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Dodge Ram Transmission Problems



  • red777red777 Posts: 22
    On your truck, did you only put an extra ground on the alternator, or did you put them on any parts of the truck?
  • My truck has 2 batteries because its a diesel so i ran one ground from the battery to the intake plentum bolt on the drivers side and on the passangers side i ran one from the battery to the black cover on top of the altrnator but i found that this was only a temprary fix because the problem is with the noise of the alternator.Go to this web site and it should help you understand the problem and how to fix it.Hope this
  • hi can any one please help dodge ram 3500 5.9 diesel banks power system 3 disc torque converter i tow 5th wheel 31foot truck and trailer weight 24000 when pulling the trailer in flat its fine but when pulling up hill it starts fine the it starts loosing power it drops below 40mph can any one please help thank you
  • I redid both grounds from the batteries and then grounded the alternator with all grounds going to the engine . Hope this helps your problem as it did mine.
  • I have a 98 Dodge 1500 with the 5.2 and 46RE. I am getting a trouble code for the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid. Where is this solenoid located?? is it above the valve body??
  • I'm planing to service my transmission ...Any advise of how I can flush the system as much as it's possible? What kind of oil is the best for these trucks? The transmission is a 46RH. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 4x4 Advise please! I tried using the 4x4 the other day on a dirty road. Besides having a hard time trying to engage the 4x4 Hi and Low while on neutral(auto trans), It seems to me like the last owner never used it, but when I turn either right or left, the truck stars jumping and having a hard time moving...It looks and sounds like the tires will come off. Is this Normal or I'm not supposed to turn while using the 4x4?.I'm sure the 4x4 works because I didn't get stuck....and it felt heavy. Also, when I put it back in 2WD, It kept on doing the same jumping while turning. A little later, I heard a big hit(sound) down there. I thought the tranny broke or something,but Not. It worked normal again. I just came back home,and didn't want to use it again. Any experienced one on this?....Thanks!!! :P !
  • Someone plz help; I have a dodge ram 1500 4x4 5.9 blew the old tranny went and put a rebuilt in it. Now it seems like the fluid is restricted its taken longer to shift and no ovrdrive. I removed the inline ck ball. I've been told theres a ck ball inside the tranny might be the problem or the computer will do it???? Can anyone out there give me any info I've been pull n my hair out on this.... :mad:
  • Unless you already have a remote (not part of your radiator) tranny cooler, install one IMMEDIATELY. Then feel of it when your truck is warmed up to be sure it is getting hot or at least warm. That assures that fluid is circulating. If it does not get hot, fluid is NOT circulating. That would be a bad check ball( most likely) or a bad pump (most expensive). Either problem is less expensive than a new tranny. bobwinner
  • it circulates when u give some throttle but will not circulate @ idle. where would the the check ball be located. I know theres 1 in the tranny line already toke it out is that the only 1 or is there more??
  • you guys do know there is a valve not sure of the name of it but on my 96 ram its for vaccum and that piece rotted out and the truck was acting up shifting wise that turned out to fix the majority of the problems with that.
  • Sluggo333 that is normal in all cars or trucks in the cold or cool temps reason being the fluid in the trans hasnt warmed up enough yet so it takes a minute to fully flow tray warming the truck up for about 5 to 10 minutes before you take off on a cold day.
  • has anyone hads these codes p0740 p0700 the trans shifts fine just making a electronice wine shuddererd once one code is a tcc eror torq converter the other is a low line pressure fault please any suggestions
  • With LOW LINE PRESSURE I automatically suspect a bad check valve. Feel of your tranny cooler. If it isn't hot, the problem is almost certainly a check ball.
  • where is this check valve what about the wine almost tinny sound the tcc enable soleniod cercuit electrical
  • the front trans seal was leaking and i replaced it. when the truck ran for awhile the knew seal did the same. anyone know what could cause that?
  • high pressure either there is too much fluid or that damn ball in the line is locked try changing the lines if the fluid is fine go to a place that sells transmission hose autozone sells it for like 2 bucks a foot and trust me i work for em the hose takes alot of abuse my dads ram is a great example.
  • Did you figure out what the problem was?? I am having the same problem on my 2006.
  • When you use 4 wheel, all your tires try to turn at the same time and same speed. If the road is slippery (mud or snow) things seem smooth because slipping occurs with no problem. If the road is not slippery, you are actually forcing some tires to slip, which is why your jumping took place. This indicates your 4x4 is working. Then you may have shifted to 2 wheel, but you should have backed up a couple feet because your tranny actually stayed in 4 wheel until you heard that load noise. When putting into or out of 4x4, use reverse for a few feet. bobwinner
  • You said "I REMOVED THE INLINE CHECK BALL..." You do realize there are two balls, one in each line? bobwinner
  • tomedtomed Posts: 1
    out of the blue my tranny started slipping. I took the truck home and checked my fluid it was only a 1/2qt low or so and it didnt smell burnt I added fluid and drove it to work it still slipped only when taking off it kicks down and shifts finre at higher speeds.on my way home however as I stopped at a stop sign the truck died nosputter or nothing just died it started right bac up slipped on take off. The next day went out to mess with it and now when I start it and put it in gear no matter drive or reverse it kills the engine any oppinions please Thanks
  • I am new to this so i dont know how this works. The truck first started slipping, and i changed the fluids and filter, and it drove for a few weeks, then it stopped again. Now it is leaking from the front seal, and making whining noises, and a fluid noise threw the heater core.Wont go into gear and when it finally will it kills it. Please someone help me save some money, i have no idea......
  • I own a 2001 Dodge 1500 4x4. When I start out cold the trans wants to shift very quickly. When I stop sometimes it doesn't want to down shift. After about 2 or 3 miles it works great. If I shift manually it works fine. This is the only time I have any problems. The rest of the day everything is great even OD. Any Ideas would be helpful.
  • fkndfknd Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 dodge ram 4x4.I have had to replace the governor sensor twice.My check engine light went off but came back on the same day.It did fix my shifting problem but now its messed up again.worked fine when we got home monday night but my wife drove itto work the next day and she had to roll into the parking lot.After work it drove good for about three blocks and the transmission quit again.Towed it home and the next day the transmission would shift into gear.When I replaced sensor I replaceed the filter and fluid.Do i need to have the computer retrained or is there something else I can try to make this POS run?Thankyou and good luck with your dodges
  • fkndfknd Posts: 3
    Remove the transmission pan and you shouldbe looking at it. It will be on the right side of valve body(passenger side).
  • I replaced the tranny due to failure at 30,000 miles now need a new torque converter at 100,000 miles. I want a heavy duty converter, are there any thoughts to which one I should look at, need answers asap as the truck is in the garage as we write.
  • Your premature trans failure may have been due to a bad converter all along. The convertors have a brass bushing that eventually gets chewed up and starts putting brass shavings into the valve body making the trans act out. You wont see any metal by pulling the dipstick as the brass shavings are too heavy to stay suspended in the oil. Anywho, as far as a converter, do yourself the favor and pick up a nice billet tripple disc converter. It will pay for itself in the long run. Brand is not important! Just stick with a fairly reputable company. The transmissions themselves paticularly the 48 re the 46 and 47 are good too. REMEMBER, the weak spot is the stock converter. Good soft parts rebuild and cleaning on the trans and a tripple disk billet conv. and you'll be good for a long time. If ypu wamt to get fancy (no extra cost) picl a converter with a lower stall speed i/e 1600 rpm as it puts the motor right at its torque peak. Mine loved it- if its a diesel. If its gas, stick with the stock recomended stall spd.
  • Thanx for the reply. I did not have anything done yet because I wanted input from
    more people; I have been told ATS and Sun Coast are good, would like some yeas or nays on these products. I have an after market Pacbrake that needs a new lock up module and sun coast has one that can be programed, does anyone have an opinion.
  • truck won't shift from 1st to 2nd gear until you let off the gas or it reaches 3000 rpm also the speedo wont work to you get to 25 mph anyone have any idea's what this could be truck has 71000 miles on it there is no engine light on and no code's
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