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GMC Yukon Reduced Engine Power message



  • Let's get a class action attny. What are we waiting for?
  • I have a 2004 Yukon Denali w/ 45,xxx miles. I've experienced this problem a few times in the past, but it was always on start-up. However today I was driving to work in rush hour traffic and my vehicle died right after changing lanes in a 2 lane curve. I obviously lost power to the steering and all other accessories. Luckily I was able to make it safely through the turn as I shifted the column into neutral so that I could maintain the momentum through the turn. As I was rolling in neutral I started the vehicle back up only to receive no power as it was displaying 'reduced engine power'. As luck would have it, there was a decent break in traffic where I was able to immediately cut across the 3 lanes of traffic to the shoulder and limp to the next turn off. After turning off into a parking lot I shut the vehicle down for a minute. Then as if nothing ever happened my Denali started right up and allowed me to finish my commute to work. Definitely gave me the nauseous feeling from the adrenaline dump and pretty much ruined my day. Now I'm sitting at work concentrating all my focus on Google searches for possible fixes as I'm concerned about driving this to any of my meetings today, let alone home. As it sounds no one has had any luck with figuring out what exactly causes this, i would be interested in joining this class action suit. I couldn't imagine the feelings this issue has caused to those on this post who had family or friends in the vehicle when this happened, or those who were involved in a accident due to this.
  • Your customer service is the worst I have ever experienced.. People don't speak english. And talking to me from the Philipense?? What do they know about an Suposed American made vehicle.. Out source our jobs to people who don't even speak english.. I am on board for a class action lawsuite. Was told by these reps that know one at gmc what so ever can tell me why the light comes on. BS.. got to start a blog on why not to buy GMC and make my case clear.
  • Without question GM has the worst even beyond Directv customer service. They have no clue and according to thier customer service reps out of the Philipeans they could care less if my son gets killed because of this. They tell my there is no one at gm that can even tell me why the light comes on.. Yet they want you to take it to a dealer so they can soak you.. Got to stand up. Make a large impact by voice. I have not even put 12,000 miles on this vihicle ( used) well under 100,000. and they will do nothing..
  • Give me a break they have no idea what it is either!
  • Give my a break pal they don't know what it means either.. I was told directly by a GM rep that no one in the company knows why the light comes on.???
  • lavonplavonp Posts: 1
    I would like to talk to you about this problem live.. here is the short version. I have had this same problem and all it was is a fuse....I changed the fuse underthe hood. The one that says speed sensor and it fixed the problem.. let me know if this helps.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I apologize for your frustrations. You stated Caron has the worst customer service but did not give her the opportunity to speak with you or work with you. I don't know what’s happened with your case or situation; however, we are from Michigan not the Philippines. If you would like to send me your case number I would be happy to look through it. This way I will understand what has happened and what actions have been taken. I look forward to your response! :)
    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2006 Chevy Tahoe. Same problems as everyone else. When I did change out the Throttle Body it worked really good for 6 weeks...was even able to travel out of state. But then the problem came back and now have unreliable and unsafe transportation again. Used this vehicle to pull our travel trailer and have not been able to in over a year because it is so unsafe. I am down with a class action lawsuit.
  • teamradoteamrado Posts: 16
    Obviously GM is not going to do anything about this problem until they are forced to. I strongly urge everyone to file a complaint with the National Highway Safety Board. The more complaints the better off we are and it does'nt take very long to do it. In the mean time, hopefully no one gets seriously injured. My 2003 is going in on Monday again.
    AS FOR THE LAW SUIT, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!!! Maybe that will get thier attention.
  • I followed some advise in this post. checked connections. all good put dry gas in and half tank of premium gas. and has stopped for time being. But refuse to put my son in the truck! When someone dies they will look at it, however by the way I was treated I don't think they care. Customer service should have a breif on what common causes and solutions are. If I had brought this in to a GM dealer noquestion I would have been charged $100.00's if not $1,000.00's and it would still be happening.. I am all for class action. I suggest trying these things.. I'' ll keep posted if there is a accident or if it happens again.

    As far as a case # I can't find them, thats right them in one phone call got 2 differant #'s from 2 people. And Jaun from Texas? said they should have been the same So the Philipene customer service agents gave me a bogas #. What do they care they are in another country.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Can you please send me your contact information? I would like to look up your case(s). I apologize for your frustrations; however, the only way we are able to look into this and try to get your concerns address is if you are willing to work with our eyes and ears in the field (your local GM Dealer). This helps us get a good understanding of what is happening. We also have different options for dealers to get assistance when facing difficult diagnosis, such as technical assistance. They have information on common causes and places and things to look into; unfortunately, that is for the technical staff only. The dealers also offer a parts an labor warranty on repairs. I look forward to your response. Have a great weekend!
    GM Customer Service
  • is my email. I have called , called emailed and get nothing. However if you want to send me a e-mail that would be fine. Eyes and ears in the field just want to make money.. They dont want to help honestly.. I called them and expressed my concerns they said they would call back but never did.
    Other things I believe in and have posted.:
    I'm watching the dedication to Dr. Martin Luther King. I see no representative for the poor, the people who need help, or should I say 70 % of the american population. In witch he stood for. I saw reps from GMC who out sources their customer service to the philippines ect. Rich representative from Walmart, and we all know who really owns that company (CHINA), All done for the media and politics. For all good that he has done. I find it disrespectfull to honor him with such un patriotic businesses.
  • Just dropped my car off AGAIN!!! Picked it up 2 days ago from being "fixed". I am going to take your advice and put a complaint in with National Highway Safety Board.
  • We have a 2005 Tahoe and are having this same problem. We have taken the car to two different Chevrolet deealerships in our area and spent over 1,000.00 on attempted repairs, that haven't fixed the problem at all. We have had the throttle body and actuator replaced. I have even limped straight to the dealership service dept. while it was actively displaying the reduced engine power and stability system disabled messages in hopes that they could pull an accurate code. Still generic throttle body codes. We basically have a non functional vehicle and no way to repair it, because the service dept. doesn't know what to do next. Has anyone had any success with fixing this problem? It is so dangerous. We are filing a BBB complaint as well as NHTSB complaint. GM needs to recognize that this is a widespread problem and offer some sort of solution..........
  • This is the address to file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It takes several thousand complaints before a recall can be issued. Please go to this link and file a complaint if you are having these problems.
  • paco51paco51 Posts: 10
    Maybe this help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I when to change everything from engine to catalytic converter and nothing solve the problem, so I spoke with my mechanic and I mention the throttle body and also about the harness to the throttle body, and what he did was disassemble the harness and twisted the wires and put it back in in the harness with the pins, and so far that works I’m riding my suburban 2004 for 500 miles without the problem yet.
    so I’m assuming that to fix the problem have to change the harness to the throttle body with a new one
    Good luck
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. Is your vehicle currently at a GM dealership? Please keep me posted.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • Please let me know what the dealership says about it breaking 2 days after it was "fixed". My 2007 Yukon XL, got a new throttle body on a Monday and was back at the dealership on a Wednesday. Same Reduced engine power and stabilitrak off lights came on.

    The dearlership assured me that the problem was completely unrelated to the fix on Monday, but I don't trust the dealerships. It was of course an additional $500 to fix.
  • I just had the same problem on my 2004 1/2 ton Chevy Suburban. I checked the wire harness going into the throttle body, and one of the wires was broken inside the casing. GM really should be recalling this due to the wires being of such low quality that they are breaking so easily. Anyway I rewired the broken one and the truck runs perfectly now. Just had the problem 2 days ago and had it fixed in less than an hour yesterday. Super easy fix.
  • teamradoteamrado Posts: 16
    Took my 03 in on Aug. 16th and was told might be a battery issue ( weak not holding charge) so they changed battery and checked wiring per GM bulletin. Cleared codes and returned truck on Aug. 19th. Had " Reduced engine power " on the 22, 24,26, and 27th of Aug. Cost me $342.00 first visit and still have REP. Truck back to dealer on 29th and they called to say they found corrosion of wiring harness to throttle body and problem fixed. Same one they checked the first time as per GM but I guess they missed it!Picking truck up today so time will tell.
  • after tighting the battery and dry gas with premium. Still has not done it again.. knock on wood..
  • alls I did wah put in dry gas and start burning premium gas.... Don't count on GMC
  • teamradoteamrado Posts: 16
    Your point about GM is well taken. Picked truck up yesterday at 11:30 am from dealer and had Reduced engine power again this morning on my way to work. Told me they replaced the wiring harness to TAC module. From this point on they can change what ever they want but if it dosen't fix the problem they will get no money from me. See me in court. They have GM rep's who visit this forum but offer what in help. Just about done with their product's.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. By chance have you contacted GM Customer Assistance? If so, could you please email me your case number? I would like to look further into your situation.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • What a nightmare!! Purchased brand new GMC truck for my business. I transport very expensive show horses (up to 1 million dollars!) all over the country. I only have maximum 4 to 5 horses and my trailer is not that heavy. I drive approximately 70,000 to 80,000 miles per year. Started having problem around 75,000 miles. The truck believes that the fuel filter needs to be change and goes to reduced engine power mode. When this happen, I have to pull over as quickly as possible and stop the truck. I usually wait until it get smart again... can keep driving until the next time (at the beginning from 1/3 of a mile to hundreds of miles!) First I though that it was only in hot weather and pulling the horses but discovered a month ago that it does it in cool weather and without pulling anything. Very dangerous for me and my client's horses, when in the middle of Los Angeles, in traffic, you truck travels 20 miles per hour and you need to find a place to stop on the highway. If anything would happen to those horses I could get sued. Many expenses at dealership to try to fix the problem. Every time after "fixing the problem" I went back on the road to find out that the hard way that it is still there...My husband had to miss work to bring me another truck in order to finish my trip so many times, sometimes hundred of miles from home. Spent within 6 months close to $20,000 to try to make it run right. The engine blew up when I had 150,000 miles. Replaced it and now has 50,000 miles on the new engine, injector, injector pump and it is doing it again. GMC should step up and take responsibility! Had to have the truck towed because it did it 5 times within 15 miles. This time it would shut the engine and lock the power steering. I almost crashed twice. Called AAA and had it tow and is now parked in the garage and still owe $19,000 on it. It is dangerous and can't trust it. I know that I am not the only one and maybe we should do something about it. I know of two people that spend thousand of dollars in expenses without results. HELP
  • Have you tried puting in dry gas and filling on premium ethinol free gas. worked for me so far so good. Than you sue them for the negligence.. I'm on board with you.. I will never ever buy another GM poduct and make sure all of the people I know are familure with these cases. Hope you get it fixed.
  • Caron you prob. won't find these I believe I was getting false numbers. 75979895950 and 7197985950 good luck communicating with these reps. They barely speak english never mind understanding it. They told me noone within the GM corp have any idea whatsoever - what makes that light come on. what a joke.
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