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Dodge Ram Transmission Problems



  • but the tranny probably didnt need to be rebuilt in the first place....according to various sources,and dodge dealer here in ny,the computer needs to be reflashed,or retrained.NOT REPLACED
    thats what they claim is wrong with my truck.
    im waiting for my appt to see if they are right.
    they also say,and i kinda believe them on this,that if you have dextron of any sort in the trans,it needs to be drained out and ONLY ATFPLUS4 should be put into any dodge automatic trans..All Chrysler four-speed automatic transmissions* are very sensitive to the quality of the transmission fluid. Only use the ATF+[3 or 4] in these transmissions. Do not use Dexron or Mercon.

    something to do with the lubrication quality of the fluid,messes stuff up.
    also,Dont Let Anyone whos not qualified to run a scanning tool touch your truck!!
    my truck is currently in limphome mode,(ty advance auto)which im betting is the problem with yours as well SKKat.
    to test this theory
    start truck put in you have partial 1st?of any kind?
    now shift to park,and back to first..anything?
    if nothing,shut key OFF and then restart to see if you have 1st gear again.
    if so,then get the computer reflashed Before you spend a dime on the transmission.
    hope this helps,may or may not be the answer,but after going thru the wringer on this for the past week now.......
    btw,just for kicks,try this too,it didnt work for mine,but hey maybe...
    take off the battery cables overnite,Both of them and try again in the morning..if you have gears make sure that you have the trans module retrained.
    heres a link to the allpar page,its very good reading and explains a lot better than i can.
    also,for those of you who have wondered if chrysler knows about its defects,check this page out,warning,make sure you are sitting down first,its kinda brutal.
    again,i stress that i know little to nothing and im just hoping this helps people out..g/l,rob
  • I am having the similar problem. Mine won't shift from 2nd to 3rd. Did you happen to find the problem??
  • I talked to a transmission specialist the other day about my Dodge. He seemed very knowlegable, and came highly reccomended.

    He says that the rpm fluctuations that I'm experiencing at highway speeds are caused by the lock up torque converter cycling on and off when it shouldn't. This symptom may be caused by any one of a number of bad electrical connections.

    If the battery has corrosion on one of the posts, then that is a possible cause.

    There are two computers that can have a bad ground. I believe that each computer has it's own ground. Cleaning the grounds / scratching the paint at the ground can cure the problem.

    A faulty ground at the battery can cause this problem too.

    The last possible cause that he mentioned was a bad tranny fluid pump. Some times these pumps leak between the front and back of the pump. Sounds spendy.

    Hopefully I can gear my problem with a little wire brushing.

    By the way, now that it is getting cooler here, I have experienced my transmission not wanting to go into gear. You guys were right, placing the transmission in neutral seemed to take care of the problem. Thanks.
  • Dusty,
    I have a 99 2500 with a V10 and a 47RE Trans. I'm having the same problem with only 65,000 miles on the truck. RPM started bouncing +/- 200 at freeway speeds. I had it machine flushed with ATF+3 and a new filter/gasket put on. about one month later I lost 1st gaer and overdrive. I'm being told that I now need a $2,200 rebuild. What do you think? Sandman :confuse:
  • Hey hotvfr, I had a similar problem with my 2002. Only I lost 3rd gear. It ended up being the Valve Body. The plate is too thin, causing the spring to push thru the plate. They replaced the plate with a thicker one and added a couple extra screws. Also, they put a shim inside the spring allowing constant pressure so the spring won't "slam" into the plate. When I dropped the pan I was able to see the problem. It cost me approx. $900.
  • hey, my truck has been running fine and the other day my tranny started slipping on the way home. when i got it home it wouldn't make it up the drive way. i can cut off the truck and let it sit a while. start it up and it will go right in gear (almost like it just has to cool off). but it will only go about a block down the road and it will die off like it goes in neutral. the hasn't been any grinding at all just a little whining. is my tranny gone or what?
  • the lower transmission line going to radiator,cut it off at steel end,replace that rubber line and install a tranny cooler as well.
    there is a little stupid check valve in that line,which can become was a factory design,to restrict the fluid,and is not what you need or want in there.
    just change it out.
    do NOT remove the whole end thats attached to radiator as it is plastic and you Will be screwed if it comes out of the radiator.just cut the lines short at the radiator,and leave them Alone!
    the tranny cooler will help a lot as well,and will be super easy to install,you just attach your lines and clamp then good,then zip tie the cooler to the radiator.

    your best bet is to drop the pan and check the filter,drain As Much of the fluid as you can.
    why,because you basically smoked the trans fluid to nothing..its worn out/burnt.
    you need to get as much as possible out of that trans.

    when you refill the tranny,
    make sure you use the ATF+4 Nothing else!!
    yes,i know that is expensive stuff,but its the only way.
    this is all just a good luck shot,as they are tough trannys,but you def ran that one hot.
    it either will or wont work..yes,i understand thats a bit of change for the fluid/10-12 quarts @4 bux a quart,and a filter,7 bux
    but thats a lot cheaper than a 1500-2800 rebuild.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    Yes. I have the same transmission stuck on the back of a 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD (Turbo diesel). If the trans sits for more than four hours (at least on my Jeep)the torque converter and other parts drain back into the trans pan.

    I suggest that you let the engine idle for about fifteen seconds before putting in gear.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,801
    This question for those of you who have HEMI powered RAM trucks with the five speed automatic.

    Have any of you had torque converter failures or has Dodge done a recall on this transmission?

    Here is the problem. I own a Jeep Liberty CRD (MY 2005). The 2.8L turbo diesel generates 295 lb-ft of torque @ 1800 RPM. I get 80+% of torque starting at 1400 RPM, peaking at 1800 RPM and falling off at 3200 RPM. The recall states that the torque converter will need replacement and the engine will need to be detuned a little to reduce the amount of torque it generates. The reduction in torque will enhance torque converter durability and transmission durability too.

    Any information is appreciated.
  • I have a 98 ram 1500 318 auto, the tranny is taking forever to shift into second, no slippage, just waits till about 3,500 rpm to shift, unless i let off the gas a little.all other gears seem just fine, any ideas??
    thanks :confuse:
  • My son has a clutch problem. How difficult is it to replace a clutch in a Ram ? (1/2 ton 2wd)
    Need to drop tranny ?
    Speial alignment tools ?
    thanks, Dave
  • jnealjneal Posts: 247
    Need to drop tranny ? Yes
    Speial alignment tools ? Yes. Clutch disc alignment tool, shouldn't be over 4 or 5 bucks. Also, while I had the driveshaft out I would consider replacing the U-joints, assuming they have never been replaced, or at least check them really well.
  • Thanks for the pointers, i think we'll look for a Chiltons repair manual too ...
  • I have a dodge 1500 ram 5.4lit. While I was driving, the overdrive light came on. Moments later the transmission temp light came on also. I parked the car to cool it off, I made sure the O/D is not engaged and started driving again. Again short times later I hear something happen and I notice the O/D light is on again, followed by the “Trans Temp” light and of course I could smell the fluid burn. What shall I do please advice. please note the car stil drive nice.
  • Had the same problem happen to me just two days prior. Have you found out any thing yet. Had my truck looked at by a Cottmans trans place - they did get a code for a tranny problem - suggest that I take it a a garage and tell them there is a drivabilty issue. What now
  • I have a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 that i bought a few months ago and the transmission is all ready having problems. i can put it trough all of the gears but it doesnt go past 2nd gear. it will stay in first for a long time and then if shift it down into 2nd then it will jump up but it wont go any farther. any guesses on whats wrong with it?
  • Can anyone tell me if the overdrive button on the dash is supposed to disable 4th gear; or is it just supposed to prevent torque converter lock up when it's in 4th gear. I find that not having 4th gear is a problem becuase im stuck in 3rd while towing which i find is too low for most situations. I am at about 2200rpm at 55mph, redline is 3000rpm thats to close for comfort for me. Is there any modifications available to prevent t/c lock up and still have a 4th gear.
  • What happened to your truck with this problem?
  • On the non diesel models like mine, it disables 4th gear, however the redline is 5 grand instead of 3 i would guess that with the power of the diesel you would be able to use OD at highway speed.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Yes, that disables 4th gear and allow lock up in 3rd.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    My 98 2500 is doing the same thing with the OD light then the tranny temp light. Has anyone came up with a solution yet? :confuse:
  • blink3blink3 Posts: 74
    Hello! I am looking at a 2000 Ram 1500 P/U with 94k miles on it, 5.9 motor. The guy says it has a rebuilt trans in it. How can I tell? Checking numbers or anything?
    Also, he says it has Tow Pkg. How can I tell if this is so?

  • I have a 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 series pickup. 4x4. Auto trans.
    86k miles.
    Shifting problem: Code #34
    Usually shifts from 1st to 2nd o.k. rpm can reach 3500 before it will shift into 3rd. 4th and o.d. shift normally.(this is an intermittent problem). Sometime will not shift out of first gear until rpm's are very high. If I use the accelerator gently, it will shift correctly most of the time. If I press down hard on the accelerator, such as shifting into passing gear, it seems to start the shifting problems I just explained. Next time I start the truck it will shift through all gears perfectly. Code #34 still lit. I don't think it's the transmission that's the problem. I get no slippage and when operating normally, it shifts perfectly. Could it be a sensor?

    I changed the transmission filter and fluid. I also replaced the speed control on the transmission.
  • I have a 1998 1500 Dodge ram.My stepson ran in a ditch and now the dang truck will not do anything in reverse but all other gears work good does any one have a ideal what it could be i have check all linkages and all electrical conections and everthing seems to be ok.
  • 1tonka1tonka Posts: 1
    I just had to have my 1500 5.9 Quad, 4X4, 61K on the odemeter towed to the dealer for the third time because of the transmission. First time was within the first 12 mos. and less the 10K on it, second time last June when just the reverse went out at 59K, and today when it would not go higher than 1st gear and then would slip out and no reverse. Thank god for the Extended warranty at only $100 a pop to me. Does anyone know if this problem could be caused by the additional weight with oversized Mudslides being just too much for the factory transmission to pull? This V8 has less power going for it than my 99 Ford Escort!Starting to feel that my beautiful truck :blush: is just a piece of junk. :cry:
  • nws683nws683 Posts: 10
    hey i know what you mean i have a 1998 dodge ram and from the yrs of 1996-1998 dodge put plastic parts in the tranny and there not as good as the newer and older trannys what i did was i had it flushed and if it has a cooler on it good but i would suggest getting one there only 20-60 dollars and but lucas tranny stabilizer in there and it should help out some or alot
  • I have a 1997 ram 1500 witht he 46 re trans. It has over 200,000 miles on it and for the past few months the overdrive wouldn't work and it wouldn't shift past 2nd gear. I overhauled the trans but it still overheats. anybody have a suggestion? :cry:
  • I have a 96 2500 Ram and when I put it in Drive it seems to start in 3 or 4 gear. When I put it in to 1st gear it has no problem going into it then 2nd its still fine. For some reason when I put it into Drive it starts out real slow then reaches 60 with no problem but it never shifts. Also when I bought it the guy I got it from said he had the tranny replaced. Any help I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance
  • I had a 94 Dodge transmission flushed and thinking it would remove the old fluid out of torque conv. and would not harm anything else and 6 months later transmission down. Now afraid to do a flush on my 2000 5.9 4x4. Any advice.
  • jmc5jmc5 Posts: 3
    Wondering if you found your Overdrive transmission problem. I have a 2001 dodge ram and paid a trans guy to fix my No Overdrive problem. 400 dollars later, still no Overdrive...gears 1,2,3 are fine.
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