2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • luvrdx08luvrdx08 Member Posts: 7
    The dealership is Springfield Acura in Springfield New Jersey.
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    Good job!
  • veronica0511veronica0511 Member Posts: 7
    I am looking for a great deal on the same car. What state do you live in and what dealership did you purchase the car from? I live in Maryland. Thanks
  • veronica0511veronica0511 Member Posts: 7
    Looking to buy the same 2008 RDX with Tech with a great price. Which Springfield do you live in? I live in Maryland. Thanks
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    Does the $34,435 price include the $670 destination charge?
  • tonyd45tonyd45 Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone know where I can get a good deal on the all season mats?
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    Got the Red 2007 RDX with Teck Package for $34,500 + ttl and registration and dealership fee. However, the manager tried to pull a fast one by inadvertently adding $1100 for Total Care additional cost and it was good I spotted it before signing. :mad: . They also added $10 for the 6% tax -- but I let that go since it's so petty. Very disappointed with the strings that they tried to pull. I financed it using AHF for 60 months. Will the $10 additional cost pave way to hundreds of dollars after 60 months?
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    I will be paying cash, so I don't know about any finance offers.
    I am working with 3 dealers now on a 2008. Yesterday one of them offered me a Silver/Ebony with tech package at invoice without any negotiating. The family passed on the color, so I am continuing to work with the three dealers. I expect to be able to reach a deal at around invoice when I can find a car with a color the family likes.
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    Thanks vinnyny!!!!
  • luvrdx08luvrdx08 Member Posts: 7
    Hello Veronica! I'm from Queens NY and the dealership is Springfield Acura in New Jersey. Try to get the car from your area. Email as many dealership as you can you will get that deal.
  • luvrdx08luvrdx08 Member Posts: 7
    Hi Tony! Yes destination charge INCLUDED. I got my all season mat from STRAUSS.
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    Lots of discounted genuine Acura accessories on EBay.
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    I just test drove an RDX today and looking to buy soon. How much should I expect to pay for a 2007 non-tech model? I live in Long Beach, CA
  • casolorzcasolorz Member Posts: 88
    My dealer has an 07 demo tech model for 33k, how much do you guys think I should be able to talk him down from there?
  • grapenuttsgrapenutts Member Posts: 2
    I have a similar question as post #328. I was offered $1500 off invoice for a "new" car with 51 miles. My question is: would this still be considered a new car? When is a car no longer a new car?

    Thanks for all the helpful and insightful information on this forum.
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    My 0.02: I suspect the legal definition of "new" depends on the state and what state group is defining it, but 51 miles counts as "new" in my book. We all dream of buying a car with "00001" showing on the odometer, but that just isn't reality for most of us. The car has clearly been test-driven, but a reputable dealership wouldn't let enough horseplay go on in 51 miles to do any damage. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've bought a car with ~50 miles on it. My CX-7 had 33 miles, I believe, and the majority of that was transferring it (driving) from one dealer to another. Keep that possibility in mind if there is more than one dealer in your area. Anyway, I wouldn't have any qualms about 51 miles, and that much under invoice sounds like a great deal, even for an '07.

  • veronica0511veronica0511 Member Posts: 7
    Just want to say thank you for putting your buying experience on the internet. Because of your comment, I drove 3 1/2 hours from Maryland to purchase my 2008 RDX with TECH package from Mike MacDonald at Springfield Acura. The service couldn't have been better. I didn't feel like I was being pressured from a "car salesman". I made my contact via phone first. Mike met the price in the e-mail. The deal was completed in under 2 hours. I drove up last Saturday and picked up my new RDX. I'll send anyone I know up to Springfield to get treated the way I did. My thanks go out to Mike MacDonald for making my buying experience a happy one. :)
  • veronica0511veronica0511 Member Posts: 7
    Just bought a new 2008 RDX w/ TECH. Its wonderful. Just inquiring as to what buyers are paying in car insurance premiums around the country and from what companies. Thanks
  • luvrdx08luvrdx08 Member Posts: 7
    You're very welcome. Congrats! It's worth it that you drove all the way to NJ. Enjoy your new car it is fun to drive and not a boring car. With tech you have great safety features that you will like and enjoy. I recommend Geico.
  • beyond_destinybeyond_destiny Member Posts: 2
    Thank you very much for all valuable information shared on the site.

    I've got a nice deal in Aug for an 07 RDX w/o Tech, silver/ebony, included those all 'non-listed' standards. The all-cash OTD price is close to $34K (9.1% tax in WA)
  • weindoggyweindoggy Member Posts: 1
    Hi Veronica - sounds great! Would you mind sending me Mike's email address so I may confirm the details with him? I also live outside the area and don't want to travel so far without some assurances. Thank you.
  • jmprokupjmprokup Member Posts: 1
    hoping for some help...

    we're looking at used 2007 non-navi RDXs. the various available models have between 8K-10K miles, and we're wondering what is an appropriate amount to pay on these. any thoughts?

  • veronica0511veronica0511 Member Posts: 7
    [email protected]

    You'll have a great buying experience. I love my RDX more and more each. Tell him the girl from Maryland sent you there. :)
  • kojunekojune Member Posts: 8
    I'm looking to buy a 2008 rdx w/tech in Atlanta does anyone know what the best price is? Or who is offering to best price. Right now, I'm being offered 34,729 plus 498 for the DOC fee. Some dealers are saying additional 1000 for protection package, which they're say is mandatory on the Acura’s. Please someone HELP ME!! :cry:
  • kojunekojune Member Posts: 8
    Veronica was there any additional fees, like a protection package on that deal?
  • kojunekojune Member Posts: 8
    I purchased my 2008 RDX W/TECH (Black on Taupe) from Baranco Acura for 34,400.00 price included the $670 destination and “protection package.”
  • kojunekojune Member Posts: 8
    Attention: Atlanta Buyers,
    I found Nalley Acura to be very unprofessional and a liar. :mad: First, they tried to sale me the car above MSRP and then tried to add $1000.00 for “protection package.” :sick: Do not I repeat do not buy from Nalley Acura in Atlanta. I purchase my 2008 RDX W/TECH (Black on Taupe) from Baranco Acura for 34,400.00 price included the $670 destination and “protection package.” :) I would definitely recommend anyone buying an Acura to go there. Todd Phipps was my sales representative and he was very, very professional. I did not purchase a car from Sutton Acura, but they had similar deals. They to were extremely professional. :) I spoke to Reginal Thompkins. The only reason I did not purchase from them is because they are located in Macon. Ed Voyles Acura were not very professional either. :P They also tried to over price and told me I have to pay for a protection package.
    For New Jersey buyers speak to Mike Macdonald at Springfield Acura
    Good Luck
  • suvsearcher1suvsearcher1 Member Posts: 23
    I am looking for a used 2007 RDX with tech package for some time now and today I got to test drive one. The dealer is asking a price of $28,500. The car has 18K miles on it and looks to be in a good condition. I did felt a little turbo lag but I guess thats normal for a turbo engine. The ride is also not so harsh as I have read in this forum. Overall I liked the car, especially the interior.
    Can anybody tell me if $28,500 is a good deal for a used 2007 RDX with tech package and 18K miles on it? Or should I negotiate more?
  • suvsearcher1suvsearcher1 Member Posts: 23
    Hi jmprokup

    I am getting a deal of $28.5 for used 2007 RDX with tech package with 18k miles on it, so I guess a non tech one with around 10k miles on it should not cost more then 26K. So far what I have seen, 2007 RDX does not have that good a resale value as compared to other Acura models. I may be wrong though.
  • kojunekojune Member Posts: 8
    The new 2007 RDX w/ tech is 33k and there is a dealer rebate for $1000. Have you considered just buying it new? Cause we were got the 2008 for 34,400. I am sure you can get 2007 for below invoice and then work in the rebate.
  • kojunekojune Member Posts: 8
    :( Attention: Atlanta Buyers,
    I found Nalley Acura to be very unprofessional and a liar. First, they tried to sale me the car above MSRP and then tried to add $1000.00 for “protection package.” Do not I repeat do not buy from Nalley Acura in Atlanta. I purchase my 2008 RDX W/TECH (Black on Taupe) from Baranco Acura :) for 34,400.00 price included the $670 destination and “protection package.” I would definitely recommend anyone buying an Acura to go there. My sales representative was awesome and he was very, very professional. Contact me and I give you his info. I did not purchase a car from Sutton Acura, :) but they had similar deals. They to were extremely professional. The only reason I did not purchase from them is because they are located in Macon. :mad: Ed Voyles Acura were not very professional either. They also tried to over price and told me I have to pay for a protection package.
  • firehaz1firehaz1 Member Posts: 16
    Everytime I email dealers I never get a price back just a phone call to come in and test drive. Could someone email me with a "correct letter" to get an email price. Thanks.

    [email protected]

  • ltjbukemltjbukem Member Posts: 31
    i got an email offer for a 2008 rdx for $31,200 from a dealership in nj.

    is this too good to be true? are there factory to dealer incentives going on right now?

  • kwiskwyskwiskwys Member Posts: 4
    31,200 definitely possible. I also got the same quote.
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Member Posts: 31
    kwiskwys, are you in nj/ny also? wondering if it's the same springfield acura dealership...

    do they have to honor this is i have it in an email??
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,798
    do they have to honor this is i have it in an email??

    They may honor it... Don't be surprised if there are extra line items, when you show up..

    Do they have to? No..

    Edmunds Lease Calculator
    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

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    Can anyone recommend a good AZ Acura Dealer.

  • johnny98johnny98 Member Posts: 88
    People have been paying under $30K for a 2007 base RDX (with the factory-to-dealer incentive on 2007 models). $31200 for a 2008 model is a good deal, but not unbelievable. If you print out the e-mail and take it to the dealer, they will likely honor it. You can probably get any other local dealer to match it as well.
  • kwiskwyskwiskwys Member Posts: 4
    No, mine was from Boardwalk Acura , near AC
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Member Posts: 31
    purchased an 08 rdx for 32k plus $710 dest. and fees.

    edmunds doesn't have an invoice price on the rdx. why is this? True market value is 33,715 (dest. included)

    i was able to wrangle all season mats and mud guards b/c i had a written offer of 31,200 from a nj acura dealer and they weren't able to match. it.

    dealer was in nyc.

    what do you think about this deal?

    incidentally, their 3 yr, 2.99% financing was good only if you buy the extended warranty and lo jack. without either, they quoted 8.49%. not sure why they would do that considering any joe can go onto the internet and get 6.99% easily. they weren't even able to match that ( or perhapsthey were unwilling to). why??

    thanks edmunds readers..
  • tommy3102tommy3102 Member Posts: 8
    I wrote that I had gotten a sign and drive lease for the RDX from Open Road Acura - and I did - the deal did not change at all.

    BTW - as an aside the people quoting 31.2K for the base model sounds like a very realistic deal based on Cars.com as it is right at invoice. I actually was able to get mine slightly below invoice with the tech (34,400 I got 34,200), and I got the low MF for the lease or I could have gotten the car finaced with the low rate - go to Open Road Acura in NJ and ask for Steve or Nick the sales manager. They will likely give you the right price and the right financing.

    Anyhow I got off topic.

    My wife originally drove the MDX without me there and loved it, I went in with the idea of the RDX since she liked the size and price better, but she didn't have time to drive it when she went to Acura. I drove the RDX alone one evening after work - and I was sold!

    This past Saturday we went back to have her test drive the RDX and hopefully pick up our new car.

    Just to be sure I made us go the night before to Honda and we both drove the CR-V. I like Hondas, but for me the RDX was still a no brainer - at just $107 more a month with same sign and drive lease - paddle shifting the turbo alone was enough for me, let alone all the other goodies.

    For my wife she didn't really like the styling on the Honda nearly as much, but she didn't appreciate the difference between the two during the test drives because she is a very cautious driver. She didn't engage the turbo even once on the RDX even though I begged her to floor it. Back in the showroom she said she was indifferent to the CR-V's drive and handling in relation to the RDX. As this is going to be her car I said she needed to be passionate or she was getting the cheaper of the two. I rode in the back seat for her two drives and noticed the RDX was much firmer but also much rougher - to the point of being a bit unpleasant for me. I could handle the CR-V in the back with the seat reclined, but the RDX's seats were too upright and I really did not look forward to a back seat adventure in the RDX.

    Now for me it was still a no-brainer to get the RDX despite the rough ride in the back. Then I made the mistake of driving the MDX. I liked it so much more. Even though the third row seats were very unrealistic for me at being over 6' tall (I always sit in my own back seats before I buy). I took it for a test drive and just realized if I purchased an Acura it was going to be the MDX.

    Back at the showroom I made them price me the same lease for the MDX. 15k miles, 36 months, nothing down at all - true sign and drive. What came back dropped my jaw. Now I price all the cars I shopped for as sign and drive whether it was the BMW X3, Lexus RX-350, Infiniti FX35, Honda CR-V, Nissan Murano, the Mercedes whatever they call it, all of them had to give me the same sign and drive numbers. For me it makes comparing and making value judgements easier. The MDX was $760 a month!!! With just Tech/Ent (no sport) it was $164 a month more than the RDX/Tech. No question for us it was not a good value. Heck, Lexus was almost $100 a month cheaper!

    With our heads spinning and suddenly full of uncertainty we left to get a bite to eat and think about stuff. About two miles down the road we decided that if we were looking at Honda, we might as well look at Mazda, and Open Road Mazda (same owners as Open Road Acura) was right there in front of us. Well a few hours later we drove out with a completly loaded CX-9 for $650 a month (we did add the wear-and-tear package which boosted the price to $671, but all the Acura prices were excluding wear-tear too).

    So basically for $120 a month less than the MDX and $54 more than the RDX we got a fully loaded, and I mean fully loaded Mazda. True 7 adult capacity, rain sensing wipers, compass and auto dimming rear view, blindspot sensor, passenger power seat, DVD, power lift gate, advanced key that stays in your purse or wallet the entire time (like the infinity), mud guards, roof rack with the cross rails, remote start, wheel locks, all season floor mats, Bose 5.1 w/ 11 speaker stereo, Sirius, nav, awd, 20" wheels, power plug and video input for DVD in back of car, memory seat, and much more. We all liked the interior better then the RDX or the MDX. None of the little nit-picking parts of the MDX - like only one side of second row slides forward, and second row can't adjust forward to give 3rd row passengers more room. The '08 CX-9 engine rocks and the ride is super smooth, but not mushy at all. The bluetooth works well enough as does the nav, but taking into account the price it really rocks, and it uses 87 octane gasoline - which saves even more cash.

    I was really shocked when they came to the financing part. 0% financing for up to 3yrs for either '07 or '08, for the '07 they had 72 months 5.9% (good luck finding an '07) up to 60 months for the '08. We did the lease and I was sure the MF was going to be worse. Acura has the .00189. Mazda was .00131!!!! Home run, and with the residual of 52% for all wheel drive and DVD (two things that say - beaten up car after 3yrs) I was blown away.

    They even let me use their internet connection to do my research in their showroom. I told them if I could verify their numbers and they checked out I would drive off with the car.

    The CX-9 was the only car that everyone in the family truly drooled over. Our 8yr old started clapping when we told him this was going to be our car. All the kids know way to much about cars these days (our youngest asked what the money factor was! - that is just wrong).

    Sorry for being so long winded, and for posting about the CX-9 in the RDX forum, but I really thought people should hear my story on this. I still highly recommend Open Road Acura, just not as much as Open Road Mazda (ask for Derek and Shane if you go).

    Good luck to all of you no matter what you choose.

    Tommy D.
  • tommy3102tommy3102 Member Posts: 8
    you got beat! Sorry to say. The price is off - goto cars.com. Also the financing they tried to bamboozle you I think as well putting in 2 options that are pretty pricey (but perhaps worthwhile) as strings for the financing.

    Did you threaten to walk out? Or goto the other dealer?

    Might have helped, just my 2 cents is all.

    All the same enjoy your new car.
  • ltjbukemltjbukem Member Posts: 31
    i didn't take the financing. ended up paying all cash. but they ddin't even try and match me on 6.99% that i could have gotten by myself.

    i now realize that i could've done better on the price.

  • redbull4redbull4 Member Posts: 3
    Anyone knows the Costco price on RDX 2008?

    I filled out the form on costco.com, but the dealer I was assigned (looks like there is only one in my area that works with costco auto program) refused to qoute the price via e-mail and phone claiming that I have to test drive the car first. Obviously, it's a BS.
  • casolorzcasolorz Member Posts: 88
    Are there any incentives for the 2007 rdx? How low should I aim for on a demo 07 with the tech package?
  • stathisstathis Member Posts: 32
    You guys are killing me.....I got my RDX w/o Tech in January and paid $32.5K. Now, I could have gotten the Tech for another 500 bucks....
    Bad timing........
  • pburgdorfpburgdorf Member Posts: 1
    how low can you get the tech and non tech in the northeast... upstate new york or jersey?
  • 12thmonkey12thmonkey Member Posts: 10
    Hi ,

    I just got a price for RDX W/O tech for 31700 from the dealer , if anyone has any pricing info to share from South East Michigan I would appreciate it.

    Also anyone ever use the New Car Pricing package from Consumer reports ? I am pretty useless when it comes to bargaining , wondering if any of you guys had any experience using the pricing info from consumer reports.

  • vinnynyvinnyny Member Posts: 764
    If you don't want to negotiate, try the Costco program or other buying services. Negotiating a good deal is a lot easier than you might think. You don't even have to go to the dealer to do it. I buy lots of cars and NEVER go to the dealer without already knowing what I'll be paying. If a dealer won't give you a solid quote via e-mail or fax, then just go somewhere else.
  • bomowobomowo Member Posts: 9
    So the best price in the tri state for a '08 RDX w/ Tech is $34400 (destination charge included)? I read the whole thread and that was back in October so anyone purchase a RDX recently this month with a lower price? In addition, what's the difference between the '07 and '08. So far I just know about the power seats and the tilting side mirrors. Thanks for the help!
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