder 6.0 in the Corvette - what do you think 425 Horse?? Not that a Silverado will ever catch a Corvette, but horsepower is close. Heck, it would have more than a Camaro, but still lose a race...
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    those rear door handles are stupid. Why not just leave it the way it is? Are they going to leave the inside handle or remove it? Should just leave well enough alone...
  • dducketdducket Member Posts: 2
    Anyone know when Edmunds and similar sites will have pricing on the 2001's? Dealer says that they should have them within the next week or two. Thanks.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Theres a website check out the silverado post go back about 100 posts and its there only changes is MSRP went up because the auto trans is standard on all ext cab models no more manual. SO that price the $995 was added to the MSRP other than that i seen no changes unlike last yr when the engine price went up $100. DOnt worry about the price thing nothing drastic


  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    had posted about the four door handles on the '01 models
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Is full of you know what then

  • jkaniajkania Member Posts: 40
    When u hit the keyless entry button, the doors open hydraulically. No need for door handles!
  • gnippergnipper Member Posts: 120
    There were a couple of posts claiming the rear door handles - one of them even pointed to pictures. The pictures they pointed to were of Crew cab trucks - not extended cab trucks. When I saw the pics I knew we were dealing with some real pros - they didn't have a clue what the difference was. It was clearly not a 1/2 ton truck and had four full doors.

    Otherwise no official sightings, no claims from GM, nothing on EXTND cabs having outside handles on the rear doors.

  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    i was one of the guys that posted about the rear
    handles. 1st of all there is a picture of the
    2001 ext. cab (not crew cab,a distinct diff.) LS
    1500 in our local paper. THE FRESNO BEE. 2nd of
    all the dealer has one on his lot right now. 2
    other ones without the handles. and finally i
    would like to know what makes CRYIN' RYAN the
    expert here. young man you can't even tell the
    diff. between a tick tick or a tsh tsh sound
    under your TUNDRA. ha ha

    for the rest of you guys and gals don't worry,
    this was the only truck that i've seen with these
    stupid handles. just hope it was a special order
    or something cause if they continue with this
    exterior change then i'll not buy another chevy
    until they see the error in their ways. oh yeah,
    my salesman did tell me that it was chevy's
    answer to quite a bit of input from a lot of EXT.
    cab (NOY CREW CAB) owners. the one i saw retained
    the interior handle. all they did was to fit an
    exterior handle and release rod. there's a lot of
    SILVERADO owners out there that apparently think
    the exterior handles add convienence to opening
    and closing the rear doors. if it gets down to
    majority rules then we lose. we're a small (if
    not token) number that post here. who do you
    think chevy is gonna listen to, 20-40 people that
    post here once in awhile or the other 500,000
    owners that buy silverado. do the math or listen
    to CRYIN' RYAN or "what ever floats your boat".
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Did i get this name now? This is ridiculous.

    Are you sure your not at a toyota dealership red looking at trucks????? There is no mention of any rear door handles anywhere except from you. Its like a ufo sighting. I have read of all the changes that have been made (colors price changes and new stuff) and not one place have i read or seen rear door handles. I dont care if they make it or not. Im just trying to figure this out how your the only person that has seen it. Trust me i pass2 chevy dealerships going to work and i look at the trucks and NONE have had em.

  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Member Posts: 265
    repost of Weick site for pictures of 3500 crew cab with exterior door handles on rear doors, if anybody is curious.
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    saw the name somewhere else but not gonna tell.
    it is someone that you trust but they had fun
    with you elsewhere.

    yes, i'm looking at the chevy not the toyolo.
    besides, what makes you think that i'm the only
    one that has seen this new chevy abortion? like i
    said, we are not the majority. i'm sure there's
    others out there that have seen the new handles,
    i just can't seem to get all the other silverado
    owners to post here. ha ha
  • rcoosrcoos Member Posts: 167
    Ryan, sorry if I made a mistake about you bring up the rear door handles? I thought it was know how you went on and on and on about those fender flares! I just thought it was you, because your on about something! ha,ha,ha.
  • jaumenjaumen Member Posts: 54
    Go to and you will find the new pricing for the 2001 models.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    They had fun with me else where? My only guess is it was TIM or someone else in a toyota forum. Am i right???

  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    I think I like Saving Pvt. Ryan better...LOL

    Hey Ryan, red's just funnin' ya. That's all!! Like taking Tim's place in his absence....
  • dinotwodinotwo Member Posts: 11
    Found out some horrible news today. OnStar is standard on the LT and they want to charge for it. What a rip off. Cadillac owners don't even want this piece of crap and so they are forcing it on truck buyers. Dealer estimates a $300 - $500 increase for it.

  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    I don't like this on-star system also. I think of it as a invasion of privacy more than anything. I know they've been slow sellers and maybe this is why there putting them in? Bad decision - glad my 2000 LT doesn't have it...
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    ...the ones that tend to FORGET their keys in the truck...and lock the door..
  • dinotwodinotwo Member Posts: 11
    Forcing OffStar on us is a bad idea and will lead to your demise. Bad Chevy, bad. Don't push this piece of crap on the truck buyer. Keep it as an option for Bill Gates, but don't force it on us. Next thing there will be black helicopters following us. Chevy = Big Brother, 1984 and all of that crap.

  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    watching you...
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Looks like about a year from now I will have it then also..


    - Tim
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    approaching "middle age" won't we? OnStar instead of carmine red....
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Perfect match

    Carmine and onstar haha

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    then they will have onstar so it drives the truck home too?

    Whoohooo!! hopping just got better!

    - Tim
  • mpconyersmpconyers Member Posts: 3
    You can order an LT with or without Onstar rolled into the base price. With Onstar adds $340 MSRP. Don't believe everything the dealer says...
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    My $340 will be staying in my clutches..

    As long as I can get Ryans Favorite color - Carmine!....I will be happy...

    - Tim
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    Have on star standard on the LT. You have no choice
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    have onstar standard. You have no choice.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    will have onstar as standard.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    A government conspiracy.
    Wanna know where you are at all times. HMMM kinda scary if you ask me.

  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    watching where you go, where you spend your money, all compiled in a huge database for future reference...even if you don't activate it, how would you know if it is tracking or not? Another good example is do we know if it isn't sending data to Microsoft every time you log on...could have a mole planted to surface every so often...transmits its data, then go underground until next scheduled transmission....Hmmm makes one a little paranoid.....
  • sdpiersonsdpierson Member Posts: 69
    Insurance companies can see where you drive, what time you drive, how far you drive, how FAST you drive.
    If there's an accident, Lawyers could subpoena the record.
    Ordered a 2001 GMC 2500 on Friday. I didn't even see "On Star" offered.
  • rcoosrcoos Member Posts: 167
    It looks like some of you have been forgetting to take your medicine? Are some of you into this "black helicopter theory"? Sounds to me like some of you have been listening a little to close to the radio speaker when the Art Bell show was on!

    p.s. there's something in the water!
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    in the water.....but if you mix it with barley and makes it OK!


    - Tim
  • sdpiersonsdpierson Member Posts: 69
    Saw it on 20-20 or 60 Minutes maybe. The information is there, On-Star says it will not give it out....Do you believe them?
    If a court of law says, "Give us this information," will they decline?
    Yea, this information is worthless.....Why does my internet provider bombard me with GM adds?
    Think maybe GM is paying them?......
    I'm not saying On-Star is selling the info, I don't know.
    I also don't believe everything I see on 60 Minutes.
    All I'm doing is pointing out that they CAN track you, and sometimes it can be for the good.
  • swobigswobig Member Posts: 634
    like in 2002. I may trade my 2000 for a 2002 model...
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    reg cab with the 8.1L. sort of like the old SS454. Would be a pretty fast truck in stock form.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    the whole lineup...
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    about the only thing I am hoping for in 2002 is a 2-tone LT.

    Onstar can take a hike...and the new colors seem OK...

    for 2002 I doubt power will get any higher?...maybe a plastic box for 2500's?..(oh boy)..

    All we need now is the 5 door race!

    A 5th door opens to the bed area?....or a roof door?...


    - Tim
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    a Power slider was to be an option for 2001?...maybe later...

    I'd take a rear power slider and a power moonroof.
    Someone posted pictures a while back of a very nice aftermarket power moon roof/sun roof on a silverado a while $1200...but it was nice.

    I'd take both those options for 2002.

    - Tim
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