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Dodge Ram Transmission Problems



  • I can't remember what it's called, but it's a plug that just screws into the tranny. Basically it's a sensor that tell the truck what the tranny temp is. Mine would read negative 7 at all times and never shift into overdrive. Ask a shop that may be the problem. That is something you can also go to a dealer for and they did my truck for $85 and they diagnosed the problem
  • Hello Phil, I have a 1999 dodge ram that is doing exactly what you say yours is doing... Did you figure out what the problem was?? It would help me have a place to start looking into my problem. Thank You!!
  • I got into my truck the other day & backed out of a parking spot with no problems. I put it into drive & couldn't feel it shift into gear like it normally shifts (it usually shifts hard due to shift kit). I tried 2nd and 1st but they were all acting like it was in neutral. I checked my linkage & of course my trans fluid & everything was working like normal, except my truck just wouldnt drive. Eventually, i got it to drive & my shift kit was prevalently working, but now my reverse isn't. Any ideas? I keep getting all different ideas from shops around here. First one says its my tranny pump, the next says its electrical, & another says i need a new tranny (even though it was just replaced a year ago).

    Any ideas would be appreciated,
    Thank You,
  • squid121squid121 Posts: 1
    Here are some symptoms that started to occure this week. First I noticed when starting out pulling a light boat out of a launch it wouldn't go into first gear- felt like second to me. Then towed same boat approx 300 miles with no prob. when reached destination got stuck in mud so went to shift into 4 wheel mode, nothing, no 4 wheel at all. got pulled out and tried to drive down the street and now it wont shift out of first, the only way it would shift is to put it into neutral while moving and back into drive. I drained out some fluid and put in a couple of bottles of lucas trans. medic cause I was 300 miles from home. now sometimes it shifts but most of time, no. Once on the highway under a load it shifted fine, but around town with no load I have to force it to shift and of coarse no 4 wheel drive. Can anyone suggest a place to start on this. The local tranny shops are rapists. Thanks..
  • skkramskkram Posts: 1
    The transmission light and the OD off light (along with the chime) have been blinking intermittently. They never stay on, just flicker or blink briefly and inconsistently. The truck is running and shifting fine except at highway speeds (when in overdrive) it will disengage briefly as the lights blink. There is no consistency to when this occurs; warm, cold, highway or city driving, towing or not, smooth or bumpy road. It has been getting worse (occuring more frequently) lately. No check engine light either. The truck has 107K miles, I've had the transmission serviced regularly and have no reason to believe it's a mechanical (versus electrical) problem. Any suggestions?
  • tamsguy62tamsguy62 Posts: 10
    I feel your pain. I have to the same problem. I was told a broken valve or throtle linkage. let me know if you figure yours out, and I'll do the same with mine. Good luck, stay in touch.
  • i have a 1997 dodge ram 4x4 wtith the 5.2 46re transmission it was rebuilt 2 months ago and now when i put it in reverse or drive there is a really loud whining or squealing sound it goes away in neutral or park but it still drives and shifts flawlessly any ideas please help i can afford another 2400 dollar tranny
  • phil81phil81 Posts: 2
    No, I have not figured it out yet. I have talked to several people and they don't think it it serious. But did not have the time to help. I may just get the trans rebuilt, that seems like what most people are after..."the money".
  • jay1164jay1164 Posts: 3
    A little background truck stole they popped the ignition used a screwdriver for 1 1/2 yrs starting it no problems. On way to work in morn. wld run fine but afternoon it wld start to drag a little at about 60-65 mph til u hit 70 before wld engage next few weeks speed dropped to 50-55 with the drag til u got a little faster then did fine for a bit then decided to drag longer before kicking in to OD until eventually if u were lucky it kicked in but only stayed in for 30 sec's or so if that. Lower gears no prob. Finally swapped out steering column no change when first done but next morning drove it and it decided it wanted to work again but not on the way home until about 10 mins from the house for some reason it started to work again did nothing different during the drive all hwyway miles. When not working turning the OD button off doesnt seem to change anything (i dont touch it if its working tho) ? is wld the TPS going bad or being bad cause this or some other kind of sensor or maybe a bad ground somewhere? Im lost i need places to start looking any help wld be great. Thanks
  • i have a 1999 dodge 2500 4x4 diesel, i have a a 8' cab over camper on it and the transmisson overheats, and kicks out of overdrive. the owners manuel states that this is normal. but is it. i will be changeing the fluid and filter and putting on a bigger transmisson cooler. what do u think. any help -- thank you
  • dokkiedokkie Posts: 8
    Hi this is my problem. I have a 2001 dodge 1500 4x4 automatic trans. While driving it at times it seems like it is not shifting properly. the rpms will actually red line before it will shift and it seems like it is hesitating like the fuel is dirty (as the rpms jump all over the place in any gear except so far reverse). I have bought fuel conditioner and filled the tank and this seems to stop it for the drive home but the next time it goes for a trip seems to happen again. does anyone have any ideas at all? could it be fuel or (OH MY!!!!) the tranny? and where should i begin (tranny shops around here and there is only one a hr away only know the words YOU NEED A NEW TRANNY!!!) thank you in advance for any advice u may have. :cry:
  • rustteenrustteen Posts: 1
    Massive vibration of 4WD shifter after long trip pulling horse trailer. All U-Joints front and rear are fine. No burning of tranny fluid. No leaks anywhere. Does same whether in 2HI or 4LO and everything in between. Any similars out there? Year model 2002
  • bobwinnerbobwinner Posts: 47
    Could be a drive shaft problem. Check for bent driveshaft (did you "bottom out" on this trip ? Then check for missing weight (small metal tab welded on to balance drive shaft when manufactured). Lastly, if it is two piece shaft, check carrier (intermediate) bearing. bobwinner
  • jarod82jarod82 Posts: 2
    I have the same problem, But do me a favor. put it in drive and take off and shift into 2nd and let it climb to about 3500 rpm and put it in neutral and right back into drive and see if it shifts too 3rd. if it does then u have a pressure problem in the valve body i was told. BUT your truck is like mine but i still drive mine and i just manually shift it into 3rd like i told you.
  • jarod82jarod82 Posts: 2
    BEFORE : took off and shift to 2nd good and strong but when went into 3rd would raise rpm only 200 rpm before shift and shift to drive gear.
    KNOW: 1st hesitates and when it clunks then it will go. every so often on that. But when it goes its fine untill 3rd gear and i have to put it in neutral and back into drive with no reving it up and it shift fine into 3rd. and drive and overdrive is fine as well. push the overdrive button off and it shift out and back into OD. Just 3rd gear is the most problem.. I think its the OD Silinoid. or shift Silinoid. It doesnt slip at all. just shifting problem. SOME ONE PLEASE HELP. THANKS
  • Truck ran fine this morning, went to leave work later that day and it felt like it was slipping a little bit when I first took off. Got on the on ramp and noticed it would not shift unless I let up on the gas a little, then I noticed the RPM's were running a little too high and realized my OD was not engaging, even when you push the OD button.Thought I smelled tranny fluid, so I pulled over checked fluid levels, they are fine. The check engine light came on, but no tranny lights are on. This truck is a '99 with 73,000 miles on it. Once you're moving it doesnt feel like it's slipping but it will not shift on it's own. It will manually shift fine. but no over drive at all!
  • I'm taking the truck in on Monday to have it looked at, when I (IF) get an answer from the mechanic I will post it. Hopefully I can help someone else out.

    I have found alot of dodge tranny problems on the internet. I will be selling this one as soon as possible! This is a really nice truck to bad dodge won't help the mopar man! :mad:
  • Just borrowed a code reader, came back with error code P0720 "Output speed sensor curcuit." located on the side of the tranny. $30.00 part. Hopefully it that's the only issue. let ya know.. :confuse:
  • I would try and replace the "output speed sensor", my problem sounded alot like yours does. I replaced the sensor ($20.00) this morning took ten minutes. Now the tranny is shifting and rumming smooth as new. remove the negative terminal from the battery for about tem minutes to reset the engine lights. the only tools you need are a 1" socket and a screw driver. Hope this helps. By the way the sensor is on the side of your tranny (Plastic)
  • jgwiijgwii Posts: 1
    started having a gear grinding noise in transfer case
    seems to be getting worst can anyone help me with this?
  • My trans keeps going in and out at 49 to 52 mph .and now its doing it at about 30mph .If I keep giving it fuel it shiftd like its suppose to .Could it be my TSP?
  • I lost my door remote (2003 Dakota), but have another remote now. Can I self program (and how, please) or must I go to the dealer to get it programmed?? bobwinner
  • kwittkwitt Posts: 2
    I used to work at a dealership and you have to program the remote with the scanner. they also must be reprogramed at the same time. If you only program a new one you won't be able to use the old one that was working. The good news is it should only take 5 to 10 minutes to reprogram them. It usually took more time to find which module it was run through, it is different on some models, once you had the scanner hooked up. kwitt
  • kwittkwitt Posts: 2
    Read you manual again it also says not to have it in overdrive when towing or hauling heavy loads. This will drop you gas mileage a little but it is cheaper than having to fix your trans.
  • Thanks kwitt, I went to the dealer. 30 min, $30 and done. I knew the owner could program Ford, but now I see only the dealer can program a Dodge. Thank you. bobwinner
  • majiquemajique Posts: 1
    1994 B250, auto tranny, 140K miles. Not sure if it's the original tranny.

    Vehicle ran fine until this weekend. While on the interstate running about 60 mph I noticed the vehicle was slowing down eventhough I continued to press the accelerator. It finally slowed to a stop. I placed it in Park, then back to Drive but the vehicle wouldn't move. I turned off the ignition for 15 - 20 seconds then restarted the van, put it in drive and drove away, going through all four gears. Then 1/2 mile later it started slowing down again. I put it in neutral, turned off the ignition and waited 15 -20 seconds then restarted the van and put it back in Drive. The van ran fine for about another 1/4 mile then the symptoms occured again. Checked the tranny fluid in neutral and all looks good, fluid is not burnt or foamy.
    What puzzles me is why turning off the ignition then waiting a while and restarting the engine seems to fix the problem for a short distance. I realize it may have something to do with something being "reset" but am clueless as to what to check or look at.

    Any suggestions?
  • maxamusmaxamus Posts: 7
    Hi i have a 98 5.9 1500 ram pickup.
    It has a 46re transmission.
    today it was running fine then i came to a stop. when accelerating it needed more revs than usual to take off. I also noticed it wasnt going on to od.
    i stopped turned truck off, checked fluid level OK. When i started truck after only a few minutes it shifted as normal. It seems to have the problem when the truck is warm.
    There are no warning ights coming on at all.
    Any ideas?
  • maxamusmaxamus Posts: 7
    Hi Dustyk
    Again im sorry for contacting you this way but i cant seem to find out how to email you directly.
    anyway trucj has been fine for a while now, untill yesterday.
    Driving as normal then i came to a stop at the traffic lights, when setting of the truck (1500 ram pickup 46re) was very slow to accelerate once up to speed i also noticed it would not shift into O/D.
    I pulled over and checked the transmission fluid level OK, no leeks and no check lights.
    Got back in the truck, started up set off all ok again? then after a few miles again after a stop slow to accelerate. Turned off and on again hey presto all ok.
    I suspect some kind of electrical problem do you have any ideas at all.
    Many thanks

  • I have a 2002 Dodge Dakota that has a problem when it is shifted into any gear. The truck is an automatic and when I shift it into any gear it appears to go into neutral except when I run the RPMs up to about 3500-4000 the truck will start to move very slowly. I just had it looked at by a transmission shop and after getting it back, the problem still persists. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  • gtalleygtalley Posts: 1
    My 99 2500 DSL AT won't shift into 2nd gear. I have researched it. It' in limp in mode. Cleaned all battery connections, retightened, used a code reader no codes. Can someone help :confuse:
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