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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    No experience but I think you're doing exactly the right thing. Be very polite and mention the other issue as well. I bet they help in some way.

    Best of luck.
  • My sense at this point is that the sliding doors on the Siennas are a recall waiting to happen. Ours have been problemmatic since the first week of owning the car. The dealer wants $1,700 to repair the door. Poor poor quality. We'll use the one door like they did in the olden days!
  • I have a 2004 Sienna XLE Limited with door problems also. First of all, my trunk wouldn't stay open and almost took my head off a couple of times. That was fixed under part of a recall. Then my passenger sliding door could not be opened from the outside and would not stay open when you opened it from the inside. $1800 later, I had the motor to keep the door replaced and a sensor on the door replaced. I called Toyota to complain and they said that they would reimburse me for half of the expense since my husband owned two Lexus and I owned a Toyota. I told him that was not satisfactory. I said that they should be 100% of the charge since it was obviously either a bad design or a defective part. Two days after that, my drivers side sliding door will no long stay closed. So I started checking the blogs and see that Toyota has had many probelms with the 2004 Sienna doors. I am going to call the dealer and Toyota tomorrow. Any thoughts on who else I should complain to?
  • You can file a complaint with the NHTSA off of defective complaints. If there are enough complaints they have to open an investigation. That's how the back door problem was recalled.
  • I just filed a complaint with the NHTSA. It was a 10 minute process on the web. One of the responders said that that is how the back lift gate piston problem had a recall issued. I urge everyone to file a complaint as soon as possible.
  • Dear Kowalik,

    Well, yesterday my drivers door started to go for the second time (one of the other recalls for defective welds). We all need to start to call the NHTSB!

    I had a similar conversation with Toyota but since we did not own any other Toyotas at this time, the said they would offer NOTHING!. Obviously if you own 20 Toyotas they will pay 100%. This is a discriminatory practice by the way which opens the door to talk with attorney generals office or my State's Dpt. of Consumer Affairs.

    The Sienna is pretty but has SERIOUS quality issues which Toyota is not owning up to! Have talked with several other who can't get rid of it soon enough! People need to start speaking out. We're still under 50,000 miles and I will not own this car for the second 50!
  • Well, I called Toyota about my second toyota sienna sliding door that failed two days ago. They gave me half of the $1800 it cost to fix my other sliding door that failed last week. When I told them that they should pay for this door also, they basically told me to pound sand. I also called my dealer and they were even more dismissive. I have a call in to the owner of the dealership, but I don't expect him to call me back. I am so upset and angry to have to pay $2700 to fix doors on a car with only $66,000 miles on it. I am also worried that this is the beginning of a slippery slope of repairs. I am now researching other cars and will look into trading this one in. I don't have the money to do it now, but am worried that this is just the beginning of a money pit.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    If you don't get a call back from the owner of the dealership make some signs and stand out front of the dealership with your spouse on a couple of Saturdays and my guess is that they will capitulate fairly quickly.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Report problems here:

    If the NHTSA sees a pattern they will force a recall.

    My doors are fine, knock on wood, but be sure to register your complaint if you have one, that's the only way it will ever be recalled.
  • We just heard back from Toyota. They have agreed to pay for 50% of each door. They think that I should be happy with having to pay $1800 to fix both sliding doors that failed within a day of each other. They told me that if I had had the extended warranty, it would have been covered. I told them that if I had known I needed an extended warranty, I wouldn't have bought the car!

    I am writing a letter to Toyota. I am also going to call one of the local radio stations to see if they can help.

    I am so unhappy and upset!
  • Who do you think pays for all the Toyota ad time on those station?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    Tell you what, you never know, even with an extended warranty.

    Mine's in the shop, and guess why? The wiring harness is all chewed up. Huh? That's right, by CHIPMUNKS!

    $740 worth of damage, and not covered by warranty since it's not a warranty problem.

    Insurance might cover it, but with a $500 deductible it's not worth the claim, so it's all out of pocket.

    All due to some rodents. :cry:
  • I just filled out the form on the NHTSA site. Outlined the MANY door problems of our Sienna. This was a very easy site to navigate and input to.

    Would highly recommend people with Sienna issues to report out on it. As the reader indicated below, if I knew that I would have had five door problems (rear hatch [1 event], sliding door [2 events], one in the first week of owning the car, and driver's door [2 events]) before 46,000 miles, I would not have walked into the dealership in the first place. They've got a lemon and it's time to own up to it.
  • Has anyone recieved more than 50% back from Toyota on their door repair bills?
  • Hi Folks,
    I've also filed with DOT on-line yesterday. After reading numerous post and other websites. The below post and article in a Dallas Tx newspaper took the prize. It's the story of a Toyota sliding door falling off it's track and hanging by the hinges. Before I post the article I must mention that I also purchaseed my van from a Southern California dealer with 10K miles. At 40K miles the right passenger door which has a powwer motor started making a clicking sounds as it closed. The door is now out of alignment and is rubbing against the body and inside door jam. I bought the Platnum Care 7 year/100K miles and have contacted Extra Care. As most of you know you have to take the van for an inspection first, sign a work order for labor/inspection then the dealer will call extra care (Platnum Care) and if covered will fix the issue. If not I will need to pay for the labor/inspection and the common $1700-1800 to fix the door. I'm :( hopeful my door issue will be covered. Anyhow below is the post/article of the fallen door found on

    The right door of my 2004 Sienna FELL OFF today! Scratched the paint. The left door hasn't worked for months now so I was waiting for this one to quit. Another lady was on Click and Clack when her 2004 Sienna doors fell off.

    link to Click Clack article : stories/DN-cartalk_23emp.ART.State.Edition1.36a7af8.html

    We need a group effort to get a response from Toyota! The more people that call and complain the better.

    Customer Care Hotline: 1-800-331-4331
    Feel free to reference my case # 200806060609 and tell them to build a file on this.

    I'll let you know how the repair goes. 2 doors! Shouldn't the doors on a car OPEN even if it is out of warranty? Toyota is not willing to do anything... the dealers say they can't either. Meanwhile my kids have to crawl over the front seats to exit our van. Nice.

    Time to shop for a better brand.
  • Mackabee,
    I looked at my my sliding door hinges for signs of bolt/nuts movement and can't tell if the bolts/hinges have moved. My door is definetly out of alignment. It rubs and click as it closes. It's to the point that I no longer open it to prevent further paint damage. Please post your quick fix and mention what hinges to look at ?

    Thanks, Hector
  • Hi,
    Thanks for posting. I spoke to a DOT this afternoon who stated that every cmplaint would be looked at and investigated. I hope this prompts a recall on the sienna sliding power doors. I also e-mailed corporate in Torrance,Ca and attached a link about an article written to a Dallas, Tx newspaper regarding a Sienna door that have fallen off it's track and was hanging by an upper hinge. A five year old boy opened the door using the inside power button behind the front right passenger seat. :surprise:
  • I also filed a DOT complaint last week regarding the right passenger door will not open. Everyone with this problem needs to file. Toyota has become more corporate and Detroit like than ever before.
  • Update, Traveled to local dealer to have my door checked. Answer from dealer. "Your center mid hinge needs to be replaced." Part $181.00 plus $380. labor. Also filed a complaint with Corporate in Torance,CA which like other post have mentioned could care less. Platnum care stated: Hinges are excluded." I also spoke with 3 diffferent people at Extended Care. Two were heartless the last one Extra Care customer service had some heart and mentioned that at least I was on the right path regarding filing a complaint with Toyota Corporate Torrance which simply will take your report and provide you with a reference #. Big deal they problably have thousands of cases with the same issue. I also spoke with the dealer service manager to no avail ! :mad:
  • Folks,
    After multiple calls to extra care, one visit to a dealer,e-mail and calls to corporate and toyota financial services in Torrance I still can't resolve my out of alignment/failing mid center hinge on my 04 Sienna right sliding door. I read a post where an owner obtained and exploded view of the hinge which contains bushings and other parts and was able to appeal her case through Toyota Financial Services. The hinge/parts wears over time and causes the door to clank and rub against the body of the van particularlly in the upper area :mad: near the rear bottom window area by the rear quarter panel. I'm going to obtain a service manual from my library to take a look at the center mid hinge in an exploded view. Hopefully I can build a case with Platnum Extra Care and Toyota Corporate in Torrance,CA.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You have a B2B extended warranty and they still won't cover it? Sheesh. :sick:
  • Thanks for your reply. Platnum has some exclusions. However I'm still going back and forth with corporate. The mid center hinge wears quickly causing the door to rub against the body of the van. It will also eventually cause the cable to snap/break. Check out the following technical service bulletin I found during a google search. No wonder Toyota wants $380 for labor the door need to be removed to replace the mid center hinge. The cable the closes the door uses part of the hinge. Here is the web link to the TSB which possibly only applies to certain vin numbers. _tsib.pdf

    I attached the file in an e-mail and sent it to corporate. My next move is to speak with relations manager at the dealership where I purchased the van. The first dealer referred me back to corporate.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Good luck.

    I guess some people could have their kids hanging on/climbing the doors and abusing it, to the exclusion would be to cover cases like that.

    Just try to show that you have not abused the door in any way (if that's the case).
  • Driver's side Power Sliding Door jams and does not open from inside nor outside creating a serious safety hazard due to inability to exit the vehicle. Dealership response is to bring car in and pay significant fee (even with extended warranty) for "reprograming the computer" to have the door return to proper / safe functionality. The condition is initally triggered by exercising a safety feature which prevents the door from opening when the gas cap is open. After that safety feature is triggered, there is no way to get the door working again until you visit the dealership and pay over a hundred dollars to get the door fixed. This is on a 2005 XLE Limited AWD. Wouldn't expect to pay to have the doors open!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's incorrect.

    a safety feature which prevents the door from opening when the gas cap is open

    Actually, it limits how far the door opens, i.e. it will not open all the way, but it will open.

    An important distinction.
  • As I have have been reading through this thread, I am wondering, is there any consensus on how to FIX the power doors? I have an '02 Sienna, which now has 100k miles. We bought the car with 60k miles and it has always had moments where we have to push the button a few times before it closes. But now one of the doors is completely broken. I can turn off the power doors and drag it halfway open, but it's a big pain, especially since my kids aren't strong enough to do it. I live in Florida, so freezing temperatures is not the issue. Is there something I can oil or can I adjust the tension on the door to get it working? Or do I just have to go to the dealer and shell out a couple thousand dollars? I'm thinking, next time I buy a van, it won't have power doors.
  • Bonniebeth4,
    The door will require you to remove the panel and other bolts/screws/clips to make the adjustment. This of course is if your cable and motor are in one piece and not broken or wrapped around any moving parts. I looked at an exploded view of a 2004 Sienna door and one has to be mechanically inclined to perform the adjustment or replacement of the motor/cable assesmly or hinge. It sounds like you cable is wrapped around something and won't let your door/open or close. Look at a service manual in your library for a detailed look at the inside of your door. Another option is to take your van to a body shop not at the dealer who paint and repair toyota's involved in accidents. They may possibly be willing to obtain parts or adjust your door for less than at the dealer. Make sure that you use Original Equipment Parts for the repair if needed. Good luck and post your results.
  • The driver-side, passenger sliding door on my '04 XLE, 50,000 mi. minivan just failed. There is a snapped and broken cable/wire hanging out the back. I cannot get the door more than a few inches open by wrestling with it. I have a service appt. tomorrow ($84.00 diagnostic fee) and am researching here before the service tech gives me his thoughts. I was told by service writer this was so unusual he had never heard of it before (Joe at Ernie Palmer Toyota in Jacksonville, Florida). Thanks for all the advice here. I will lodge a formal complaint after I read all the posts here and figure out where to do so. I also got a recall notice on my rear/trunk door. Jeez. I love my minivan but I am a senior widow and cannot afford big repair charges. I bought this minivan for its reliability when my husband was still alive; he was a disabled, double amputee and I needed to haul equipment for him and know the car was safe. I also frequently drive my toddler grandchildren in this car and am now a little fearful for their safety. It sounds like Toyota has a mfgr. defect here that they should own up to and pay for.
  • Lifelister,
    Of course Joe at Ernie Palmer is going to tell you that cable/motor problem is unusual. Toyota doesn't want to step up to the plate on this recurrent problem with hundreds of owners. You van is past the 36K factory warranty. The cable that snapped comes as a single part cable and motor. Price at the dealer is about $1000.00 plus 3-5 hours of labor your looking at $1500 to $1700 total. Many cables has snapped and mid center hinge/bracket have worn out causing the door not to open/close or rub against body of van. Believe me I been through the wringer on this one and still need to travel to the original dealer were I bought the van and negociate a repair price with the customer relations manager. I'll give you some hope. You may possibly find the motor/cable assembly cheaper through e-bay or a toyota original parts supplier on the internet. I found the right mid center bracket and hinge for 50% less than what the dealer wanted. Replacing the cable and motor is not easy and requires that the door be removed. Please report this problem to the Department of Transportation so that a recall will eventually be issue as the complaints continue to poor in. There is a link to that website in one of the earlier post. I have also posted a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) in an earlier post. Look at it and see if your vin number matches. toyota put this out because of problems with the door. The dealer will argue that the vin # needs to match and Corporate Toyota will simply refer you back to your extended warranty people or the CRM at the dealer. Good luck and post your results. Don't forget to file with the DOT.

    SoCal 13 :mad:
  • Thanks for info SoCal13. I did post to the DOT site. It has not appeared yet but I have the ODI # and confirmation.
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