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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems

vulcan4vulcan4 Posts: 12
edited July 2016 in Toyota
I have a 2004 Sienna, I live in the northeast.
When it snows, sleets freezing rain the sliding doors stick. My kids can not get in the car, so they climb over the leather seats with their snowy shoes to get to the back seats.
The worst part is they CAN'T get out of the sliding doors becase they are frozen shut.
it's scarey!
Has anyone else had this problem?


  • lsaclsac Posts: 22
    Last week, my 98 Sienna LE (80808 mi) passenger side sliding door power door lock failed. I took the unit out, did some testing. Door lock module was out. Opened it up, took out motor, cleaned it and put it back on. It is working just like new. Also, the plastic sliding door handle broke 3 times, twice on passenger side, once one driver side. Now, I made 2 metal handles, these handles should outlast the vehicle itself.
  • The cable snapped and plastic pieces flew all over hitting my wife in the face.
    The cable appears to have rusted out. The plastic pulley shattered. Toyotas extended warranty does not cover this.
    My van was build June 20, 2003 making it just over 3 yrs old. It will cost $2,000 to fix!
  • The lower spot weld on the plate that secures the left door check (the strap the holds the door from opening to far) has broke. Toytota will not warranty this.The check strap cushion has also failed.This part is made by Aisin Denso. My dealer has told me of 5 such failures. He replaced the door in each case. These failures are on the first vans off the line. Apparantly they resolved this problem in July 04 my van was built June 03 when they first went into production. Has anyone else had such a failure and did Toyota cover it?
  • I have experienced a similar problem. I sprayed the door gasget(s) with a silicone lubricant. This displaces the moisture on the gasgets and prevents the door to be frozen shut. All doors have frozen shut on me.

  • 2005 toyota sienna xle:The sliding door sensors do not recognize obstacles. Today the door shut on my 6 y/o daughters face. has anyone had these issues?
  • My 2001 Toyota Sienna allows rain, mud and dirt under the doors to accumulate inside the closed doors, although not in the passenger compartment. It already is rusting the door suspension mechanism and leaves sand and dirt around the inner door frame. Does anyone else with a 2001 have this problem? Would mud flaps help, running boards or a makeshift extra gasket? Toyota dealers claim to have no complaints, but their mechanics acknowledge a problem, but have no ideas or solutions.
  • Just an up date to my sliding door closure failure.
    The ECP "Extended Care Program" covered the repair of my sliding door. The power doors and tail gate motors are not listed in the ECP plan I bought but they agreed to cover it. I really think this was an oversite not to include these motors as they did not have power doors on any previous model. Toyota would not admit this. I would ensure you have your doors checked thoroughly while under warranty. I would suggest they need to be well lubed to prevent corrosion and checked to ensure the bolts are tight. After mine failed I found alot of corrosion, the cable is galvanized with a plastic coating that had cracked, and the main door bracket bolts were loose.
  • Our 04 Sienna just experienced the exact problem you had. The spod weld on the plate that secures the left door check failed!
    I took to the dealer and they won't fix it under warrenty. I'm just wondering how did you resolve this issue? I'm thinking to file a complaint to the consumer's group, and may be this will call their attention?
  • Hi,
    Toyota did not repair mine. I ended up having a body shop repair it. They said the weld had let go and the whole plate was cracked from top to bottom. I think this failure has occurred quite a few times. Toyota Canada will not warranty this failure. Hopefully you will have better luck. My dealer, ToyotaTown in London Ontario told me he had 5 fail including his courtesy van but still Toyota will not warranty. I have never heard of spot welds failing on a vehicle let alone a new one. For this to happen the spot welder was not set up properly. I am totally disappointed on how Toyota has not stood behind their vehicle quality. I can now relate to all the news articles about decreasing quality on Toyota vehicles. I will never buy a vehicle the first year in production even if it is a Toyota as they have proven to me that they cant make them right the first time and when they fail, they wont stand behind it. Honestly, I had better quality on my 1992 Dodge Caravan
  • Our dealer here in the States will not honor this either. It's an uphill battle. Like you said, it's amazing how Toyota's quality went down hill along with their customer's services.
  • I also have a 2004 Sienna and have had problems with the sliding doors sticking right from the start. I live in Ontario, Canada, and guess what? It gets cold here. Any time it remotely gets cold, I cannot open them. I have had it into the Toyota Dealership three times and hopefully the last time they fixed it (it has been warm since then so I have not been able to test them). The dealership kept it for three days. I'm not even sure what the fix was. I asked if there had been other similar problems reported and the service manager told me there had been. I told him that if you can't even get your passengers into your vehicle, you may as well take the tires off too. I was really angry! I chose Toyota for a reason and other than the doors not opening, I love the vehicle. I know there was a recall on this vehicle to replace the weatherstripping in the doors; however, that did not seem to help mine. I'll let you know during our next cold spell if the fix worked. Let's hope or Toyota Canada is going to have one unhappy customer calling in!
  • Hi,
    I have had this problem numerous times. I have sprayed the seal with silicone but it still stuck during the next cold spell. It seems like moisture gets on the seal and then freezes the door shut. I have not taken it to the dealer as I am not impressed with their troubleshooting abilities.
    I reapplied the silicone but it hasnt been cold enough to see if this fixed it. If this does not work I will look for a spray that has teflon in it.
    I really wonder how much cold weather testing Toyota did on this vehicle. Have you noticed how the plastic trim on the front doors rattle when you close them when its cold out? Keep an eye on your power doors,(if you have them) the cable will corode, crack and then break, the 2 bolts come loose and my dealer never checked them, even though I have it serviced regularily.
  • If you plan on claiming lemon law make sure you you have documentation for at least 3 repair visits, preferably 5-6 visits to make case. I had to give a deposition in my case. I only had records for 2 visits and wasn't able to get much from lemon law/ Toyota.
    My problem was they " fixed" it but the weather was warm so I could not tell if it has been fixed. I know they replace my door seals and a cover in the bottom inside where the door slides.
    Yea I bought a Toyota because of there reliability, only to find out the past few years they gone down hill. I let you know how I make out this winter.
  • We too have an 04 Sienna with broken welds on the door. At first I thought it was the door check that was making all of the noise, but upon further inspection (after having replaced the door check) I found that poor welds had broken. Anyone have a solution on repairs? Palmers' Airport Toyota Scion Tundra Tacoma Sequoia Land Cruiser Highlander FJ Cruiser Mobile Alabama
  • jrmacjrmac Posts: 5
    We too had a problem with our '04 Sienna's door check weld. We had the extended warranty and it was covered.
    Fortunately, our mechanic caught the tick noise and brought this to our attention. They told us in some cases the whole door has to be replaced, but we were fortunate that ours was caught early.
  • Hi,
    My extended warranty would not cover this. Could you provide me with a dealer's name and phone number that did this repair. I had mine welded but it has failed again. I would like to ask Toyota why they are in consistent in applying the extended warranty coverage.

  • jrmacjrmac Posts: 5
    It was done at Schaumburg Toyota in Schaumburg, IL. It was sent out to their body shop and done there.
  • Great, Thanks for the info. I will let you know how I make out.
  • vulcan4vulcan4 Posts: 12
    My doors stuck again, it was about 28 degrees, I brought my van in and the dealer witness the problem and "fixed it". 3 weeks later they stuck again. I called dealer and they said they could not do any thing, I called corporate in California and explain how my kids can not get in or out of the van. I said what would happen if my kid starts to choke on something and I can get to him because I can't open the door. They said they can not do anything, and that it weather related.

    They could care less about safety!
  • dsylvia1dsylvia1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna LE without power sliding doors. I would like to add them. I called our local Toyota dealer and they said they could not do this. Has anyone ever researching converting manual doors to power sliding doors on a 2004 Toyota Sienna LE?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I imagine it's possible but it would likely be prohibitively expensive. Why not trade up for a CPO used model with that feature (and a power lift gate while you're at it). I bet it'd be much cheaper.
  • taxesquiretaxesquire Posts: 681
    I agree with ataxearia's reply about the expense likely being prohibitive.

    Someone asked about this on either this board or another Sienna board. I suggest you search for this posting and try to contact that forum member to see if he/she made any headway.
  • I agree it would costs to much. I have an LE and the passenger power door actuator failed. Luckily it was covered by my extended warranty. It cost $2,000 just to replace the motor and cable. Please note the extended warranties sold in Canada make no mention of power doors (tail gates or rear sliders). Toyota Canada covered this expense thankfully.
  • mbpgawestmbpgawest Posts: 1
    I would urge ALL who have had any trouble with the welds on drivers door to call "Toyota Consumer Affairs" and let them know about it. Even if it was taken care of under warranty. The phone number is 800-331-4331
    I have a 2004 Sienna XLE Limited that is 2 months and 4,000 miles out of warranty. Local dealer wanted to split the cost of the repair, I called another dealer and they said bring it and and it will be taken care off.
    All of us who spend $30-40,000 on a nice van should be taken seriously and Toyota needs to hear from ALL of us.
    There is another web forum that has more information on this here is a link to it:

    PLEASE MAKE THE CALL, IT ONLY TAKES A COUPLE MINUTES 800-331-4331. Let them know of the problem. Thank you for your time.
  • Don't bother.....the power doors are famous for not working after a short while. My left side door always had a sticking problem, now it does not close unless you disable the power doors.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    No problems here. It's my favorite feature by far, too. The fact that there are only 27 posts in this entire thread says something.
  • whitswhits Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with the door weld in 04 sienna. I agree, toyota needs to hear from all of us! Please call.

    My dealer has offered good will assistance to reduce the cost of replacement from $1,900 to $200-$400 as long as I do 60,000 mile extended service. I don't think I should have to pay-- this is a design or manufacturing problem for which Toyota should be responsible.

    Call 1-800-331-4331 also go to and read all the complaints there. Add yours.
  • Count me in on the drivers door defect. The weld on the drivers door has given way and makes an aweful noise. My van hit 36 months last month :(

    I have an appointment tomorrow with the dealer. I was told they would cover half of the cost... this is unacceptable for a XLE Limited that has never been in an accident and should be covered as others are experiencing the same problems. Most people don't use message boards and for each person that posts... I'm sure it represents many others who do not!

    Call the number and let Toyota know this is unacceptable for any vehicle and especially a Toyota.

    I am have also had it in for a rattle in the driver side sliding door several times since new. It still rattles. Moreover the tailgate does not open fully on it's own as the shocks (black extenders) can't push it open. I am getting a little nervous that this van may continue to have door problems... This is disappointing since the van in all other aspects has been very good.
  • We had our driver door replaced in 2005 due to this problem (at 40k). Now it has happened again with our new door (85k). I am not sure if it will be covered under warranty this time. When I spoke with the body shop last month they mentioned they are replacing 7 Sienna doors a week now! Every couple of weeks they return the doors back to Toyota. The week before I visited them last month they just returned 35 doors back to Toyota. It you extrapulate this across the country this must be effecting thousands of Sienna's and now some '06 models have had the problem so it seems Toyota has not been able to fix this design issue.

    I am surprised that Toyota has been able to keep this under wrap. But now that people will be out of warranty and the repair costs no longer covered, I expect to hear more about this. Here is a link to a 130+ post thread that I started 2 years ago. The first post includes the latest TSB from Toyota.
  • gotoyotagotoyota Posts: 280
    Most people don't use message boards and for each person that posts... I'm sure it represents many others who do not!

    Well, maybe not... Time will tell for sure. Usually when people are experiencing problems like this one, that is when they start looking for a place to voice their "concerns." If it was a more widespread problem, you can bet the anti-Toyota folks in the world (probably most of the GM and Ford fan base, and some Honda folks, too) would make sure it received plenty of press coverage. There are lots of people who would love to see Toyota's reputation for quality get soaked over something like this.
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