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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • to be honest, it's comparing a purchase to a lease is like comparing apples to oranges. too many other variables.
  • fourminefourmine Posts: 16
    Infinitimn...can you give the details of your lease/ I'm in NJ and leased the base RDX in December (really the end of Nov. ) I'd like to see how much cheaper i could have gotten it (with Tech, no less). I'm an awful negotiator!
  • insurgoinsurgo Posts: 2
    I just Purchased a Moroccan Red RDX with tech package in Phoenix, AZ for $34,679...before tax, title and license.
  • That's a phenomenal price! I'm curious to know if the dealer and the sales person were open to negotiation and if you had to wait for the dealer to locate the color you wanted for the model. :)
  • infinitimninfinitimn Posts: 138
    In the Northeast (maybe everywhere), there is $1500 lease cash to the dealer, which means the cap cost of my RDX with tech yesterday was $33,000, with very favorable lease mf,equivalent to less than 2% interest.
    I don't know if this is available on sales.
  • insurgoinsurgo Posts: 2
    I requested the quote via Edmunds, and then received a phone call with the initial offer of $34,795 over the phone (including tint, wheel locks, floor mats, the black plastic cargo holder and some door edgings).

    They already had the color I wanted, which was actually the only one in the state.

    I negotiated via email and phone and was able to get them to send me the final quote with everything listed out including the VIN before I went down to do the paperwork.
  • mgfciv02mgfciv02 Posts: 2
    hi all.... i'm buying a rdx tech package on wednesday and have gotten a few quotes. the cheapest was 33,745. what did you buy yours for? any good car dealers in north jersey that you would recommend? i'm some what new to the acura family, always drove hondas up to this point. please help!
  • fourminefourmine Posts: 16
    Contact Ron (internet sales) at Ramsey Acura...see if he can better your quotes. Real nice bunch of people there. Very professional. Good luck!

    PS- sorry I can't give you figures...I leased.
  • eights38eights38 Posts: 137
    mgfciv02 - I would also highly recommend Ramsey Acura. Nice dealer, excellent service, and aggressive pricing. If you would like the name of the sales managers, please feel free to email me.
  • hi mgfciv02,

    i recently bought the RDX base and I love it. Highly recommend it. My only advice, though, is do not, and i repeat, do not, go to a houston area dealer and try a low ball offer. i tried this once and it wasn't pretty. it all worked out in the end but still, i don't want anyone to have to go through what i did. good luck!
  • mgfciv02mgfciv02 Posts: 2
    i just bought a rdx tech package and had a question... is the memory seat for driver side suppose to move back when you turn off the car and open the door? my friends tl does that so i was wondering if the rdx is suppose to? please help

    another question, does the drivers side mirror turn downward also when in reverse or only the the passenger mirror?
  • if you just bought the rdx tech, couldn't you just go out into your driveway, put it in reverse and look at both the driver and passenger mirrors. should get you the answer you seek. same goes for the memory seat question. best wishes.
  • johnthjohnth Posts: 4
    I received a quote of $31,700 for a base RDX at a dealer in the Twin Cities. I tried the request a quote from Edmunds and none of the dealers sent me an internet quote with one of them saying that due to Acura;s strict pricing policy they could not send a quote through email. I would need to call and talk with them personally. Either way what does everyone think of the $31,700 for a base RDX. Anyone else have any experience in the Mpls/St. Paul area?
  • $31,700 is a decent initial quote. I received several like that but also one as low as $31,063 (including destination). As you can see from earlier posts, I made a counter offer of $30,700 and all heck broke loose. I don't recommend going through what I did, but my point is that you could probably do better than $31,700. Good luck!
  • johnthjohnth Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info. I will be happy to get it at about $31,000. If he does not accept it then I will go with the Highlander as my wife wants that one.
  • not for nothing but the Highlander and RDX are not even in the same class.
  • The Acura is a compact luxury SUV.
    The Toyota is a midsized SUV. The Highlander is bigger and gets worse gas mileage.
    However, the Hybrid version gets better gas mileage than the Acura, but also costs more than the Acura.

    The Acura has a smoother and quieter ride, but it is also more fun to drive because it is smaller and has a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine.
  • Hey all,

    Finally test drove the RDX and the Murano today and my gut tells me to go with the RDX. It feels like a large sports car whereas the Murano feels like a mid-size SUV. After driving nothing but 2-door coupes for my whole life, the RDX is large enough for what I'll need. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a deal, hopefully to catch some end of the month deals. Here are a few deals I've been offered. Please let me know what you guys think!!

    1. RDX w/Tech
    "Sell price $ 34,429.00 Invoice
    Dealer processing fee $100.00
    MD Taxes 6% 2071.74
    Tags and reg. 275.00
    OTD 36,875.24" (Does this include the $715 destination fee or is that only in certain circumstances???)

    2. RDX w/Tech
    "I can sell you that vehicle for 34,229 and your on the road price is 33,613."
    - I'm not quite sure how to interpret this. It sounds like the $34,229 is $200 below invoice, but the "on the road price" of $33,613? Shouldn't it be higher than the sell price after TT&L? I'd love to pick up an RDX w/Tech for 33,613, or even an OTD price of $34,229. What do you think he means?

    3. Another dealer verbally told me he'd beat any written offer by $200.

    Thanks everyone. This forum has been a huge help for me.

    - monkeybaron
  • go with the Murano. I bought an RDX and regret it. Murano much better in my opinion. In any case, don't get the Tech package. Waste of money and doesn't give you much. You can get a decent garmin nuvi for a few hundred bucks.
  • Figured out the destination charge questions. According to Edmunds TMV pricing, $34,429 is the invoice plus the $715 destination charge for an RDX w/Tech. Must have just overlooked it. My bad...
  • still.... go with the Murano.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    No way man! Please tell me that you love your RDX and you're just kidding! You just love messing with people! First you tell us you got beat up by the salesman but you loved the RDX so much you bought it anyway. Now you tell us that you regret buying the RDX and would rather have a Murano. You kill me! You must be a psychologist and you're trying some of the Freudian mind-screwing on us.
  • techdudetechdude Posts: 87
    That's too funny. I test drove both, the recent one being the RDX and our decision is between the two. Since I'm trying to convince myself that leasing is our best option, i'll probably lease the RDX. Leasing the Murano doesn't seem right for some reason. Although the interior of the Murano is very nice, I find the drive of the RDX to be sportier. Anyway, I'm still debating and it will come down to what I can get the best deal on in within a couple months. Let us know what you decide and if you regret your decision in the end. Good luck.
  • sometimes a cigar is just a cigar
  • Unfortunately, the only advice I've received on my offers so far was"go with the Murano". Since then, I've received a few other offers. The best offer thus far has been $200 below invoice ($34,230 before T/T) on an RDX w/tech from 2 separate dealers. Too bad the dealership that will beat any written offer by $200 is 150 miles away which, along with time and a lot of tolls, will significantly decrease the value of that deal.

    Will most likely pull the trigger on the $200 below invoice either Thursday or Friday barring some catastrophe or unforeseen revelation. Anyone hear of any better deals in the Philly area??
  • son, you need to think long and hard about if you really need the Tech package on the RDX. Do you really need to spend $4,000 for a navigation system when a better, more updated navigation system (e.g. Garmin Nuvi, TomTom) could be hadd for a mere few hundred dollars? And what happens when you're traveling? Oh no - my $4,000 navigation system is strapped to me car at home. Wish I would have bought a portable navigation system (e.g. Garmin Nuvi, TomTom). Think about this before plunking down extra money. Base models are always the best deals.
  • oh, and Davis Acura in Langhorne, PA is good
  • I also have a similar opinion. I bought a 2008 RDX Base 2 months ago for 31000 before Tax, Title and doc fee. Total came for 32.5K in North Carolina. It looked like a good deal and car that time. But lately after checking the Murano I feel that its a better value, a bigger car, smoother and quieter V6 engine with comparable interior quality.
    Don't get me wrong here. RDX is good and I knew everything about it before I purchased it but never realised that the handling and cornering for which I bought the car would hardly be put to use in day to day driving. For daily commmute I would now prefer the comfortable, quiet and spacious interior, a smooth and powerful V6 engine and decent handling.

    Just my 2 cents
  • techdudetechdude Posts: 87
    I agree totally with your 2 cents. If I could get the Murano as the same lease deals i'm being offered from the RDX, I probably would pick it over the RDX. My commute to the train station is a 2 mile drive and I'm not an aggressive driver either. That being said, I can't justify paying over $600 a month for a Murano with similar options to the RDX.
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