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Honda Fit Engine Questions

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
Honda Fit problems starting


  • fitchgrrlfitchgrrl Posts: 21
    Any one had problems with starting their Fit?

    Today, i put the key in and it wouldnt turn...took 35 minutes of trying (tryed both keys i had for the car) before i could start it. had this happen a couple of times before but usually got it in three or four tries. i was ready to have the thing towed back to the dealership...any thoughts?

    i love my fit but it is starting to drive me crazy. :confuse:
  • crimsonacrimsona Posts: 153
    I'm wondering if you accidentally engaged the immobilizer. If so, jiggle the steering wheel a bit, turn it back and try try again
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    Two questions:

    Have the keys gotten wet?
    Was the little green key symbol by the "0" on the tachometer flashing when you tried to turn the car on?

    The keys for the Fit have a microchip inside that disables the immobilizer when you turn the ignition. This makes sure that if someone else happens to have a key that could fit inside the ignition keyhole and turn the car, the microchip (or lack of) will prevent the car from actual starting.

    Letting the keys get wet (putting them through the laundry or having them in your pocket at the beach) could cause the microchip to not work...consequently, your car won't start. The dealership I bought my car from is very close to the beach, and the dealer told me that often surfers would come back from a day in the water (with their keys in their pockets) only to find the car won't start!

    If the little green key symbol flashes, it means an improperly coded key was stuck in the ignition. I would assume this also happens if the microchip isn't working or is damaged.

    Regardless, I would let the dealership know this is happening.
  • boatfloydboatfloyd Posts: 29
    Try to move the "Steering Wheel" while trying to turn the key, if the key will not turn. The "Steering Wheel" might be locked? I had this problem with another car I owned.
  • Nope. Keys didn't get wet. Saturday, when this happened at its worst (like 30-40 minutes before it would start - i think that i had steam coming out of my ears) i tried both keys i have for the car - one of which hasn't left the house since coming home from the dealership. And no green flashing key.
    Going to call the dealership if it happens again.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,877
    Posts on the power steering issue have been moved to the Honda Fit Steering Problems discussion.

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  • fitdcfitdc Posts: 9
    There seems to be a glich with the Fit's starting system. On four seperate occasions the Fit would not start with under 500 miles on it. It would eventially start on the third to fifth try, problem occured when engine cold(in mid June) or warm. Key would turn on accessories but not starter. Anyone have a check list of things to check next time this occures?
  • fitdcfitdc Posts: 9
    May have solved the starting problem. Seems the clutch must be fully depressed to the floorboard to start. Haven't had a problem once I someone passed on this tip from other Hondas. FitDC
  • I have a 2007 Sport Fit, and my wife called me while I was at work. She got in the Fit to run an errand, and the car's alarm went off, the car wouldn't start, she couldn't get the key out of the ignition, and she had a message that the car didn't recognize the key! After she went back in the house to call me, the alarm stopped. She went back to the car, and when she tried to start the car, the alarm went off again with all of the same symptoms. The dealer had no idea what happened.
    Anybody out there have any ideas? :mad:
  • proviprovi Posts: 1

    I brought a honda fit 7 months ago, I noticed everytime I drive over a crack, bump or stop short I notice a "boinggg" sound, like a spring is about to pop loose, it's been doing this since I brought the car, I thought it was because it was new, but then I received a recall notice about 2007 honda fits, it says in the salt-belt states, the moisture from a drivers wet shoes may penetrate under-carpet wire harness and cause the passenger's side and front airbags to malfunction, oh oh, this don't sound good, would that be the "boingg"sound? anyone have the same problem?

  • I have the same thing on my Fit I think it is the anti-lock braking engaging
  • Twice since I have had my 08 fit I have had rocks get stuck between the caliper and the rotor and when I drive it makes this awful screeching sound. The dealer had to take it out once and this time I think it popped out. Why does this happen??? No other car I have had has done this.
  • I have noticed when changing wheels that the stock sport wheels are very tight against the front brake caliper. I thought that there could be a possibility of interference from a pebble getting in between the wheel and the caliper. I don't think it would stay there for long though.
    Cheers, Pete
  • Will it cause any damage if it does stay there for too long?
  • eli8eli8 Posts: 14
    hi i have 3000+ miles on my 2007 Honda Fit and twice recently i had starting problems...

  • eli8eli8 Posts: 14
    i have 3000+ and i had this problem twice also...
    i am bringing my car in next for weird noise when transmission shifts and will ask about this. I did have this problem with my 2002 honda civic..had to bring it in 3 or 4 times. Suddenly it stopped..i think they fixed it but never told me what was wrong. once it started by itself...and i did not have an automatic starter. that was very interesting. of course, no one believed me...

    you need to videotape your starts...or bring a witness to " testify" at the Honda service center...that is what i do..
  • I bought my new 2008 Honda Fit Sport manual transmission 10 days ago but today I noticed when my car is in idle-clutch in and brake cause I am waiting to go I hear and increase in idle, almost like a fan noise, or a "Vroom" noise that I have not heard before. Then it stops and goes quiet again but once it started it would do this every time in idle- today only. I had this sound with my old manual transmission - car on its last legs. But I was so happy not to hear it till today. I know nothng about car engines, and maybe this is a cooling thing or something and normal for manual transmissions?????????? I hope!! Should I bring it back to the dealer? Is this normal? Let me know. Thanks. Actually when I think about it , the "vroom" noise happened when I put it in neuteal with brake on with no clutch. And when the "Vroom" noise came on for a minute the front headlights dimmed a little. Any Help??? Thanks
  • I plan on buying a Fit this year and wanted to know from people who own them if the engine in the current model is a good one and if so what if any is the difference between this one and the engine that will be in the new redesigned model or are they the same?

    Thank you!
  • I have an 07 Fit Sport with Potenza 205/R45/16 tires with the optional sport rims. I notice that the car is very senstive to any imperfections on the road. A few days ago, while drive in 1-9 in NJ I drove over a defective joint in the road. There was a gap. The car bottomed out onto the rims, causing a very large jolt. Enough to cause the rear view mirror to drop down. This impact resulted in ruining the 2 front times and scraping on of the rims.

    I see this as a serious problem. Has anyone else noticed this problem?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,877
    Since you found the correct discussion for your question I've deleted the discussion you created.
    Please remember to check the discussion list for existing discussion before creating new ones. This helps us avoid duplicating discussions. Thanks.

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  • Sorry.....

    I'm still learning the ropes and will be more careful.

    Thank you!
  • I had a 2007 Honda Fit (base, automatic) whose idle is around 700 rpm when engine is warm. She also gave me average 41 mpg. Sadly, some one hit my Fit last year, so I had to buy another one.

    However, this 2008 Fit (base, automatic) has odd idle speed (900 rpm) even though her engine is warm. Her fuel economy (average 33 mpg) is not so good, either. Does any one have similar issue or any suggestions? How's your idle speed when engine is warm? I would like to get an idea. Thanks.
  • Hi guys,

    I just got my new honda fit sport. Its my first car. I dont know much about cars but have a question. Everytime I start my car I see the Cool ( Temperature) sign lighting up. But after I drive may be about 1 mile it goes off. Can any one tell me if drving with the cool sign on hamper the engine. Also I noticed that the car does not pick up so well but ones the cool temperature sign goes off the car has good acceleration. I will really appreciate your help regarding this issue.

  • eli8eli8 Posts: 14

    I have a 2007 Fit that i got in Sept. love it. Congratulations on your first car. The cool light stays on until the engine warms up. This is normal. Never noticed that my car doesnt pick up well with this light on but it could be because the engine & various fluids in the car havent warmed up yet. dont think this is a problem

  • I had my AT sports Fit for about 1-1/2 years now. I usually drive it slowly (keeping the RPM under 3K) until the "cold" light goes out. Also I don't turn on the heat until the light goes out too.
  • yes, my doesn't always start. i took it to the dealer twice and they tell me that it's always started for them. once i left it there an entire week.

    did you find anything out?
  • eli8eli8 Posts: 14
    Hi Cheryl

    it has done it a couple of more times...but so far it always starts...the thought of sitting at the dealers or leaving the too much..right now...when i bring it in next for service i will inform them...will let you know
  • gpahilangpahilan Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I am from singapore and have heard from our local authorized honda dealer that this is a problem with the ECU for the 2008 Honda Fit.

    Unfortunately it will require a reset of the ECU and there is a special machine required for this which is not yet available outside Japan. Only JDM Fits will benefit from the reset. Exported versions may have to live with this problem until the machine is deployed to authorized service centers.

    Seems to be reliable info as the dealer showed me the email coming from Japan. I have just ordered the new Fit and I hope the ECU has already been corrected for this problem.

    Please do keep us posted on any feedbacks from your distributors if they have the same info.

  • lewjac3lewjac3 Posts: 15
    Gp, what is a ECU? I am seriously thinking of getting the 2009 when it comes to the USA.
  • gpahilangpahilan Posts: 2
    Hi there,

    Please follow this link for a write-up on what ECU is about:
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