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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • US Gallon = 3.78 liters; Imperial Gallon = 4.54 liters.... Units are important!
  • The gas mileage on this car is horrific. The EPA is 19/23 but thus far we have had no tank higher than 13 MPG and our average is 12.8 MPG. I took the car to the dealer and they said that "the gas mileage on the RDX isn't great".

    - a consumer rating elsewhere on the site, 09/04/06
  • Is anyone getting decent gas mileage with the new RDX ????
  • We are getting the stated mileage of 19 MPG in the city. To get 12 MPG, one would only be driving ~200 miles on a tank. We are getting 200 miles on a half tank.
  • My wife and I checked out the RDX yesterday and I thought it was a good package - nice interior and had a little more pep than I expected. I know there is no definition these days of an "SUV", but we thought it was much more of a car than an SUV. Closer to a hatchback. I guess SUV is a marketing ploy, not as many potential buyers would gravitate to a hatchback in the U.S. although they dominate the market in Europe. Regardless, it was a nice car although the styling wasn't for my wife.
  • saagisaagi Posts: 3
    Hi all, I'm planning to buy RDX in kansas city area. Dealer has given me MSRP quote. Any success stories with good pricing in Kansas city area. Alson any luck with MPG. I'm hearing all sad stories on mpg. Thanks in advance.
  • reb5reb5 Posts: 2
    I too am planning on an RDX in Pennsylvania if anyone is getting any deals out there please share.. MSRP was quoted to me also. Thought about leasing but $ 5,000.00 down at signing is crazy!!! Anyone getting any type of deal please post.
  • reb5reb5 Posts: 2
    Anyone getting any type of deal out there for the RDX please post. Im in PA and they are quoting MSRP.

  • I am going to be moving the Southern California. i know there are tens of acura dealerships in that area and competition should be a lot. Any idea what prices look like in that area? Also, i was just wondering, is the distination charge taxable? I know it is not going to be much but I hate to be cheated by the dealerships.
  • Destination is usually taxable, i.e. part of the selling price of the car. It's not fun paying taxes, but since the dealer gets none of it, they're not cheating you, at least on that front.
  • flags1flags1 Posts: 1
    With about 500 miles driven, I'm getting about 19 mpg with 90% city driving. I would say the RDX is on target for its size and horsepower. I was able to buy in early Oct. for $1000 off MSRP for the tech model. Two other dealerships in my area would not move off MSRP, but then again they had plenty on the lot to choose from :) Overall, I could not be happier with this car in every aspect, including MPG. Acura has hit a home run...
  • Hi,

    I am going to purchase a RDX in the NYC (NY/CT) area in the next 2 weeks and I am shopping around. Has anyone purchased a RDX with the tech package in the area and what did you pay?


  • jere2jere2 Posts: 5
    After trying to get internet prices and quotes (and not succeeding) I went to Piazzza Acura in Reading PA. At first they offered me $1,200 off on the tech package. I said I wanted $2,000 and KBB on my 04 TL. The next day they called and met my price and also gave a little bit more than KBB for my car. They did not have many RDX's with the tech package in stock but you should get a least $1,500 off. They did try to sell dealer installed accessories and extended warranty but did not push it when I said no. Over all a good experience.
  • Has anyone recently purchased the RDX without the Technology Package in the NYC area? I spoke with a dealer a couple of weeks ago, and he quoted me $33,000 even. Not sure if prices have moved up/down since then.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    If still true, that would be a great deal.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    That's not much of a discount. I am seeing offers down close to invoice, or potentially below invoice when they throw in accessories. But then again, the RDX is not selling so hot where I live. If they are selling better in your area, perhaps prices are going to remain closer to MSRP.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    My mistake. I assumed it was with tech package. Without it, no, $33K is close to MSRP. 8-10% below MSRP is where the real deal would be.
  • In PA the dealers cannot get rid of the RDX without Tech. 25~40 of them are sitting on various lots.

    $2500 off of MSRP is the starting point offered at some dealerships in Philadelphia, whereas the bozos at Montgomeryville Acura still demand list price. We had a very bad experience with Montgomeryville on price and would recommand against them.
  • I'm located in Baltimore + looking 4 non-tech pkg. what Philly dealerships r willing 2 knock $2,500 off MSRP? This would put the RDX in my price range.
  • rcizmercizme Posts: 16
    In the San Francisco area the prices are starting to come down. They start with $1500 off MSRP. But with all the RDX's on the lot, they are still offering financing at 6.9%! Compared to, say, 2.9% (reasonable) that's an extra 3000 on a 5 year note .. too much. Perhaps they will decide they REALLY want to sell cars?
  • On non-tech go to Metro Acura (Philadelphia) and ask for the Internet Sales Manager (you aren't allowed to name names here).

    They'll knock off $2500 on what they call an RDX "Premium" package, i.e. the non-tech package. They (like every dealership in this area) have A LOT of them.

    I do a normal amount of driving and have yet to see one RDX on the road.

    Agree with the previous poster about Montgomeryville Acura, would stay away at all costs.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    You can do even better than that -- I have been seeing offers right at invoice ($30774) on the base models. Most dealers will do this since they are not selling well.
  • Plaza Auto Mall in Brooklyn is offering the RDX Tech package at $1000 off MSRP, and $1400 off for the base model. Has anyone done better than that at this dealership?

    Seems like prices on both trims are starting to go down. I agree with the previous post that I have yet to see a RDX (any trim) on the street.
  • Just purchased an RDX w/Technology package in northern virginia at $500 over invoice.
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    Just purchased an RDX w/Technology package in northern virginia at $500 over invoice.

    And the name of the dealership is ... ?
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    Not to pick on you, just a general comment to everyone about gas mileage; I do find the complaints about this vehicle being too heavy completely unfounded. Try to find another luxury sport utility that weighs much less than this does, that comes with all-wheel drive, and has the same power/performance. My cousins former Touareg which literally has less room in the seats than the RDX was almost 1100 lbs more than this and he never averaged more than 11mpg on a V-6 engine that doesn't get the vehicle moving nearly as fast as the RDX. He now has a BMW X3 that has less power, less options and averages about 15mpg.
    I'm not sure what everyone's expectations of a SUV are, but folks, it is going to weigh more than most sedans. Heck the Chrysler 300 sedan weighs as much!
    Anybody that has had an Acura before knows that it just gets better and better with time! Better mileage, more pep, etc.
    Also, at a friends' barbeque about 6 weeks ago, I talked to a guy there that said he has yet to break 20mpg in his Honda Odyssey and he was pretty upset. But when I asked him if he drove agressively, he said no. Well, when my wife and I were leaving the party, we saw him "take off" with his wife and kids from the street and I swear he was accelerating up until 20 feet before the stop sign. Then he glided through and punched it again. That is when I told my wife, "See... that is why he'll never see 20mpg".
    I'm not saying that everyone that gets low mileage drives agressively, but you can't argue with physics too much. If people that have complaints on this forum think 4000 lbs for an SUV is too high, and that they're getting 12mpg without driving agressively, it tends to invite questions about their ability to judge their own driving habits and their understanding of "agressive driving". You can't just keep accelerating into a stop sign or red light and then slamming on the brakes at the last second and expect to get good gas mileage. That is agressive driving folks. That and weaving between cars at high speeds. But the car will do much better in terms of mpg going at a constant speed -- even if the speed is high -- than it will accelerating and braking hard all the time. I can usually spot the people that do it the worst by just looking at their front wheels... if they are dark gray or black with brake dust... aggressive drivers.
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    The difference is mainly between the TYPE of gallons used. A U.S. gallon is 3.78 liters, the imperial gallon is something like 4.5 liters... that is why mileage estimates always vary between Canada and the U.S.
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    Interesting that some online car prices for the RDX are still MSRP. I used a particular web site to purchase both my car and my wife's car six years ago at a significant discount. However, if it is better to get quotes from a dealer, than that is the route I'll go. Anybody have bad experience buying their vehicle in January/February (in terms of price)? I would be interested in knowing if the dealers give better prices then or not.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    I wouldn't use brake dust as a dependable indicator of driving habits. Some types of brake pads put out more dust than others. One of my cars (Honda S2K) is like this, and it's the gentlest driven of them all with the lowest weekly mileage. It just happens to have very large rotors and grippy pads. Most high performance braking systems are the same way. I can drive my wagon more often, and harder, and not see anywhere near as much brake dust.

    Some of the European brands (for instance BMW) are also notorious for brake dust, independent of driving style.
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    I spent a lot of time test driving an RDX, and tried (per the trip computer) to get a feel for the vehicle's gas mileage -- the good and the bad. The MPG is definitley dependent on the type of driving. I was seeing 23-25MPG all highway, 18-21MPG mixed, and 14-16MPG all city (not driving agressively in any scenario, by the way, since I was interested in a fair assesment). Unfortunately, people who do all city driving are going to fall into the 14-16MPG range, no matter how gently they drive. It's a heavy vehicle with a powerful turbo motor that responds quickly. It doesn't really settle down into good MPG until you reach a cruising speed. So for a lot of stop and go city driving, you never get a chance to let the engine relax. Some engines do better than others in this scenario, but the RDX engine seems to be on the thirsty side.

    For the type of driving I do, the RDX gives 18-22MPG which is decent. It's a little bit less than the 20-24MPG I get with my current car (Subaru Outback XT), but the XT does weigh 350+ lbs less than the RDX. The vehicles both have AWD, 5-spd auto, and high-power turbo-4 engines. I am sure the RDX would be a bit better on gas if it weighed less too.

    Given that the vehicles are similar in size (RDX has more passenger space but OB XT has more cargo space) I am disappointed the RDX weighs in 350+ lbs heavier. All crossover SUVs are on the porky side these days, and seem to have inherited more from their SUV siblings than their car siblings.
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