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    Did you try:
    They sell GM Protection Plan Warranties at a discount (about $50-$100 over cost, I believe). Don't know if this is any better deal, just thought I'd throw this out there for you.
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    Thanks for info....I'll check it out. Is that the same warranty you buy from dealers (Major Guard?) or a different type?

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    You might want to ask the folks who are offering the warranties what the do not cover. I tried to use my extended warranty to fix my leaking AC. Guess what it covered everything, including a rental car, except the hoses. Ended up costing me about $450 for parts and labor to install hoses, but I got a free rental for the weekend.
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    Yes, I believe it is, this is just a dealer that sells them cheaper on the internet (bigger audience). BTW, I didn't buy one from them, but used their price for leverage to get a better deal at the dealer. Dealer sold me one for $50 over cost ($470); would have cost $100 over at this place ($520).
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    GM Warranty Central
    Major Guard 100,000 miles, 72 months, $100 deductible, online quote $2,215.

    No thanks. I have a theory on this. You sell me a junk truck, you lose a customer on the next one.
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    was to cover the vehicle against major expenses at least until it is paid off. I bought a 60-month, 72,000 mile extended warranty (actually only extends 36/36 by 2 years and 36,000 miles); just the Major Guard (doesn't cover everything, just the big stuff like transmission, a/c, suspension, etc.)with a $200 deductible. I was quoted $520 by GM Warranty Central, and the dealer sold me this policy for $470. Fortunately for me, the dealer can't type very well; when I got my policy and card in the mail a few weeks later, I discovered they had issued a 72-month, 100,000 mile extended warranty! Unfortunately, this truck is a shaker, and I'm currently in arbitration to make GM buy it back. So I'll loose my good deal on the extended warranty when I rid myself of this lemon.
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    I ordered a 2001 GMC Sierra. It was suppose to
    arrive Sept 28. Dealer is telling me that the
    truck was produced and shipped(I have the VIN #).
    Before it left a depo in New York to be delivered to my dealer in Connecticut there was a
    quality hold put on all trucks recently
    manufactured in the Canadian plant. Has anyone
    else heard of such a situation or am I just
    getting the run around?
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    Thanks for the info. I heard from a car hauler driver unloading some new trucks at a dealership that GM's Indiana plant produces 60 trucks per hour. At that rate, it shouldn't take too long to get one once the order is preferenced.
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    I have the opportunity to get a 2000 Silverado LS, 5 speed, long bed. The MSRP on the truck is about $27,300. The dealer will sell it to me for $23,758 which includes the $1000 for being a 2000 model. Should I go for it, or is it worth the extra to get a 2001 (I can a 2001 Sliverado LS for $25,300)? The 2001 does not come with a standard, however, and we like a standard.
    Another question is long bed vs. short bed. The long bed is 27 inches longer than my Town Car. When I first got my Town Car I thought I was driving a boat, but I got used to it. How is driving a long bed?
    A third question is this: I can get the base model 2001 GMC Sierra SL short bed for $24,200. Of course, this does not have all the features of the LS, but it is similarily priced and I would be getting a 2001 instead of a 2000 and a GMC instead of Chevy, which way would any of you recommend?

    Thanks for your help

    Chet Kulus
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    assuming the trucks you mention are 2 wheel drive, I would highly recommend a long test drive to see if there are any vibrations, most notably at 65-70mph. I currently have a 2000 Silverado x-cab short box and it is being replaced under my state's Lemon Law because of the above problem. If it were me, I'd go for a 2001, with a date on the left frame rail below the driver's door dated later than July if possible (haven't proven it, but in the vehicles I have test-driven, prior dated trucks still had the shakes, later than July seemed fine.

    As for the short or long bed, that's a personal decision-what will it be used for, do you need the extra bed space?

    GMC vs. Chev-it's an appearance thing, mainly cosmetics, and when I was pricing for my '00, the Chev was @$400 less.
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    Hello All,
    I am new to this site so please forgive me if these are old asked and answered questions. I'm going to be ordering a 2001 Silverado 2500HD LS Ext. Cab 4WD.I've decided to go with the big block 8100 V-8 and the Allison 5 speed auto with 3.73 rear end. My questions are: (1) What kind of gas mileage can I expect to get? (2) What difference would the 4.10 rear make in acceleration and how bad would the mileage be. (3)What are the largest tires that I would be able to put on without modifying or lifting the body?
    I would expect the dealer to be able to answer these questions, but so far two dealerships have been unable to do so. If any of you have any other advice or information that would be pertinent, please let me know. I am looking forward to getting out of my Dodge and into this new Chevy by Christmas.

    Thanks, Scott
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    Just found out that my truck i ordered is being built in Fort Wayne Ind. is this good or bad? To those of you who had their trucks built there, how did they turn out? My TPW is schedule for the week of 10/23.

    Thanks, Lewis

    PS, Ryan, if i remember correctly your from that state? If so, ask your buddies at the plant to concentrate when they see the green 'rado coming down the assembly line. LOL
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    Thumbs down
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    My LT was built at Ft. Wayne and I have had no problems. I believe you can trust their quailty.
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    I ran into the same decision as you with 2000 being the last year for 5 speeds.I chose the 5 speed and have been very happy with my truck.It is a 2wd with the 6.5 box so I can't help with you're long bed question.
    My truck was built 3/00 at the Ft.Wayne plant and i have only had one problem with it.It is a 2wd and i have none of the shakes.Just do a good test drive.

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    Yes im from indiana. My truck was built at the ft wayne plant. Only had a dash rattle which i fixed. Turned 7000 mls today i love this thing.

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    Not sure on all of your questions...I do know that 285's will fit on the HD with no lift...
    Don't have any info on the 8.1..I ordered a Crew Cab LT 4x4 SWB 6.0 that was built the OCT 10th and should be here in the next few weeks...I plan on putting on 33-35 inch tires with a 3 inch....

    My father in law got his CC today...very nice...2wd, LS , indigo blue with black flares..sits up very nice...He also got the 6.0 and 4.10's so I am eagerly awaiting so mileage reports from him over the next few weeks...Hope this was of some help...
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    My Silverado was built in Fort Wayne on 02/23/00, & other then a small rear door adjustment & dash rattle.... the truck has been excellent.

    My brother has a '99 Silverado from the same plant & he really likes his truck. It's unfortunate that obyone has a lemon...... but I don't think that the Fort Wayne plant is any worse then Pontaic or Oshawa !

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    Did u get the dash rattle fixed. If not i have a suggestion for you to cure that

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    The 265x75 R16 Michelins are an excellent tire. When I ordered my 2000 about 10 months ago, I ordered with the cheapest factory tires on my 4x4 Sierra. I had the Michelins LTX AT's waiting and installed immediately. It cost me 500 to trade tires, well worth it. Rides great, great durability, balances like a dream, GET THEM BALANCED ON THE INSIDE to save your rims, mine took 1/4 oz, 1/2, 1.25 and 1.5, really good for that large of a tire. They are holding up great after 10k plus miles, and I drive them hard. With the 365 dollar deathstones on my last sierra, at 20k miles they were needing replaced, less than 1/4 the tread left. These Michelins have a good 90% left with 10k. I wish they had the bigger size as well, would like them in a 285 on a 3/4 hd, if the truck came with a 7" rim but, I guess Ill live with the 265. Never been stuck yet on the farm.
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    I seem to be one of the few here that have the extended cab long bed. My previous vehicle was a Dakota club cab with a 6.5' bed and the Silverado is significantly bigger all the way around. It only took a couple of days to become comfortable with the added length although tight parking lots will always be a bear. I do seem to have a bit of a blind spot on the passenger side so I am very careful while changing lanes from left to right. I have also added a cap on the bed which impairs visibility a bit. I have never seen an x-cab long bed on a dealers lot and I special ordered mine. However, I'm glad I did. I am selling my townhouse and have done alot of hauling stuff in the bed - trips to the dump, remodelling materials, moving stuff to storage. I love my truck and have been getting a lot of use out of it. It's also my daily commuter and I've got about 13000 miles on itsince April.
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    on my Silverado seems to be tighter than the old Dakota ('92).
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    I was wondering if you have the very rare garage that one will fit in? My SB fits with 4" to spare,and it won't fit in two of my friends garages. One almost can get the door down, the other is about 4-5" short. I can't think of any regular garage a long bed ext cab WILL fit in.
    I'd hate to be parkin your truck...
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    I have an ext cab short bed 4x4. It fits height wise but is a bumper to long. Doesnt help when the garage is a mess. Also we lose some space due to a stair case. So the truck sits outside

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    143" WB Sierra fits great in our three car garage, of course I designed the house myself and it is 36' x 24' with a 10'x8' door and a 18'x8' (Both Oversized). It helps when you plan ahead, but most suburban garages were made for a taurus being a big car. (IDIOTS). Anyways if need be I can fit a CC DUALLY in mine. Hopefully it all works out. My advice if you have the space a and plan living there for a while, would be to build a 24'x24' detached two car garage to store truck, boat, and lawn mower ect. Can be a good five thousand dollar permanent investment.
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    Just a parking pad in front of the town house. The truck is as long as the padso I usually overhang the sidewalk a little so I can drop the tailgate.

    The house I grew up in had a double garage the Silverado would fit in. It had a single wide door and was 40' long so the cars had to park end to end.

    I was at the mall last night and the Silverado stuck out about 4' beyond the painted lines. Backing into a space is easier than pulling in.
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    My, short bed Silverado fits just perfectly in my 12 year old garage. It's a great truck, the only exception being the cheap interior. I had finally fixed the buzz and rattle in the dash (thanks Ryan) and then put a FlowMaster exhaust system on the truck. Even though it's supposed to be the quietest of the Flowmasters, it shakes up the "Fisher-Price" interior everytime I hit the gas pedal. Out goes the Flowmaster and back to the drawing board. Has anyone else upgraded their exhaust systems? Thanks, Sandy
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    Don't get Gibsons either. Unless you're fond of in cab resonance. In my readings I've found more people happy with Borla. A little more expensive, but haven't seen a negative post on them as of yet.
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    I hope it doesnt get cold where u r. Just went on a trip to close up our summer cabin this weekend. WOke up this morning frost all over the truck. Took a drive into town to dunkin donuts damn noise was back but it was more of a squeeky than a rattle. Got home tonight added more foam. Seems the cold contracted and made something else rub. A OK now for the time being

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    I will be doing the dash rattle chase soon on my truck. Thanks for the link to the dash removal pics.
    On my 86 Iroc Camaro, I don't know how many times I took the dash apart to get rid of the buzzing, but I ruined all the Torx screws they had holding it together. I kind of doubt one type of foam will get rid of the buzzes. It took 3 on the Camaro. I used some foam pipe insulation to stop the high pitched stuff( it's really hard to compress, so it stays tight), some sheet rubber with an adhesive back like they sell in stereo stores around the speakers, and finally some good old black rubber stuff in a caulking gun to blob in the places I couldn't really see. The back speaker area was a breeze to deaden, the pipe stuff worked fine and was really cheap. All I added was an amp and small sub and it was great until I had enough put together to buy the Sony head unit I wanted. It was the only vehicle I have ever had that had a buzz free interior when the stereo was turned up...

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    Obyone, Thanks for the advice. I have heard good things about the Borla catback system too. The Flowmaster really didn't deliver as billed and my neighbor has the Gibson with the same result. I'll see if I can find someone who has tried Borla before I buy this time. Ryan, the rattle is back. Perhaps it's the cooler weather. But I'm going to take the dash off again and see what I can do. Thanks, Sandy
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    Sandy stuff more foam. That solved mine again

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    Can you give the link to the dash removal pics as mentioned in post 189? I just received my '01 Silverado and have noticed a rattle which seems to be coming from the lower area of the dash, possibly in the center. Darned if I want the dealership meesing with it. Other than the rattle, the truck is great-doesn't have a vibration or shake-2wd x-cab.

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    Sorry i dont know the site i never posted it dean did. The dash is easy to remove it just pops off.

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    You are going to need adobe acrobat reader to view the file.
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    For the help.
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    In looking at 2001 brochure it reads that I can't get the medium gray cloth bucket seats like I have in my 99. Anyone know why ? I see they are available in the Tahoe/ Suburban.
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    The rattle which seemed to be coming from all over the windshield was the molding strips on the outside of the window. They vibrate at a very high speed and cause a rattle. It was very annoying.

    The glass company came and cut the edge of the molding off and glued both down with eurathane.

    It fixed the problem. If you have this, the faster you go, the more noise it makes. There are several out there. -Roy
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    I had ice on my windows of the 2K Silverado (it sleeps outside) the last two days. It took the defroster about 10 minutes to clear the windows. Is this the experience you other guys have. I remember reading a review that the defroster/heater was slow to do the job. Don't get much frost out here, but with all the rain lately the humidity is unusually high. I saw very light snow yesterday afternoon - must be global warming from all of those vortec V8s up north. I know Ryan will tell me that you need the horsepower of a 5.3 to clear the windows - right?
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    What? funny joke there

    I live in northwest indiana been getting very cold at night around the 30's. There is dew and ice on my truck and it takes a very short time to heat up and defrost. Also i have no rear defrosters.
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    Is there someone that ca tell me where to get a good deal???
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    I would like to hear some opinions. I have searched and researched the 2000 and 2001 Chevy Trucks. Is the shake gone from the 2001? Would anybody purchase a 2000?

    I have the opportunity to purchase a 2000 Z71 SLE that is pretty much everything I want for $23,800 and a 2WD SL for $21,400. I have researched the prices and they look good to me. I don't really need 4X4 but it would be nice to have.

    From what I read the 4X4's have less shake and the 2001 will get additional frame bracing.

    Thanks in advance for input.
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    i have a chevy 2000 LS ext cab Z71. No shakes truck has been great after a little over 6 months. I havent heard anything from anyone that has a Z71 about shakes. I talk to alot of people with Z71's when they come into work and i always ask how their truck is. Always get an answer its great.

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    Buy the 4x4 sle, it will be a better long term investment and have better resale. Also the SLE is a nicer interior than the SL. I think all things equal and these two trucks, the 2400 extra is dirt cheap to upgrade to a sle and a 4x4.

    Best of Luck

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    Get the 4x4! I had the 2wd and got rid of it because of numerous problems. I now have a 99 4x4 that rides great. A totally different ride.

    Get the 4x4!

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    I just joined the bowtie family with a new 2001 Ext. cab LS, 5.3l engine. So far I'm very happy with the pickup. Here's to hoping it doesn't start falling apart at 50k like my Dodge did.

  • jed1894jed1894 Member Posts: 337

    If you haven't already, explore the topics and join in the fun.......

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    Hi all. Got a few questions to ask you Silverado owners that I hope you can answer for me. Just picked up my new 2001 Silverado Ext. Cab, 5.3 2WD with the trailer package. In viewing the owners manual last night:
    1. As I have read in previous posts here, my owners manual says to keep it at 55 mph the first 500 miles. Also, not to keep it at a constant speed during the first 500 miles. I'm going on a road trip next week and will be lucky if I hit 150 miles before then, and all interstate driving. If I drive 55, the truckers will blow me off the road. Should I be concerned it I drive it at 70-75? Also, on long trips, I love to use the cruise, but then there's that constant speed thing. Again, should I be concerned?

    2. The tires provided on the truck are the General Ameri 660 AS, P255/16. The sticker on the side of the door says to run 30 psi in the front tires and 35 psi in the rear. I just traded in a '97 Silverado and I ran straight 35 psi in all per the door sticker recommendation. Is this true the variation in tire pressure, and should I stick to it? Since I have the heavy duty suspension, I'd prefer a smooth ride on the highway.

    Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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    Do not use cruise on breaking the truck in. That keeps the truck at a constant speed which is bad.

    About the keep it under 55 theres been alot of talk about it. When i broke mine in i didnt go over 65. I wouldnt take it up to 75 right away. But going over 55 should be ok. Just remember when you have a chance slow down and dont keep the speed constant.

    Tires- should be fine read the actual tire and see the max psi. I go 36 all around on my firestone AT's i think the max for this tire is 40 psi the door sticker says 35.

    Oh yea also NO TOWING in the first 500 mls. hehe

    GOod luck and have a nice trip

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    I have the same tires you do and my door panel says 35 all around.

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