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Chevy Suburban and Tahoe AC and Heater Problems



  • alliantalliant Posts: 1
    Very Strange, but ironically I have the exact same problem? I put a new battery in the other day and instantly it started acting weird? It seems like it is putting a drain on the battery or alternator, I had alternator tested twice and it checks out fine. My AC is cycling from floor to panel to dash and then stays on dash regardless of selector position? Now the temp indicator on the rear view is reading OC instead of a degree? I also had the exact same clicking noise in my AC system, if you swith the ac selector postion to just one click past panel , the sound will go away, in other words turn the ac position selector all the way counter clockwise, then click it once clockwise. That process usually got rid of the clicking sound for me. Although I often wondered if something like some change is stuck in there preventing the control to change positions, I have kids! Also after changing battery the car was idling rough and would stall if I turned hard. I continued to drive it for 25 miles and it appears to have gone away, running pretty good now. I think the computer (PCM) or (ECM) needs to reset once you disconnect power. Funny Chevy mentions nothing in the owners manual about keeping power to the system when changing a battery? Car is running pretty good now, although I still have the AC issue, let me know if you have found anything out? Best Regards, :confuse:
  • rgj1960rgj1960 Posts: 1
    when I run my rear A/C in my 1999 Suburban I get water soaked in the carpet in the rear cargo area and on the floor behind the drivers seat > is my drain plugged ? and where is this drain ?
  • whhagerwhhager Posts: 2
    I have a 03 tahoe z71 and the battery went out on me. Replaced the battery and all seemed to work fine except for my rear a/c, it does not work since the battery change. Any idea what may be causing the problem Thanks
  • whhagerwhhager Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Tahoe Z71 and the battery died. When I replaced the battery all things worked except for the rear a/c blower. Any ideas on what to do to fix this. thanks
  • watrprowatrpro Posts: 2
    I have a 1995 Surbaban that only blows air from the defrost. The A/C stopped working the next day. I checked the freon level and it was ok. I also checked the compressor and it worked ok when I sent 12v direstly to it. What can I check next. The a/c button on the dash seems to flicker but nothing happens. Thanks Steve
  • flyboy_25flyboy_25 Posts: 2
    man i wish i could help u but im not sure what is going on with the battery and climate control problems but they need 2 have a recall on the problen because lots of people r having the same problems
  • Check the thermistor above the passenger have to remove the shield, and then take out the fan...inside is a 2 or 3 paneled heat sink looking part that measures the temp of the air going to the cabin, and thus meters the fan speed. Mine failed (only defrost worked, manual or auto control failed), and it took a $200 trip to the shop to find out that the thermistor fails on quite a few suburbans because of poor QC. The part is under a hundred bucks (from the dealer)...replacing it is as easy as unplugging it and putting the new one in. Hope this helps.
  • watrprowatrpro Posts: 2
    That is the best answer I have heard yet. Thank you.
  • larconelarcone Posts: 9
    I had a 1999 Tahoe that did that. It was a deformed rubber gasket on the ambulance style doors as a result of a poor manufacturing process. Take a close look at the gasket around the doors and see if any are is crimped as a result of the improper application of glue from the factory.
  • larconelarcone Posts: 9
    Yeah, that's nice. Next time you might want to give Rock Auto a look see ( They could have sent you the same part for $40.36, shipping included.
  • My rear AC blower on a 2002 Tahoe Z71 just stopped working. The front unit works fine. I have checked all the fuses and they are all good. Any ideas what to check next before heading to the dealer?
  • tahoe Air Conditioning Problem
    1997chevy tahoe 4x4, 5.7L (350)

    When I acquired this used vehicle, I noticed the air conditioning wasn't fully charged
    and it was blowing luke-cold air from the vents. Everything was working fine and
    operational, aside from the fact that the air was not very cold). I stopped using the a/c
    because it wasn't that hot outside, but before I ever had a chance to get the a/c serviced, something must've failed in the system.
    Now, all that works is just the actual fan motor. I always left the position on the '
    (all the way to the left), and now it's stuck that way and only blows air from the floor
    vents. Even when you try to turn the dial to get the air off of the floor vents, the
    air continues to blow from the floor vents when the blower motor is turned on, regardless
    of the position of the selector. Also, the actual A/C button does not work (the light does
    not illuminate and the compressor does not kick-on anymore...same problem with the
    other 'air circulation button').
  • jiml100jiml100 Posts: 1
    rear a/c blows cold, front one does not help ???
  • I just had the samp problem with my 96 suburban. The ac compressorwould with the front fan off but as soon as I turned it on thelight went out and the compressor stopped. The air would go out the main vents as soon the fan was turned on but immediately went to the floor, etc. I opened up the controls and checked the circuit board. No info on the board, but with limited electronic knowledge, I assumed that a transistor was bad, and replaced it. NO help. Finaly went to the junk yards and they said they have calls for the hvac control module many times a week. I guess this means their is a bad problem. Apparently when the module goes bad, every problem exists. I am going to put in a new one but am still looking for someone that might know what goes wrong and how to repair it. The new module is $240 from my dealer, $175 on ebay and if you look arond you can find used but if they fail that much new may be better.
    Hope this helps.
  • I recently bought a 2003 Tahoe. I noticed that when the a/c is on and I accelerate and the RPMs reach 1 1/2, I hear the worst thumping from under the hood. It continues until the RPMs fall below 1 1/2. Then this month the a/c belt breaks. I replace this and the problem continues. I took it to my a/c guy. He replaced the tensioner and a/c belt. Still the noise!!! Everything is in perfect running order but the thumping continues. He even emptied the coolant and replaced it thinking it could be overcharged STILL TO NO AVAIL. As long as I drive like a snail, there is no thumping. He is going to call the dealer and find out if there is a kit to correct this.
    Has anyone found a solution to this noisy problem?!
  • I haven't found a solution but I have the exact same problem on a 2002 Tahoe. I know of two other people who have also had similar symptoms. I've replaced the belt several times and also the tensioner. When excellerating hard I have even had the tensioner break. If you find a solution I'd love to know about it.
  • I have the same problem on my 2001 Yukon. on my third a/c belt tensioner. If you find a solution please post. Thanks
  • I just took my 2003 Tahoe (55,000 miles) in for the same thing. The mechanic found a bulletin from Chevrolet that discusses the problem and the solution. He printed it out for me. I am trying to find it online right now...but haven't yet. Basically, the 2002-2004 Tahoes/Suburbans have faulty air conditioning compressors. And they seize up. I thought it was just the A/C belt, and I replaced that, but I kept hearing the noise when I accelerated. So I eventually took it to a mechanic, they replaced the compressor and dryer ($900 when all done), and everything works great.
  • My burb started making this belt flapping noise and I isolated it to the A/C. It is not consistent but intermitent. The noise quits when you turn off the A/C. I asked around and was told it was probably the belt tensioner so I replaced it with no improvement. The A/C works great (we live in Texas). Anyone ever had this problem or know what I should check next?
  • tomgovtomgov Posts: 1
    I have an 05 Tahoe that since it was new has had very good defrost but the floor heat has been lacking. I initially wrote it off has a design flaw but wonder if there is a problem or workaround. Everything seems to work and the diverter seems to work, but when I want a lot of heat to the floor (cold feet) the warm air to the defrost makes is almost unbearable. Is this a design issue or do I have a problem with my vehicle. I would like to resolve this while still under warranty.
  • My 04 Tahoe climate control on dash blows cold air. When I turn the knobsfrom 60-89, it blows cool air but when I turn it to 90 degrees, it blows warm air. The controls on the ceiling work for blowing warm and cool air in the back of the vehicle.
    Would you think that a temperature sensor for the climate control in the dash is bad?

    Thank you.
  • aloisalois Posts: 1
    I have exactly the same problem with my 03 2500 hd.Just wondering if you were able to fix it.I have been trying myself, but with no success. thanks for any info.
  • I have not found the sensor yet. I looked under the passenger side dash and drivers side dash and took out climate control unit and found nothing. In the ceiling above the drivers head is a small 2 inch round vent or something like that. That might be the sensor. I need some time to investigate that.
    Thanks for answering.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Just recently bought an 07, and the salesman indicated that the sensor is the little thing in the ceiling above the drivers head.
  • I have to figure out how to get at it without tearing out the whole ceiling. I tried to pll that round thing off but did not want to break it.
    Thank you.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Here's the instructions from the service manual (2007)
    - remove the left windshield garnish molding
    - remove the left center pillar assist handle
    - remove the center pillar garnish molding
    - remove the left sunshade
    - gently pull down the headliner
    - disconnect the electrical connector from the inside air temperature sensor
    - partially remove the inside air temp sensor from the headliner
    - remove the sensor grille from the inside air temp sensor
    - remove the inside air temp sensor from the headliner
  • Thank you very much. It sounds like I would have been at it for awhile trying to figure out how to do it. This is a big help.
  • I went to a Chevy dealer and he thought the control itself is bad. He also said that there might be some software updates that could bring it up too date and make it work better because of a glitch in the control.
  • Hi, folks. My wife and I purchased a new 08 Tahoe LT on Nov. 2nd. Five days later, the 2 vents on the passenger side start blowing hot air. Also, the air is not as strong on the 2 right passenger vents. I took it back to the dealer, they re-set the system and couldn't find anything wrong. When I went to pick it up after starting it up at the parking lot, the problem was still there. I left it overnight again, they supposedly reset the system to "08 specs" and said the vehicle was ready.

    When I went to start the vehicle to take it home for the second time, lo-and-behold, the problem was still there. Needless to say, this has been a very stressful week for us. The vehicle broke-down less than a week into ownership.

    I spoke with the new car sales manager, the service manager, and the customer relations manager. They supposedly got with GM and GM informed them this is a "common" problem that has been reported in several 08 Tahoes and there is no "official" service bulletin for a repair yet.

    I'm very frustrated, and by Texas Lemon Laws these people have 3 attempts to fix the same problem. This is now their 3rd attempt. Of course everyone at the dealership is your best friend until you actually purchase the vehicle and sign the dotted line.

    I've read similar instances on 07 models but no results. Anyone here have any suggestions???

    Thanks in advance for your attention.
  • Wow. Sorry about your problem. You mentioned that the vehicle has a climate control problem and you say that the vehicle "broke down". Are there two different problems with your Tahoe? I have an '06 Tahoe with no problems like you describe.

    But to address your issue, you might want to try a different dealer if it is conveniant for you. Also, since you just bought it, have you asked if they would exchange it for a different vehicle on the lot?

    Good luck and please let us know how it turned out.
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