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2K Ford Explorer Sport Trac's - II

meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
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This topic is a continuation of Topic 1847....

2K Ford Explorer Sport Trac's. Please continue
these discussions here. Thanks!

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  • rschfamilyrschfamily Member Posts: 19
    Hello from another St. Louisan ... your profile says from SC. Do tell.
  • dolphins66dolphins66 Member Posts: 78
    What do you want to know?
  • bigdogst1bigdogst1 Member Posts: 22
    Just got done w/second oil change (6K miles) and decided to change the fuel filter too since gas mileage has not been too great (about 16mpg). Also noticed air filter to be particulary dirty for having so little miles...thanks for the info on the K&N filter.

    Ad for all the posts on the 6 disc in-dash changer, it seems that my opting for the JVC after-market (which also works with the single-disc) was much more economical (under $400 installed in 20 minutes with no backorders)
  • dolphins66dolphins66 Member Posts: 78
    Who paid $400 for theirs? We only paid $229 which is invoice when we purchased our ST. The MSRP was only $270 so you are paying more than you would have had you gotten it installed when the vehicle was being built.
  • dolphins66dolphins66 Member Posts: 78
    Just received a letter in the mail from Ford today that offers the tonneau for $590 (MSRP)through September 30, 2000 for those who purchased their ST before the tonneau was available. Of course, we still don't know if it is available. Anyway, there are no additional costs included. Ford will pay for installation at the dealer and the tax. I think that's a fair offer from Ford for those of us who would have liked to have the tonneau when our "early-birds" were delivered.
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    If your getting poor MPG a possible reason may be...

    The air conditioner compressor will run on ALL settings except 3.

    1. OFF --> O
    2. Floor Only
    3. Face Only

    Any other setting runs the air conditioner compressor and would probably result in lower MPG. Also expect lower mileage until after the break in of 500 miles. I would suggest for accuracy sake no one post MPG's until they have at least 1000 miles.
  • craig002craig002 Member Posts: 32
    I now have 1500 miles on mine. In cool Arizona we hardly need the AC, and our reformulated gasoline does wonders for mileage. I am averaging right at 14.8 MPG. All on the freeway or in town driving.
  • bigdogst1bigdogst1 Member Posts: 22
    Does anyone know if the speakers (front and back) are all the standard 5x8 factory type? Even though the grill is round that may be the case and I did not want to remove the door to find out before purchasing some better speakers.
  • mljohnmljohn Member Posts: 9
    bigdogst1 - I upgraded all my speakers with Eclipse 5x7s, they were direct replacements for what's behind the round door grills. I also ripped out the crummy single cd radio and replaced it with a jvc xc770 cd/tape. Even without an amp this thing puts out 40w by 4.
  • bigdogst1bigdogst1 Member Posts: 22
    MLJOHN - thanks so much for the info. I have not heard of Eclipse...is that a brand sold at places like Circuit City? What did you pay? Did you install them yoursel? If so, any tips on the panel removal would be appreciated!
  • bigdogst1bigdogst1 Member Posts: 22
    I guess I could have done the work before posting my question to MLJOHN. I found a place that carries them (5x7 Eclipse) for $119 per pair.

    That sound right?
  • cleekcleek Member Posts: 9
    Hi all,

    Does anyone know if the wiring harness for the fog lights is in place? I passed on the the wheels-nerf bars-fog lights bundle from Ford, but would like to install some after market lights.

    I also r'cv the Hard Tonneau cover solicitation today. My saleman's "educated guess" was that the T-Cover orders would be filled in the later half of July.

  • mkazarian1mkazarian1 Member Posts: 17
    After four weeks of waiting, I finally got a build date of 8-6-00. Does anyone know how long after build date can I expect it to be delivered to my dealership? Thanks.
  • rb125rb125 Member Posts: 28
    I now have 7000 miles on mine. I am averaging right at 18 - 19 MPG in town and 24 MPG on the freeway moving at 70-80 MPH with the A/C on.
  • mtrice7mtrice7 Member Posts: 7
    I am in the process of determining whether to use a lease or loan in financing my future ST, with the desire of low payments.

    For loaning thru Ford, there is 7.9% for 60 months thru 7/5/00. Does anybody know of any longer terms or lower APR's offered thru Ford or other finance companies?

    For leasing, I have been unable to find any details since the ST is so new (MY01). Does anybody know residual values and money factors for various terms (24, 36, and/or 48 month) with 12K and/or 15K miles/yr? Thanks.
  • mljohnmljohn Member Posts: 9
    That sounds about right, the panel is attached with standard Ford plastic push pins. It comes off easy with a panel removal tool. Eclipse is made by Fujitsu-ten and is very high in quality. Check to see if you void the warranty by putting them in yourself. I thought you could only buy them through an authorized Eclipse dealer/installer. This was part of a carryover sytem I pulled out of my Bronco before trading it in; I also have it hooked up to an eclipse 5 channel 250w amp. I am waiting until I have more time to put in a punch-hes sub in the factory location. The amp is mounted behind the panel where the jack was. I'm going to mount that in the bed once my rollnlock cover gets here.
  • craig002craig002 Member Posts: 32
    do you do a lot of down hill driving? just kidding. Is your ST a 4x2, and what rear end gears do you have? Thx.
  • jab1964jab1964 Member Posts: 21
    what kind of oil are you using?
  • tinley1tinley1 Member Posts: 3
    I've never received the Ford Outfitters Catalog. Can anyone post a short list of what's available for the ST with part nos. and prices
  • bigdogst1bigdogst1 Member Posts: 22
    MLJOHN - according to a online stereo consultant Ford uses 6x8 and Chrysler uses 5x7. Either way, there are more options now than I thought and will go from there.

    RB125 - WOW! I have 6K miles and am not even close to that MPG. Hopefully it gets better!

    TINLEY1 - the catalog has lots of cool stuff but no prices. I am sure the Ford site has a form to request a catalog but I can scan it and send you some info...e-mail me @ jfink@ocv.com

    MTRICE7 - I am currently leasing my S/T and with also trading in my 97 Ranger. Your residual will be based on how long you lease the car (mine was approx $15K after 3 years...but don't quote me). I can get you more info if you want to e-mail me at the address above.
  • rb125rb125 Member Posts: 28
    I got 4X2 with 16" wheels and 4.10 axle. Oil change at my dealer. Use speed control as much as I can.
  • melvin7melvin7 Member Posts: 32
    Does anybody know about the new 6-cd player that is going in the later produced Sport Tracs. There is an upgrade and a price increase, but that's all I know. My dealer is trying to find out more about it now.
    Thanks, Mel
  • rb125rb125 Member Posts: 28
    Where did your letter come from? Did it have a address and or phone number? When did it say we could order it? My dealer has been waiting 5 weeks for a soft cover to come in. I would like to order the hard one now, because the way things are going, Ford maybe will have it by the 25 of Dec. so Santa can del. it.
  • jetskijetski Member Posts: 5
    I was starting to become concerned after seeing other ST buyer comments regarding the varying information on purchase, build and delivery dates. There appeared to be no rationale or consistency other than the buyer not getting what they were "promised" which is the dealer. Anyway, I can accept that certain things take time and that's fine, but if I think I'm getting a snow job that gives me the reason to approach the situation from a different angle, which I did.

    I purchased a ST on June 1 which was ordered from Kentucky on June 5. I was informed it would take 6-8 weeks. On June 22 I contacted the sales rep to follow-up. He was just too quick to say that he heard nothing. After reading all the postings of other buyers problems, I called him back. This kid was so new and I was presenting all this industry information that he could not answer, he was more than glad to pass me off to the Ford Sales Manager. The Manager checked the on-line Ford order system and confirmed that my build date is July 20. Most reps do not have the access permission to do this. ST should arrive at dealer approx. 2 weeks after. We'll see.

    A few points...it's your money, don't be afraid to ask questions. Do as much shopping for a sales rep and dealer as you do picking out a vehicle.
  • dep7dep7 Member Posts: 12
    can you post the letter that you received from ford regarding the tonneau cover....have you called an ordered one yet?thanks
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    Brought my ST in for the Punch list of problems.

    1. Power Steering Shimmy
    2. Fuel Door rubs
    3. Sun Roof Leak.

    They fixed the sun roof leak ASAP. The drain hose apparently falls off and needs do be clamped or glued. I suspect it happens when the hose gets hot in the sun and expands????

    Fuel Door. They ordered an new door for me. I don't think they realize that it may not help but its not a big deal to me because they are committed to fixing it.

    The power steering shimmy problem has another service message of either 14191 or 14192 I didn't want to press him for the correct number (1 or 2) for fear of scaring him off. This message is on hold as Unresolved meaning that Ford has not identified the problem with a resolution yet. I pointed him to the service message 14005 that everyone is talking about. He said they would check it out. I'm guessing that the 1419x message replaced the 14005 message???? But that is a GUESS!

    I'm not going to fault ford for the power steering issue. Its minor and better they acknowledged the problem and issue a resolution when its fully tested.
  • bigdogst1bigdogst1 Member Posts: 22
    I checked mine last night and saw nothing weird....what's the deal with the "rubbing" problem?
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    Its not the cap its the Fuel door. It rubs the fender on the hinged side when opened. Eventually it will rub the paint of the fender in a spot smaller than a #2 pencil eraser.
  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    You do indeed need a certifcate number to order the tonneau cover with this special deal. Best to ait until you receive before calling the number.

    Thanks Ford for taking care of us early buyers with this offer. I think they read Edmunds.
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    Oh I'm sure they read Edmunds. Did anyone notice how quickly all the posts from davesteele of the Tonneau cover manufacturer were deleted????? Sounds more like Ford has Edmunds in their pocket to me.
  • dhaldermandhalderman Member Posts: 3
    Purchased my sport trac from Sanderson Ford, Phx. AZ on 5/3 & took delivery 6/24. I love this SUT. White 4X2, Conv. group, Sport group, Cloth Group. Dealer advised not to order the cargo cage so I would get my ST faster. Was told today that they will order & sell me one for $315. Not happy about this. Have the gas cover & the shimmy problems but that seems to be it. Paid $450 over invoice. The salesperson was very professional - Don Norris. Thanks to all of the post that has helped me wait patiently for my ST. This weekend I decided the wait was really worth it. Lots of looks!
  • lasveganlasvegan Member Posts: 53
    Hey guy's just wondering sitting here thinking of when I'll get my own Sporty. Would the K&N air filter void any warrantys with the truck?
  • deciding2deciding2 Member Posts: 24
    Hey guys, sad to say...200 miles, have had St now 4 days...Now am noticing a slight shimmey. Also did anyone check the tire pressure? Mine were all low...one was 12 lbs low, the others 6 to 8..my husband thought that might help the highway loose feeling.
  • ramarantramarant Member Posts: 9
    I placed and order for the st on the 5-12-00 with my dad that work on the dealer like a sale rep. and I'm still waiting for production date. I'm sad because other people have the vin# and they placed the order after mine!!!!!!
    How much longer I will need to wait for this?????

    Anybody have some information about Hitch????
  • mltwo2mltwo2 Member Posts: 4
    just wanted to let every one know that i just drove 675 miles from NC. to Conn. in my 2 week old sport track and here is what i found.

    It is the most comfortable driving vehicle i have ever owned. it rode great and i never got sore in the seats. usually on a 10 hr trip ya need to stretch once or twice- not in this thing. as far as the mileage goes i averaged right at 21 mpg- not to bad- on my 97 f-150 i picked up 1.5 mpg's with the cover so i know i can get better with the tonnue cover on this one too. The only thing i did find wrong was no low fuel light- i do know that when it is between 1/4 and e it has 4 gallons left. As far as the cd player goes- did not skip a beat over the roughest roads in the united states- I-95 and the cross bronx expressway in nyc.

    Great job to the ford engineers who designed this one- I am glad i bought mine...
  • rschfamilyrschfamily Member Posts: 19
    Also received the letter from Ford last evening and the $590 cost seems like a pretty good deal. BUT I am wondering if anyone has seen a camper style shell yet developed? Seems to me that this sort of top would provide more storage space and easier access versus just the flat tonneau cover. I don't want to purchase the flat tonneau at the expense of finding something better later ... but the $590 deal seems pretty enticing.
  • dolphins66dolphins66 Member Posts: 78
    rb125- Don't know why you think your 16" tires won't last other than the fact that you think they're seconds. That doesn't sound right BUT I'm not challenging you. Our ST tires (same as yours) look brand new and are in great condition. In fact, they're the same tires we have on our '95 Explorer Expedition (basically, that's a limited Sport), and they lasted 60,000 miles so I wouldn't be concerned about them lasting. They're fantastic tires with a great warranty through Firestone.
  • jcnukejcnuke Member Posts: 4
    I just got off the phone with my dealer. he says the 6 disc cd is no longer available. the option code has changed from 581 to 961. He says this is the Boston Acoustics system with 6 speakers/ power amp and subwoofer. Its $200 more expensive.
    He is also finding out if the hard cover option is available for those of us who have ordered our truck but haven't received it yet.
  • bigdogst1bigdogst1 Member Posts: 22
    Got my letter last night...too late for Ford since I already got my fiberglass cover (w/electric lock) on order and will be here in 1 1/2 weeks. As for the gas cap door, I will have to check that one. Last thing is since the tailgate is so big that my reduced milage may improve by putting the gate down and cargo cage open...it seems to be promising.
  • mkazarian1mkazarian1 Member Posts: 17
    Bigdogst1 ,what was the name of lid company that you bought yours from? I just checked with Snugl and they said there's would be ready about September. Thanks, Mkazarian1
  • dolphins66dolphins66 Member Posts: 78
    We have the 6 disc cd and our radio recently quit working. The cd player works just fine so I've got an appointment to bring it to the dealer tomorrow. Apparently, they have to take out the unit, find the part number, put it back in and order it to replace it. It will be interesting to see what happens and if they replace it with the same one.

    jcnuke- If what the dealer stated is true, that's good news for all ST buyers who have not received their vehicle about the 6 speakers that will be included. It would be nice to have that but the 4 speakers are more than adequate and sound terrific for us. And $200 extra is a bit pricey although it seems like it's going to be a great package. Keep us posted when you get yours. I'd be interested to find out where they will put the other 2 speakers.
  • bennbbennb Member Posts: 143
    Regarding MPG with tailgate up vs. tailgate down . . . I really haven't noticed much of a difference either way. It may have to do with the fact that the box is shorter than most pickups although it is also higher as well.

    As a stereo enthusiast, I really wish Ford would've offered the Boston Acoustics package when I purchased my ST. I imagine it will sound much nicer with a little more punch to the bass. However, I've been surprisingly pleased with the sound of the 4 speaker system. Regarding where they'll put the extra two speakers--I'm sure they just separate the tweeter and mid-range up front and voila--two more speakers adding up to six. Did I read correct that there will be a bass source in the back as well? I still love this truck!
  • fordsporttracfordsporttrac Member Posts: 300
    mltwo2 you said;
    The only thing i did find wrong was no low fuel light-

    Good news is your wrong. There is a low fuel light. Check you manual and it will confirm this, but I have tested and verified it.

    The "Check Gauge" light WILL illuminate when a Low Fuel situation occurs. :-)
  • ecgiiiecgiii Member Posts: 1
    I've been trying to call the number on the letter all day to order my tonneau cover, and it's been busy. Anyone managed to get through yet?
  • truckenvytruckenvy Member Posts: 4
    Just came back from my dealer, they called the ordering group and they don't have a code #961 for the Boston setup..... I think jcnuke was give some misleaing info. His dealer might have been looking at the (not correct or available) Pioneer system #916 and switched the numbers around.

    I still have until the 14th of July to add or change anything to my build order so lets hope that a good code # for the Boston Acoustics system materializes. It will be far beyond the normal systems that Ford is now offering to Sport Trac buyers.
  • jab1964jab1964 Member Posts: 21
    I received my letter from ford yesterday about the hard tonneau, and tried calling several times. the line was very busy, so I just kept hitting the redial button until someone answered. it took me about 5 minutes I suppose.
  • bigdogst1bigdogst1 Member Posts: 22
    MKAZARIAN1 - the company is A.R.E.

    I do not have a website for them but I believe they are out of Chicago. I ordered it though my local truck accessory store. Let me know if you need more info.
  • ifixyourdtifixyourdt Member Posts: 1
    I am very excited about the ST for several reasons. I have some concerns since finding this site. When saying the truck has a shimmy, how bad are we talking? It appears that Ford has been made aware of this and other problems(gas cover,Moonroof) have they been responsive? I sent an E-mail to several dealers including the color and options I would like. I am waiting for a response now. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to put comments here. I have been alerted and learned much more than just talking to salesmen.
  • mkazarian1mkazarian1 Member Posts: 17
    thanks for in info. Bigdogst1. One more question..Did they have to take off the side holdowns in order to install the lid?
  • shelltake8shelltake8 Member Posts: 6
    Background info - ordered white/graphite 4x2 with cloth group, convenience group, sunroof, sport group and cargo cage on 5/30; got VIN# on 6/7 - supposedly being built as of today - no delivery date as of yet. Noticed Edmunds site on ST now shows cloth group as having high console with controls as does leather group. Emailed Ford; response was NO; also emailed Ford on info to receive chairs/gift pack and again Ford said NO. Any info on these would be appreciated, as is anything else beside sunroof leak, shimmy and gas door. Thanks in advance.
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