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Dodge Ram Transmission Problems



  • Thanks for the advice! I'm checking everything I can see with the naked eye. Unfortunatly that doesn't help much when it comes to computers and wires.
  • I knew this had to have happened to someone else. I'll let the dealership know. I'm sure the control modules won't be covered by the powertrain warranty, go figure!

    Thank You!
  • btb1btb1 Posts: 1
    my clutch went out about a month ago in alabama im from texas and i left it with a road side shop he said he fixed the problem but when i got in the truck to leave all the gears were extreamly hard to shift into. he said that it was just air in the line but he was wrong. I had no other choice but to drive it home. it still is hard to shift into 1st and reverse and not very smooth inbetween. now there is a rattle comeing from the transmission or transfer case. its a 2003 1500 4.7 liter 5-speed 4x4. can anyone help.
  • Hopefully you have already got it going. But, I have 2003 Ram2500 that would not shift into OD. I changed a solenoid & pressure sensor in tranny, which did not fix my problem. I did however disconnect the battery cables, negatives first. Let it set a few minutes them reconnected cables. This resets truck computer, result- trany shifts perfectly now. Hope this helps
  • Before spending any more money. Disconnet battery cables, negative first. This will reset the trucks computer. Allow a few minutes before reconnecting. This worked on my tranny that would not shift into OD. Good Luck
  • The "rattle" sounds like a heat shield on the firewall is loose and rattles up to about 30 mph. I have had thorough checkout and nothing found.

    I noticed that if I hear the rattle and shift into neutral, the "rattle" stops! I had the fluid changed and found a lot of metal on the magnet, had filter changed, no signs of problems.

    Could this be a pressure thing?
  • I just got a 1998 dodge 1500 4x4 it runs and drives good but will no go into overdrive, any ideas what to do, I took it too a transmission shop and they did a road test on it with a scanner hooked up to it and they said the solanoid is getting a signal but they can not test if it is working, they reccomended that I have them change the 3-4 solonoid and if that does not work they said my transmission will just need to be rebuilt......My question is, is there a way that I can test that solenoid if I take it out myself or is there anything else I should try, I am very mechanically inclined just do not know alot about transmissions, have always just r and r them, but can not afford to do that right now, I already tried the disconnectiong the battery to see if that will work but it did not work. Please Help.
    thanks in advance.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    New RAMs that Cummins equiped use the new 68RE automatic transmission. This transmission has so far demonstrated excellent durability and reliability.

  • nbk1nbk1 Posts: 1
    Have an '06 2500 Ram with diesel. Engine trouble light keeps coming on. Taken to dealer each time and he says that it is the sensor in the torque converter, but he doesn't find anything wrong and he can't repeat the condition that turns the engine trouble light on. He clears the light and sends me on my way. Any ideas or others experiencing the same problem?
  • I have a 2002 Ram 1500, engine light is on and i notice a fluxuation in the RPM's I had the ligth reset and the RPM issue quits. Light is back on now and RPM same issue. Any suggestions??
  • well i have a dode problem.i know imagine that.i have a 98 ram 4x4 with 190000 on it also a 5.9 and a 46re.the problem is when i drive it it has no power at all.i have had a semi beat me at a litgh!! the trans wont down shft either when your driving .just seems to stay in what gear it was in.when i pull out to pass someone and floor it,no shift.also when talking about shifting when i take off from a stop it doesnt seem to want to shift into either 4th or od.the rpms have gone to the rev limiter a few times then it will shift.sometimes its ok sometimes it will shift at about 45-55 with what seem normal rpms. its fine in 1-3 it seems like.about 20000 miles ago the rear speed sensor in the rearend was replaced.trans shifted alot better after for about a week.then started this and getting worse.before the change it shifted ok whats up?tc?rebuild?electircal?i have teken a snapon scanner to read codes but it doesnt work,says it will not read computer error.but im not a mechanic any help woul be awesome!!anyquestions just ask.thanks again
  • also i have never had a check engine light on either
  • wlcadywlcady Posts: 4
    I have no tranny problems just the fluxuation in RPMs tranny seems to run fine.
  • tttonytttony Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anybody else out there has ever had a problem like this??? This past weekend I was driving my 1999 Ram Diesel with 102k on it to Sears, the whole trip there was about 1/2 hour, (truck ran fine NO shifting problems what so ever, when leaving I instantly noticed for moving that it took more throttle to get the truck going, then when I was going about 35mph I also noticed it never shfted into overdrive, (it was on I checked) so the whole ride home from every stop it started in second and never would shift into overdrive, I talked to the dealer they haven't had any other trucks with this problem, they just said bring it in and they can check it out for about $200, I hate paying diagnostic time, also the check engine light never came on. Anybody have any ideas or similiar problems, it just baffles me that something like this could happen with just shutting off the truck and restarting it again. Thanks for any of your help. :sick:
  • There are a couple of ways to fix delayed engagements in dodge rear wheel and 4x4 transmissions. First the reason for the delay is loss of torque converter fill. Cause dodge transmissions vent converter fill oil to the transmission pan in the park range, this is also lube and cooler oil. So in park there is no lube, cooling, or converter fill. The only one you can feel is no converter fill, the transmission still shifts in to gear right away as that part of the transmission still has pressure but with out oil in the converter the engine is not connected to the transmission. (like depressing the clutch on a manual transmission) This is not a big deal unless you live in cold climates that require long warm-up times, or spend lots of time idling in park. Where lack of lube will cause pump bushing and converter wear and some times transmission over heat. Now for the fix's cheapest first start your car/truck in neutral with the parking brake on (this allows lube, cooling and converter fill all the time the engine is running). Expensive fix after market companies have found a way to provide lube, cooling and fill in park with valve body and manual valve changes and updates you should probably take this to a trusted transmission shop (more than likely 3-5hundred bucks). Also a great time to have minor problems fixed like lack of lock/up pressure to prevent premature torque converter clutch failure.
  • Hey tttony! I just got my 2003 out of the shop for similar problems. I don't know how much 99's and 2003's share but here is what I found. My transmission control module (stupid computer) just quit talking to the main computer. The only gear I had was 3rd, period! No first, second, or overdrive. Also, no codes where shown at all. The shop hooked up their OBD tester and nothing came up. Took about 2hrs of troubleshooting to figure it out. It only takes about 1/2 hour to install the new part. On my truck it is on the firewall, left of the engine if you are looking at the front of the truck. Has two or three bundles of wires plugged into it.
    Luckily mine was covered under the extended warranty. The module was about $400.00 if I would have had to buy it.

    If this is what they think is wrong you need to MAKE SURE that they actually take the plugs apart that plug into the module and inspect the wires. After installing the new module my truck still didn't work. They took the plugs apart and found that the main power feed wire was broken inside the plug. After fixing that everything worked great. You don't want to buy a new module if you don't have to!

    Good luck!
  • I had a guy put an overhaul kit in my 1995 Dodge Diesel auto trans. The converter lockup will not stay in. Kicks in and out. TPS replaced. Also VSS. Added ground wire to trans. Now the overdrive is kicking in and out. Problem has to be in transmission since there was no problem before it was worked on. Any ideas? The guy doing this only worked on Chevy transmissions. This was his first Dodge. Better be his last. HELP!
  • rjdrewrjdrew Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Ram 1500, 5.7L Hemi, Sports package. occasionally I get a whinning sound from under the truck. The whinning ramps up with speed and down as I slow down. I think it is coming from the rear end and not the tranny.

    Just after I bought the truck in 04, the rear end had to be totally replaced when the anti slip diff disintegrated The truck is used to tow a travel trailer during warmer months.

    Any ideas as to what the whinning sound it. Hate to take the truck to the dealer and be told it is nothing ?
  • aholeahole Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 ram 2500 with 5.7 hemi 4x4 . i have a vibration from underneith . it only happens after ive drove it for a while apx 10 miles @ 65 mph and then i stop and then go , it happens when i take off for about 2 sec then it is gone it does not happen all the time but seems to happen more when i am turning at a stop any ideas thnx ">
  • lynn32lynn32 Posts: 3
    Is there any way of making the trans last longer or making it stonger.I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 5.2 and the transmission is being rebuilt
  • I just rebuilt my tranny 30,000 ago. Everything has been working fine. Plowed snow and reverse started slipping. Forward gears all work fine. I need suggestions where to start. Low range reverse clutch band> Convertor locks up fine in Low and 2. Valve body issue?
  • yes. put a good after market torque converter in it
  • morethan likley reverse was not rebuilt. this common not to rebuild them, now it needs rebuilt
  • lynn32lynn32 Posts: 3
    My trans went out and I am having it rebuilt about 1500.00 damage.What are some things I can do to prolong service from this dodge transmission.I was told they dont last.99' Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 automatic w/overdrive
  • I have a 2001 ram 1500 with the 46RE tranny. In the past, maybe 2 yrs or so, my truck would randomly turn the overdrive off. It would stay off for awhile, then randomly turn back on on its own. I never thought to much of it until yesterday when it turned off in the morning, and then my tranny temp light came on. I turned the truck off, let it sit, then turned it back on and drove the truck. The OD turned back on on its own 15 miles up the road. The this morning, the samething, only the tran temp light keeps coming on and the overdrive wont turn back on. The OD button on the shifter workes, except when the truck turns the OD OFF on its own. Do I need to replace the OD solenoid and the TC solenoid before my truck decides it has had enough. I have 94400 miles on it.
  • gtrplygtrply Posts: 2
    :cry: my 98 dodge drives fine daily around town but when i'm on the freeway at apx 70mph for 20-30 mins the overdrive kicks out and the tranny temp light comes
    on .. whn I turn the truck off and let it sit for a few all is well again..
    i had this problem a year ago and took to the mech. and was told tht i needed a new trans cooler which is located in the radiator [600.00 bucks] including new filter screen oil ect it work o.k for a while but the problem still exist anyone ever have this problem ??
  • i just went through this exact same thing with my 01. in the past three days, i have flushed the oil 3 times, changed the filter, changed the OD and Converter solenoid assembly and cleaned the electrical connections. The last thing i did was to change the MAP and TPS sensors, put the problem still occured, so I took the new ones off and put the old ones back on, and now it is fine. I havent driven it far to really check, but originally it was happening rather quickly, but i think the problem may be fixed. Honestly, i think it is an eltrical connection somewhere that i touched that fixed, just dont ask which one. The OD and TC solenoid are about 110 at the dealership, and relatively easy to change, and that makes sense as to what the problem is, but i cant for sure say. I got answers from various mechanics saying anywhere that the whole PCM needs to be reset, to the TC lock up failing, to the break light switch is out. The cheapest attempt to first try is unplugging every electrical connection, cleaning and plugging back in.... Good luck and let me know if yu find anything..
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    All dodge and jeep transmissions have alot of problems with the torque converter clutches failing. Your cooler flow comes from the torque converter, the clutch deteriorates and the debris is pumped into the tranny cooler. There is a one way check valve in the cooler line up near the radiator that is very deceptable to clogging causing overheating problems and lack of lubrication to the gears inside. The computer most likely shuts overdive off when it sees its overheating to warn you
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    A quality torque converter mainly, add an external cooler and remove the oneway checkvalve from the cooler line near the radiator. Make sure its pumping at the very least one quart of fluid thru the cooler return line every 20 seconds while hot in the neutral position. There are also other mods you can make to the valvebody to increase converter clutch apply cooler cooler flow.
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Its strange that it has been that for so long. I'm not sure where the problem lies with your truck but i wouldn't waist my money on the solenoids. Those solenoids for the o/d and L/u are very durable and rarely have problems unlike the the gov pressure solenoid and sensor which commonly go out but typically does not cause that problem. A faulty neatral safety switch or wiring (which is kind of rare) believe it or not can cause that but does not cause overheating problems. Overheating comes from lack of cooler flow or torque converter clutch problems.
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