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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Precision Acura of Princeton
  • Hi,

    Bought the 2008 RDX W/O Tech today .

    Final Price : 33250 Out the Door.

    Color : White Daimond Pearl , Taupe Interior

    Location : Ann Arbor

    Thanks to all the users of the forum , helped me a lot while shopping for a price.

  • bahenbahen Posts: 1
    just got an offer for 07 RDX with Tech package for 33,000..that includes destination fee.. so 33K plus tax and licensing.. is that fair for a 07? It has 96 miles on it and last 07 on the lot.. color and interior I want.. I think for a 08, the price is 35K.. 2K less for a or should I wait on the 08? not a huge difference it sounds but 96 miles or 8 miles and fresh off the truck for another 2K.. thoughts?
  • mogul2mogul2 Posts: 14
    Where? Acura of Ann Arbor? Did you have to haggle too much?
  • It was at Ann Arbor Acura , didn't have to haggle much.

    I just shopped around in Troy and Novi , and called up AA Acura with the price and they agreed. Troy was easy to negotiate with online but were charging more for the color that I want , didn't particularly care for the way the Suburban folks in Novi tried to negotiate so I walked away.

    I had an option to buy the vehicle in Chicago , but the best price I got over there was about 33225 out the door, so decided to make the purchase in AA.

    Any way the sales rep (John Reicart) was really plesent to deal with , I am not sure if I got the price coz it was the end of the month or because new incentives were coming starting December.

    Iam reasonably happy as it was the closest I could get to the Consumer reports pricing report.
  • ajv3ajv3 Posts: 5
    I'm interested in a 2008 base RDX in Chicago. Where did you get the offer in Chicago and what was the offer before TTL? Thanks.
  • I was offered this deal by email:
    This Fall Season, Acura of Serramonte's Internet Department is assisting our Internet Customers through our Straightforward Pricing for any of our model selections starting 11/15/2007 - 11/25/2007.

    2007 RDX with Technology Package for $32,400+ Tax + Licensing Fees (MSRP $37,165). We have a silver/taupe RDX 07 Tech package available in stock.

    2008 RDX with Technology Package for $35,000+ Tax + Licensing Fees (MSRP $37,410).
    Price includes free security wheel locks and good for any of our in stock model selections.

    *Starting on 11/1/2007 to 11/30/2007 you can get special financing as low as 2.9% for 36 months or 4.9% for 60 months on approved credit.*
  • Hi 12thmonkey,

    Can you tell me what is your price before all taxes and fees?

  • I think it was 31200 or pretty close to that , I really just negotiated based on my price of 33250 , also I forgot to mention in the last post that I paid for the registration which in my case came to 80 bucks.

  • ajv3ajv3 Posts: 5
    I'm interested in a 2008 base RDX in Chicago. Where did you get the offer in Chicago and what was the offer before TTL? Thanks.
  • LIbertyville or Pauly Acura on the north side. McGrath in Glenview are very dishonest. I found out the hard way
  • Chicago Dealership that I got the quote from was

    Muller's Woodfield Acura
  • Paid $34,400 for the car (vs sticker total of $37,410) and $600 extra for a roof rack at Tustin Acura. Put $10,000 down and financed the rest at 2.90% for 3 yrs. I suspect the roof rack is overpriced, but overall I am happy with the purchase and very pleased with the car. The Nav system is very friendly and the XM radio has great sound quality. I'm hoping my tire guys will give me good credit for the stock Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 tires in trade for Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenzas 'cause the latter tires are supposed to be way better in snow according to
  • Thanks for this info. It helped me narrow down my search as I'm interested in a 2008 base RDX in Chicago area.
    i got quote from one of them, is this a fair quote
    $31,004.00.+doc. fee+destination+sales tax+accessories?

  • ajv3ajv3 Posts: 5 lists $30,637 for 2008 base at Arlington Acura In Palatine. Haven't called yet to see if destination is included.
  • Thanks for sharing the site. Could you let us know if you find if the list price includes Destination fee.
  • Just got a quote from Performance Acura in Chapil Hill,NC. $32,000. even OUT THE DOOR. I was offered $33,145 the first time I requested a quote from them, 2 days ago. I replied, " I'm sorry, I wasted your time, but I could not go beyond $32000". Got the final quote today. 32000 out the door.
  • Thuidoi, $32,000 Out The Door seems a very good price. What kind of financing are they offering at Performance Acura, Chapel Hill. I live in Winston Salem, NC and don't mind driving down to Chapel Hill for a similar deal if they are offering a low financing.
  • :) Thuidoi,can you elaborate on your deal, trim +accesories you got.Thanks
  • hey guys, just picked up my car today. It turn out to be the saleman mistake for the price of 32000 out the door. it is acutally $32,500 otd. I just got the base package, polished metal metallic, taupe interior, and wheel locks. special finance from 12/01/07 - 12/14/07, 36 months or less = 2.9%, 37-60 months = 4.90%. i got the 4.9%, this is from american honda finance. my saleman was Vatell, tell him John sent you.
  • Thuidoi..thanks!
  • ajv3ajv3 Posts: 5
    Called Arlington Acura. They said the destination is included in the price on But refused to give me an OTD price over the phone.
  • jm464jm464 Posts: 1
    Bought 2008 RDX with Technology Package yesterday with the following options:
    Remote Starter, Roof Rack, Mud Flaps, All Season Mats, Cargo Liner, Moon Roof Visor and Body Side Moulding. The whole deal with added options $ 36,421. Not sure if it was the best deal but I was tired of going back and forth with dealers etc.. Dealer was Acura of Boston. Trade in price was fair for my vehicle and was going to pay cash for the whole thing but the 2.9% Honda Finance available made me re-think that and ended up financing 18K.
    Hope this helps those in the market get a better price.
  • Jm464..Great deal... how did you pull this one. What was the invoice price did you pay?
    Thanks :)
  • Was quoted $35,389 from Atlanta Area dealer +$499 Doc and $21 Warrenty and Title. I think I can get better. 2008 RDX with Tech.
  • valarious, Which delearship... let me know if you get a better offer.
  • Looking to buy 2008 rdx model with tech pack around Atlanta area... do any one have any suggestion?dealership and price
  • Hi guys, I just got my RDX with tech.
    It was 35954 with Roof rack, Moonroof Visor, Floor Mats, and clear shield hood protectant.
    Sums up the total to about 38817(I live in MN, so 6.5%tax, $476 license, and $50 registration fee.)
    I'm just wondering if it is a good deal?
  • Paid 33,900$ for RDX 08 OTD (including all purpose mats, splash guard, remote starter, taxes, reg fee and doc fee)
    Purchased it from one of the Boston area dealers.

    Is it a good deal?

    With $1000 trade in for my mazda 626 (1995, 139K miles) my on the road price was 32,900$
  • I am just about to sign the dotted line on my RDX 08 Tech. I promise to post details on the deal when it is done and dusted, but in the meantime, I have a question.

    Do I need to buy a LoJack with the RDX Tech or does their Nav system already provide the necessary tracking? Would you buy or not? I have been quoted $795 for it, can it be purchased cheaper else where?

    Thanks to you all...
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