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Dodge Ram Transmission Problems



  • Im having f issues with my 2007 dodge 2500 cummins with a 6 speed automatic transmission. I have taken it in on five separate occasions . What advice can someone give me? Has anyone else had these types of problems? Specifically, clunking noises in the transmission when decelerating from a speed of 35 mph and stoping at 10mph their is a clunking . Please give me any advice or information you have and how to go about this to get further assistance from chrysler. thanks
  • Hello, and ty for having such a site.I am puzzled by my transmisson problems.I bought this truck from a used car dealer.105,ooo miles and the trans temp light and od light keeps playing mind games.I still owe 3700 on this truck.Took it to a transmission shop and they said leave it for a day.I didnt feel safe doing that when they couldnt even talk to me about it..Just leave and they will check it out.Well i went to a mechanic down the road.He said with the miles and the look of the fluid it would need a new trans.Oh i forgot to mention the day i took this truck to get looked at the temp and od light went off.I was like that figures.Well thinking should i just take the loss and take the truck back and save the 3700 i owe and put towards a new truck?any advice will help..But i wouldnt feel right without changing the filter so i did and in the bottom of the pan the magnet had about an 1/2" of gray looking milky substance was thinking this truck was under water..alot of shavings also..The magnet also had a little chip..very small one but anyhow changed and yes used atf-4 and wouldnt u know now the trans and 0d is on every other min..It seems to shift alitte hard in the last gear.I can hear almost like the sound of uv going bad..but i know its not because no noise when shifting into gear.Sorry for the long speech but i dont know what to do..You cant trust most of these shops.Any advice will help Ty.
  • Dieseldoug,
    I'm not a mechanic, or a Cummins guru. But I do own an 06 3500 with the CID. I stop by my dealer from time to time to shoot the breeze. About a month ago I was in asking him about the 07's. He said the one problem they have had was a flash update needed to be done with regard to a "particulate burn frequency" with the new Cat-back emission control stuff on the new ones. He said they would begin dropping mileage at first (sound familiar) and some guys even had to have them towed in as they would stop running altogther. He said those were the guys who left them idling for long periods of time which clogged the cat-back. He said getting on it real good here and there has help some of them too. If you haven't visited your dealer for a flash update, it might be worth the inquiry. Good luck...Titanium29
  • ah24ah24 Posts: 1
    I got a 98 dodge ram that won't shift from 1st to second gear. I tried changing sensors but nothing seems to work. Any suggesions?
  • I just bought a 96 Ram 1500 SLT and have not had problem with the transmission till today. when i started driving it throught the neighborhood it shifted fine till i got the the first stop sign then when i started going it shifted hard into second gear but then it didnt do it for the rest of the day? so is it just because i should of let it idle for a couple min before i got on my way or wht.. its a 5.2 l.
  • Hi all
    I see I'm not alone with my trans. issues. I've got a 2001 5.9 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4, 113k on it. Bought it used at 92k, no service history prior to that. Appears all stock, no perf. mods. or oversized tires. Trans. was fine when I purchased, began to start in 2nd after a stop around 105k. Would be fine if I manually downshifted to 1st, which I did for a while. Very occasionally would go down to 1st on it's own. Eventually began to shift down to 1st more frequently (maybe 20%) always followed by a delayed 1-2 shift @ approx. 2800 rpm. Seemed more likely to hit 1st when cold-could always count on it when leaving home in the AM, again with a late 1-2 shift. Somewhere around this time, the pan actually ROTTED out (on a 2001, WTF?) and I replaced pan, gasket, and filter w/ new from Dealer, as well as refilling with ATF+4. Was hoping this might help problem but it remained unchanged. Today, after using for errands, truck sat for 2-3 hours, when I went to leave, had only 1st gear. Drove home slowly! All other shifts and OD have always been fine until today, never had the RPM fluctuation that others have complained of. Fluid looks good, smells good. Oh, check engine light came on 2-3 months ago. Had scanned @ Autozone soon after. Can't find printout for code # but 99% sure it was "governor voltage reading outside of expected range". (wording may not be 100% correct) Seems like a control issue to me. I hate to just change parts randomly without further diagnostics I'm probably not capable of. Any thoughts? Where should I go from here? Trade it in now on the Tundra I was too cheap to buy 2 years ago LOL! Thanks in advance!
  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    I have had my truck since last June to pull my 5th wheel.I notice that sometimes my transmission shift lever will not go into park but gets stuck in reverse and then my horn will start beeping like mad and the truck will start rolling backwards. 2 weeks ago I put a hole in the front cap of my new 5th wheel and damaged my box rail. I am hearing the Dodge knew this was a problem with the transmission and instead of fixing it, they added this beeping sound, yet I can't find anything in the manual to verify this. It is going to cost me about a grand to fix the damage. Has anyone had a similar problem or have heard of this? :mad:
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Yep, the "alarm" was made a recall for 2003-2005 and is standard on 2006-2008 trucks. If your shifter is indeed getting stuck in R, you definitely want to get the linkage checked. I've not had that happen with my 2005 3500 in 50,000 miles.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    Thanks, I thought this might be the reason but I did not read this anywhere. I will get my tranny checked after my damage is fixed.
  • kseyksey Posts: 9
    check the wires on the valve body sound like you got one shorting out on the temp.switch. my 2001 46re did the same thing no one could fine it the wires are about $10.00 dollars put my in and it shift good
    good luck
  • p2369p2369 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 1500 and it's real sluggish in reverse. I push the gas and it revs and slowly backs up but slips as it goes. I have no problems in drive. Fluid level is fine. I'm afraid to have it looked at, don't need headache.

  • 19K miles, 4.7L motor 4x4. Vehicle purchased used, no prior history found. When descending hill (cruise on), rpms' spike to 3800-4000 from 2000 and acts like a jake brake on a diesel. Any thoughts? (4 trips to dealer, no trouble found.)
  • kcnddkcndd Posts: 1
    Got an '06 2500 d-sel 4x4. With 88K on the odom we are having tons of transmission problems. (Bought October of 07)Local dealer replaced 1st unit due to slipping & said clutches were fused. 2nd unit started slipping after about 20K miles on it. Seems to me it may be a heat issue as it doesn't slip nearly as much when transmission is cold. We haul campers 3x times a week ranging in weight 4,000 - 12,000 lbs each thru West Virginia mountains. Dealer isn't sure what to do next. They want to replace valve body. Anybody out there had similar problems? Can't get much info from Chrysler about any transmission problems/service notices. HELP :confuse:
  • joemc1joemc1 Posts: 5
    I have a '95 Dodge 2500 w/ Cummins and 196k on the odometer.At 160,000 my tranny started to shift/fluctuate 200-300 rpms at highway speed55-75mph.This is an intermittent problem I have no symptom or warning when it is going to happen I took it to the Dodge dealer and they replaced it with a reman ($2500.00). The warranty was 3yrs/36,000 for the reman. Well at 35,400 and 4 years and 196k the same condition returned. I took it to a highly recommended tranny shop and they rebuilt it ($2400.00). I left for Florida, not towing,got two hundred miles away from home and the same situation occurred.Turned around took it back they went through it checking soleniods etc.I took it back, drove around for a week, planned to leave for FL (1280miles)on Sunday 10/21 when lo and behold on 10/19 I am traveling down the Interstate and the same conditon occurs!
    It shifts and runs well in all gears but at highway speeds it seem to slip in and out of overdrive. I'm so disgusted right now that I'm thinking of going to FL anyway. I will be towing 8k on the way back. I'm thinking throttle position sensor. Am I correct?
  • Hi,

    Well I finally got around to changing the governor pressure solenoid and governor pressure sensor. Works like a charm now. YAY! If I had to point the finger at one component I would blame it on the bracket thats holds the sensor in place. The senor was VERY loose because the bracket wasn't holding it tightly in place. When I replaced the sensor the new one was loose also. I slightly bent the tabs in and now the sensor doesn't move. Thanks, Wolfer
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    I'm assuming you got a new torque converter each time with the reman and rebuild. Your symptoms sound a lot like the TC having problems staying locked in the upper gears (it only locks in 3 and 4). Yes, the TPS can affect that and would be the first thing to check - if that doesn't solve the problem, I'd want the TC looked at as well after spending all that $$.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • I have a 1999 Ram 1500 with a 360, automatic transmission and the tow package. The truck has 125,000 miles on it with the original tranny. Here is my problem. About two weeks ago I got a check engine light. This was followed by a very slight transmission slippage. Sometimes it was from a dead stop, but if I babied the throttle it would take right off. A good friend of mine recommended that I disconnect the battery to clear the engine light. He felt the light was most likely an O2 sensor. This worked for about a day and the light came back. Two days ago the truck would start out fine in 1st gear, but would struggle with shifting into 2nd gear. The shift would occur around 3000 rpm with it then shifting through all the gears. No problem with reverse. The problem seemed to be worse on colder days. Today, though, it will not shift into 2nd gear at all no matter how high the rpm's. When I hit 25-30mph and let up of off the throttle I can feel it shift all the way into high gear. When I step back on the gas it is slipping as if the gear is to high for the vehicle speed. If I let it coast, it downshifts very smoothly through all the gears. Once it is in 1st gear it takes right off again, but still will not shift into 2nd gear. I flushed and changed fluid and filter. The pan was void of any metal and the pan magnet had a slight amount of sludge on it. This, unfortunately, did not fix the problem.

    I am going to take it to a parts store and have them run a diagnostic on it. Is there a specific analyzer they must use for this year and model? I am not convinced this is a mechanical problem with the transmission, but an electrical control problem. What types of things should I be looking at? From reading through this thread I feel my problem may be as simple as a throttle position sensor. Please Help. I'm desperate. I fear that a tranmission mechanic will recommend replacing the transmission as "cover-all" solution to this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • danv1danv1 Posts: 2
    My '99 did a similar thing (erratic shifting, check engine light, etc..). Took it to Autozone and the put a code reader on it free of charge. It was the speed control sensor. It is located on the driver's side of the tranny. If that is the problem, I recall it being less than $20 and ten minutes to replace. Just make sure to check and re-tighten after a day or so, as it will back out a little from the heat. Good luck.
  • Having a hard time getting my manual tranny into gear. Also, have no 4x4, cruise, and the A/C vent is on defrost. Any suggestions and approx. how much will it cost to remedy?
  • My transmissions has the same symptoms and has for about a year. Last December the local maintenance shop recommended I put in a new transmission but I was determined it wasn't mechanical. It seems that after they connected diagnostics to it last December, it shifted fine for the next several months. Electrical connections possibly? After several months it started having trouble shifting from 2nd to 3rd again and I continued to baby it until recently when my check engine light came on. I took it in and it indicated it was the speed control sensor. They replaced this and I had my hopes up that this was going to resolve my problem but my shifting problems remain. It did seem to help though....

    My problems seem to get worse as the transmission gets warm. It shifts fine for the first 10 - 15 miles of stop and go. I'm going to attempt to replace the throttle position sensor next. If you have any success with your transmission, please let me know since it sounds we have the exact same problem. I'll do the same...

    Good Luck and Thanks!
  • Just wanted to add that the problem I have is from a stand still. It shifts when moving but that is getting a bit harder to do. I have been down shifting as I come to a stop and leaving it in gear when I park to avoid the issue. I think it will shift through the gears when the engine is turned off (at least it did the other day) with no problem. Alan
  • My 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 (5.2 liter, 46RE Auto trans) is slipping in overdrive. When I let my foot off the gas and coast, then put step on it again (gently) the engine revs will climb 500-600 rpms then settle down to a constant mark. It will also do this with the cruise control on, so it's not just me. If I turn off the OD the trans shifts great. The truck only has 65k miles (verified!).The tranny shop says it needs to be rebuilt (of course!) but is there a way to adjust the electronic OD? Is there a solenoid or some other electronic part I can replace before I spend $2000 on a new tranny?
  • After 3 days and less than 400 total miles my transmission started making the oddest sound, almost like the air squeaking out of a balloon. The delearship didn't have a clue but eventually told me I needed a new transmission. At first they were going to rebuild it but now they're going to give me a new truck. Anyone heard of this problem before?
  • More research is leading me to believe that the Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) is the culprit. I believe the TCC is slipping as it's locking up and failing to remain locked when I let off the gas.

    Anyone here concur?

    Would replacing the torque converter fix it or is the TCC actually inside the tranny and not in the converter?
  • Dave if you read my previous posts you will see that I have the same problem. After two rebuilds I finally talked then in to replacing the throttle position sensor (TPS). I got the truck back on 11/2 and so far so good. My problem is an intermittent one so the acid test will come when I leave CT for FL on 11/10. I will report on it's performance when/if I arrive in FL. :surprise:
  • I recently found this wedge shaped piece of metal in my transmission pan. I took my truck to a shop to have the rear end looked at and had my transmission serviced. I was not happy with anything these guys but they did say that the transmission was fine. This was the first and last time I ever take my truck to a shop, I usually do everything myself. Anyway the 2nd gear issue everyone seems to have started up and so I service my trans only to find this weird piece of metal in the pan. At first I thought it was the end of some type of air chisel. My truck still runs but revs high from 1st to 2nd, if I get on it at all, and the same if the trans tries to downshift from 3rd to 2nd. Other they that the truck seems ok but there is no way I can tow anything or try to take off in a hurry. So where does this piece of metal go and how do I get it in there?
  • Thanks for the input. I suspected it was an electronic problem, the tranny shop was too eager to do a rebuild. I'll be looking forward to any new info.
  • recently bought a 1998 Dodge 2500 series diesel as is off car lot, 158879 miles runs well except when it starts goes in overdrive it usually just goes in and out rapidily causing about a 2-300 rpm change but it usually wont stay in at all, reading the other post maybe a tps or speed sensor . I have no history on this truck , tranny oil looks real clean any help appreciated thanks Tall
    also think I may smell antifreeze from heater is this early for a heater coil?
  • I arrived in FL today 11/11 1,352miles and no erratic shifting in and out of overdrive. The TPS must have been the problem all along :sick: I guess I it didn't need the rebuild. Expensive experiment and Dodge was no help at all. I'll report back on the return trip.
  • I have a 2003 ram 1500 4x4 with auto trans.
    When I first start the truck when it is still cold and shift from p to d the transmission jumps. when the engine warms up the transmission is fine. I am not having any problems with slipping. I bought it with 61000 miles on it and don't know prev history...any thoughts
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