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Dodge Ram Transmission Problems



  • Sounds like low line pressure. My 04 did the same thing as a result of metal being injested by the pump from a bad brass bushing in the torque converter. $1800 later it works great LOL. Pull the pan and check for exsess metal in
    pan. It won't show on the dipstick cuz it is to heavy of a particulate to be suspended in the oil itself. Good luck but sounds to me like your converter is on it's way to the scrapper. Maybe not? I'm not an expert, just an owner with similar problems. Cheers, Casey.
  • My truck has come up with a new problem when starting out from a stop. It is slow to take off and i have to give it more throttle then usual to get it going. I have been putting it into 2nd gear (automatic) and it will take off fine then shift it back to drive. Once it gets past taking off it acts fine and shifts good. Fluid level is good and it doesn't look burnt and smells normal. Truck has 130,000 on it and is in good condition. Thanks for your input.
  • The automatic transmission in my 2001 Ram started shifting from 1st to 2nd late. It just started a couple of days ago with no other indication of trouble. If I accelerate very slowly, it shifts okay. If I accelerate normally, it shifts at 3000 – 3500 RPM. After shifting to second, it drives normally until I stop. I can force it to shift by taking my foot off of the accelerator for a second and waiting for it to shift, but then it may downshift seconds later.
  • 1999 Dodge 1500 5.2l 4x4 Transmission works fine when it is cold. Drives fine while warm, but once I stop anywhere, get back in, it will not engage ANY Drive Gears. 1, 2, or 3 WILL NOT Engage. REVERSE works perfect. I have to wait till it is fully cooled down before it will engage drive again. Just changed the Filter and Fluids, was very dirty, planning on driving for a week, then doing a Full Flush and Filter/Fluid change again. I really thought the dirty Filter would fix it enough to at least drive it for a week or so and repeat. Any help is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!! I'm getting frustrated and not sure what could be the issue?
  • I have a 2000 2500 ram with a 5.9l cummins, had the tranny replaced 3 years ago, recently the trans temp light comes on for a second or two then goes out, also the od off illuminates which kicks down to 3rd . The fluid level is good and the fluid is pink and doesn`t smell burnt at all. The lights will come on when idling in the driveway, I`m thinking that the temp sensor is faulty, any tips how to check this or how to change it out. I dont have a trans temp gauge but thought I could tape my wireless barbeque temperature gauge to the tranny just to confirm that high temp is not a factor. Thanks for any ideas.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Another thought beyond the sensor...

    Since this happens mostly when you're stopped/idling, you may want to check your fan. The trans cooler by the radiator may not be getting sufficient airflow. Keep an eye on your engine temp gauge when the lights come on.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • Hi Guys, New Here.
    When driving my truck, from second on, the tranny wont shift propperly unless I let the Gas Go a Bit. Once in O/D I have no problems. The tranny doesnt slip at all.
    82K, oil and filter changes recently. Check valve at the cooler also checked and it doesnt seem to be cloged.

    Thanks in advance,

  • od turns off. and trans temp light comes on.Have changed filter and fluid plus torque converter.Any suggestions please
  • O D turn off and O D OFF light both indicate overheat of fluid. Check your tranny cooler to. If it is cool, your lines are plugged. Probably the check valve need removed. bobwinner
  • I get mine at this place
    They take credit cards and ship, about $50 bobwinner
  • help please my 1997 ram 1500 4by4 keeps shifting out of overdrive back into third gear going downhill if i keep my foot on the gas going downhill it will stay in od but when i leave off gas it shifts back to third gear all other shifting patterns are fine there are 108,000 on 5.2 v-8 oil has been changed three times along with the filters can any one help unemployed low in funds thanks
  • here are the facts:
    i bought this truck from someone who hadnt driven it for 2 weeks. it has 165K miles and i dont know about any possible rebuilds or factory reman trannys for this truck. it shifted perfect when i got it. ive had it for 2 weeks. it started hanging up in 1st gear after the 3rd time i drove it. it gets stuck in 1st for 30 seconds to 2 minutes each time and then shifts good. if i stop but leave it running, it will still shift fine. if i turn it off, it still tries to hang up for a bit when i start it back up and go, even when warmed up. i havent pinpointed any exact thing i did to get it to start shifting. sometimes i just drive it for a few seconds at 4 or 5k rpm and then move the shifter to 2nd and then back to drive and it starts shifting right.

    the fluid is dark, and dirty so i know its old and burnt. but i havent done anything yet, i wanted to see who had something here to say.

    thanks for any input.
  • Id take it to a shop and spend $75 getting the trans fluid changed and trans adjusted, that just may do it. I had an old Ford that shifted like he!! and after the service it was like brand new. Worth a shot at least, you might get lucky.

    Ski in TX
  • When Temp cool outside and touch the brake (especially going down hill) the trany will stick in high gear and stay there until the truck in turn off and back on. Have had this problem since about 20k miles. Dealer put in a New TCM that fixed it for about 30k more miles. It started doing that again and Another dealer put in a solenoid pack that fixed it for about 10k miles. current error codes P0700( TC system) P0871 (TF presure sensor switch C curcuit), P0876 (TF presure sensor switch B curcuit), P0760 (Shift soleniod C), P0755 (Shift soleniod B), P0770 (Shift soleniod E), P0750 (Shift soleniod A), P0888 (TCM Power Relay Sense Circuit) Any suggestions?
  • i have a 2004 ram1500 4.7 have about 92,000 miles on it only problem with trany is when cold try to move it goes no where but wait about 15 sec. will go fine no hard shift been have problem for about 1 year but getting worse have change filters every 30,000 mile with oem any leads to my problem thanks a lot
  • okay, i took it to my friend mechanic at a dealership and he put the scanner on it after i explained the above to him. he reported code P-0720... faulty transmission output (speed?) sensor. so tomorow i'll replace it and post results :) anyone got any input about replacing it? is it a big deal?
  • :mad: :confuse: I recently got my tranny rebuilt in my 2001 dodge 3500. Since it was rebuilt it kicks in and out of OD at about 75 mph and if I have a trailer on it about 60. I, nor any mechanic can figure out what goin on with the truck. The tranny shop built the tranny 3 times and even put a different tranny in it trying to get it to stop. I have replace the 400 freakin dollar TPS and it didnt help. Flushed the tranny lines and replaced the speed sensor. I am at a loss and the 10 mechanics that have looked at it are at a loss also. Has anyone had this happen to their truck and did you get it fixed?????
  • Haven't had that exact problem, had more of an issue around 50 mph. But anyway, i have read some posts about a poor ground being the problem, have also heard that the dealer has a diagram and a setup to better ground everything to stop the issue you are describing.

    Having said that i don't remember where i read it, but i do remember that the post claimed the dealership wouldn't release the diagram for the fix but would do the work for about $400 if i remember correctly.

    Hope this helps get your truck fixed.
  • hah!! tranny shifting perfect now. changing the output sensor on the driver side of the tail worked. scanner code was P-0720. NOTE: when i pulled the wire, some tranny fluid residue was present inside the plug housing and on the prongs!! hmmm... could the inner plastic nipple have melted or something, allowing tranny fluid to seep through? it seemed pretty disfigured when i removed the sensor. also, someone on here said to expect a little tranny fluid to come out... LOL, thats a laugh. over a quart gushed out when i unscrewed the sensor, hahah. okay my first time doing it, so now i know :) later...
  • Didn't use the word "little" ;)
  • lol, okay then what word was it? like some, or a bit? somehow i got the impression it was not gonna be a gusher, hahahaha... anyway, u shoulda seen it, all running down my arm and on my driveway. and i was pluggin it up with a rag, yelling for my daughter, "heeeyyyyy ... someone bring me a bowl, or something!!!" ya, i'm glad nobody videoed it... or it woulda been on youtube, lol... take care bro.
  • kpnmckpnmc Posts: 2
    Diagnostic trouble code reads 1762. My Haynes Repair Manual book doesn't say what to do with this diagnostic trouble code. The scaner say it something to do with the transmission. Can anyone help me?
  • Don't quote me on this but if my memory serves me correct that code is for low line pressure. Could be the solenoid on the bottom of the valve body (the one that hangs down into the pan or it's related sensor? Get it looked at. Dartboard diagnostics get expensive and may not fix your problem. My truck threw that code and it turned out to be the 2nd gear shift solenoid. Unfortunately that solenoid that failed on mine is combined with the 1st gear shift solenoid and shares a common wire harness. $400 ouch! Like I said that code can mean several different posible faulty parts so get it looked at and isolate your exact bad part or parts.

    Cheers, Casey
  • Sometimes when I put it in reverse there is a loud growling noise, I can sometimes put it then into neutral and back into reverse and it will stop. Why is this? How can I correct it?
  • Hey new to the forums.. Really just trying to figure this out, found this forum but anyway, i can shift into any gear perfectly as in d p r n 1 2. i put it in drive and it moves same with all the other gears. while driving it occasionally has trouble shifting out of fist. when it has trouble it just goes to high rpm and then shifts. same with second gear but is mire frequent. i usually cant get out of second gear but sometimes do. while driving it has automatically shifted into nuetral but when i stop i have to shift from d to n and back to d for it to engage again. please help i dont have money to replace tranny
  • hey Guys, I've got a real problem with my truck. Here goes..I have a '03 3500 4x4 that I purchased for my hotshot company. I bought the truck used in '07 with 25,000 miles. Thinking that this unit was almost new. At 75,000 miles the original 5 spd manual tranny gave up on me. Chewing both upper shaft and lower shaft front gear teeth. Really ugly inside. Okay, had Dodge replace with new, 13,000 miles later...same thing. I had that tranny rebuilt, Dodge would not warranty the 2nd. Two months later, I lost 5th in Louisiana and then drove it home. Okay, I heard the NV5600 6spd is good for a 2 ton truck. So, $5,500.00 later the truck was converted to the 6spd. That lasted, 1 month and now has the 6th tranny in the truck. At this time, I am now starting to have problems with the truck again. I quit my business due to repair cost. What the heck is going on !?! I can not find anybody who can tell me why this has happened to my truck...i.e. me. Can you help? Thanks
  • I bet one of your questions is what are you pulling? My trailer is 40ft x 102" dove tail, goose neck hitch. The trailer weighs around 8100 lbs. The load weights varied with the average around 10,000lbs. Now, I bet you're going to say that the truck is at its limit for weight...explain to me, why are there trucks here that pull a 32' cattle trailer, 7 days a week, fully loaded running up and down the road as fast as they can pull and not having problems?
  • i have a2000 Ram 1500 , going down the road 55-60 the tranny slips out and acts like its in low gear any thoughts whats going on
  • I have a 2008 ram 1500 with the m/d hemi...not sure of the tranny model, but it is an automatic. the problem I am having is every once in a while, I will lose overdrive, when I stop and try to go...the tranny slips. If I shift from reverse and back to fix. the only way to fix it is to shut off the engine and restart. then everything works fine again. I even tried shifting through the tow/haul and overdrive off selection, but the only fix is a restart. could not get any codes from my code reader...ideas?
  • is72is72 Posts: 2
    I purchased my 01 ram 1500- (5.9) 4x4 /125000 , about 4weeks ago,it drove fine at fisrt, but then it started to slip,from 1 to 2. i did check the fluid and i was low, so i filled it with atf+4,did not fix the problem,so i dropped the pan and change the filter and fluid atf+4,that did not fix the problem and on top of that i got a ( trans temp ) light on the dash,i trew some lucas in it, and now every time i shitf in gear drive or reverse it kill the motor,to the point that its not driveble, did I mess my trans up???? any comments
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