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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What's the price quote you got on this car?
    I asked my dealer for the lowjack and $700 is what he quoted. I did not go for it.
  • I am trying to make a final decision on a 2008 RDX w/Tech vs. a Land Rover LR2 with or without Tech. The invoice prices I have seen for the RDX on ($34,429, which includes $715 destination charge) seem to be higher than the prices that I have seen in recent posts. I am a 10-year customer of Columbia Acura in Cincinnati, so I get preferred customer pricing. However, I have not inquired yet about the RDX. Does anyone have any thoughts concerning why some of you have gotten out-the-door prices that have been nearly $2K lower than invoice?
  • statzstatz Posts: 1
    Can someone tell me what the salesprice of the vehicle is based on the info below and if this is a good deal on a lease? The salesman said it was only a little over invoice.

    2008 Acura RDX without Tech

    15k miles

    53% Residual (17,972)

    0.000900 Money factor which is less then 2%

    1995 Down + fees

    575.42 Plates

    369 Doc Fee

    436 Lifetime-Tint/door edge guards/wheel locks/truck tray n2 tires and paint protection with 6 details.

    428+tax (monthly payment)
  • i am buying a non-tech RDX, MSRP is 33910 and invoice is 31,220.

    i'd like to get an idea for what i should be paying (please exclude taxes, accessories, other fees etc. as they are different in every state)

    what should my base cost be?

    the best quote i have in email is about 32,500 which seems high

    i am thinking nearer to invoice?

    let me know
  • FYI -- 2008 Acura RDX Tech package purchased January 2008 paid appx. $500 over invoice, total of $34,930 incl. delivery. This is $985 under Edmunds TMV on the week I purchased. Phoned several dealers, went with the dealer who gave me his best price immediately up front over the phone with no haggling (and it was better than the offers I got after much haggling on the phone with the sales guys who were "old school" starting high and bargaining down). In addition I ordered three Acura-website listed dealer-installed options with some bargaining needed on installation costs: roof rack, body side molding, rear park distance sensors. According to Acura, MSRP on these all together is $1174 plus installation, dealer charged me $1558 including installation -- Edmunds does not give any info on TMV or invoice on these options. Additional $250 to tint front windows. Figures do not include taxes or DMV. Offered choice of current promotions same as on Acura website -- 2.9% APR for 36 months, or 36 month lease 10k mi/yr with $1,995+tax due at signing (incl $1,005 cap cost reduction; website doesn't list residuals -- offered 53% residual for the tech package RDX, 56% residual for the base model; if leased have to pay 100% of all dealer installed options). My desired color combination not on the lot, no surcharge for locating it.

    Hey Edmunds -- please start giving TMV prices on dealer installed options including estimates of fair costs for installation charges! Thanks!
  • Where did you find this vehicle? I am shopping in Cincinnati. Thanks.
  • naive4naive4 Posts: 1
    Paid $480 over invoice. Nothing added to it. yet. I am very happy with my deal and can't wait for my car to get here, New Mexico.

    thank u so much to all people posting, I had no idea I could make a deal for a car on my own. With all the info I had about the car and prices around the country I felt well prepared and the salesman who helped me was really nice.
    Thank you for such a great site :)
  • Hello,
    I paid 32K for the base including having a roof rack installed. Hope this info helps. I bought in CT.
  • For the posts stating purchase prices of $31,200 and $31,700, etc, is that INCLUDING the $715 destination charge? I'm asking since that would mean that the price is actually well below invoice. I'm guessing that these posters really paid $31,200+715, correct?
  • Just test drove an RDX in Houston and really really liked it. Dealer quoted me a price all at invoice & dealer's cost for optionals. RDX tech invoice $34,640 (inlcuding dest. fee). Once I loeaded it up with wood grain, cargo net, liner, tray, backup sensor, wheel locks, trailer hitch, I got up to $39K inlcuding title & taxes. Is that pretty good, or can I do better than invoice? Seemed reasonable to me, but thought I'd check...
  • $2400 for options sounds like a lot. Do you really need all that stuff? What is the price break down for each part? You can probably save money by buying on EBay and installing yourself.
  • Very true. I actually listed all that stuff at the dealership so they'd give me prices for each one to take home and re-evaluate. For example, I know I don't want/need the parking assist, etc.

    breakdown as follows:
    Wood Grain - steering wheel: $202 (inc. installation)
    Wood grain - trim panel: $147 (inc. installation)
    Cargo net - $43
    Cargo Liner $ 170.20
    Cargo Tray $110.60
    Back up sensors (inc. attachment and install) $671.50
    Wheel locks $ 82.50
    Trailer hitch $ 532.20 (incl. installation)

    Not too sure on the difference between a cargo tray and the cargo liner??
  • Just purchased in Northern California RDX base $31,495 including destination.
  • That's before taxes and fees?

    Once weeding out unnecessary stuff, we end up with Tech, wheel locks, trailer hitch, for a grand total of $37K (including destination, title, and taxes). Seems reasonable?
  • Hdogdad, that's not bad, $275 over invoice. Which dealer did you buy from? Did you solicit quotes from other dealers up there?
  • Niello Acura in Sacramento. I did not solicit other dealers. Very easy transaction, no pressure. Deal done in 1 hour. Gary was the salesman.
  • I do not think it is a good idea to get all of those dealer extras (e.g. wood grain, liner, tray). These items are where the dealer makes their most money. Most of them can be had on ebay and installed yourself for pennies on the dollar. Further, these goodies do not and i repeat do not add resale value to the car.
  • Was at the Chicago Auto Show and started thinking about the RDX. The Auto Show website has RDX offers for base at $30,600. Awesome deal!

    However, I am moving to CO from Chicago and I don't want to pay taxes twice, so I will wait to purchase when I move in June.

    Here is a link to their RDX (Arlington Acura in Palatine, IL) priced just over $30K. Great price for this car! Acura

    (if the link doesn't work, go to and search for Acura RDX).

    Since Acura isn't hitting targets on the RDX, they are offering deals, which I believe is a first for Acura. Incentives weren't in the Acura dialogue a year or two ago.
  • Just paid under $300 over invoice for base RDX. Woot. :)
  • Does anyone have any first-hand experience driving in snowy weather? I live in the north where driving in snow is a big factor. I am currently driving an 05 4Runner which has been excellent in the snow. Thanks!
  • My first winter with the RDX,,,no problems.
  • I want to know if anyone from the atlanta area purches the rdx with tech for? I am ready to get one within 2 weeks. Please inform me about the fees and how much they are charging. thanks
  • rrkdrrkd Posts: 1
    Looking for RDX base. what's the best we can get?
  • Oh well, what are you going to do. I got what I think is a good deal in the end ($35K with tech pkg, tow pkg, wheel locks), and after the price was agreed upon, I got them to tint the windows at no extra cost. But what do I know.
  • dishwash42, you are absolutely hilarious. I was laughing out loud while reading your post :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,574
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  • Wife and I went to Houston area Acura dealer today to purchase 2008 RDX Base (Polished Metal Metalic). We have been doing internet research for months and we have a good sense of what price is fair. We offered $30,800 (including destination). Immediately after seeing our offer, the salesman looks up at us, walks over to me and slaps me across the face. Then he lifts the back of my wife's chair, dumping her out and onto the floor. He then scampers outside and lights up a cigarette. We were mortified. I am considering writing a letter to Acura about this treatment. Could somebody tell me if my offer was so low that I deserved that treatment? We were planning to ask them to throw in a roof rack for free but we never got to that point in the negotiatios.
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