2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    Nice deal, congratulations!
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    Anyone bought a RDX w/Tech in NYC recently? Please let me know how much you paid. I contacted five dealers in NYC area. The best office is $35100, about $1000 over invoice. I think it is too high since most of the people are paying either invoice or below. Thank you!
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    Hi Jb1976,
    That is an awesome deal you got! Wow, was it hard to negotiate down to that price? I live in Houston as well, and would really like to know which dealership you went to. Aside from the Tech package, does that price include anything else at all (say, luggage racks, cargo nets, etc).

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    Was recently looking for RDX w/o Tech and was quoted $30,257. A few Bay Area dealers provided sub-invoice prices on the first e-mail.

    Pricing on Tech was slighty over $33k.
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    Those are great prices!
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    That was a great deal. I bought one, paid over invoice after negotiating for an hour or so but I conceded based on some internet quotes and proximity of the dealership. The car is pretty awesome and since I live in the NYC area I think the demographics and sales data vary depending on geography. I played hardball and really never got a sense that invoice or less was a realistic ending point.
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    Hello guelerct, Could you tell me how much you paid for your RDX? I am also looking for a RDX w/ tech. I contacted six dealers. The best offer is $34999 + Tax. Can't get anything close or below invoice. Thank you!
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    Try e-mailing your local dealers via their web sites. Those contacts go to the Internet sales manager. Just ask for their best price. They won't try to high-ball you since they know you won't respond if the quote isn't interesting. When I did that, I got quotes below $34K (plus tax and license) for a RDX Tech in Silicon Valley. Finally bought it for $33,600.
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    You got a very good deal.
    I did emailed my dealers via their web sites and they sent me the quotes via email as well. None of them willing to go anywhere close to invoice.
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    ...Drove out of the Acura of Manhattan (NYC) dealership on wednesday with a new RDX (base). Lease amount of $454/month with absolutely nothing down. Residual=56%; MF=.00108 My only out of pocket was the first month's payment and the title and registration fee. Salesman was great and the "delivery coordinator" sent me away with full knowledge of the car (very thorough!) I wasn't crazy about the cleanliness of the car when I got it (leftover polish and smudges), but I guess you can't expect perfection anymore. There was a torrential rainstorm on the way home, so it didn't really matter, I guess. Anyway, I drove it home to PA (@ 130 miles), varying the speeds and not braking or accelerating hard (as instructed!). What a great car! The ride is not very smooth, but this isn't a Lexus either. The interior is very comfortable; the sound system is phenomenal, and the car feels solidly built. I checked the gas mileage when I got home and, according to the computer, I got @ 24 mpg. Not bad. I realize it's probably not 100% accurate, but I can live with that. In city driving over the past couple of days, I've gotten @ 22mpg. I've been driving slow and easy!! So far at least, I'm a happy camper! All I'm dreading now is having to fill it up!
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    did u get the tech package??
    How long is ur lease term for.
    How much was the buying price??
    Also cld u tell mw whom u dealt with.
    it looks like an awesome deal.
    Am surprised u were quoted a residual of 56% as I am being told that the residual for a 36 mo lease on the tech package is 51%???
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    He stated he got the base (non-tech) package.
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    Hi Guys,

    I'm a recent graduate and got my first real job - and I cant wait to get my first 0 mileage new car. After doing a lot of research, I narrowed my choice down to get the RDX with tech package.

    I requested the quote - and the best I got is $34,790 + tax and tags.

    1) Is that a good offer.
    2) I have no previous buying experience- is that the final price or when I go to purchase the vehicle- will they keep adding other charges like this charge + that charge etc
    3) Any other things I should look for. Any do's and donts.

    Thanks in advance
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    I paid about 35k with tech package, we got to a price and then they would not budge on their destination charge...I caved at the 35k mark but pushed harder on the trade in value for my other car. My friends and family agreed that out the door for 37k for this car was reasonable. Like I said, there may be other dealers who can go 500 or so under, but time and aggravation amortized over 60 months at 3.9% just doesn't seem worth it.
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    I forgot to mention that proximity played a big role in my setting for the 35 k price. My friend bought an MDX in RI from a family friend, but she lives in Maine. She gets the cold shoulder when she brings the car in b/c she avoided making the purchase at their dealership. It's a small thing, but I like to know that I can go ten minutes away for oil change, etc with no hassle.
    BTW, the car has a defective piece in the door trim that reports the door being open. It was pretty simple to bring the car in and have it fixed quickly.
    Love the car.
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    Cool, you are in a good position to enjoy a new car, and the RDX will mke a sweet first purchase.

    That's not a bad price, but you can probably go as low as $33950 or so if you push harder. Read back through the posts here to see what other people have been paying. The typical price is invoice to $500 under invoice.

    If you can, try to make whatever vehicle price you negotiate be the "final" price, which means resisting their typical up-sells of extended warranties, leather/fabric protection, paint protectant, maintenance packages, etc. These are cash cows for dealers, and many unsuspecting buyers fall for it. The only thing that goes on top of that final price is taxes, tags, title fees, and perhaps a dealer processing fee (though I would balk if that was over $250 and make them drop the selling price to compensate).

    The only other advice would be to make sure you can calculate the payments if you finance or lease, just to double check their numbers (it's easier to do this with financing, but not impossible with leasing if you spend 30-40 minutes learning how leases work and going over the numbers).

    Don't be afraid to take your time or even walk if the dealer seems to be getting pushy. Time is on your side, and it's a very good tool in car negotiations. They always want to sell a car much more than you want to buy one (and if that's not the case, make it so!).

    Good luck!
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    Thanks a lot hunter. That was great advice - Really appreciate it.
  • gublooogublooo Member Posts: 12
    Hi Guys,

    I'm on the verge of buying my RDX. This site has provided me with great information. Thankyou.

    I requested my quotes online and I was contacted by 4 dealers in the area and they all have a pretty similar price.

    Like everyone knows - the sales people are great till you buy the car and then its a different story.

    Has anyone had a good experience with an acura dealership in Delaware or close to Delaware before and after buying the car. I dont mind paying the extra price difference for better customer service in the long run.

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    Bought the RDX Tech in Northern, VA for $34,000 + tax & license. The posts on this site were very useful. Thanks to all.
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    This site doesn't permit me to give you the salesman's name and I'm going to honor that.

    The final cap cost was $32,577. I tried hard to negotiate a better deal but the salesman wouldn't go down another penny. In fact, I told him I wasn't interested and then let it sit for a day. I didn't hear back from him, so I called, and luckily the car was still available. I don't think I could have done better than $454/month. That's for the base model, not a penny down, 36 months, 12,000 miles/year, 56% residual. As I said, all I had to pay was the first month's payment plus title and reg. I had to wait over a month for the color I wanted, and the salesman honored the original money factor of .00108.

    A week later and I have about 220 miles on the car. After the first 130 miles I've been driving back and forth to work - short city trips. It seems I'm averaging about 20 mpg -- definitely more on highway driving (@ 24 mpg) and less on city driving (@ 18 mpg). I'll have to fill up this weekend for a long trip. Man, that's gonna hurt! But I'm happy with the car. It's solid! You can tell by the sound it makes when you close the doors! It drives nice, but does let you know when you're going over bumps (which in Pennsylvania is a real problem because they certainly don't use tax dollars to fix the roads!).

    I should let you know that I entered this deal with the intention of possibly buying the car at lease end. That's one of the reasons I went with the RDX. I liked it that much and I'm going to see how it works out after 3 years. This was my exit out of American vehicles and entry into "luxury" Japanese (couldn't afford the German offerings). We'll see how it works out.

    Good luck! I don't think you'll regret getting the RDX.
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    I don't know who's telling you they're paying invoice or below. I couldn't get anyone to go anywhere near invoice.
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    What if any accesories were part of the $34,790.00 price tag other than the tech pkg.

    I am trying to compare apples to apples.

    Where are you located?

    Best of luck with your first purchase.

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    Hey Guys
    I visited the dealership today that gave me the best quote on the internet. I test drove both the RDX and MDX. The price difference between the two is only 7000$ - and now after test driving both - I'm leaning more towards the MDX.

    To answer your question b33loney, The RDX does not include any other accessory. Just the tech package. I'm located in Delaware. I got quotes from 4 other dealers, and this was the lowest. Here is the break down of the final price offered for both RDX and MDX

    RDX with Tech
    Purchase price : $34790
    Tax : $957
    Tags: $219
    Total $35966

    MDX with Tech
    Purchase price : $41665
    Tax : $1147
    Tags: $219
    Total $43031

    What do u guys think???
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    I've been over the MDX vs. RDX thing many times in my head and to me, the MDX simply isn't worth the extra $7,000 as I just don't need the extra size. That coupled with the extra $$$ in gas the MDX is going to cost me, I just can't justify it. Then again, I've been putting off the decision for months and haven't taken the plunge. Waiting to see what the 2008 RDX will have...still can't believe the 07 doesn't have memory seats and auto headlights...two basic luxury features in my mind...if it had those I'd already own one.
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    They are very different vehicles and the $7K speaks to that somewhat. The main downsides to the MDX (in my opinion) are the larger size and ponderous handling. Acura made great claims about improved handling in the 07 MDX, and it is much better than the 06/earlier models. But it's still pretty much what you'd expect from a large, heavy SUV -- you'll never close your eyes and imagine your in a sports sedan like you can do in the RDX. The MDX drives bigger than it looks in my opinion, and you'll never forget it's a big SUV. The RDX, on the other hand, is quite the opposite in ride/handling -- it drives and feels smaller and sportier than it's ~3900 lb weight suggests.

    I'd say if you put a premium on comfort, passenger space, and general SUV characteristics, and you would benefit from 7-passenger seating, go with the MDX. If you are more interested in the driving/handling experience with an emphasis on sport, the RDX is a better choice, especially if seating for 4-5 is all you'll ever need. The MDX would be overkill for just my wife and I, whereas the RDX is a perfect fit. If we had kids, then the MDX would probably be a better choice with the 7-passenger seating (of course, in that case, I would probably skip the SUV-pretense all together and get a Honda Odyssey, which shares the same platform but has much more efficient space/packaging).
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    I don't know who's telling you they're paying invoice or below. I couldn't get anyone to go anywhere near invoice.

    Just read through the posts here and on the other RDX forums. Invoice/sub-invoice deals have been common since December or so...
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    I paid $33,600 for a RDX Tech (plus tax and license) in northern California about a month ago. I just e-mailed a half dozen local dealers asking for their best price. Once I got the best price, I used that to negotiate with the closest dealer. They were very willing to match price from another dealer within the county. Maybe prices are going up now that the summer "driving season" is approaching?
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    I just signed a buyer's order for a RDX Tech package (Carbon Bronze/Ebony) for $34,549. I got them to throw in the Wheel Locks, Cargo Tray, and the All-Season Floor Mats.

    I initially used Edmund's to request price quotes from my local dealers (Cincinnati/Dayton). One came back with $34,160, the next for $34,645, and the third for $35,097. I ultimately purchased from Courtesy Acura in Lexington, KY as I will be moving there within the next year and they will become my local dealer.

    After three BMWs and a GMC Yukon, this is my first Acura.
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    This dealer told me I am getting a great deal, but don't think so. RDX with tech 12K per with 3778 down and 426 per month. I would appreciate an opinion from someone out there in cyber space. Doesn't seem so great to me!!
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    "I don't know who's telling you they're paying invoice or below. I couldn't get anyone to go anywhere near invoice."

    I think it might depend on the area you're in. From perusing the posts here, I saw that certain markets (mine included) were getting $500 under invoice as a matter of course. Once I settled on the RDX Tech as my purchasing goal, I calculated the OTD price from that number as follows:

    Invoice - $500 + Destination + Highest Area Processing Fee


    $33475 - $500 + $670 + $300 ===> $33944

    Then added local tax, tags, and title to get the OTD number.

    I called the local dealers saying the first one to meet the price got the sale. Pretty much all of them did, so I bought from the one who kicked in the most accessories :). A quick & straightforward deal.

    It's a win/win situation: me with the RDX in the garage and a fair deal, and the dealer moving a unit from inventory with minimal effort. That's the genesis of a solid business relationship, and that's the way it should be.

  • johnny98johnny98 Member Posts: 88
    What is "Highest Area Processing Fee"? I paid a doc fee (maybe $40), but there were no additional dealer fees. Does that vary by region (in addition to the destination charge)?
  • ubercheapubercheap Member Posts: 9
    Johnny, the "processing fee" may also vary by locality, but every dealer around here has one which is basically a junk charge used to increase the profit margin and make deals seem better than they are.

    For instance, if you're charged a $300 processing fee, they'll offer you a deal at "$500 below invoice" and it sounds great, but because of the junk charge it's really only $200 under invoice.

    They'll say it defrays the cost of handling paperwork and stuff, but that really should be a cost of doing business and be included into the bottom line price. Think of it like a supermarket charging you a $5 "stockboy fee" on your order of groceries. So they sell you the box of cereal for a quarter less than the supermarket down the road that doesn't charge the fee, but what doesn't change is the amount you pay the cashier. It just makes your Lucky Charms seem cheaper.

    It's not as insidious as "dealer prep" or "loan origination" fees which unscrupulous dealers like to spring on people after the price and auto have been agreed on, but it is annoying. At least we know about it up front, so it's easy enough to just factor it into the back end calculation - the only important number to me is the number before taxes, tags and title. I don't really care how the dealer arrives that number. If they charge $1000 more processing fee and take $1000 off the offer, all it gains the dealer is the ability to complain that I'm asking them to give me the car at $1500 under invoice. But we know better, right? ;)
  • ubercheapubercheap Member Posts: 9
    One more point that occurred to me while discussing with biscuit on another thread:

    If you're going to negotiate, my experience is it doesn't help much to lowball an unrealistic price and let the dealer work you up from there. Once you start giving ground, they smell blood and it's harder to take a stand. Research forums like this to get a sense what people are paying. Then make a low but reasonable offer, and don't budge. Be prepared to walk out if they don't take it. If the dealer sees that your offer reflects that you've done your homework and know what deals can be had, they'll be less apt to play games and just take the quick sale. The first dealer I pitched didn't take my offer, but the next one did.
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    Was told once that Sussman Acura are the "whore's" of the area if you simply want the best price. Told this by a guy at Metro Acura...turned out he was right...BTW, Sussman is just over the bridge in NJ.
  • cadreamncadreamn Member Posts: 56
    Does anyone know if Acura offers a VPP pricing program similar to Infiniti/Nissan, where employees, business partners, etc. can get fixed discounted pricing? If so, can a link be provided for additional info?
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    Best deal I could get on the Base model was 2K down total which included first month- tags - mv fees and whatever other fees they can suck out of you.
    423 per month for 36 at 15K per year.
    It was late at night and I didn't have the strength to try to squeeze him any more than I did. What is interesting is that the GM said he is hardly making any bucks on this. I told him I am a physician and he is telling the wrong thing to the wrong guy with the healthcare industry and the discounted fees I have to put up with everyday. He understood and shut up. I thought it was an okay deal. Not the greatest but OK.
  • sbrortsbrort Member Posts: 1

    Which dealer did you purchase yours from? I'm also in the market in Houston, and am looking for your price. Thanks
  • jdurrmsujdurrmsu Member Posts: 1
    Hey guys. Just wanted to say that I appreciate all of the posts on this site. I just bought a new RDX for $33,895 in Atlanta. I figured out a number I was comfortable with, thanks to all the posts, and just kept emailing dealers until someone got low. Our RDX had a MSRP price of $37,570. The car was equipped with the following options:

    Carpet Mats along with All Season Mats (dont know if that is normal but I was able to get both)
    Cargo Tray
    Splash Guards
    Wheel Locks

    My price of $33,895 included everything except for TTL. Thanks for everyone who has posted here and hopefully my post will help others in getting a good deal.
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    I'm quite certain now that the RDX is for me. Should I buy an 07 RDX Tech sitting on the lot now or wait for the 08. I know the 08 would likely have a greater resale down the road, but could a great deal on the 07 make it more attractive?

    Has anyone gotten at or below invoice on an 07?
  • c_hunterc_hunter Member Posts: 4,487
    I went about $400 under invoice back in January. You should be able to do at least that well on an 07 now, if not better.

    The difference in resale between an 07 and 08 will be something now, but in 4-5 years it won't matter much (mileage becomes more of a factor then). Actually, both the 07 and the 08 will take a hit when you drive either off the lot. The 08 would take more of a hit percentage wise -- the 07 probably already has some discounting factored in. I honestly think it's a wash in terms of resale in the short term. You're weighing $$ now versus $$ later.

    Unless sales of the 08 models suddenly jump up, I see no reason why you can't seek out a near-invoice deal on an 08 model in the near future. I was seeing good deals on the 07 models a couple months after the introduction.

    Good luck!
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    Can you tell me which dealer? I am looking for something similar: with the tech package, 36 months and about 10K annual mileage allowance. Thanks.
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    Go to our new Dealer Rater to post your sales or service review!
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    Where do you live? I can't get any dealer around here(New York) to give me a price on the internet! They just email back and tell you to come in and talk to them. They are really annoying and super independent.
    By the way, I haven't yet driven the RDX so I'm wondering about the ride, how bad is it...I keep reading you really feel EVERY bump and that it has a very high noise level? Thanks.
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    Just got a dealer offer of $35,611 out the door (6% tax state) for RDX Tech 2007...telling me I can't finance it to take this deal. Is that BS?
  • vinnynyvinnyny Member Posts: 764
    Are you sure he didn't mean that you couldn't get the "special" financing at that price? They're offering [email protected]/[email protected]/[email protected] right now. I'm not sure if there is any dealer participation in that program...
  • bmulberrybmulberry Member Posts: 29
    I'm guessing that's what he meant, but how would that matter to them. Of course I'm going to take advantage of the AHFC low rate financing.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Member Posts: 764
    Sometimes "dealer participation" forces the choice between the financing and the hidden rebate.
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    Just leased a RDX 2008....they just got 3 into my dealership....picking it up the beginning of August( they wanted me to take it in 3 days but I'm not available to do that).

    So YES the 2008's are available now!
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    Would you mind to post your leasing price (details)?
  • tadboystadboys Member Posts: 6
    can you tell me which dealer? I am looking for something very similar: 36 months, low mileage allowance, and about $3K cash-out. thanks.
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