Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



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    If that happens again, and you get hit on *both* sides, closing all 5 doors, you're in trouble. :shades:

    Unless you have a moonroof, then you could still get out. ;)

    Obviously I'm teasing, but I still don't see this as a safety issue.

    It definitely is a *major* inconvenience.

    If you've been driving, the heat from within the car would likely have the doors unfrozen.

    The doors on my Miata freeze every day in the winter, including today. I could tear through the vinyl top so I guess I could still save myself. ;)
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    We almost bought a Sienna, but in the end bought a Kia Sedona, and guess what? The sliding doors freeze shut every time it is below freezing!! This is not just a Sienna problem, although I do wonder about the comment about the compound used in the rubber seals. We still have our 13 year old Plymouth minivan (310,000k) and have not had the sliding doors freeze even once on it. Mind you, nothing on it fits as snugly and tightly either! I'll watch your blog with interest.<img src="
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    Knock on wood but my Sienna has been fine.

    My 93 Miata's doors freeze shut all the time. I've had to open the passenger door, then push out the driver's door to get it open.

    It has those tiny little art-deco door handles. Cute but no leverage to pull at all.
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    Does anyone know if Toyota is "fessing up" yet that they have a serious product flaw in the cables on the sliding door? Again, ours snapped in the mid 40's. Their customer orientation was to want $1,800 to fix it. DO NOT BUY A SIENNA
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    If you have "auto running head lights" they will not go off until she opens the door.
    Same experience.
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    Starting about a month ago (right when it turned 100k miles) the driver's side power door started getting stuck closed and would not open. It made a clicking sound like it was trying to open but it was like it wouldn't unlock (even though the orange part of the level still moved inside to indicate it was unlocked). At first locking and unlocking the door a few times would solve the problem and then it would open fine. The problem has become increasingly frequent and now the door won't open at all. Once the door was open it always worked fine and I'm no expert but the cable looked okay to me. I took it to the dealer and they couldn't get it to open and said that everyone with this model has this problem and quoted me $1600+ dollars to fix it - and that's if the door will open again. They also showed me how the replacement motor is a re-engineered part which is further indicative of the defectiveness of the original. I called the 800.331.4331customer service and they just kept saying it has a hundred thousand miles and tough luck. They said I'd have to meet with the District Manager who'd made this decision and that there was no possible way to ever escalate this matter above that individual. I don't buy that. They also refused to give me this individual's contact information. This is wholly unacceptable. I currently own 3 toyotas, the '04 Sienna being the oldest, and have owned a total of 7 of their vehicles. I purposely did not buy a Chrysler because I didn't want to have to deal with this. I have many more cars to purchase in my lifetime and they won't be Toyota's if this is how they're going to treat their customers. I think the time has come for a class action law suit - I don't know how that works, just that I'd like to be a part of it. In the mean time I'll lodge my complaint with the DOT. It seems as though they have no incentive to address this issue as the $3,000 it sounds like everyone is having to spend on their defectice doors is a mighty lucrative income source for them.

    Shame on Toyota!
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    for those who have had the incredible inconvenience of having their sliding doors frozen shut upon attempting entry, i have a solution.
    having tried every lubricant without success, the only solution was the replacing of the door seals with a re engineered part i believe available on 05 models and later.
    the new seals work perfectly, but they must be the upgraded ones that toyota came up with in response to the obvious problem.
    there should be a toyota campaign for this issue, but there isn't.
    i complained to head office, but received no compensation.
    here in ontario, canada, the cost was appro. $150 including labour.
    not bad, but still, the problem should never have existed in the first place.
    maybe if more people contact head office with similar complaints, toyota will listen, and a campaign will surface.
    anyways, now that the new seals have been exposed to temps well below freezing for over 2 months now, i'm happy to report that they are doing the job, no stuck doors anymore!
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    Here is a link to NHTSA's Office of Defects Investigation:

    If you are right and enough people complain, a recall can be forced.

    I dunno, though, my Miata's door froze shut again today, it's pretty common IMO.
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    I just had my second cable snap on our '04 Sienna. When I called Toyota Canada, they said that if it had happened within 5 years and 150,000 kilometers, they would help out with the repair. When the first cable snapped, I was 3 months beyond the 5th anniversary. Nevertheless, Toyota refused to offer any assistance. Not only that, the customer service agent was very rude. When I asked her how she would feel having to pay over $4,000 (or 10% of the purchase price of the vehicle) to fix to sliding doors -- her response was that in all the years of driving she has never called a car company asking for financial assistance. In other words, I was a low life for even asking. I found the comment very insulting, especially after she had just acknowledge to me that Toyota was fixing the problem if the vehicle was less than 5 years old because of known problems. THIS IS THE FIRST AND LAST TOYOTA I WILL EVER OWN!! :lemon:
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    It would be a safety issue if the car was on fire and you had a lot of children in it, like I usually do. Yes, there are reported cases where a Toyota engine has caught on fire! These engines have what Toyota is calling "oil gel". The Sienna's affected are from 1997 to 2002 models. I own a 2000 Sienna and the passenger side sliding door gets stuck all of the time. When I used to pick up the kids after school they would stand outside the door trying to get in, thinking the door was locked. Now I need a new engine and I am just thankful that my engine has not caught on fire, YET!!!

    I know this sounds extreme, but so does hearing that you need a new engine (to the tune of $6,000) when your vehicle only has a little over 100,000 miles on it and two payments left!

    And to Toronto Dave, you are not the first to feel insulted by Toyota. Their customer service is definitely slipping!
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    I know all about the sludge issue with those 3.0l engines ... they extended coverage to 100k miles for owners who can prove they changed the oil at least once a year - are you within those limits?
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    The coverage is "8 years plus 120 days/unlimited mileage" and they are saying I am out of the warranty period by 100 days. I brought the car to a Toyota dealership multiple times to have the check engine light diagnosed and they said it was just a gas cap issue. Said it happens all the time and there was nothing to worry about. Now the engine smokes on start up and I need a new short block to the tune of $6,000! I've owned 5 Toyotas in my lifetime but I will NEVER buy a Toyota again! Mistakes happen but not backing them up, and blaming the customer for neglect (they won't even take a look at my oil change receipts!) is just plain wrong! This is not over yet, I will keep fighting as long as it takes. The dealer had the nerve to offer to take the car in on trade and when I asked how much would I get for the car since it had so much work that needed to be done he said don't worry, it only smokes mainly when you first crank it in the morning and the engine light can be turned off! Can you believe the nerve of some people?
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    You have a strong case but the question is do you have the energy to fight it? :sick:
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    Yes, I do have a STRONG case, and yes, it is tiring but I can and will handle it. I believe that Toyota thinks most people will just give up but I am not like most people. I know I took care of my Sienna and it is now the principal of the matter. We are a hard working, middle class family that purchased a Toyota because we believed in the products reliability and longevity. I was not that bothered by the sliding door sticking from time to time but when you are given the run around for so long about an engine light and then find out it is going to cost as much to fix your car as the car is worth, then there is a problem. No one should have to fight this hard for something like this. Your vehicle is most likely the second biggest purchase you will make in life. Toyota needs to do what is right.

    As far as the door is concerned, I spoke with the service manager yesterday and he said it is a cable that needs to be tightened. The cost will be about $75.00 for labor, no parts are needed. Hope this helps anyone on here that was worried about their door.
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    Ask them to clean the rubber seals as well.

    On my Miata they freeze up in extreme cold, but it's not as bad if they're clean.
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    I am looking for help, support and advice here: Today, my toyota sienna rear passenger door fell off! Yes, that's right - it fell off. This is quite disturbing as one is driving with a 5 and 6 year old. It hung on by the front hinge and I took it Toyota with a bungy chord attached to it.
    We have an extended warranty - that is up to 77,000 miles. We have 88, 000 miles, so they did not honor it. Finally, they agreed to cover it, but we will have to cover the cost of labor: $900.00.
    Tell me, is this right?
    Is there anything significant to do about it?
    Is it worth the effort? Does this company have a little integrity?
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    IMHO the key is the cause - was it faulty from production?

    Or did kids hang on it and use it as a skate board ramp? :D
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    Our cable broke- and so did the hinge- The entire door fell off!

    Cost of labor: $900.00.

    Sounds steep - parts are on Toyota- saying its $1200.00

    It looks like the cost of the motor, hinge, cable are pretty cheap on-line.

    Does any of this sound reasonable?
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    I have an 04 Sienna, and have recently discovered that my driver's side sliding door lock has pulled through the skin of the door. The lock itself is held in place by 3 bolts, and they have pulled right through the sheet metal of the door. I took the vehicle to my dealer, and they are telling me that it is not covered, and I need to replace the entire door for $3500. Their alternative is to claim it through my insurance company. The vehicle has not been in an accident, so I'm not really sure how this has happened. I have the full 7 yr/100K mile warranty, and am at 65K. Has anyone ever heard of this happening, and whether it is ever covered by Toyota?
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    If you were to visit my local dealer, they would swear that it's part of "vehicle trim" and therefore not covered by extended warranty.

    My local dealer is part of the reason my Toyota is on the market...
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    Thats too bad. Do you know if someone was pulling real hard on the handle when it was froze shut? I always pull on the metal frame of the door just because I was afraid this could happen. I dont think the door necessarily needs to be replaced. I am sure a good body shop could replace the damaged sheet metal in this area. I would thnk this should be alot less than $3,500. My powered passenger door hasnt worked in over 2 years. They want $1000 to replace the latch which broke under warranty. Toyota has become so big so fast they lost the ability to design in the quality they once had and then fail to recognize this and dont stand behind it.
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    My drivers side sliding door cable broke at under 45,000 miles. This side gets used a lot less than the passenger side. The local dealer wanted $1,800 to fix it. Toyota balked on helping when a I inferred that this was a "safety" issue. Once again, Toyota has a level of quality problems that if they owned up to them it would increase their financial issues so they are holding a tight line on the MULTITUDE OF DOOR PROBLEMS ON THE SIENNAs. The weld also broke on our drivers door once. It has now broken again and this time smashed the sheet metal straight through. Of course there was the rear hatch door cylinders replacement issue too. Three of out five doors on our Sienna have had serious problems, and cost us a lot of time. While other car companies have their issues, this is likely my last experience with Toyota, especially considering they have shown that they're interested in making service and parts profits through poor quality. I bought our Toyota because of "perceived" reliability!
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    Hello, my name is Chris Mitchell,

    We own a Toyota Sienna XLE 2004. Back in November 2008, the driver sliding door cable snapped, making the door jam and unusable in "power" mode. Cable dangling out of its socket, we drove to our dealership to have it serviced. The repair came to over $1800!!!

    After researching this issue on the internet, I'm finding that MANY people are experiencing the same problem!! I'm thinking that it doesn't necessarily have to do with mileage but perhaps more with age of vehicle ie: 4-5ish years old.

    The PROBLEM:

    The cable which drives the sliding door is completely exposed to elements. (you'll find it within the groove located under the rear side windows) This cable is made of some kind of metal (steel? who knows.) then coated with a black plastic/acrylic/rubber casing (such as an electrical wire). With time, the casing begins to dry and be brittle, causing it to crack and fall off the wire, leaving the wires completely vulnerable to getting wet, rust, freeze, etc, also rubbing extensively unprotected against the gears. Within a few months or even weeks, the metal cable wires snap thus getting caught in the mechanism. One thing leads to another and the whole cable snaps, making the door jam altogether.

    The FIX:

    Per my own experience at the dealership, and subsequently reading and researching many blog sites, the ONLY way to fix this issue is as follows: remove the entire door, remove and CHANGE the entire mechanism. Extremely costly, there's just no way around this. Asked if there was a way to simply change the cable, I was informed that the cable is part of the motor and that it is not a part that can be purchased OR repaired separately.

    Any &#147;RECALL&#148; in sight? We can only hope!! But here&#146;s where we need your help.

    After speaking with Toyota&#146;s Customer Service Relation (Headquarters), she explained that &#147;recalls&#148; happen when &#147;enough&#148; people call in and bring up issues (complaints) with their vehicles. Local Service Managers can also help petition to HQ on your behalf if they see a problem that may be a repetitive pattern. Service managers can relay this information to a factory representative and such.

    What can you do?

    First off, call this number: 1(800) 331-4331 (Customer Service Relations… they were VERY pleasant and helpful!) and tell them about your experience with the sliding door defect. They will give you a case number and send your issue higher up. Who know how many complaints they need before they consider recalls, but at least we&#146;ll have done our best. WHEN YOU CALL: It can be very helpful to mention other case numbers relating to this issue so far:

    #0903125843 (March 2009), #200806060609 (June 2008)... I will add more as time goes and people contact me with theirs.

    Second: If you haven&#146;t already fixed your door, DO call your Service Manager in your area to set up an appointment to have the door fixed, AND open the lines for discussion for him to petition on your behalf about this problem which SO many people are having issues with.

    Third: If you&#146;ve already had the door fixed, DO NOT throw away your receipts!!! Cust. Serv. Rel. told me that if down the line Toyota comes out with a recall, YOU WILL BE RETROACTIVELY ENTITLED TO A FULL REFUND OF YOUR REPAIRS WITH PROOF OF PAYMENT!!! (aparently that goes for any problems which arise with Toyota vehicles! Good to know!) If by chance you&#146;ve misplaced/lost/thrown out your receipt, I suggest you call your dealership ASAP and ask them to reprint one for you… they should be able to as long as you&#146;re still in the system.


    You are NOT alone! If Toyota can see fit to recall a &#147;clip&#148; which is used to hold carpets, they SHOULD deal with this bigger issue too.

    Our voice must be heard, force in numbers people!!!

    Thank you so much for your help and attention!

    Chris Mitchell ([email protected])
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    I am also having problems with my drivers side sliding door. First it wouldn't close properly and now it won't open. Toyota dealer wanted $460 just to take the panel off to see the problem. I have a call in to the Toyota corporate office to see if they can offer an help or suggestions. Would appreciate any new info anyone has. I will let you know what happens. Overall I am not satisfied with my Sienna - with 65,000 miles, too many things are falling apart, especially the trim.
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    I am not sure if this is the same problem. The right sliding door works fine on my 2004 Sienna XLE Limited when I pull on the handle but if I use the remote or any of the buttons to open or close that door, it tries to go but seems like a latch isn't releasing. If I pull on the handle first to release it, I can then reverse direction with any of the buttons or the remote. Any ideas how I get the latch to release WITHOUT pulling the handle first?

    Thanks in advance.
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    There is a small plastic bushing on the latch that is broken. It pulls on a cable the releases the rear latch. mine is broken. the only way to release the door is to remove the door latch cover (2 screws on the side of the door) and then release the latch manually with a screwdriver by pushing the end of the cable forward.
    they want $800 to replace this latch all for the sake of a little plastic bushing.
    If you keep cycling the door and the latch dosnt release you will soon break the cable and motor assembly. thats a $2400 bill. Mine mtor/cable assy broke and toyota replaced it but they did not fix the root problem which was the broken bushing in the latch. Its a very poor design.
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    Thank you but I didnt think that was it as mine works fine if I pull on the handle. According to your discription, pulling on the handle shouldn't release the latch right?

    Where is the "rear latch" and the latch cover you are referring to? If it is what you suggested, how is that repaired?
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    To Chris our cable snapped in our 2004 Sienna Van. The dealer wants over $1000 to fix it! I can't remember the exact number as my head started spinning at the $1000 mark. We are supposed to move and this is going to make it impossible to have the downpayment. I am on hold right now (your call will be answered in "over 10 minutes" - gee, thanks).

    Is there any more news? I really can't afford this. We are moving to a smaller home so that we don't have to pay as much rent, now this? Sheehs.

    Thanks! I will be here looking for answers. :mad:
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    I know it's a real bugger of a problem... and you won't find a better price to fix it either. *frown* I am VERY irritated with this issue, even though I still love our Sienna. This is just ONE part of it which I think is doomed to break and needs to get some attention by the maker.

    Since my letter, we have paid for the repairs.... we wanted it fixed ASAP.

    The most important thing I can say to you is, PLEASE call the 1 800 number I mentioned on my first post and PLEASE open a case with them. Also, if you tell them our case numbers (also posted in my letter) they can keep building a bigger case... it's good to link them.

    If they decide after many complaints to make it a recall, they will refund... "IF" *sigh* but I guess we'll at least be able to say we tried.

    Thanks and good luck to you!

    Chris Mitchell
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    The cover I am referring to is the plastic molding that is around the interior door handle. Its held on by 2 screws that are located on the edge of the door as well as a couple hidden hooks on the molding itself. This cover can be popped off after removing the screws. The rear latch is hidden in the back off the door. It is released via a cable that is pulled on when the door handle is used to open the door. If a little plastic bushing inside the latch is broken off, the rear latch wont be released and when the door tries to cycle open it wont open because the latch is holding it shut. I think this is why the cable breaks.
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    This same problem is happening to me-- if I pull the handle it opens fine-- did you figure out what it was?
  • familymandanfamilymandan Member Posts: 5
    No. After several weeks of not working it is suddenly working fine. I imagine it will happen again but hope it doesn't. If it does, I will plan on taking it to a service manager whom I have a good relationship with who said he will look at it no charge. I will let you know if I find anything out. Please do the same and good luck.
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    Oh that is good-- gives me hope. Did you turn off the electronic doors and let it rest for a while? And just use it on manual? Its so weird when I use the buttons or remote it starts but stops because it can't delatch.. but doing it from pulling up on the handle the motor seems to work fine-- so frustrating!
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    No, I didn't do anything different that I know of.

    I know the frustration. Once you delatch it with the handle you can push the buttons or the remote and it will reverse direction, it just wont delatch when latched. There obviously is a different system that delatches vs. tells the door to move.

    I will let you know if I figure anything else out. Please do the same.

    Good luck!
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    Today (4/21/09) the driver's side power sliding door on my wife's 2005 Toyota Sienna van the open position! We had to drive it to the local dealer with the door open and kid's in the car...can you say SAFETY HAZARD! The dealer wants $2,000 to fix it! The dealer says that the motor and cables are broken and need to be replaced. Naturally, the vehicle is just out of the 36,000 mile warranty (it has 41,000 miles on it) and the dealer says "sorry." This is not good enough for me. I have seen the hundreds of posts on this exact problem and will fight this one with the dealer, Toyota headquarters in CA, etc.. Thoughts?
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    You couldn't drop them off somewhere, pick them up in a loaner car, or have them take a taxi?
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    Sounds like the same issue many people have had. Please help us all build a case towards this problem. Read message #229 in this string to follow the appropriate actions. The more people who report this problem at the 1800 number I mentioned, the better our chances of having a real legitimate case to have it rectified.

    I totally understand your frustration and concerned. Please mention our case numbers when you call Toyota.

    Good luck!
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    I thought the 2005's were immune from the problem. The dealership would not fix our 2004 with their "Assistance Program" because we had not been to a Toyota Dealership for maintenance in the last 3 years. Nevermind that we had a Corolla before this van and were considering another Toyota this year (Yaris, Matrix, Prius or Camry). The Mazdas are looking better and better right now.

    We ended up duct taping the door after the dealership managed to close it. I duct taped the inside handle and the outside one. When there is FINALLY recall on these door problems we will take it in and let them fix it. I have also filed a case at the NHTSA.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks...I just opened up a case with the Toyota customer relations office in CA and also filed one with the NHTSA. The gentlemen at Toyota said they had many complaints/cases of this sliding door and "were looking into it" but that no recall had been determined yet.
  • superxman2superxman2 Member Posts: 3
    I have filed cases with the NHTSA and Toyota and will hope for the best. They are aware of the problem but have not issued a recall...yet.
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    Let me see if we have the same problem-- when you press the button to open it, when it is closed, it tried but does nothing-- you can see it try to move but does nothing.. but when it was open it would hum and try to move foward-- goes about a 8th of a inch and sounds horrid and then stops. Sometimes when it is open, I have to pull the handle and kinda help it a little to get it going but when its closed I just lift up on the handle and it is fine.

    I went to a Toyota mechanic today and he told me he thinks the cable that goes to the latch is not on or is stretched out. He said I would have to buy a whole new lock assembly that would be over 200 and with labor it would be a 300 fix. I am hoping this is the case. My husband is in Iraq and this is driving me insane. I m wondering if I should go to the dealer and see if it can be fixed under a TSB. It is so frustrating-- we were out and it was working fine to open it and when my son went to close it, Bam! UGH!!! Please keep me updated, my user name is my email at AOL
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    I am having the same problem. About a week ago my car went into the shop because the sliding door was not working. They told me it was the ACTUATOR- this cost $400- to fix.
    They sent the car back to me and the door was even more broken than before. It did open once but, as it opened, it sounded like there was a piece of paper stuck in the track of the door. After that, it would not open any more AND there was a broken cable sticking out from under the (third row) window.
    Back in it went and today they told me the cable needed to be replaced and it would cost $1100-!!! :surprise: :cry: :mad:
    I Just got off the phone with Customer Service (1-800-331-4331).
    I was pleasantly surprised by how nice they were.
    They documented the history, gave me a CASE #(0904127518)
    and forwarded the case to the Customer Relations Mgr at the dealer we use.
    I just touched base with him (he was not as nice as CS Rep), He said he will review and get back to me.
    I'll let you know how the saga unfolds.
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    Yes, this is the same problem I had. the rear latch is not being released by a cable that is connected to the front latch/handle. There is a small plastic piece that has broken. This pcs allows the door to be locked as well as engages/disengages the child proof switch. Its a poor design. They quoted me $800 CDN for the latch plus installation. My cable broke and they fixed it as part of my extended warranty but failed to address the root cause that being the latch bushing was broke. I have no success in convincing toyota to fix it.
    My door has not worked for the last year. Thank fully I have 1 manually door.!!!
  • pamulapamula Member Posts: 5
    My locks still work as do the child lock so I don't know if it is the same problem..
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    My Sienna is a 2000 XLE with over 200K miles. Has been very dependable but now have problem with the sliding door. Sometimes doesn't want to shut entirely and sensor beeps indicating it is not shut and the door needs to be manually pushed shut to close. We have locked out the door entirely for the last year so it stays shut but is a pain. Have not taken to a dealership for analysis...have just lived with it. When door shuts in track, sounds like grinding noise. Any ideas? Also, we are evaluating whether to keep the sienna or replace?? Most people say they can be good to 300K miles. Any experience with reliability much above 200K miles/ Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

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    We had similar closing problems with our door. In our case the rear lock had pulled through the door skin, and 2 of the bolts were missing, so the lock was just floating in place. Toyota wanted me to pay to replace the entire door. I took it to a body shop and they put a small plate in to fix the bolt holes, for $300. I'm going to follow up with Toyota and try to get them to reimburse me.
    I suggest you open the door, and look at the locks from the rear and front to make sure you have not had a similar issue.
    My sienna has 65K, and we've had lots of problems, the door locks, front door was replaced for weld issue, rear door struts, steering column is going and needs to be replaced. I'm not too happy with Toyota and not sure that they are worth the much higher cost. Good Luck.
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    Tillsonburg, thanks for your suggestion. While Toyota was replacing my front door at a local body shop, I had them look at the lock. The body shop charged me $300 to weld a plate in and the door now works. I have noticed that the front lock is missing a bolt, so I guess another trip to Toyota is warranted. I'm going to write to Toyota and complain about all this, and try to get the cost back from them.
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    In January, my 04 Sienna LE passenger side sliding door power door lock failed. II took it to TOYOTA and guess what? over $1000to fix it, I am out from warranty and I am very frustrated out that.I know in fact that lot of people have the same problems. Also, my driver side door stopper/latch broke 3 times, but seems like they had a recall on that, I do know what to do, spoke with Toyota Nat. customer service and filled complaint. I was wondering if I can just make in all manual instead of power, any suggestions? :mad:
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    You guys in the US should consider yourself lucky to pay only about $1,000 to fix your sliding door! One sliding door on my 2004 XLE Limited broke costing Cdn. $2,000 + tax to repair (and that was after the dealer discounted the labor and the parts). Five months later, the second sliding door broke as well. This time, the dealer discounted even more, but it was still Cdn. $1,800 + tax. With tax, I've paid over $4,000 to fix two broken cables -- about 10% of the vehicles original purchase price!!

    I called Toyota Canada asking to see if they would help cover some of the costs as a goodwill gesture. A very polite person assigned me a case number and said someone would follow up within a week's time. Sure enough someone did. However, they said "too bad". When I asked them how she would feel about having to pay so much for two broken cables, on what is clearly a design flaw with the door, her response was "In all my years of driving, I have never asked a car company for financial assistance." In other words, she was implying I was a deadbeat begging for money, rather than a dissatisfied client with a legitimate complaint. Clearly if you hire someone like her to ajudicate claims, Toyota Canada will never, ever pay out on any claim, no matter how deserving or warranted.

    This was my first Toyota product that I have owned, and it will also be my last. I always thought Toyota had a reputation for quality products and stellar customer service. I guess I was wrong.
  • DanCubsFanDanCubsFan Member Posts: 6
    I had the same problem. Both sides broke within 90 days of each other, each cost $1,700.00 for a total of $3,400!!!! I called the National customer service and complained profusely and was ultimately sent a re-imbursement of $695.00 five months later. I also registered a complain with the US Dept of Transportation and Safety. This is CLEARLY a design flaw but Toyota is not willing to do anything about it.
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