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GMC Jimmy Electrical System



  • 01280128 Posts: 3
    I just fixed the bad digital dash problem with my 93 Jimmy. Turns out that this is a common problem. There is a mother board behind the digital dash. If you enter "digital dash 93 Jimmy" into your computer search engine, several providers will pop up. One of them (and he is on ebay) charges $55 for a rebuilt mother board that you get in the mail in about 5 days. If you buy the motherboard only, your odomiter is unchanged. If you buy the "rebuilt digital dash for $125, you will not be able to retain your correct odomiter reading. The mother board kit Includes instructions to R&R the board, pretty strait forward. If you are half handy, you can do it yourself in about 2-3 hours, just follow the instructions. The only headache was the heater control. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully and the second time you reinstall the heater control, it will make sence. All works great now!
  • freind was pulling plug wire passenger side and I was trying to get dash off to get to radio and fan switch cause neither one of em turned on had key in and turned to on and was about to put screw driver to work came on but no blower ??
    I DIDENT DO IT I swear............The Jimmy germlin ??
    My freind was happy I finshed my part quick Iam sitting there driver in hand looking like ??????????
    Anyway what can I look for and any and all help is needed.New here and this is MY first Jimmy.Thanks Vernon
  • My 2000 Jimmy's radio display's "LOC". What does that mean? How do I fix it?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It means that you probably had your battery drained recently and the radio is now LOCked out. There is a (complicated) procedure for unlocking it and I stumbled upon it at this site: Automotive Helper - Radio Locked Out

    Alternatively, any GM dealer should be able to fix it for you.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I recently bought an 86 Jimmy in great shape from an auction. After taking it home I noticed an LED lit up, the doors locked and I could not crank the vehicle. I did find a GM goodwrench box (which looks to be an aftermarket alarm or something) next to the fuse box and a off and on switch next to it which I have already tried to disengage to no avail. I have to disconnect the battery to reset everything and it will crank. Now does anyone know if I can get a remote from GM, or does anyone know how to disengage it?? Help is greatly appreciated.
  • I recently bought a 1999 GMC Jimmy SLE and noticed the break light on the drivers side wont light up. The other break lights as well as all other lights work as they should...just that break light. It's not the fuse and it's not the bulb. Any ideas what I can check next? Thank you.
  • My 2000 Jimmy is haunting me with the courtesy lamps going on by themselves the tail gait popping and the drivers window operating whenever it wants. Ive noticed quite a few electrical issues with these trucks on various forums, was there any manufacturer's culpability reported? :mad:
    Anyway, I have to remove the fuse to keep the lights from draining the battery but, If I want to switch to or from 4wd I have to replace the (light) fuse and then switch drives and then stop and remove this fuse or the tail gait will pop open!! Any advice or suggestions?? It gets dark here and we have alot of snow!
  • My 2000 Jimmy fuel gauge shows full almost of the time, then with out warning it goes to empty for a few seconds, then back to full. Then the low fuel indicator light will come on. I never know how much fuel is in the tank. Any suggestions?
  • jobinn12jobinn12 Posts: 1
    the drivers side brake light will not work, however when you turn the right blinker on the drivers side brake ligh operates correctly. Both bulbs are working correctly when the right blinker is on. Whats up?
  • cotronecotrone Posts: 1
    Here are my many problems: First, my key started getting stuck in the ignition, in the position where the radio and lights are still on, and would not turn back any further, until you hear a slight "click". Then they will turn back and come out. I figured out, eventually, that this "clicking" can be controlled by the button you push to shift into drive/reverse/park/etc. Also, the door locks will decide every now and then to quit working, but only for a short period of time. The heater won't work every now and then either, it just blows cold air. If you mess with it enough, it eventually turns warm. I noticed in a few other topics, it seemed like this could be the ignition switch gone bad? Please help me!! :) Thank you!
  • 30063006 Posts: 1
    i have a 98 jimmy that i just did the intake gaskets on and replaced lifters marked dis right to put back in, got thing all back to gether and will crank and almost start checked timing 2 times to make sure and looked at all connections this is driving me nuts i can not get it running.
    any ideas

  • wcrs23wcrs23 Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a 1994 GMC Jimmy, the AC does not cycle any more, I jumped the compressor and the system cools down, I checked the fuse and when I run the engine and turn the AC on, I pulled the fuse and notice a small electrical arch, I am thinking there is a relay somewhere, but do not know where to lok. I do not have an owners mannual with my vehicle, am I right thinking a relay is burned out? and if so, can anyone point me to the location of it? Thanks for any help.
  • bhead23bhead23 Posts: 1
    I had an identical problem with my 2000 Jimmy. It lasted for a year and two then eventually my fuel pump stopped working so I had them replace the gas gauge sensor while they were at it. A way to keep track of how much gas you have is to reset your tripometer every time you fill up with gas, meaning you have to fill it all the way up each time. Then depending on how you drive you can get around 250 miles on each tank of gas.
  • jesse_b10jesse_b10 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem. What did you find out? Where is the pump located? How much did it cost you?
  • pgarrett2pgarrett2 Posts: 4
    Never did get any info on this, I just make sure to put gas in it once or twice a week.
  • '99 jimmy slt my brake light hasn't worked on the leftside everything checks out, bulbs, fuse, could it be some sort of circuit board inside the light box.
    thanks michael
  • You might check the wiring. Both the connections and the wires. In fact, I'd start by checking if there is power at the bulb when the ignition is on and the brake pedal is pushed in.
  • all connections look fine and the bulb is good, have power to light, sometimes it will work and sometimes she will not
    thanks, new guy michael
  • If you think the wiring back to the bulb is ok then the next thing to check might be the brake switch. My Chilton's manual (1994-1999) shows a diagram of the brake switch attached to the top of the brake pedal. I'd check that area. And since the other brake lights are working I'd still guess that your problem is with the wiring. But maybe it's the wiring near the switch. Keep trying.
  • mwolf9000
    thank you and will check, the shop worked under there when they put a new actuator door in but told me nothing there would cause what is going on.
  • Did the brake light problem only start after they put the actuator door in? If so, then I'd definitely check that area for a wiring/connection problem.
  • melann40melann40 Posts: 1
    I just brought this from a friend and she did not know nothing about these things that were going on, the dome light bulb was replaced, still does not work, the button you push to open the rear window does not work and my stereo in it wont come on or off, so does anyone have an experience with this or could give me an idea what it could be?
    Thanks, Melody
  • jv6049jv6049 Posts: 2
    My Motor book does not explain this very good. When the shifter is in 2wd. the vacume is still holding it in 4wd. I was told to adjust the shifter linkage for the transfer case, yet it doesn't explain how to do this. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 97 jimmy that I'm rigging for towing. Does anyone know what color wire I tap into on the brake switch?
  • i was wonderin if i install a 180-200 amp alternator would it cause any electrical problems in my 01 jimmy?
  • millertymemillertyme Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Jimmy 4.3 4x4. I unplugged one of the window motors for a reason that is now fixed and we were operating just the pas side window. It stopped working and now neither work. fuse is good, no obvious grounds or opens. beyond that, I'm not a spark chaser. I would really like to do this myself if it is an easy fix and i know i wont get a straight answer from a shop. Another funny thing is that it also has an anti-lock light and brake light that flash intermittently and they seem to reset every time i hit the window button. I'm thinking relay but I dont know where it is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • ddegainddegain Posts: 1
    How do I remove the security system? My 97 Jimmy security systems works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Last time it took me over half an hour to finally get the car to start. Replaced battery in the remote car starter....checked the voltage on the car battery....fine. Starter is also working.
  • michael79michael79 Posts: 21
    1999 jimmy 4x4 changing the cv shaft, will the cv shaft go through the steering knuckle, or do i have to remove it?
    thanks michael
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